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  • Address: 4500 Perkiomen Ave, Reading, PA 19606, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 610-370-3770

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 7,500

  • Established: 1914

  • Founder: Solomon Boscov

  • Key People: Jim Boscov (CEO)

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About Boscov’s, History and Headquarters Information


Boscov’s was established in the year 1914. The company has been active for over 105 years now. The founder of the company was Solomon Boscov. The founder used to sell products to customers via door to door delivery service. The former name of the company was Economy Shoe Store and Dry Goods Annex. By the year 1968, the company had already expanded itself to four stores, with a total yearly sales of $50 million. In the year 2006, the founder of the company had retired. Then in the year 2008, the company had filed for bankruptcy, as the ten new stores that were opened, didn’t bring much revenue. The company still have been expanding since 2009 and finally opened its 47th marked store, in the year 2018.


Boscov’s is a company based in America with the focus on providing the departmental store platform to its customers so that its customers can shop for any kind of daily necessities very easily. The company has its presence in various locations like Ohio, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etcetera. The total number of stores owned by the company is about 47, as of the year 2018. Also, as of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $1.2 billion. The number of employees working at the company is more than 5,800, as of the year 2017. The current CEO and chairman of the company are Jim Boscov.


The primary services of the company involve the selling of various types of clothing, bedding, footwear, jewellery, toy, games, small type of appliances, house decor, beauty products, food items, and a lot more other products as well.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is situated at 4500 Perkiomen Avenue. The city name is Reading, with the state name being Pennsylvania. The pin code of the area is 19606.

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  • Jacquelyn Colbree says:

    Milford Connecticut store had no a/c and smells of mold.

  • BOSS SOLO says:

    I worked in the exton boscovs for 7 months,no raise,no promotion,over worked ,underpaid,hostile work enviroment,not a safe place,employees are mistreated,management sucks,they dont care about the employees,make racist jokes,need new management,new pay ,new hours..your losing people because of that

  • BOSS SOLO says:

    I worked at the exton boscovs..it was horrible,the pay,the hours,management was rude and making racist jokes,not a good place too work,your losing people because of the hostile work enviroment,bosses mistreat their employees,over worked and underpaid, u need new managers there

  • Lana says:

    Your Wilkes-Barre PA store women’s bathroom is in serious need of new toilet seats which have been chipped and peeled for 20 years, toilet paper holders which are all broken and there is no sink in the handicap stall. This bathroom has been in horrible shape for many years, but it’s worse than I have ever seen. I cannot speak for the men’s room. I’ve never been in it. I hope you take heed to this message an update these bathrooms.

  • Marilyn Novak says:

    The Bocsov’s in Wilkes Barre is where we shop. There is a concern about the Ladies Room behind the Curtain Department. There is always a terrible odor in there. Not only that, the toilet paper is not covered. It is just hanging by ropes or rolled up paper towels, or something. It is not sanitary! It is like that in every stall! We have pictures of every stall if you would like to see them. That really needs to be addressed, and it needs to be cleaned up ASAP! Please HELP!!!!!! It is a HEALTH concern!

  • Humans who deserve dignity says:

    Johnstown PA store is NOT wheelchair friendly. No automatic doors when entering from the mall and so many jewelry tables in front of the doors that even if someone opens the very heavy door for you, you can NOT navigate safely into the store. Disabled people like to shop independently and with dignity, but Boscovs doesn’t allow that.

  • Jim Surveyy says:


  • Eugenia toy customer not a guest says:

    Very disappointed in lack of communication from regional mgr due return of defective power lift chair.

  • Margaret Collins says:

    Please stop sending me your advertisements and mailings. I get way too much. I do not shop at Boscovs and never will

  • Heather says:

    Boacove in Sangertown Mall in New Hartford is a Joke. I walked around multiple stations to find someone to cash me out and ended up putting my stuff back afrer about a half hr. Approximately 300$ worth of business lost from me. Not a place I want to shop if nobody wants to do their job. I’d rather go to walmart… at least I can ise self checkout if needed

  • Karen says:

    This is a recent email from me to the credit card bank for Boscov’s. Perhaps you can help. Until this matter is cleared up, I do not wish to enter any of your stores nor be an online customer. If it is not cleared up, I will never enter another of your stores and I will destroy your credit card. It will be Macys for me!

