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  • Address: 3200 SW 42nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 954-797-4000

  • Fax Number: 954-838-4930

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees:  737

  • Established: 1977

  • Founder: Robert Perlman

  • Key People: Michael Perlman

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  • Latisha says:

    I live in Georgia- I am online trying to order & I see someone from Florida has ordered under my personal information? How did Brandsmart allow & complete this transaction?

  • Víctor says:

    I purchased a Sonos G2 Smart one series a month ago online ,in the brand smart website advertising that is Bluetooth, I try to set and the Bluetooth never work , I called customer service and told me to go to the closest store that is 45 min from my house to exchanged . I went there and spoke with Jean D , and exchanged for the supposed correct item , I asked before I left and they confirmed that is Bluetooth following the website . Went home and opened and was the same only with different box , After this bad experience I research & I found more information and this Smart one G2 is not a Bluetooth, also I went to Best Buy and spoke with a specialist and told me that is a false advertisement the only Sonos Bluetooth is the Move series or the roam no the smart one . A Manager name Frank called me and told me that he need to talk with his Boss to find out what Can he can do to help me to get the Sonos move series , that was 7 days ago , still waiting???I was planning to buy for my Son . This is not fair , I try to be nice . The advertisement is not correct and I addressed to be corrected , looks like they don’t care

  • Maria olivera says:

    I need to contact someone who can help me with a bransmart card promotion, since on 10/11 I made a purchase of a television that had a 6-month interest-free promotion and the seller did not apply said promotion. MY receipt number is 0055860383
    I need someone to take care of this error because I even spoke with the store manager of the store where I bought it, and his answer was that I already sent him to the corporation to make the change

  • Brenda fowler says:

    I purchased a stove 2 years ago, Why is my stovetop is not working. I know that a stove don’t go out in 2 years. I need somebody to contact me ASAP. Ms. Fowler. 404/484/0836. The sale person call me to let me know the stove I paid for was not in stock, so he gave me another stove, and this one went out. I NEED SOME ANSWERS.

  • Lori Beard says:

    Bought a washer/dryer at the Outlet in Davie. It was delivered and the dryer worked but not the washer. Fortunately a tech was coming out to fix my ice maker for the third time. He looked at the washer and the control panel was shot. They sold me a washer machine that was broken. Called my salesman and he said he would get back to me on Saturday because he was off the next day instead of having someone take care of it. Called the manager Hector and he was just as rude. Wouldn’t let me explain. Kept telling me my salesman would handle it. Everytime I tried to ask a question he would interrupt me and was very rude. I can’t believe that Brandsmart doesn’t take pride in helping their customers!!!!!

  • Patricia says:

    I placed an order for furniture at brasmart in dadeland mall. When I placed the order, the saleswoman told me that my furniture would arrive in two weeks, more than a month has passed and I have not received anything, this seems disrespectful to me, I called the Dadeland store to give me answer of when I am going to receive them and nobody knows how to give me an answer. Today I call the corporate and they do not know how to give me a solutions and not even a help to try to solve the problem I can not believe what kind of customer service that is.

  • Mark says:

    This is just to inform you how horrible your warranty service dept. is. In short i purchases a washing machine from you 2 1/2 years ago with a 5 year extended warranty. The washers main board kept shutting down every 4 to 6 weeks, this was repaired until the 3rd time when they replaced the washer. I had to pay 149 dollars more and for why i do not know since it was for the same model washer. The new one worked fine for 6 months then the same thing started to happen. The last time your service dept came to repair he told his superiors that the machine should be changed out for it was the 5th time he was out to repair it. I was not notified of this until i called to inquire about the part. Your service told me i have a 149 credit for a warrantied machine that costs 800 dollars. After speaking with the head of service trying to explain she asked for all my paper work which she had in front of her. I said i would get it and call her back. I called her direct extension everyday for a week with no answer of call back. I also tried calling your corp. offices but kept getting returned to customer service. At this point i am done with Brandmark and my company who does alot of business is done ever buying anything from your company as it seems that you have no customer service at all. I will make sure that everyone i know will learn how bad you people treat customers after the sale. You obviously do not care

  • Otto Garcia says:

    Bought a LG 65” TVNanocell81 for $800 on 4 of July and never open it because size was too big and returned to Dadeland Mall Store same date and when they open was cracked inside and never accepted because Bradsmart Policy and neither LG I have to pay $1600 for repair Maybe because I’m and old retired 81 years old

  • Disappointed Customer too says:

    Disrespectful customer service representative Ana at South Dade Brandsmart yelled at us and told us to come to the store and yell at the manager and salesperson because she didn’t have to do with it. Completely unacceptable. Be Warned!!!!

  • Disappointed Customer says:

    We placed an online order on March 27th for a Whirlpool Washer and Dryer that were to be delivered on April 2nd. On April 1st, the day before delivery, we were notified that they did not have what we ordered in stock and recommended another Whirlpool set at a lower cost. We agreed to the recommended set and an “in-store” purchase was processed by one of the Stockbridge location’s sales reps and he was instructed to apply the difference to our Brandsmart card.

    In checking out the Brandsmart card’s account on Wednesday, April 15th, the credit back to our card had not been issued. We called the store to find out about the credit and was told that it appeared we received a “store credit”. We told them we wanted the credit applied back to our account and was told they would take care of it. Subsequent calls to the store occurred weekly – Wednesday, April 22nd, Tuesday, April 28th, Tuesday, May 5th – each time being told that it could take 48-72 hours to reflect on our account and I asked to receive a confirmation email when it was taken care of – never received an email or follow-up call.

    On Tuesday, May 12th another call was placed to the store, spoke with a manager and she emailed the payment receipt (dated 05/05/20), which seems a bit confusing, and told me that it could take up to 30 days for the credit to appear on our account.

    Now today, Wednesday, June 4th, a relative received their Brandsmart bill and, low and behold, the credit was issued to their account. Luckily, it was a relative that knew the story of the credit we were waiting on – now to get the credit applied to the correct account. We can only imagine that if the credit was issued to some random account, we would never see our money.

    The sales reps and managers at the Stockbridge location need MORE training!!

  • Frank Cordero says:

    Just wanted to say that even though my experience didn’t start great, Susy in your customer service department changed it around. I purchased a washer at your South Dade store on 3/25/20 and was told to pick it up the next day. The next day I call in the early afternoon to check if the washer was available only to be told that the store was closed and I would have to wait till it reopened because they could not rewrite the sale. Annoyed I called other stores but all said they did not have in stock. I called your customer service again but this time spoke to Susy who understood my plight and made several calls so I could get my washer today. True I had to drive from Kendall Florida to your Dania store and then to your warehouse to pick it up, but because of Susy, I did not mind the lack of personality and concern from your other employees. You would do well to commend this fine lady for her compassion and care for your customers, especially in the difficult situation we are all living in.

  • J MARTINEZ says:

    Was suppose to get a delivery done last weekend but last minute cancelled. For the last hour I have been trying to find out when I’m going to get my order delivered and all I get is transfer everywhere and still have no idea when it going to be delivered 1st time buying LAST TIME BUYING at Brandmart worst service ever

  • B Rappleyea says:

    worse service ever – the phone representatives yell at you, hang up on you, and does not care about their customer. Never buy from them again and will share with everyone my experience, as I do not want others to experience the same!

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