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James G. Conroy

President, CEO & Director

Gregory V. Hackman

CFO & Secretary

Laurie Grijalva

Chief Merchandising Officer

Jim Watkins

Vice President of Investor Relations

Paul Joseph Iacono

Vice President of Business Development

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Boot Barn was founded in the year 1978. The company has been operational for over 40 years now. Boot Barn had started its journey with a humble beginning, and with the help of honesty, hard work and value, the company has grown tremendously. The company is still a family run business like before. Boot Barn is currently a private limited company. The company has been providing various types of western clothing and accessories from the start of its business, and the range of the number of options and brands have been ever increasing.

Headquarters Info

The corporate headquarters of the company is situated in the 15776 Laguna Canyon Road Irvine, California, United States. The pin code of the area is 92618.


Boot Barn is an American retail lifestyle company with the focus of providing the best types of western styled apparel, accessories and footwear to its customers. The company currently has over 200 stores all over the 29 different states in America. A customer can choose from over 800 styles to pick his or her favourite clothing. The company has its presence in places like California, Florida, Texas, North Dakota, etcetera. The current employee count of the organisation is more than 5,000. Many sought after brands like Levi Strauss, Dan Post, Miss Me, Wrangler, etcetera, are all available at any of the retail shops of the company. The current CEO and president of the company are James G Conroy.


The primary services of Boot Barn include providing various types of clothing and accessories – all at one place. One can buy boots, denim, hats, shirts, belts, dresses, jewellery, and many more other product categories as well. The company also showcases especially the America heritage, with the promotion of mostly American lifestyle brands.

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  • Marge Gwynn says:

    To the CEO of the company,
    My nightmare started on 9/23/2022, I was on shopping on line and had many issues placing my order. Because your auto system hit my card 6 times , which put my card into No funds. I had to wait 6 days for everything to drop. Yeah, I was not happy. Then after all that, just to let you know your customer service dept really needs a good training class. I called to let them know to cancelled by order, the one girl , (wish I got her name) said No problem. Now 6 emails later I’m getting emails saying I need to pay the remaining balance. You can image I was not happy. I called and talked Hailey and she said , I had to pay the remaining balance in order to cancel my order. Now , anyone in their right mind would not do that. What kind of crap is that. So I called back after I got off work. I was talking to another girl, and I told her I wanted to speak to a manager. Her name is Brandi, got the same info. So I told her why can’t I just get what I paid for and canceled the rest. Her responds was , sure I’ll call the store tomorrow , which was 10/21/2022, at 8:30pm.
    I got the email from her on Saturday 10/22/2022, it’s been taken care of. So after Church today,10/23/2022 I walk into Boot barn in Virginia Beach to find out , that my order is being sent back to the company. I must be going nuts , This is some crazy stuff.
    So again , I’m talking to customer online. Which I can’t figure that they don’t put notes on the account, and a customer has to go through the whole story again. So after all was said and done , I finally got the Jeans.
    My Question to you , Mr.Conroy…wouldn’t life just be easier to cancelled the order ? And why would I pay for it , for you all to turn around and cancel the order. Whose Bright Idea was that policy! Anyways there are other Western Stores that I can shop at. And the Customer Service is Horrible. Which in these times were living in , should be the best customer service ever!
    Thanks for listening to me, I tried to find an email address for you, but there isn’t one, or one just for important people.
    M Gwynn

  • Dr. Yarborough says:

    Hi…I recently had Professional Photos done for my birthday in July 2022. My first entire out fit was purchased at Boot Barn in Fayetteville NC. The picture has gone viral and I would like to share it with your Marketing and Media Department. Please contact me via email.

  • Mindy says:

    Manager at store in colorado are not very helpful or organized when it comes to employees.

  • Michelle says:

    I’m a constant shopper at the boot barn in Turlock ca … lately it has been a miserable shopping experience in your store the building is so hot that you can’t shop comfortably… I was trying on boots the other day and was sweating so much that I decided to leave. I notice the workers are hot as well … in this heat people sometimes go out shopping to be in a cool place . I called to make a complaint and the manager was not very friendly and said our company can’t do anything about it. How disappointing to hear as a long time customer and business owner myself in community.

  • Deborah Hauser says:

    Received your Father’s Day catalog in the mail. I was horrified to see the cruelty to animals as an example of your cowboy macho customers. See pages 8 (poor terrified calf); pg. 10: are they trying to cripple those horses?
    PAGE 19: what did they do to make that poor horse react that way?????????????? Never buying from Boot Barn again.