    It is but a small request for a big problem started by the bank.

    On August 17, 2022 I opened a Boscov’s account. The woman who opened it wrote my name BACKWARDS. She wrote Karen Duffy Grover in tiny print on a piece of paper that was my “card”. In fact, my name should have been Karen Grover Duffy. I only shopped that one day and did not see her mistake. When the real card came, I realized that my name was wrong; the USPS had flagged it as being a person unknown at my address but delivered nonetheless. Thank God!

    I called your toll free # to correct my name and receive a new card. I spent quite a while on the phone trying to do this. The mistake was so idiotic, that the even your customer service person could not understand at first what I wanted. She allegedly fixed my name and assured me the new card would be correct and that the account balance would move over to the new card number. The second card and new account number came, BUT AGAIN, MY NAME WAS SPELLED INCORRECTLY AS DUFFFY (an extra F). Unbelievable!

    I was a wreck because I never heard of your bank before, haven’t opened a credit card in decades, and at this point trusted no one associated with Boscov’s or your bank. I wanted to pay the bill immediately. I tried to create an online account and pay the bill right away. But when looking at the digits on my checking account, there apparently was a “9” dangling at the end in front of some digital reader symbols, and which I did not enter into your system. I could not call my bank for inquiries because it was closed.

    I then received an email saying that my account was coming due. I thought that was not correct. I had paid it. I was reluctant to use your 800 number again and still not receiving good service. I therefore tried to enter my online account. I could not get in and didn’t know why.

    Next thing I knew, I received a letter from your bank saying that my card was suspended and that I may owe a “returned fund fee”. What!?? I starting calling your toll free number again. I at first could not get the agent to understand the convoluted history of my account. I finally asked to talk to a supervisor and then another supervisor and they told me that my “return bank fee” was not voidable. I told them my whole horrible history with your cards, said if I owed you the money for my one day of shopping, I would pay you that. However, I WILL NOT PAY YOUR RETURN BANK FEE OF $25. Still, no voiding of the fee.

    In the spirit of good customer relations, I ask you to waive that fee. After all the mistakes YOU made on my card and my accounts and the time spent correcting your mistakes by ME and the stress this created for ME, voiding that fee should be your apology to me.

    I am also writing Boscov’s; I don’t think they would like losing me as a customer and my asking friends and family to boycott them because of my irritation with you and your customer service.

    Please reply to this email, so I can calculate my next move. Please also tell me my bill amount with the “bank return fee of $25” voided. I will send my payment directly to you as I trust no one else at your bank.

    I have not and will not use the 2dn credit card due to its errors. I have not and will not enter a single Boscov’s store until this is corrected.

    I am sure you will honor my requests because they are reasonable given the ridiculous but time-consuming errors made by your bank. In my life, I have never encountered so many errors with a credit card for a bank or for a department store (Macys, Lord and Taylor, Kohl’s, JC Penney, an others). Thank the Good Lord for that.

  • Cindy George says:

    I have a question about our health benefits… I work at Boscovs and carry the insurance for myself and my husband, but as of the end of this year my husband with be on Medicare…my question is can I still just carry the prescription plan for him

  • Mary C S says:

    Would love to see a Boscovs in NORTHERN NJ. I see references to Morristown but it is not it is Morrestown that is no where near northern NJ. There should be many locations here in NORTHERN NJ because many large stores have shut down. Thank you

  • Scott A Hathaway says:

    thanks for nothing, last week you advertized a Standard Furniture Deacon Rocker Recliner was advertised for $299 on TV and on your web site. I went to purchase it and it couldn’t be found (Sep. 15th, 16th, & 17th) or should i say you couldn’t put it in a cart, i called up and chatted also with several people and got several emails saying we are checking it to it. I chatted Friday afternoon since it was still be advertised and the service said i get an answer and email you on Monday so you can get one. I got nothing from anyone, i called today and spoke to a service person and she said it must have been sold out, so why was it still on seval TV ads and on your web site under other options if there was no chance of buying it. I’m a disabled vet and i have to sleep sitting up allot because of my damaged back and my old recliner is falling apart. I have been a customer since the 80’s in the Delaware are and have bought recliners from you in the past but to get screwed over like this is just WRONG, like i8 said THANKS FOR NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B. Manzak says:

    I love Boscovs. The clothing is outstanding. The only problem is I have to drive so far to get to the store. It would be nice if there was a store near the Cabelas near Hamburg. There is a store inTeading and in Pottsville. Putting on in the middle of those two towns would be so profitable for both the customers and Boscovs.

