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The Boston police department says that it is dedicated to working with the Boston community to create a safer environment for everyone in Boston. Boston police department has about 2,015 officers and their patrol services cover an area of 89.6 mi2.

You might want to get in touch with Boston Police Headquarters if you want to make a report. You can make a report to the Boston Police department whether you live in Boston or not.

How do you get in touch with the Boston Police headquarters?

You can use their physical address to send them packages or letters. You might also want to visit them. Here is the physical address;

One Schroeder Plaza

Boston, Massachusetts 02120

Sending letters and packages might not be the most efficient of getting in touch with Boston Police Headquarters though. Calling might be a better option.

Here are the phone numbers;

(800) 494-8477

(617) 343-6183

(617) 343-4350

(617) 343-4430

Sending emails is also another alternative way of contacting them. Here are some email addresses you could use depending on what you need.

Crime Stoppers Unit crime.stoppers@pd.boston.gov

Neighbourhood Watchmeetinginfo@pd.boston.gov

Boston Police Headquarters Info & Photos

The Boston Police headquarters are located at the One Schroeder Plaza, Massachusetts 02120, Boston, United States. The contemporary cutting-edge facility was designed by renowned architects Stull & Lee. It was constructed by Cruz and Suffolk Construction as a joint venture.

The building has an office space of 76,000 square feet. It also features forensic labs. Most of Boston’s Police department functions are centralized at the headquarters. Boston police department has other locations in different districts around Boston.

Boston Police Headquarters Photo
Boston Police Headquarters Photo

Boston Police Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

40 New Sudbury Street Boston, MA 02114


United States

69 Paris Street, East Boston, MA 02128


United States

2400 Washington Street, Roxbury, MA 02119


United States

1165 Blue Hill Avenue, Mattapan, MA 02124


United States

101 West Broadway, South Boston, MA 02127

Boston Police Headquarters Executive Team

William G. Gross

Police Commissioner

Gregory Long

Agency Executive

Gregory Long is the Superintendent-In-Chief of the Boston Police department. He is the highest-ranking officer within the department. He oversees the development, evaluation, review, and recommendation of policies, procedures, and programs that ensure the effective and efficient delivery of police services. He recommends policies and programs to the police commissioner for approval.

All the Bureaus, Offices, and Units of the Boston police department report directly to the Superintendent-In-Chief. Long had served the Boston police department for 22 years before being appointed the Superintendent-In-Chief by retired police commissioner William G. Gross. Before becoming the Superintendent-In-Chief Long was the head of the Bureau of Investigative Services.

About Boston Police


Boston Police Department has its roots in the night watch establishment that was started in 1653. In 1796 the watchmen within the night watch system were given formal office badges. They were also given a rattle as well as a six-foot pole. The pole had a hook on one end which they use to prevent criminals from fleeing. The rattle had a noise-making mechanism that was used to call for assistance.

Boston Police department was formally created in 1883 through a bill presented at the General Court. The court paved the way for Boston City to appoint police officers. The night and day watch systems were replaced by the Police department. Boston Police department was one of the first professional police services systems in the entire USA. The model of the Boston police department mimicked that of Sir Robert Peel of the Metropolitan Police Service in London.


The Boston Police department is responsible for law enforcement in Boston. The department is strong on community policing. They have a Walk and Talk policy that requires police officers to leave their patrol cars and walk and interact with the community for 45 minutes around a certain area.

They also have the “Same Cop Same Neighborhood” and “Safe Street Beat Teams” initiatives that have significantly enhanced their community policing efforts. The Boston Police department strives to make Boston residents feel safe in their communities.


The Boston Police department has appeared in various popular films. Among the most popular ones are Patriots Day, X-Men 2, The Brinks Job, That’s My Boy, Blown Away, and many others.

The first Boston Police department officer to die in the line of duty was Ezekiel W. Hodsdon. He died on October 18th, 1857 at the age of 25. He was on patrol around Havre and Maverick Street in East Boston when he tried to apprehend two burglary suspects. The suspects overpowered him and one of them shot him in the head from the back.

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