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Bravo Brio Restaurant Group Corporate office Headquarters

Bravo Brio Restaurant Group Headquarters Address and Contact

Bravo Brio Restaurant Group
  • Address: 4200 Conroy Rd, Orlando, FL 32839, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 407 351 8909
  • Number of Employees: 9,500
  • Established: 1987
  • Key People: Steven R Layt

Bravo Brio Restaurant Group Headquarters Location & Directions

Bravo Brio Restaurant Group Headquarters Executive Team



Steven R Layt

Chief Executive Officer


Executive Officer


President and Chief Operating Officer


Chief Operating Officer

Bravo Brio Restaurant Group, History and Headquarters Information

This restaurants business was founded in the year 1992 and has remained a key player in the niche ever since. Its CEO is Brian OMalley who is also the founder of the business.

It is a restaurants business that majors in food and accommodation around the area it is based in. You can find their main headquarters based in 777 Goodale Blvd, Suite 100, Columbus, OH, United States of America.

For inquiries, consultations and any other complains a customer may have, they are allowed to call , 614-326-7944 or check the official website of the business http://www.bbrg.com/index.html for more details.

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  • Joe says:

    I had lunch there on August 15th and left my favorite hat there. When arriving back at the airport in Pittsburgh I called them immediately. They said they will mail it to me…that was August 15th. I offered to pay them and they said it was ok. Tomorrow is September 1st. I’ve called them, written them, and complained to corporate…crickets. The sad part is, I was going to drive back down there and didn’t because they promised me. The hat was discontinued and I can’t get another. I’ve been going to Bravo’s for years but not anymore. Thanks Bravos Riverfront.

  • toni linder says:

    corporate phone # please

  • Dan Bodnar says:

    Terrible service and no accountability. My last 2 visits were disastrous, and no one cares. I have written Bravo with no response from them. We were charged on one occasion for a meal we never received. Called the restaurant and they were to refund our money. That was a month ago and nothing has happened. I have written the company and got no response. DONOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THIS RESTUAEANT.

  • Sheena says:

    Me and my husband both are in the restaurant business & understand things do happen, mistakes, wait time ect. And we are very patient and don’t cause issues.
    But this last visit was a whole new one, more about the fact that managers and servers just don’t give a shit anymore. And you are paying money hoping to enjoy your meal or even get one.
    We walked in with our 3year old daughter. All hungry it’s 4th of July so we know it isn’t going to be busy.
    Sit outside server comes up Very nice takes our drink order then comes back to take our food order which we did not order anything that takes long I did ask my daughters come out first.
    15 mins later two people sit next to us, they order everything now another 15 mins goes by and we’re wondering why it’s taking so long but not worried ok maybe short staffed then another 15 mins goes by and the table who sat down 25 mins after us arriving gets there food served.
    So almost an hour my husband goes inside finds a manager and explains to him, he says “listen I don’t know what you want me to do everybody just quit on me I have no one it’s just me” my husband is furious. Here’s the deal, yes that does happen that’s not the problem, the problem is that we sat almost an hour and the manager nor the other servers working did not think to come to us and tell us that the servers quit I’m trying to get all the food out to you I apologize …. Just nothing and now we waisted an hour hoping to eat i have a child that is hungry aswell as us.
    I literally can’t stand the laziness and rudeness of people in the industry now, no a wonder it’s going down hill short staffed or not you can run your business efficiently and if not then shut the dam doors. It’s not that hard to communicate to patrons or maybe offer something in return to them, instead were told There’s nothing we can do.
    I’m tired of all excuses given we have not had a good experience in a long time.

  • S. Nassar says:

    Well, let me first start off by saying how extremely dissatisfied and livid my family and I are after dining at Brio fair lakes mall tonight. I plan on raising this to corporate and beyond. It’s hard enough to find time to enjoy a sit down meal but when anyone dines at a restaurant you expect to relax and enjoy your time with family and enjoy the food as well as service. Initially upon seating the restaurant was empty maybe only two tables and about 6 people seated around the bar. The server by the name of Brandon came to our table seemed very overwhelmed and it was known right away that they were completely under staffed! We asked questions about the wine and that’s where it started. We asked about one of the wines and asked for a tasting. He went to the bar and came back and said sorry the bar tender is backed up and it will be a bit. Ok… In the mean time we order appetizers.. the lamb Gorgonzola and calamari. He comes back after 10 min and says sorry they are out of the first wine we asked for so we asked to try another on the menu, he goes another 5-7 passes he comes back and says we are out of that to. So we go down the list ask for another one again he goes time passes comes back sorry we don’t have that!!! ( at this point we are like well what do you have, ) and shouldn’t you be aware of what you don’t have on your menu ..we ask well what do you have so we don’t wast more time… he responds well don’t you think it’s a wast of my time to go back and fourth. He leaves as we continue to find anything else to drink and since he is covering 7 tables and the don’t have the staff we ask the manager who is walking by our table what wines do you have available she is now trying to serve and brings us the only wine they have on the menu. Appetizers come and calamari were extremely cold and not cooked at all we showed them and sent it back. ( the manager attested to it) We all ordered main entrees…not from the server Brandon , but from the manager because time had passed and he never came to table. Orders came out by Brandon My meal was not what I ordered at all and my husbands was extremely cold( the chicken was cold and the asparagus) he brought the manager and again showed her and asked her to touch it and sent it back. we were extremely frustrated at this point as what we thought to spend time with the kids turned into a disaster and we didn’t even get to enjoy a meal. By the time they could bring my correct meal I didn’t eat much and my husband decided not to order anything else after he sent his meal back. I asked for a box to take my meal and we asked for our check. ( mind you this entire Time although we were extremely mindful, saying please and thank you , we are very unhappy) Brandon brings the check throws on table walks away. The check book is at the end of the table with our credit card hanging from it so he can walk by and pick it up so we could just leave. He walks by it a couple of times and we are sitting there an additional 15 min just trying to pay the bill. …. Here’s where the most inappropriate disrespectful behavior was given by Brandon . My husband calls him as he passes and says ..excuse me could you take care of this (the bill). Brandon says “ what did you say… my husband says and responds “ sorry “ unsure of what he said .. and says I said can you take care of this . Brian yells at my husband and mimics him “ what what did you say… he grabs the book aggressively and leaves .. he comes back to the table with the receipt and my husband says did you say something when you walked away ( since he mimicked him) and yells and says to him “ you don’t understand me .. as my husband is still talking he starts walking away very rudely and he throws his arms up and pushed my husbands hand back. At that point I grabbed my kids and he took the check and walked to the manager. The GM so happened to be standing there as well and as he was talking ,… Brandon walks by both manager and GM and says “ Blah Blah Blah “ … I just can’t believe the audacity and it shows me that they are definitely not the ones in charge of this staff! I’m talking this to corporate!! Stay away…

  • Nate says:

    On Monday, October 3, 2022 I ordered delivery from the Raleigh Crabtree Mall Restaurant. I ordered, 2 entrees and paid a delivery charge for my food to be delivered. One of the entrees was listed as Frutti Di Mare that was priced at $29.99. The dish was never delivered! When I called the restaurant, I was told that the restaurant didn’t have the ability to make the dish because the kitchen staff was not trained to make the dish. I then asked why I was not contacted about the issue by telephone and was told that the restaurant didnt have the ability to see my phone number that was clearly printed on my receipt. I then drove to the restaurant location and asked to speak with a manager. Kitchen staff then came out and told me that there was not a manager on staff because the GM had recently quit. Then I was rudely, and aggressively, addressed by an employee by the name of Malik Francis that was wearing a blue buttoned up shirt as the rest of the staff was wearing all black. As someone who has worked in the service industry for 10+ years I find every aspect of this situation completely unprofessional and extremely disappointing. I don’t ever plan on eating at or ordering from Brio ever again. And I will be making a formal complaint to Crabtree Valley Mall and whatever commission that is responsible for overseeing Restaurant customer service in the Raleigh area.

  • Dazie Reed says:

    Im not even sure if this is the right way to go about this but i have NO CLUE who to get intouch with. My name is Daisy Reed. I was employed with Bravo Italian Kitchen in Louisville KY. Our store had major issues (mishandled money, racial discrimination toward every guest and or worker coming in the door, we owe landscaping a big amount of money as well , 6K we owe to the electricity bill and so on and so on) My last week there (before i was fired due to managements negligence) they had me hosting because we were super short staffed. I worked from 11am-9pm and was never paid. I made $16|Hour as a host for the day and when they fired me they let me know i could pick up my check. I go to get my check and there is whole new management and my check is printed up with the wrong information and the general manager who told me to come and get it and that i was fired currently “doesnt work there” anymore. They gave me no information on how to go about getting my money because they said they “dont know who to contact”. I wanted to try and get this resolved before i take legal action with not just Bravo in louisville kentucky but the whole company in general due to the negligence of my work environment. Please somebody reach out to me as soon as possible. I need to be paid.

  • Carol Guyton says:

    Mr. Steven Layt: Earlier this summer, I commented about a discriminatory experience I had at the Bravo on Adams Road in Rochester Hills MI. This experience is detailed in a Google review associated with this venue. The review is under the name Thomas Guyton.

    On June 6th, Chris Charlott (sp?) called me to discuss the terrible experience. He promised follow-up; I’ve neither heard nor received a peep in almost 2-months! So— I was blatantly told that I was too “dark and incognito” to be noticed at the bar at your Rochester restaurant; and now ignored by Mr. Charlott (sp?) Your organization is horrible.