  • Thomas Glass says:

    Poured my heart and soul into my job as Loss Prevention Supervisor for 18 years. Chain of command goes one way, top down. Total lack of support till something goes wrong then it is all your fault. If you get to top pay start watching for that ax. Not anything like when Albert was still alive and in charge. I’m not a disgruntled ex-employee. Just one who was very unfairly treated. What a waste of 18 good years.

  • Brittany says:

    They hate animals. mr boscovs when he was alive never treated people as bad as whitehall boscovs treats associates and customers. like trash. A rescue wanted to set up outside an adoption event and boscovs said no its policy. Didnt like when i bought up past events boscovs held. Shop somewhere else dont shop here. Mr foley is fake and rude has associates do work then takes credit. GO to hell Boscovs

  • Joanne Cambria says:

    I love the Store Boscovs especially in the Morristown New Jersey location, however, we need some store here in Long Island especially in the New York area of the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove. We have a lot of empty stores.

  • Susan G White says:

    I purchased a new couch from Boscov’s Clifton Park. The couch was delivered on June 29 by 3 men from Northeast Home Delivery. The “leader” said they wanted to bring it in the side door. I was alone (I live in a senior duplex) I had to step 10 feet outside my door to move the dog fence which took me 3-4 minutes. He came around the corner and said they would deliver it through the front door after all, which they did. When they left, I discovered that the wallet I had sitting in a basket next to my chair was gone – it contained a year’s savings to be deposited to the bank for new furniture – $2173. I reported to the police. I reported to Boscovs who said they would look into it – but didn’t. I was told it was between me and the delivery company (But the contract to deliver was not between me and the delivery company – it was between Boscov’s who hired them.)
    So, no satisfaction – and I, a 76 year old senior lost my savings thanks to a dishonest employee from a company that Boscov hired to deliver a couch I bought from them. I am a good customer and purchase a lot from Boscov’s and this is what I get – the loss of $2173 that I couldn’t afford to lose.
    I am NOT HAPPY that Boscov’s has done nothing!

  • Jennie Terrizzi says:

    Was in Deptford Boscovs and was tested like a criminal did not like that not only was it inbarrison was fallowed around the store couldn’t enjoy shopping that lady Sam owes me a apology a puplic one you go to jail for that shit DISCRIMINATION!!

  • Christine Burridge says:

    Today is May 9, 2022 I went to Boscov‘s And the woman behind the jewelry counter
    was very rude . I had purchased a watch during the week and I had to bring it back to have a link taken out of it. The first woman that took the link out of the watch was very nice she gave me back the watch and the link that she removed . Then I went to lunch with my daughter and my two grandchildren and the watch fell off the link came off . So I took it back to have the links fixed and the woman that fixed it was rude she said that I am returning a whole watch and it cannot be returnable . Starters I did not want a return refund I wanted to watch link put back in place . I have bought a lot of jewelry over the years. But I can tell you right now that ended today I won’t go there again

  • Vivian K Riddick says:

    Customer Sales Representative

    I want to personally Thank Ms. Ashley B, Store 76, on April 10, 2022, for the amazing World Class Service I received. I was in the store to purchase some bedding, sheets in particular.

    I never even though about how certain material could offer you the conform I was hoping for.

    Ms Ashley B, knowledge of the merchandise was a well learn lesson.

    Ms. Ashley B, Knowledge,
    Friendliness, and Patience was Above and Beyond.

    Ms. Ashley B. explained the differences in the type of material and quality of the sheets. (Cotton/Polyester/MicroFiber).