  • David Able says:

    Just visited (to shop) your BootBarn in Clarksville, Indiana (as I have many times before) and I was apauled to enter such a dust trashy store. Clothing strewn in disaray throughout the display racks with sizes mixed up on racks in deplorable conditions.

    I was in shock to see this store in this condition and never did see an employee !

    If this is the presentation presented to the public I WILL NOT RETURN !

  • Concerned Customer says:

    I think your stores need armed security guards. You get merchandise stolen way to much and put your employees in danger. The theives know they are going to get away with it and the big question is…Do The Cameras Work???? Its sad theives hit your store cause they know they can get away with it and you dont put enough security tags on the merchandise. Stop putting your employees in harms way.

  • Lee Smith says:

    Your employees at the Queen Creek, AZ store are definitely the rudest, impolite, immature women I have ever ran across while shopping your stores. My daughter and I entered the store and was immediately greeted with dirty looks by the women working at the counter. My daughter tried on a jacket and several other items. I was browsing and watching them, every time my daughter turned her back they were give her dirty looks and “whispering” to each other like grade school children. I had seen one of them trying on the same jacket that my daughter did so when she needed a different size we asked one of them if they had more and were told no. So apparently the employee was buying the last one, I made a comment that I had just seen her putting it on and man did the dirty looks start to get worse at that point. We actually had a stare down, which I have never had happen in a store with an employee. They were so rude at that point that we put everything back, about $300.00 worth of clothes and left. I then called the store and spoke with the manager that said he just couldn’t believe they would do that, and that he had been on the floor with them, which was a lie. In the 30 minutes we were there we never saw a man. After him being also rude it was clear that the employees take their cues from the management and have no customer service or people skills at all. My entire family has shopped at Boot Barn for as long as I can remember in Colorado and other places on the road and we have never been treated so rudely and will definitely NEVER GO BACK.

    • KJM says:

      I totally agree Lee! As a previous employee, I have seen way too much! It is the most disorganized, dishonest, disrespectful, dysfunctional company I have ever seen

  • Tracy says:

    I went to boot barn, Carson City, 3/20/22. Was going to purchase 2 pairs of cowboy boots, boot trees and a shirt. $750.00! They apparently didn’t have a proper card reader they were manually having to call for approval on your card. They refused my first card, which had a zero balance and a 5,000 limit. Then refused my E-Trade debit card. I stepped outside and called Etrade who said there was nothing wrong with my account. Went back in the store and was told they would only be taking cash today. WTF?! Never shop there again!

  • Derek Gard says:

    I ordered a hat on 11/29/21 and the computer said it was in stock. (order # BB05184522) A couple days later my order was “cancelled” and “re-ordered”. I called customer service and they said since Boot Barn did not have the hat, they ordered it direct from the manufacturer in Texas. A week or so later, my hat was delivered to an address in TN (12/9), which is odd because I live in CA and nothing on my order said to send the hat to TN. I called customer service a second time and was told the warehouse would be contacted and the hat re-routed to me. So Christmas passes, this was meant to be a present, and still no hat. I called on 12/30 and asked, “Where is my hat?” I was told the hat was picked up by UPS and the rep would need to find out where it was going. She would call me back in two days. I figured she meant business days, so I called on 1/6 and asked, “No one has called me as promised. What is up?” I was told, “We issued you a refund because we cannot get the hat you ordered. Sorry no one contacted you. The hat is not in our warehouse so we cannot replace your order.” I said, “Well, no, that is because my hat is on a UPS truck somewhere.” So from 11/29-1/6 there was just a continuous set of unfulfilled promises by Boot Barn.

    Customer Service 101:
    1. Take care of your customer. They are always right. They can shop someplace else.
    2. If you make an error, then make the customer happy. A 25% discount on my next online order? Why would I buy anything else when you cannot fill a simple hat order? And 25% for my time and effort, and missing a Christmas present? Really?
    3. I repeat, Take care of your customer.
    4. If you make a mistake and tell a customer you will follow up with them, then follow up with them. At no point did I receive a phone call or email. Every step of the way I had to inquire online and then make a phone call or write an email.
    5. Logistics! This hat was not part of the supply chain crisis of ships from China waiting to be unloaded. It was in Texas and was sent to the wrong address. I was told you would contact UPS, have the package picked up, and re-routed to me. You failed every step of that chain. If you cannot deliver a hat from Texas, then why would a trust you to take care of anything else for me?
    6. Do not make promises you cannot keep. Do not tell a customer you will “re-route their order and they will receive the product by Christmas” if you cannot deliver.
    7. If you mess up, then take care of the customer. My first offer was a 20% discount. It was only after I expressed my frustration that I was offered 25%, plus free two-day shipping (which you already offer to everyone). When I was a retail manager, you know what my solution would have been? “I cannot get the one you wanted. Pick out any hat in our store, no matter the cost. It is on us. I am sorry we let you down.” Then I would have a serious come to Jesus discussion with my team. That is why I was #1 in customer service, and #1 in sales for a Big Box retailer. I always made sure my customers were taken care and happy.

