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  • Address: 100 Spectrum Center Dr #1500, Irvine, CA 92618, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 714 668 1300
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 77
  • Established: 1998
  • Key People: Gopi Reddy

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Gopi Reddy

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Rose Greenbaum

District Manager, Coast Florida

Moore Karri

Office Manager

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This is an Olympia based company that was started in 2019 and manages about a total of six employees in its organization. The annual revenue generated by the company is about $312,556 being a key role in offering dentistry services in the area.

The primary headquarters or official address of the company is based at 4210 Martin Way E Olympia, WA, 98516-5325 United States. Customers that want to reach out to the company should consider calling the main phone number provided that is 4210 Martin Way E Olympia, WA, 98516-5325 United States.

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  • LKM says:

    This company even in its infancy has started off on the wrong foot here in Florida!
    The experience was beyond unsatisfactory!

    What’s happened to customer service?

    As a first time customer, I had a 10am appointment & arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule knowing I needed to fill out information for my files.
    The front desk was absolutely incompetent & never acknowledged me while I waited 35 minutes in there lobby area after being told to sign in.
    When I finally spoke up; one of the ‘receptionists’ rolled her eyes up, signaling the gal next to her on the headphones was supposed to have me fill out my entry file. At this point; all five of the individuals behind the reception desk had no idea or interest in their incompetence & actually were gaslighting me after I expressed my concerns of how late they were & I would be late for my 11am appointment at another company.
    The gossip ran rapid & the all were whispering behind their vivid masks & were completely unprofessional!
    Complete disregard for a customer is unacceptable!

    They told me I didn’t have to complain the initial form & I waited another 5 minutes to be created by another miserable staff member also had her face covered & said something to me while walking to the X-ray area & I had no idea what she said & I said; why are you all still wearing masks? She was snippy & replied; ‘ because we have to!’ In her muffled voice…She asked me to sit in the opened X-ray room & left me moving wires from the seat. She was ornery & miserable; like all of the staff.

    Not one person apologized for the tardiness. Not one person was professional. And then the gal that left me in her room obviously had felt I hurt her feelings & I was approached by one manager reprimanding for ‘my’ behavior. Which I was entitled to be unhappy for their performance. And then another ‘manager’ chimes in around the corner telling me not to talk to get staff in my tone, I assumed.

    This place was so mismanaged, my dog could’ve run it better!
    I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! I left without my X-rays taken & took all my dental records with me to my new dentist.


    Beware and do not enter!!!

  • Cordelia Reinhardt says:

    I went to Brightnow Dental for annual check up in Nov. 2021 at Fountain Valley, CA location. Recently the collection people keep calling me to pay, they said I owed $654.40, they keep sending a balance forward with no explanation what were the charges for. I contacted my insurance and inquired why it was not covered to pay Bright Now. My insurance and I and Bright now dental (Markesia) were on 3 ways phone call, Cigna (my dental Insurance company) told Bright Now to send the paperwork required ( the chart of some sort) then Cigna will pay. The person at Bright now dental on the phone said that she will take care of it that she will send that was back in May 2022, till now the issue still not resolve, I received collection phone call every week and statement mailed to me every month.
    What makes me think either the person does not do their job correctly in submitting the claim to Cigna or they don’t have any back up document to support the claim? They want to claim something that they did not give service. Why is it taking them so long to send what being request so they can get paid.
    I will have to keep calling the location and following up and dispute this collection. Can someone at the corporate office please help and direct me to the right person for this.

  • Arnethia Roland says:

    Service is terrible. I made a appointment to clean and see a doctor. I get there they only can do just the cleaning. The doctor off and the supervisor off. I waited all this time to have to reschedule. I very disappointed in your appointment schedulers making appointments. Very unhappy with your company.

  • Kristian Klotz says:


    My name is kristian Klotz and I am writing you in regard to my experiences with two of your offices.

    I wrote an email to an office manager a couple of months ago but they have not responded to my email or concerns.