    I suffer very badly with HOT FLASHES and I always brought MicroFiber Sheets, which now I know holds in heat.

    Please acknowledge Ms. Ashley B, in whatever incentive, you show your dedicate Employees.

    Thanking you in advance.
    Mrs. Vivian K. Riddick

  • Catherine Carrico says:

    Just placed clinque order for 65 dollars told I won’t be getting the bonus order to be shipped by mail why will I not get bonus

  • Marie says:

    I had a wonderful experience with Aaron and Chris in the furniture department at Morristown New Jersey they were extremely patient and professional friendly courteous informative they worked with me in person on the phone for two days regarding furniture I am super delighted they’re still courteous conscientious employees who want to show up for work and help people genuinely want to be helpful thank you

  • Wondering shopper says:

    Has a date been set for 2022 Friends helping Friends?

  • Johnny echevarria says:

    Anyway you can send a memo of the mens dress code? Is tie optional? My boss keeps making me wear a tie..please anything u guys can do?

  • Sami says:


  • Karen Miller says:

    I visited Lebanon Valley Mall yesterday before I went in it says all Shoppers are required to wear a mask while inside, OK I had the mascon I was in the store for over an hour trying to use up a gift card, I had one more purchase to make I went to the jewelry department the clerk behind the jewelry department was wearing a mask, I was so hot I pulled mine down to my chin she immediately saw what I did and said please remain behind the plexiglass! I felt humiliated I know she’s justvdoing her job but I’m sure most of the retail workers are only getting minimum wage pay, Plus they’re being told to do by upper management, you just lost a loyal customer I will not be going back in to Boscov‘s 😷🐑

  • Nany Sinatra says:

    Neshaminy Boscov’s has a severely lacking HR department (I guess that’s what happens when you allow an alcoholic to run your HR department and send her to rehab multiple times). No one is clear on Covid protocols. HR can’t supply documents when asked. Someone from corporate better get over there ASAP.

  • Michele says:

    I will never shop at boscovs again. I placed order online a month ago and it was suppose to be here almost 3 weeks ago according to the tracking number but never received it and fed ex tells me to contact boscovs but i have emailed them several times and tried calling and get nothing in return. I have always shopped here but never again.

  • Robyn R says:

    Its 12/20/21 at 10:30 pm just left your Woodbridge NJ store .I could except I couldn’t find a register open anywhere . So I go to the candy register white lady there said I’m leaving in 5minutes ..She runs to bathroom has a black woman cover for her this woman was the rudest nastiest woman I ever encountered in a store .I will never enter your store again .You have to do better ..But from the looks of the store your most likely going out of business anyway.

    • Sarrah says:

      Robyn, I always shopped at the Neshaminy Mall store in Bensalem, Pa. Everything about the store has changed since the founder, the father Solomon, passed away. Here, the associates are often rude as well. The store looks unkept and the elevator is questionable. Merchandise is of lower quality and quantity. Boscov’s was one of my favorite stores for lots of years. No more. I am saddened to think it is on it’s way out.

    • Marie says:

      White lady??? Black lady???? What??
      Lord have mercy on your soul.

  • Donna says:

    So the worker said that they can only say merry Christmas if the customer initiates it what kind of bullshit is that? MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!!!

  • Mary Alicea says:

    I enter my comment below and no I don’t want it on any social accounts.

  • Mary Alicea says:

    On Wednesday November 23,2021 I asked my son to do shopping for me as I’m disabled. I called him a bunch of times and messages him. I told him I was having a medical emergency and he had things in the cart. My son was nervous and excited he didn’t even realize he walked out the store with it. He was just trying to get to me. He had plenty of money and my charge card with over 9 hundred and fifty dollars on it. He was arrested for stealing when he had no intention to do that. Just think who goes out of a store with a cart and everything was visible. The police said it was a miss understanding. I’ve contact and been waiting for a response. I’d appreciate it if you would just drop the charges. He’s not a thief and had more than enough money. I believe you have the items and I personally will have my niece take me to resolve this matter. Please cause it’s my fault if I didn’t keep calling and messeing I had chest pains and felt down a few steps. Please I’m pleading with you to help and stop the charges. Sincerely Mary

  • Taz says:

    I’m also an ex employee of store 52 Scranton I worked for boscovs for 8 years and my mother for over 25 years. Long story short I was pulled into the office by Annette Edsel (assistant manager) and literally screamed at for posting about how unfair I was treated by a new employee. All doors were open and all employees and customers heard everything. I was so embarrassed. That was extremely UNPROFESSIONAL. I hope you look into this matter before I talk to my lawyer. Thank you for the 8 years but so moving on.

