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  • Address: 100 The Mountain, Framingham, MA 01701, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 508-820-3465

  • Email: support@bose.com

  • Number of Employees: 10,000

  • Established: 1964

  • Founder: Amar Bose

  • Key People: John T. Coleman (President and Chief Operating Officer)

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John T. Coleman

President and Chief Operating Officer

Daniel A. Grady

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance

Nic Merks

Vice President of Europe Division

About Bose, History and Headquarters Information


Bose was founded in the year 1964. The company has been operational for almost 55 years now. The founder of the company is Amar Bose. The founder of the company was a graduate from MIT and had bought a stereo system, and was inherently disappointed with it. This lead Amar Bose research more on perceived audio quality. The founder of the company started to research on the weaknesses that had plagued high-end audio systems. The first loudspeaker that was released by the company was the Model 2201. But the speaker was a commercial disappointment.

Then in the year 1968, the company had launched the Model901 loudspeakers, and therefore, it marked the company’s first success as well. In the year 1970, the company had filed a lawsuit against Consumer Report, just because Consumer Reports had given a bad review to the Model 901 Loudspeaker. The trial was lost by the company in the year 1983. During the 1970s, the company started to research on car stereo systems. In the year 1972, the company began selling speakers which were only targetted towards professional musicians. Then in the year 1984, the company had introduced the Acoustic Wave audio system. During the year 1990, the company had launched the Lifestyle Speaker System as well. Then in the year 1993, the company had launched the Bose Wave Radio, which had become the signature product of the company. The company had also established its first store as well, located in Kittery, Maine, United States. Starting in the year 1999, the company started selling products via its e-commerce websites. In the year 2011, Amar Bose had donated all of its share per cent of the company to his former employer, MIT. MIT will only be receiving an annual cash dividend and therefore, was not allowed to either sell it or take part in the governance of the company. The founder of the company had passed away in the year 2013. The company had opened a manufacturing unit as well as a centre for the development of operations in Mexico, in the year 1990. This was followed by another manufacturing unit in Malaysia in the year 2013. Then in the year 2015, the company had opened another two manufacturing units in South Carolina, United States, and also in Ireland. The headquarters of the company is based in 100 The Mountain Road. The name of the place is Framingham, while the name of the state is Massachusetts, United States. The pin code of the area is 01701.


Bose is an American company that focuses on the designing, development, research and manufacturing of various kinds of audio solutions for entertainment systems, home audio systems, automotive industries and also the aviation industry as well. The current CEO and president of the company are Philip W Hess. As of the year 2017, the total annual sales revenue generated by the company is more than $3.8 billion. As of the year 2017, the number of employees working at the company is more than 8,000. The company is known to protect its own brands, patents and trademarks as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail as well as an online presence in order to purchase various kinds of audio products, that are developed, marketed and sold by the company itself. The products of the company include loudspeakers, car audio, professional audio, headphones, audio equipment, high-definition televisions, professional audio equipment, etcetera.

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  • Larry Jenkins says:

    Order #NO 574165636 recall-exchange, since October, 17, 3023. Call Bose 1-800-379-2073 six times, last call Dec. 11. Have not received my exchange as a Dec. 12. Bose keep saying that it will be shipped out. Bad customer service.

  • Jolene sells says:

    I got a Bose speaker from Marlboro, saving my cigarette packs, it took me a long time to save for it, any way, I only had it for 1 months and it doesn’t charge any more . What can I do? It’s the one you can hook to your bike handle bars .

  • CKam says:

    Quality of BOSE QuietComfort EarBuds have reached total bottom. I had used 4 sets: each of them failed even in 120 hours of work.
    Do not count on any guarranty solutions: they are only exchanging failed sets on “new” but much worse quality then previous.
    Money return request after revoking the contract of sale causes breaking of any contact with BOSE.

  • joel graber says:

    On April 27, 2023 I was on a chat with customer service that got me nowhere. The person repeated what I already knew and was very frustrating. On May 1, 2023 I sent this letter to corporate because I didn’t know what else to do. As of June 16, 2023, I have not received any response.