    • Confused and waiting… says:

      I’m going thru the same issue. A bunch of excuses but no commitments. The item I ordered was cancelled because it wasn’t in store. So I ordered another of the same item from the warehouse because no one can explain why I received the email stating the item was canceled but it still shows in process on my account. But that item did not show is purchased so I made another purchase with a discount that they sent me by email. So am I going to get three of those items or none of those items. Hopefully the return process isn’t that bad if I get three of them. But a very confusing system to order from when you order online. I was informed earlier that when you order online and “ship to the store” it is different than if you go online and order “shop my store” because the online gets shipped to the store from the warehouse instead of pulled from the store’s stock if you order from “shop my store.” It makes sense but it doesn’t.

      • Pissed Off says:

        The return/replace process is just as horrible. I’ve been waiting almost a month for the correct size of boot to be returned to me. By the looks of it, it isn’t going to happen. I had to order from the warehouse because they try to sell you damaged product from the store as “new”.

  • Kyle Lewis says:

    Hello I just experienced the worst customer service in my life by a CSR rep who informed me she was the shift manager. I purchased about $600.00 worth of clothing about 2 weeks ago. I did not have time to try on my jeans at the time of purchase. I tried them on at home a couple days later. They did not fit so I put them back in the bag without removing any tags. I drove 70 miles to exchange them today. The CSR rep told me to find the proper size and she would exchange them. I was then approached by the shift manager. She accused me of “stapling” one tag back on. I told her I had not done a single thing to them. She then called me a liar in front of a store full of people. I am a business owner myself, and have zero reason to lie about something so stupid. She refused to exchange them even with receipt in hand of my original cash purchase. I asked her not to call me a liar again and asked to speak with her manager. She refused to tell me when the store manager was scheduled to work. Then she called security and kicked me out!!! She wouldn’t let me exchange anything. So now I’m out the fuel and time to drive 70 miles again another day. This is embarrassing that any store would allow their employees to speak to customers in this manner.

    • Marge Gwynn says:

      Did anyone contact you from boot barn? That is so crazy that she would say that. I mean , they treat you like crap anyways when you go into the store. I was always taught that the customer is always right and I get after my co workers about that same issue. I was just wondering if they ever contact you.

  • Bob says:

    Billings MT has the worse service !!!!!!

  • Ralph says:

    I ordered boots a month ago and still haven’t gotten them. They told me 2 weeks. No one contacted me. I’ve been doing all the calling. They told me they would call me. No has ever called me. When I call they told me the boots got lost in transit. They will overnight them. Every time. No one knows what happened. I called my boots got lost again. Very bad customer service. I should be compasated and get my boots.

    • Derek Gard says:

      Follow up is not their strong suit. I had 3 customer service reps make promises to me and guarantee they would call me with an update. None of them did. Absolutely worst customer service. I do not know how they stay in business.

  • Ralph Taliento says:

    Not pleased with return policy.
    Very frustrating… tried for two days to obtain the return label. I want have the purchase price returned.

  • Pissed off says:

    My daughter was a former employee at the Bristol, VA location and was recently fired because she was eating ice cream on the floor when she was unable to obtain a lunch break due to staff shortages. She has been called into work numerous times and almost always went and worked illegally long hours. ( 18 hours in 1 day). The store manager Joy there has a drug problem and has been seen my several customers in the store on the clock intoxicated. She was even spinning in a chair in the hallway like a 2 year old child. Pills have been found in the office and the DM is aware of the situation along with several other managers/employees.

  • An Employee at Avondale, AZ boot barn store says:

    Boot Barn does not care how the employees are treated by their management. Avondale, AZ store – Manager Naomi has put employees in tears and does not care when one employee is trying to further her education and does not work around a school schedule. Naomi has her favorite brown nose pet and gives time off to the pet when asking for time off. Those employees Naomi doesn’t like she has them work till closing daily rather than spreading the schedule open and equally. Barks orders and sits on her but in the back room doing Nada! HR has been notified on several occasions by floor personnel and employees and it continues to fall on deaf ears.