  • Mary Dennis says:

    I am cleaning out my mother in laws home and found curtains brand new, never opened. Purchased in 11-2012 and I have the receipt. I called Wilkes Barre and Hazleton store and they will not take them back. They said they are not in the system. Your policy was always return anything unopened. This is ridiculous since I have the receipt and you have a return anything policy.

    • Angel says:

      I’m sorry to hear that We do return anything as long as it’s in our system. If the item isn’t in our system it won’t let us return it or damage it out. Usually most items that’s not in our system is from another store. There has been a few items that can’t be returned if the manufacturer no longer makes it or goes out of business at that point the employees have to remove the item from the shelves and it gets pulled from the system. Again my apologies for the inconveniences. Sincerely former employee

    • Marie says:

      Donate them to habitat for humanity.

  • Todd W Rogers says:

    Dear Sirs,
    My wife and I took my 90 yr old mother in-law shopping at Boscov’s in Pottsville today. She initially was looking to purchase a new winter coat but happened to see the mattress sale that was going on.
    After testing a few mattresses she decided that she was going to buy a new one decided on a set from Sealy. We now proceeded to find a new coat which she found quickly. Here’s the problem we encountered: The first sales desk had the associate on the phone; after waiting 2 or 3 minutes she looked up and said she was to busy to check us out. The second sales desk had 2 associates changing tags on apparel and totally ignored us standing there until I spoke up. They too were to busy to check us out. As I said my mother in-law is 90 we are now walking the store in search of a sales desk to pay for the coat. My wife finally said let’s go up front to the jewelry counter where the associate immediately reached out took the coat and completed the sale. We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years and the behavior of your employees today was appalling and totally unacceptable.
    I thought that you may have wanted to know how your employees act and the dissatisfaction I felt from today’s shopping trip.

    Todd W Rogers
    139 6th St.
    Coaldale, Pa 18218

  • j d says:

    I was a customer in your Dover, De establishment on Nov 10 @ between 1230-2p.m. I was trying to ask your employee about toys. Converstation went as below:
    Employee (Brian) coming towards me. I said excuse me sir no response thinking he didn’t hear me I spoke a little louder “excuse me sir” no response continue to keep on walking. Third time I said louder “excuse me” no response continued to keep walking to employee only door. By this time I am very annoyed. Minues passed and the same employee came out of the employee door. Again I said “excuse me” no response continue to ignore me. Now I am mad. I am going to the manager so I followed to him to find out his name. His name tag said Brian. Lo and behold here comes the manager my sister informed him about what happened. He stated that he was slow. REALLY slow is one thing being perjudice is a whole different story. You don’t like assisting white people working in public is not the place for you.
    Yes I am white and he was black. I feel this employee should not be working on the floor but in stockroom away from the public.
    I will not shop @ any Boscov store again.

  • janet Passerini says:

    We NEED a store in the Doylestown Pa Area for Sure , Please look into It ,

  • Lora Manning says:

    Just left Boscov’s in Selinsgrove. Tried to get watch battery replaced in a watch I bought from them at that exact store. Waited more than 20 minutes for clerk named Christie to refuse to change battery saying I had to buy the watch from there. I did. She then said they will not replace battery if they are no longer selling brand of watch. Why sell anything if you won’t service it. Will no longer shop at your stores.