    Bose Corporation
    Attn: Kevin Manzolini
    Chief Engineering Officer
    100 The Mountain Road
    Framingham, MA 01701

    Dear Mr. Manzolini,

    Sorry to bother you but I didn’t know what else to do nor who else to contact at Bose. I have a Bose Soundlink On-The- Ear Headphones. My ear cushions had to be replaced so I ordered them from Bose and received them. However, after trying to put them on by 6 different people including myself, we were not successful. I watched Youtube videos and know exactly what the process is but to no avail. I resorted to contacting Bose customer service but they just repeated what I already knew and finally suggested I go to a third party store to help me as there are no Bose stores.
    I went to Best Buy at 14125 River Gate Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28273 but the Geek Squad couldn’t get them on either! I have attached a copy of my conversation with a Bose customer service representative and a photograph of the earcups. As you can see, the serial number is unreadable, but the 4 digit code on the left earcup is 6AAA.

    Please help me resolve this issue as I don’t want to throw away these headphones (I love them) because I can’t replace the ear cushions.

    Thank You

  • K S says:

    I was on the phone with a Bose representative for over an hour trying to order a Bose music system. I have a Bose and I have enjoyed it for over 20 years. The customer rep quoted me a total price of $499. When I said I wanted to purchase it, he said I could only purchase it by the email that would be sent to me. When I received the email, the price was $599 plus tax plus shipping and the total cost ended up being over $640. I am so glad I did not purchase the Bose music system. I found a much better product for under $200. I don’t appreciate being given a Price on the phone, after being on the phone with this person for over an hour. And then getting the email with the cost much higher. I have sent two emails two. Bows in the last two days, and have not Received any reply.
    Also, after giving him my name and spelling it over three times, the email was addressed to my name with a completely different spelling.

  • DEANNE Landsberg says:

    Terrible company never fixed or returned my speaker don’t buy anything from
    This company ever

  • Timothy Harris says:

    You should know that the Bose sports earbuds skip through the music no matter what device, Garmin watch or iphone, I have it linked to making my runs very unpleasant. Trying to get help with this matter but all the service people can do is tell me to send them back and they will send new ones, after they receive the old ones–unacceptable! Now, I have to return for refund, but not at all a fun process. Bose needs to learn a few things about customer service from Garmin!

  • Barbara W Harris says:

    I ordered hearing aids six months ago and they stopped working, I returned them and was sent a new pair that doesn’t work either. I cannot be the only customer with this problem. I ordered Bose because we have always been pleased with your products. I am 79 year old and on fixed income. I have talked to customer service and all they can say is “Sorry”. i am making payment on a product that is unusable. I am sure you will say, “to bad” but needed to say how disappointed I am in Bose.

  • Veena Raghavan says:

    I actually wanted to tell Bose how disappointed I am in the company. You made out that you were going to produce an affordable hearing aid to make an impact on the growing number of companies that are charging fantastic prices for their products.They charge thousands of dollars for hearing aids that probably only take hundreds of dollars to produce. So, either seniors who cannot hear live in a silent world, slowly isolating themselves and deteriorating, or they pay thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money to buy hearing aids at these unreasonable prices. Bose made it known that it was going to do something about this, produce hearing aids to make a difference and stop the hearing aid manufacturers from profiting off seniors. First, they dragged their feet and nothing happened for almost two years. Then, they produced a battery-operated hearing aid – Bose the great technology giant, couldn’t produce a rechargeable hearing aid that streamed, established a connection with your phone so that you could hear and talk without everyone around you knowing your intimate conversations, that could connect to your TV, etc. and now they have passed this outdated appliance on to another company, who believes that all we seniors want to do sit on our sofas watching TV without a bluetooth connection, while we slowly disintegrate and let our minds be uncluttered, because how could our aging brains possibly understand how to connect our hearing aids to a phone, a computer, a TV, or anything else. Bose, that is a total cop out and you are not the company you say you are. As a person, who has bought your products, has your hearing aids, and believed you actually meant what you said instead of just looking at your profit line, I say you have one aging customer, who believes in progress, who wanted to believe you actually meant what you said. What a disillusionment.
    Veena Raghavan