    I was asking why I have been refused any pain medication other than ibuprofen and was rudely told that they weren’t pain management! I had an accident about two years ago now and broke almost every tooth and they are treating me with hostility??

    I also stated to the manager that the staff and dentist need to better explain the entire process. I was given so much information that the general dentist and oral surgeon would argue what the other stated and has caused a long delay in this process. I understand that both dentists at the locations were recently on vacation but I am the one dealing with the pain at times(it’s been intermittent lately).

    I have also had many issues with the appointments they set that we set. They had to reschedule two of them now, and twice I had to reschedule because I went their and the date and or time was incorrect with what I scheduled! The last two times were wrong, the time before the last appointment two days ago was scheduled for 10:30 amd they told me it was 1:30 when I got there and I couldn’t do it bc of work. Then this week I received a phone call to remind me of my appointment and they said it was on Tuesday the 24th which was ok bc I was off but it was originally scheduled for the 25th of May.

    I also asked for a breakdown of when and how much each cost would be due and how I could pay them and that was never answered by manager either! I have a daily limit on debit card so I would like to pay online as that allows me to pay the full amount. I am also worried about paying a large sum for the dentures, what if they are a problem or I am unhappy with them? I know the full amount, which was a pain in the butt to understand but i think I am aware of the total now, I just don’t know when what is due! I believe I started this process in February and won’t be done with extraction until end of June??!! That’s a long time of discomfort with intermittent agonizing pain!!!

    I am very worried about the upcoming surgical removal of all my teeth and how much pain I will be in because of how I have been treated during this process. I also have zero clue how much I will have to pay that day!!!!! Do I pay for removal only? Do they implant the screws/posts that day or is it another day? Bone grafts? The permanent dentures? I have asked and been given minimal if any information when.

    Can you please help me figure this out? If not, I will have to take my business elsewhere as I have to wait an entire other month due to their scheduling mishaps! I can send you all the proof that you may want and or need.

    Please call me if that is easier or you would like to ask me any questions.

    Kristian Klotz

  • A.Lett says:

    I recently shared my experience of my fist time visit to the Parma Hts. in Parma OH location this May 21,2022. On how unprofessional and rudely treated service did encounter. A lady did reach out to me from that dental office explaining she was the office manager (gave the name Dawn) and apologized for the service and treatment I recently received. She stated she was not in the office on that day and there was no excuse for what I witness and the service I received. She also went on to state she would address all issues with her office team and make sure these issues would be corrected. This was unacceptable she stated this is normally not her this location product business.
    I did thank her for reaching out to me and acknowledging my issues and concerns I had at that location and hopefully I will not have to experience that again if I do choose to return. As of now I did tell her I am still contemplating on if I will be returning because I have not canceled my next appointment yet. I do appreciate her time in this matter and hopefully others patients will not be treated as such wether is by the insurance they carry, color of skin, or treatment they will be receiving. Every detail counts and the first person you meet in the office always sets the tone for the business.

  • Bimei li says:

    Winter Garden,Fl office. Service is terrible.can’t get call back.Should have charged insurance charged me. Can’t get call back to get money back

  • Ann Marie Lane says:

    when will bright now have full time dentist at melbourne fl? you currently have a dentist 1 day a week this is unacceptable

  • Rickey R says:

    I have several issues with the Aurora Co Hampden and they never pick up their phone. This is in regards to Orthodontic work and just the fact that this office never responds back to any request in a timely manner. I am contemplating legal action so I would greatly appreciate some assistance. Thank you.

  • NA says:

    Case YCO30202 and
    fraudulent merging cases Case CR-02-00349CAS, Case: State of California Board of Dental, case No. P271424.

  • Lindsay S Bullot says:

    I was a patient at Mountain Dental in Wheat Ridge Colorado. The office closed 4/29/21. The records were sent to Bright Now, but when I call the office, I get no results. I would like my records sent to my current dentist. Please contact me for information.

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