  • Diane Ormando says:

    I have been attempting all week to place an order on-line and when the Boscovs shopping assistant tried to enter the order, they are told my Boscovs card is declined with no reason given. I call Comenity Bank and they tell me my card is not declined on their records. I have no late payments and have a credit limit well above what I am attempting to order. I have tried twice to place with order but have been unable. I called
    Boscovs customer service and was told my card is not declined. I ask if they could call the on-line shopping department and was told they could not. The representative did not have any answers or how
    this could be resolved. Please look into this matter as I am thinking of cancelling my account and
    only using another credit card.


    I”ve been a shopper of Boscov Woodbridge NJ since they opened…have bought many pairs of Erika Brielle cotton slacks…love them…comfortable, wash nice and dark color don’t fade out, I recently to store looking for slacks was told not carrying any more…yes or no..want to buy new stock for fall amd winter

  • Yvette Strouse says:

    I will be calling today…I’m not a happy customer…and wish to speak to somebody in charge

  • Susan Hall says:

    I am trying to get a hold of Carol from Corporate!

  • Tammy Parson says:

    In the last month my husband went into the store two times to make payments on my Boscovs credit card account. I began receiving phone calls in the middle of the day telling me that my account was past due and i needed to give them a credit card to make this payment over the phone. I refused to do. The next day I was called by a “collection specialist” again telling me that I had not made a payment since April, keeping in mind this is the beginning of June – so not like there was a problem for months – I told her that when my husband and i went over our bill payments it showed that when my husband took the payment slip in for my account, they put the payment on his account, which has not had anything on it for years. I told them what happened, I discussed that it was on the wrong card, they refused to transfer the money to my card from my husbands card – even tho he had no charges on his card. I pointed out that I had been hit with late fees, but I had made my payments, it was the store that had screwed this up, not me. They would take off a portion of the late fees, but only if I gave them a credit card over the phone to pay a minimum payment amount. Again, i refused and i was told that if I didn’t make the payment at that exact moment they would not remove the late fees. WHY???? Am I the one being punished by the credit card company when I was not at fault – it was the store clerk in the customer service area – who did this, not once but twice. Now I am hit with almost $80 in late fees, and I DID NOTHING WRONG

    • Judith Bryant says:

      I also have a problem with credit card, never received a bill. They sent to credit bureau,now by credit is gone. They will not speak with you. I did find they had the wrong address. No Help

  • Terri says:

    I went to Boscov in Christiana, DE to do some shopping. When I came thru the store I noticed that some people didn’t have masks on. On the doors it has Masks Are Required on the doors in big letters. I asked the lady at the door about the sign and she stated that corporate hasn’t taken them down yet. That to me sends mixed messages. It doesn’t matter if your vaccinated or not; rules are rules. We teach our kids to read and follow directions, so we are to be examples and read and follows the rules and wear masks until the sign comes down off of the doors.
    I won’t be at the store for a long time.

  • Kathleen A Ulrich says:

    To Mr. Boscov’s…I have been an employee at the Boscov’s store for 4 years. When we came back from the pandemic, I was the only one of 2 brought back from a team of 6. You recently visited the White Marsh Store. Unfortunately, you did not visit the cosmetic dept. The new management put in place “Linda Buser” has been a horror!!!! I was a team member, “if you look up my stats…have achieved over 400 credit apps in my time with the store. I unfortunately could not endure the treatment of Linda Buser (the mgr of jewlry and newly appointed cosmetics mgr. )She is an intense BULLY. I had to resign from the bullying of Linda Buser. This should not be allow to go on, and I want a job back with Boscovs. I went to Asst. Mgr, Store Mgr, and Human Resorces (Kim Jones), they all knew. I am hoping you can intervein! This isnt right!.
    Kathleen Ulrich
    Estee Lauder Counter Mgr (or what we used to be called)

  • Angela Martin says:

    I wanted to order 14 of the etched glass sentiment paperweight. [You are loved]

    My store only had one, I was told that it couldn’t be ordered online. So who does the ordering? There’s got to be some one that can order 14 of these for me???
    Really disappointed!!