  • Mike Hutton says:

    I would appreciate if someone could get back to me regarding a Bose Wave Music System, when will it be available in the United Kingdom ? I have triad numerous times without any success. Please Please Please respond to my message. Mike Hutton 05/05/2022

  • Mike Hutton says:

    Please could you inform me when the Bose Wave Music System will be available in the United Kingdom ?

  • Mike Hutton ( UK ) 4th May 2022 says:

    I have Emailed numerous times…..but have had no response. I would like to know when the Bose Wave Music System will be available in the UK ?

  • Tom Cieplinski says:

    Obviously when football coaches are speaking on their Bose microphone/headphones they cover their mouth with their gameplays so they can’t be lip read. Why not provide a disc possibly a bit larger than the disc on the head set that is attached to the microphone. This would free up their hands and still provide coverage while they speak.

  • cass says:

    Phone Number: 508-879-7330 ……i call it and it hangs up on me….been like this for hours….so i send emails…..im messaging with Gatz on FB messenger…….still not able to resolve my issue…… 2 months waiting for them to fix what I sent in AND PAID FOR and still doesnt work.

  • Robert Stocker says:

    So I’m all about equal opportunity employment but when you hire someone to do customer service and troubleshooting make sure you can understand them over the phone I just spent 2200 dollars on Bose 700 home theater and the rear speakers don’t work right so I call in I’m trying to do what the guy is telling me but have to ask say it again over and over then he talks to me like I’m stupid telling me what those speakers are meant for I’m 50 years old not my first system so I ask him can I talk to someone else that speaks English a little better and he fucken hung up on me and every time you call your on hold for 30 minutes so disappointed been loyal to Bose for 20 years not anymore taking these back for a real system def r11s

  • Larry H. Lowder larry.lowder@att.net says:

    I have a Bose radio and cd player. When I play a cd the first two minnites it has terrible skips after that it is fine. What can I do to eliminate the skips

  • Tee says:

    Very Disappointed in Bose quality and customer service. Every year they regress in quality and increase in price. They find every reason not to stand behind their warranty.

  • Jeff Hougaboom says:

    Very disappointed with Bose. I purchased the Bose 700 sound bar and subwoofer on July 13 2019. In December of 2019,
    I purchased the 700 Omni jewel surround speakers from Amazon. Could not get them to work, I called Bose and was told to run adaptIQ which would not work. It was determined that I needed a new adaptIQ headset and that Bose would send out a new set right away. After several calls back I was told by Bose that the headsets were on back order and would be in the beginning of February. Another call determined that my sound bar was defective. Bose sent me a box and prepaid postage and I sent my sound bar out on 01/25/2020 as of 02/13/2020 I still have no sound bar. Again, I am very disappointed with my first major purchase of a Bose product.
    Got my Bose 700 sound bar back went to run Adapt IQ(with the new head sets that Bose sent me) guess what…. it wouldn’t work I called Bose tech support and they determined that that was never tested while it was in for repair. My sound bar is now on its way back to Bose for repair.
    Do not buy Bose

  • Gail Wenig says:

    I recently read an article on WebMD that says that you have received okay from the FDA for the Bose Hearing Aid. I am very interested as to where I can purchase this item. I have spent so much money on regular hearing aids that are not worth the price. I have always been pleased with your products and am desperate to find a hearing aid that I can hear with. Please respond with the much needed information, Thank You
    Gail Wenig

  • Estela Barrios Campos says:

    Very angry the service I been in the phone for over 10 days every time when I called I waited for over 20 minutes I got a multi CD player awhile ago is broken and they don’t have this product anymore so they can’t fixed it so they offer me a $20.00 discount it this is a joke or what

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