Where is Boot Barn Corporate office Headquarters

Boot Barn Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 23762 Mercury Rd B, Lake Forest, CA 92630, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 949-455-0211
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: custserv@bootbarn.com
  • Number of Employees: 1200
  • Established: 1978
  • Founder: Ken Meany
  • Key People: James G. Conroy

Boot Barn Headquarters Location & Directions

Boot Barn Headquarters Executive Team



James G. Conroy

President, CEO & Director

Gregory V. Hackman

CFO & Secretary

Laurie Grijalva

Chief Merchandising Officer

Jim Watkins

Vice President of Investor Relations

Paul Joseph Iacono

Vice President of Business Development

About Boot Barn, History and Headquarters Information


Boot Barn was founded in the year 1978. The company has been operational for over 40 years now. Boot Barn had started its journey with a humble beginning, and with the help of honesty, hard work and value, the company has grown tremendously. The company is still a family run business like before. Boot Barn is currently a private limited company. The company has been providing various types of western clothing and accessories from the start of its business, and the range of the number of options and brands have been ever increasing.

​Headquarters Info

The corporate headquarters of the company is situated in the 15776 Laguna Canyon Road Irvine, California, USA. The pin code of the area is 92618.


Boot Barn is an American retail lifestyle company with the focus of providing the best types of western styled apparel, accessories and footwear to its customers. The company currently has over 200 stores all over the 29 different states in America. A customer can choose from over 800 styles to pick his or her favourite clothing. The company has its presence in places like California, Florida, Texas, North Dakota, etcetera. The current employee count of the organisation is more than 5,000. Many sought after brands like Levi Strauss, Dan Post, Miss Me, Wrangler, etcetera, are all available at any of the retail shops of the company. The current CEO and president of the company are James G Conroy.


The primary services of Boot Barn include providing various types of clothing and accessories - all at one place. One can buy boots, denim, hats, shirts, belts, dresses, jewellery, and many more other product categories as well. The company also showcases especially the America heritage, with the promotion of mostly American lifestyle brands.

Boot Barn ​Corporate Office Photos

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  • John Gavin says:

    I have never had such poor treatment by a company in my life,would not modify my order to the correct size,nor would they let me cancel my order.Basicaly customer service said o well its your problem. Told me i would have to take the boots to a store and maybe i would be able to exchange them for the correct size.This was my first experience with boot barn and i garuntee my last and i will let everyone know of boot barns shady policy’s and beyond customer support.Stay away from this company.

  • Jamie says:

    Tell us about your BootBarn.com experience

    Hi my name is Jamie and I want to start off my saying that I absolutely adore your women’s boot s I litterly bought my very first pair of boots at your store and still you are the only company that I give my business to when it comes to my footware and I always recommend your store to anyone who may be in conversation about looking for new boots . Now as much as I love your boots and heels I must say my last purchase was not so much loved and actually for the first time ever I would have to say I was very disappointed , let me explain first off the boots I bought last were
    Milwaukee Leather Women’s Black Double Strap Platform Heel Boots – Round Toe
    And when I first saw them in store I just new I had to have them so I bought them then when I put them on to wear when I was out with my husband I was walking along then out of nowhere I dropped like a sac of potatoes as I dropped to the ground I hear the horrific POP POP !!! Apparently my left heel from these boots decided to go ahead and take of without me it broke away from the rest of the boot leaving me on the sidewalk unable to even walk my husband had to carry back to my car and drive me to hospital apparently due to the heel breaking off I had broken by foot in 2 spots . And honestly I was more disappointed about my boots than I was my foot, I mean bones heel but a woman not keeping the recipet due to all my purchasesa prior too that I have never had any reason or complaint about will make it impossible to get replacement pair of boots! And completely I understand that companies have policy’s that they must uphold and so I understand that as far as me getting a replacement pair will more than likely not be able to happen and I understand that it is completely my fault for not keeping recipet . And the boots were thrown away by my husband at the hospital while I was having my foot casted so not only do I have no receipt I have no boots either to even bring back to store , and I know taking the word of a woman who’s credibility is well unknown to you is just more than likely not going to happen . So as much as I am saddened by my lack of responsibility in keeping recipet s and all that I do accept whatever I may or may not get but basically my main concern is that I atleast reach out to you and make you aware of the situation that took place because Im sure the defect lies only within the one pair of boots,and I just had the unlucky pick of a pair . But still I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t make u aware so if you need to look into that particular pair to make certain that nomore are defective because although I had broken 2 places in my foot it still could of been so much worse so I just want u to know what happened and I still am only going to. Be shopping for boots at your stores and look forward to being able toake my next purchaseaybe next time I’ll go for a much smaller heel though lol , well thank you for reading this long email and if you need to contact me please do so at my email jamie88renee@gmail.com if you have and questions at all thank you and have God bless

    Your favorite shopper

    Jamie Barr
    Email : jamie88renee@gmail.com

  • Susan says:

    Hello. I had a very negative experience in your Tucson (Oracle Road) store last evening. There were maybe 3-4 other customers in the store. After trying on boots for about 30 minutes, I was approached by a woman with dark hair and glasses who informed me that I would have to leave my handbag at the front counter. I told her that I would leave the store before handing my bag over to a complete stranger, who by all accounts was not watching the front counter. She insisted and seemed okay that I was going to walk out of the store without buying anything. She then walked closely behind me as I headed for the door. I was not happy. I will add that the other customers in the store had their handbags with them. If they had wanted my handbag, they should have asked for it when I entered the store. They clearly saw me come in as I was greeted by a young man. I would have left regardless, but I could have saved myself 30 minutes.

    I have shopped at Boot Barn for over 15 years and this is the first time I have been asked for my handbag. I emailed customer service shortly after the incident and have not heard back from them. This incident wreaks of poor customer relations and potential discrimination.

    I am more than happy to discuss this with someone from your organization, but I think you should know you have lost a good customer.

    Thank you,


  • Make Lodi Great Again says:

    The female manager at the Lodi, CA location needs to be fired! She came out of her way and told the people running the Recall Gavin Newsome booth they had to leave because they were loitering. First of all they were not loitering, look up the definition. Second, she is a store manager and not the property owner. Third, their booth was nowhere near the Boot Barn. I was there. It was actually quite far from her store and closer to Dick’s sporting goods, in the back of the parking lot. She is discriminating against our rights. For her to go out of her way to do this tells me she made it a personal attack. People need to stick to just doing their jobs. I will never shop at your pathetic store ever again!

  • Rylee Williams says:

    Hi, I ordered a pair of boots from my local store and they said that i would get a confirmation email with a tracking number. i still have not and the money still has not been drawn from my account. i was just wondering how long does it usually take for these things to happen?

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