    Angela Martin
    Long time customer

  • Bunk says:

    Why is it when I go to boscovs in St.Clairville ohio they come straight to me if I don’t have a mask on witch I since others not wearing them in the store but when I don’t put one they come to me this I the second time already I’m over the mask thing every time I wear it I get sinus infection

  • J.Jackson says:

    My comment submitted July 20 has been flagged for “moderation”. Moderate my frustration? Moderate my view of the situation? It’s serious to me and I am very frustrated. Whose responsibility is it to moderate that both Boscovs & Comenity reps to whom I spoke tried to pass off responsibility for correction? I was double charged for a promotional plan purchase. If money was of no concern for me, then I could be moderate. But it is a concern for me and is becoming increasingly difficult to be patient when there appears to be a lack of concern by those who have incorrectly taken my money. If this Is only a venue for the “moderately” frustrated or moderately dissatisfied customer and/or there is another method by which to express concerns to your corporate office, please make that disclaimer clearer.

  • J.Jackson says:

    It is unfortunate that after so many years of being a satisfied Boscov’s customer, I must join the ranks of
    frustrated individuals who are dealing with a problem that is being unanswered,ignored, unresolved. Like J.Lamb, I was charged for a purchase (under a promo plan) twice. A large purchase. Boscov’s says the issue is Comenity’s to handle, Comenity says they need Boscov’s to handle a portion. Withholding payment can be negative, paying it can be negative if they do not refund my money. Forget a store credit. Both entities seemingly think my hundred’s of dollars problem is minor since they have millions to enjoy!

  • Crystal barber says:

    Went to boscovs in Westminster md today and my experience there was horrible. I witness a cashier who did not want to ring me up as I was walking to her register I seen her rolling her eyes and mumbling under her mask I’m sure it was due to the color of my skin. I love boscovs but its staff like her that makes it very hard for people to keep their composure. I wasnt able to get her name but another cashier apologized for that ladies behavior which she shouldnt have. When I go back to the store to shop and that lady is there and if she does it again I’ll know its because I’m black!!! Ill also contact my attorney.Your company needs to reevaluate who you hire

  • Linda Kopcho says:

    I would like to commend your associate VERA in the curtain/blind department in the Woodbridge, NJ store.
    She is fantastic!
    Because of my own doing and not measuring properly, I had to return to the department several times. She had the patience of a saint. Vera was very helpful in guiding me to make the right purchases. When I thanked her for her patience and help, her response was “that’s what I’m here for, I’m here to help.”
    Because of Vera and her great customer service, I am now a dedicated Boscov’s customer.

  • Marianne says:

    We have been loyal Boscov’s travel center clients for well over a decade and have booked many trips – many (at least 4 or 5) to Disney, Bermuda, Jamaica, Mexico and we always finance through the Boscov’s card. Our last trip booked was to Jamaica (May travel dates) which was cancelled in March due to Covid. We have STILL not received a refund even though we have made several attempts at contacting both Boscov’s and Apple vacations. Both of the couples we were traveling with booked through online sites (separate ones) and both have received full refunds from those companies weeks and weeks ago. It is a shame that Boscov‘s and Apple vacations have destroyed their decades long relationship with us for all future trips due to their lack of returning our money in a timely manner. It took a few seconds to take our money, there is no question that since the trip was canceled not by us, the refund should take 10 minutes at most. We have now been forced to get our money back through other means.

  • Betty Lou Boring says:

    I messaged you before and am not sure if you got the message I am a frequent Shopper a Boscov’s I was in there about a week ago looking for patio sets I found one that I fell in love with would be ideal for my porch and was in my budget limit but I tried to order they said it was out of stock so I was wondering if you would be willing to sell the demo on the floor I would love to have it when we try to order it we were told that it could take up to 2 3 months to get it and by the time it would come we would not have time to enjoy it if you could please get back to me either way yes or no I would very much appreciate it thank you my name is bettylou boring my phone number is 724-290-2530 thank you so much

  • Patricia Fialkowski says:

    My friend and I visit the Boscovs in Colonie Center Mall in Colonie, New York once a week and usually go into the Shoe Dept.. You have a young man by the name of Laroy Cooper who is an employee in the dept.
    I have written a letter to the Colonie Store praising this young man but I want to have the corporate office to know what a fine young man he is. Mr. Cooper is always well dressed, neat and courteous. He goes out of his way for his customers, I know because my friend is a shoeaholic, and this young man goes out of his way to find what she is looking for, whether it be contacting other stores or special ordering shoes for her.

