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Where is Brookdale Senior Living Corporate office Headquarters

Brookdale Senior Living Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 111 Westwood Pl #400, Brentwood, TN 37027, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 888-221-7317
  • Fax Number: 615-221-2289
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees:  62550
  • Established: 1978
  • Founder:
  • Key People: Lucinda M. Baier

Brookdale Senior Living Headquarters Location & Directions

Brookdale Senior Living Headquarters Executive Team



Lucinda M. Baier

President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Steven E. Swain

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Mary Sue Patchett

Executive Vice President – Community Operations

Chad C. White

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

H. Todd Kaestner

Executive Vice President - Corporate Development

George T. Hicks

Executive Vice President - Finance and Treasurer

Anthony V. Mollica

Division President

About Brookdale Senior Living, History and Headquarters Information

Brookdale was incorporated in 1978 and is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, USA. In the beginning, all of its focus was on large upscale urban retirement communities which were situated in large cities such as Chicago, New York, and Miami.

Brookdale Senior Living Inc. is a company that operates senior living communities throughout the United States.  The Company designs, builds, and manages some properties so that they can provide the highest-quality service, care and living accommodations for residents. Brookdale manages an independent living, assisted living, and dementia-care communities and continuing care retirement centers. Along with all this, this company also provides a variety of services like outpatient therapy, home health, and hospice services. Currently, this company has more than 70,000 passionate staff members who work to take good care of around 100,000 residents. It serves more than 988 communities in 46 states.

Brookdale Senior Living Headquarters Photos

Brookdale Senior Living Resources

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  • MTHojem says:

    I recently emailed Investor relations to inform them that they had either knowingly or unknowingly just leased a unit to Mr. and Mrs. Fales. Mr. Fales has an open case in Jefferson county involving child abuse allegations against him. I write this because I was asked about how Brookdale was as a Senior Living Facility and I could not respond positively knowing that the other tenents at the Englewood location are not aware that they are living next to someone with an allegations of child abuse . Mr. FAles was arrested and the case which involves his grandson, remains open still. It makes me very uncomfortable that he has been allowed to remain there while the other tenents do not know that a possible threat to their grandchildren is just next door.

  • DIANE BENT says:

    I have a really sad story about Brookdale First Colony in Sugar Land Texas. I feel that I need to share my experience with people like me so it doesn’t happen to someone else. They were so accommodating that it was too good to be true, but I always wait and see, it doesn’t take long to find out if they are real or fake. Well, I was fooled and I was mad!!! Long story short, my Uncle called me back in June 2019 asking for me to drive from Florida to Texas and help him get into one of those places (he was 90 years old) those were the hardest words he ever had to say. I said okay, so I drove to Houston, he was in the Brookdale Galleria in Houston for Rehab after a hip replacement. We selected Brookdale First Colony because my Uncle has lived in Texas and he knew it was a nice area and it was recommend by “A Place for Mom”. So we went to the office to register him for an apartment, that’s when I started to really listen because I know for a fact that you cannot move into any apartment without making at least 3x the rent to be approved. I was told not to worry, because he was a Veteran he could apply for assistance from the VA for housing costs as long as it was for an a Assisted Living or Nursing home. She tells us to use this company called Patriot Angels (Oh, and she also failed to mention that it is $814 for their service) to get our application expedited and then we can catch up with the unpaid balance because it is retroactive from the date he moves in. Now mind you, he made over $300 dollars less than the rent due each month and she said no problem, when they approve you we will balance everything then. We were told about 90 days at the most to hear back from the VA, plus since he was 90 they expedited his application. It only took a couple of weeks for me to realize this was a mistake. They had ignore my calls after I returned to Florida for help to get my Uncle adjusted to the program, they told that they were the sales and marketing department and I had to call an outside contractor or use their additional assistance cost services. So at that point I tried to use their services, well that added up quickly, so I called again, this time she recommend Hospice because they were covered by Medicare. So that’s what we did, but then I thought to myself, Hospice is for terminal people, why are we approved for this service, my Uncle wasn’t diagnosed terminal. Well, I went with it because he needed help and those people in Hospice were so attentive and nice to him, I am so glad they were with him. After a couple of more weeks it was clear that my Uncle has taken a turn for the worst, at 90 years old and mal-nutrition (self inflicted I think) then I was told to start making arrangements, and I thought holy crap, he was fine when I left him on Father’s day and now he is dying, I realize that all my calls to various medical companies and insurance companies, none of them wanted to give him a motorized cart. I was requesting it since I got in Houston and continued to get the run around. Him not having that piece of equipment was his nail in the coffin, he couldn’t walk to the food bistro on the property and they charged him $5.00 over and above his meal every time they delivered a meal. I called and asked why don’t you deduct the delivery charge from his $300 monthly meal allowance account and was told that was a separate charge and it just keep getting worse from there. I won’t go through all the problems but you get the idea. In just 5 weeks my Uncle who has taken care of himself in his own apartment and drove a car all the way up to April (when it finally broke down) until he was 89 years, dies after 5 weeks of struggling to stay alive in a place that didn’t want to be bothered. Every time I called the office for one thing or another it was a rude receptionist who didn’t even try and be nice, she did not want to be bothered and I never got the assistance we needed to keep him alive. CARE GIVERS/FAMILY MEMBERS, KEEP AN EAR TO THE GROUND AND DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING. THEY ARE GOOD AT FOOLING THE OLD FOLKS BUT ONLY AFTER A COUPLE OF WEEKS I CAUGHT ON, AND THEN THEY HAD TO GET RID OF ME… SO THEY SENT AN EVICTION NOTICE, EVEN THOUGH WE WERE TOLD IN THE BEGINNING NOT TO WORRY WE WOULD WORK IT OUT WHEN THE VA MONEY CAME IN. WOW!! HAVE THE TABLES HAVE TURNED AND THEIR PERSONALITIES SWITCHED TO BITCHES AND WERE VERY RUDE TO ME AND MY HUSBAND WHO DROVE 2 DAYS TO CLEAN AND EMPTY AND APARTMENT WE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE OUR NAME ON. LEGALLY WE DIDN’T HAVE TO EVEN COME THEIR BUT I WANTED TO HELP… WELL I’LL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.. AND TO TOP IT OFF, THIS PLACE SELLS BEER AND WINE AT THEIR BISTRO AT THE PROPERTY, AFTER RUNNING BACK AND FORTH FILLING UP MY TRUCK WITH MY UNCLES STUFF AND IT WAS 95 DEGREES OUT, I OPENED A BEER AND TOOK A BREAK ON THE TAILGATE, YOU KNOW THOSE BITCHES CALLED THE POLICE ON ME…WE LEFT RIGHT AFTER THAT AND THEY ARE LUCKY I AM NOT THE GIRL I USED TO BE, BECAUSE THEY WOULDN’T HAVE ANY TEETH. NEVER DID I EVER EXPERIENCE SUCH COLDNESS FROM A SENIOR LIVING FACILITY AND I HAVE BEEN IN A LOT OF THEM IN FLORIDA WITH MY MOM… TOTALLY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR MONTHLY STATEMENTS AND MAKE SURE THEY DO WHATTHE YOU ASKED THEM TO DO. WATCH OUT FOR OUR ELDERS LIKE THEY DID RAISING US… I AM SO SORRY UNCLE JOHN, RIP

  • Bruce shimala says:

    Brookdale on Lexington in sugar land Texas why did the rent go up 6% ? It usually was 4.5 or 5%.

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