  • John Gavin says:

    I have never had such poor treatment by a company in my life,would not modify my order to the correct size,nor would they let me cancel my order.Basicaly customer service said o well its your problem. Told me i would have to take the boots to a store and maybe i would be able to exchange them for the correct size.This was my first experience with boot barn and i garuntee my last and i will let everyone know of boot barns shady policy’s and beyond customer support.Stay away from this company.

  • Jamie says:

    Tell us about your BootBarn.com experience

    Hi my name is Jamie and I want to start off my saying that I absolutely adore your women’s boot s I litterly bought my very first pair of boots at your store and still you are the only company that I give my business to when it comes to my footware and I always recommend your store to anyone who may be in conversation about looking for new boots . Now as much as I love your boots and heels I must say my last purchase was not so much loved and actually for the first time ever I would have to say I was very disappointed , let me explain first off the boots I bought last were
    Milwaukee Leather Women’s Black Double Strap Platform Heel Boots – Round Toe
    And when I first saw them in store I just new I had to have them so I bought them then when I put them on to wear when I was out with my husband I was walking along then out of nowhere I dropped like a sac of potatoes as I dropped to the ground I hear the horrific POP POP !!! Apparently my left heel from these boots decided to go ahead and take of without me it broke away from the rest of the boot leaving me on the sidewalk unable to even walk my husband had to carry back to my car and drive me to hospital apparently due to the heel breaking off I had broken by foot in 2 spots . And honestly I was more disappointed about my boots than I was my foot, I mean bones heel but a woman not keeping the recipet due to all my purchasesa prior too that I have never had any reason or complaint about will make it impossible to get replacement pair of boots! And completely I understand that companies have policy’s that they must uphold and so I understand that as far as me getting a replacement pair will more than likely not be able to happen and I understand that it is completely my fault for not keeping recipet . And the boots were thrown away by my husband at the hospital while I was having my foot casted so not only do I have no receipt I have no boots either to even bring back to store , and I know taking the word of a woman who’s credibility is well unknown to you is just more than likely not going to happen . So as much as I am saddened by my lack of responsibility in keeping recipet s and all that I do accept whatever I may or may not get but basically my main concern is that I atleast reach out to you and make you aware of the situation that took place because Im sure the defect lies only within the one pair of boots,and I just had the unlucky pick of a pair . But still I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t make u aware so if you need to look into that particular pair to make certain that nomore are defective because although I had broken 2 places in my foot it still could of been so much worse so I just want u to know what happened and I still am only going to. Be shopping for boots at your stores and look forward to being able toake my next purchaseaybe next time I’ll go for a much smaller heel though lol , well thank you for reading this long email and if you need to contact me please do so at my email jamie88renee@gmail.com if you have and questions at all thank you and have God bless

    Your favorite shopper

    Jamie Barr
    Email : jamie88renee@gmail.com

  • Susan says:

    Hello. I had a very negative experience in your Tucson (Oracle Road) store last evening. There were maybe 3-4 other customers in the store. After trying on boots for about 30 minutes, I was approached by a woman with dark hair and glasses who informed me that I would have to leave my handbag at the front counter. I told her that I would leave the store before handing my bag over to a complete stranger, who by all accounts was not watching the front counter. She insisted and seemed okay that I was going to walk out of the store without buying anything. She then walked closely behind me as I headed for the door. I was not happy. I will add that the other customers in the store had their handbags with them. If they had wanted my handbag, they should have asked for it when I entered the store. They clearly saw me come in as I was greeted by a young man. I would have left regardless, but I could have saved myself 30 minutes.

    I have shopped at Boot Barn for over 15 years and this is the first time I have been asked for my handbag. I emailed customer service shortly after the incident and have not heard back from them. This incident wreaks of poor customer relations and potential discrimination.

    I am more than happy to discuss this with someone from your organization, but I think you should know you have lost a good customer.

    Thank you,


  • Make Lodi Great Again says:

    The female manager at the Lodi, CA location needs to be fired! She came out of her way and told the people running the Recall Gavin Newsome booth they had to leave because they were loitering. First of all they were not loitering, look up the definition. Second, she is a store manager and not the property owner. Third, their booth was nowhere near the Boot Barn. I was there. It was actually quite far from her store and closer to Dick’s sporting goods, in the back of the parking lot. She is discriminating against our rights. For her to go out of her way to do this tells me she made it a personal attack. People need to stick to just doing their jobs. I will never shop at your pathetic store ever again!

  • Rylee Williams says:

    Hi, I ordered a pair of boots from my local store and they said that i would get a confirmation email with a tracking number. i still have not and the money still has not been drawn from my account. i was just wondering how long does it usually take for these things to happen?

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