    I just wanted the Boscovs Corporation to know they have an exceptional employee and hope they let him know he is appreciated.


    Patricia Fialkowski

  • Darleen O’Loughlin says:

    Please consider opening a store in Maryville Tennessee.

  • Maria Whittingham says:

    i purchased an electric recliner for my elderly father, and paid close to $500. for it. It broke within a year and i still can’t get anyone to respond. I went to the store in which i purchased it and was told they couldn’t do anything without corporate approval . it has been months and no one is contacting me about this issue. i will post this on social media and tell everyone i know about this horrible customer service. that is a lot of money to spend on an electric chair and not even get 1 year of use! someone please respond to me. My father recently past away waiting patiently for this store to do the right thing. very sad!!

  • J. Lamb says:

    I have a similar problem, as one I read from 5/4/20 with an additional error. My credit card has been charged twice for this: Order #43550232. The amount is $ 43.01 on 2 separate entries. I have yet to receive the merchandise and after numerous online attempts to chat that yield no one and emails over the past 2 weeks, I think I’ve been scammed.
    This is very disheartening as I grew up when the store was Fowler, Dick & Walker, the Boston Store in downtown Wilkes-Barre, PA. I have been a devoted shopper for over 50 years!
    Please contact me ASAP and let me know how this billing error will be resolved and when I may expect the merchandise I ordered.

  • Lillian Whitaker says:

    Hello anyone there grrrrrr I placed an order for a lot of my hard earned money and haven’t received anything and can’t get ahold of anyone shame shame shame on Boscov’s

  • Jodi Puller says:

    I’m following up on a mattress I purchase, but the delivery was canceled due to the virus. I would think you would have calls transferred to employees that are home self isolating, but I don’t seem to be getting through to anyone. I realize you may not have answers, but you should in some way take customer calls or email. Having no luck. I do think you stores are exceptional when I’ve shopped there, and I’m sorry you are loosing so much business.

    • Michele says:

      I have the same issue. I’ll never buy a big ticket item shading from boscov. I’ve seen bobs deliver, raymour deliver and here we are, they took our money but don’t deliver the product. No one answers. Great customer service. The right thing to have done was return our money.

  • Priscilla says:

    Hello My name is Priscilla I am trying to reach corporate office I would like to share my story and be heard

  • JUNE BURNS says:


  • JUNE BURNS says:

    Mr Al Boscov was a great man and cared about his workers.My husband worked for the Johnstown store for over 20 yrs and devoted his life to his work place.My husband William c burns passed away 2 11 2020 and NOT ONE PERSON from this company sent condolences to this family shame on the company and the Johnstown store .You proved that employees are just a number to you and your establishment.sit and think about that for a moment!

  • Carl ZEMALKOWSKI says:

    Why is impossible to use your website? I want to order and just can’t do it. How about a decent mobile app so that shopping and ordering is not such a problem. The wedsite is horrendous.

  • Angela Rodriguez says:

    I had a not so customer friendly approach from a young gentleman at the kids section upstairs at around 3 pm he was very to the point and explained to me it was not his fault the product which happen to be sweatpants hanging in the boys section I really wanted for my son who was overwhelmed with joy in getting them however there were only the wrong spot and not on sale’ he explained I totally understand that but being the holidays and I know it was a few dollars difference he could of been nicer and when I ask who was in charge he said he was and to bad it’s not his fault needless to say I will not be getting the pants and I’m highly upset this was in the Pottstown store on 12/16

  • Susan says:

    We moved from the Allentown area to The Villages Florida, this is a retirement community with around 140,000 people and probably doubling the population in the next few years. I think your store would thrive in this area.

  • Jackie P. says:

    My name is Jackie and I now live in Florida..I shopped in Boscov’s in NJ , Reading and York, Pa..We have just the right spot for a Boscov’s in the Daytona area, right off “95” next to the Tanger Outlets..We are growing here so fast, LOTS of people from the north would love a Boscov’s here!!! Shopping on line just isn’t the same !!! Miss You ….

  • >