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  • Address: 3004 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73121, USA
  • Phone Number: 405-478-1656
  • Fax Number: 405-475-2460
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1968
  • Founder: William H. (Bill) Braum
  • Key People: Drew Braum (President/CEO)

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Drew Braum


About Braums, History and Headquarters Information

In 1968, Bill and his wife, Mary, established the first Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. During the first year, they expanded and started 24 stores in Oklahoma. In this store, they made the fresh bakery items including cookies, ice-cream cones, buns, loaves of bread and much more. In 1993, Braum’s construction crews made one of the largest milking operations in the world and held private herd there. It is based in Tuttle, Oklahoma, USA.

Braum’s is an American restaurant chain that serves ice cream, frozen yogurt, hamburgers, baked goods, sandwiches, meat products, salads, and breakfast items. This chain owns and operates almost 300 stores, with 128 stores in Oklahoma, 99 in Texas, 27 in Kansas, 13 in Arkansas and 13 in Missouri. Braum's serves customers in the United States. The stores are made within a 300-mile radius of the Braum’s Processing Plant.

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  • David Baker says:

    I witnessed a young manager in Ozark handle a situation completely wrong. I would suggest better training so that would not happen again. All she did was piss off the customer even more.

  • Rhonda Brown says:

    I want to email Drew.

  • Sharon Ulrich says:

    Friday evening, July 26, 2019, I was driving south of Oklahoma City into Texas and a Braum’s truck was driving aggressive and could have created an accident not once but twice. The first time it came behind me, I was passing a vehicle at a speed of 76mph (the speed limit was 70). It came up behind me going at least 85mph and was trying to force me off the road to get me out of its’ way. I sped up and was able to get back into the right lane to let the truck pass. Later there was a steep grade with a truck lane which slowed the truck down. About a half hour later the same truck roared up behind me again – going the same fast speed. Only this time, the traffic was busier than it was before. Again I was passing a vehicle in the left lane at about 76mph, only this time I had no where to go. The right lane was busy and there was traffic in front of me. The truck came right up on my bumper and blinded me with the truck headlights. Since I was blinded, my first instinct was to brake, but had I done that the truck would have ran over me. I couldn’t see very well but then the vehicle I was passing in the right lane could see a problem was occurring between me and the Braum’s truck. The car braked allowing me room to get in between vehicles in the right lane and out of the truck’s way. The truck was going a good 85mph in a 70mph speed zone. I was not able to get any numbers off the truck. If you can track the truck driver on I-35 on July 26th around 7p.m., please tell the truck driver an accident could have easily happened. Deaths would have occurred.

  • Karen says:

    I was in a Braums today in Sapulpa, Ok store #25 It was the nastiest sore I have been in. There were dead flies lying on the windowsills. Two Braum’s employees were eating their lunch and even moved so I could take the pic!!!! When I mentioned to them about all the dead flies all they said was ‘Ya, they’re everywhere’ . They didn’t even care. I tried to send this to a different help page but it would never process. This store was in disarray, employees seemed confused…….someone really needs to help them!

  • Carrie Bristow says:

    3+ new braums opportunities in neosho

    Shift Supervisor – 3501 N. RANGE LINE
    Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store (Oklahoma City, OK) – Joplin, Missouri, United States
    Salary : $29,500 – $31,000
    7d ago
    Shift Supervisor – 3501 N. RANGE LINE
    Braum’s – Joplin, MO, US
    Salary : $29,500 – $31,000
    9d ago
    Shift Supervisor – 3501 N. RANGE LINE
    Braums – Joplin, MO, United States
    7d ago
    3 new opportunities
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    Im Carrie Bristow I’ve applied for Braums for Neosho Mo and they did not hire me but they hire 2 new teenagers right in front of me and I have applied 8 times for Braums in Neosho Mo
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    3+ new braums opportunities in neosho

    Shift Supervisor – 3501 N. RANGE LINE
    Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store (Oklahoma City, OK) – Joplin, Missouri, United States
    Salary : $29,500 – $31,000
    7d ago
    Shift Supervisor – 3501 N. RANGE LINE
    Braum's – Joplin, MO, US

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  • Harvey Flaming says:

    What has happened at Yukon Main Street Store – didn’t recognize anyone today and service not a usual – we shop there weekly

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