  • Deborah Ramsey says:

    Very disappointed in management…..management no where to be found…..not in restaurant, but out back smoking frequently……management comping alcohol for their spouses and talking to employees like trash or that they are better than them. As well as telling lies about veteran employees that have been there for over 10 years…..blaming employees for management mistakes and can’t take responsibility for their actions like blaming staff for hour long ticket times when the printer was out of paper… but management was cooking….. the audacity the management talks to employees and single certain individuals out. Never in my life has employees ever been treated this way at this establishment. Not in 10 years

  • Mark says:

    Brio Cherry Hill NJ needs new management- terrible experience 7/12/22 terrible service. I busted Freehold NJ Brio the week before -the complete opposite great service and food. Need a major change in Cherry Hill just totally bad experience

  • Leonard Lovato says:

    Dave, Bob& Steve,
    Just wanted to drop a note at your level to advise you of the Albuquerque, New Mexico restaurant. My family loved the food served and frequent the restaurant at least 3 times a month. Our recent visit 7/10/22 for lunch concerns us. The food was great as always, service excellent, but the restaurant was extremely dirty. The floors were really dirty as well as the restrooms. Dirty tables and it was only lunch. Please follow up with the local managers and let them know we weren’t the only ones noticing the change. Thank you for your attention.

  • Sarah says:

    Very disappointed
    Been to brio many times in Florida
    Went to brio Las Vegas
    Cold food
    Manager stopped by after second dinner offered to get bread never saw him
    Waiter came by said last call never offered dessert or coffee.
    Had an amazing night til brio!

  • KAREN McDaniels says:

    Visit made two months ago at your Raleigh, NC located . Two of your managers promised me gift cards via mail in which I never received. I verified my address on three occasions( because I had to call three times) and were promised them each time for the bad service I received. I think it’s very unprofessional for management to promise a customer something and they lie not once but three times on their promise. Don’t informed me they were sent when you had no intention on sending them.

  • Marie Stelz says:


    On May 19, I checked online the timeframe of the Happy Hour at Bravo in Mercato. See link that indicates hours from 3 pm to 7 pm at the bar and patio.


    My friend and I arrived shortly before 6:30 pm, were seated in the patio and told by the server that the Happy Hour was only until 6 pm. I then spoke to the personnel at the front desk and argued that by law since the timeframe was in fact advertised from 3 to 7 it should be honored. But no accommodation was made.

    Although our server is to be commended for excellent service, we were very much disappointed with the outcome. Our group of friends (9+ widows) often dine at Bravo after viewing a movie at Silverspot and have enjoyed the Happy Hour very much.

    Since I was really upset
    that nothing was done, I felt compelled to advise you of the circumstances.

  • Roger SLAALIEN says:

    This is to Mr. Tracy O’Connor division vice president. I registered a complaint back in early April about one of your restaurants at University Park Florida Sarasota. I want to thank him for his terrific handling of the situation and let him know that we have been back several times since that conversation and things have improved dramatically. And also thank you for the gift certificateRoger SLAALIEN

  • Angela Craft says:

    I just wanted to take the time to highlight one of your many fantastic employees! My grandson and I just moved from Knoxville Tennessee ( where Bravo was our favorite restaurant) to Albemarle North Carolina. We now drive an hour and 15 minutes to Greensboro to dine at Bravo’s. My grandson is autistic and nonverbal and your employees at each location have been amazing in their acceptance of him. However, Bobby Braxton, chef at the Greensboro location has been exceptional. He sees us walking in on Sunday afternoons and starts preparing my grandson’s favorite thing… Fried pepperoni and your delicious lobster bisque. Frequently it makes it to the table before our server does, which is awesome because Waiting is not one of my grandson‘s greatest traits. Bobby’s attentiveness and your staff acceptance has made it possible for me to actually enjoy a meal in a restaurant. His kindness and thoughtfulness and the kindness of your staff is greatly appreciated. I would also like to give a special recognition to Mary Kate one of the servers in Greensboro.

  • Quinn Isaiah Anthony says:

    I want to be here but they hurt my feelings.

  • Sue Benedetto says:

    Ordered two $50.00 gift cards and never received them, have made several calls but never have spoken to a single person…need some help to track down these cards and no one wants to help. Very frustrating

  • John says:

    I ordered a gift card and only received partial value of the gift card they ripped me off $20.

  • Monira Alrazi says:

    Rude girl(courtney) in the to go part.she wasn’t helpful when I inquired about a dish.continued to play with her hair around food.didnt wash her hands.

  • Andrea Palmeri says:

    I would like to file a formal complaint for a charge that was put on my American Express card on 6/19/21 at the establishment located in Sarasota. There were actually 2 charges and was told the charge of $74.35 was an error and deleted from the system once I pointed it out to the waitress. I receive notifications on my phone of all charges so immediately brought it to her attention.The correct charge was $$44.37. I have spoken to the manager at this Brio who advised on their end the $74.35 is not showing in their system. Both charges clearly show on my American Express bill. I have also filed a dispute with American Express regarding this charge.

    My contact number is 516-848-7301

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