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Books A Million traces its roots back in 1917 and is based in Alabama, United States. It was started as a street corner newsstand by a 14-year-old Clyde B. Anderson in Florence, Alabama. In 1950, son of the founder, Charles C. Anderson worked on the expansion of the store and turned it into a chain and in 1964; the company was launched as Bookland.

Books A Million is a retailer that sells books, magazines, collectibles, toys, electronics and accessories, and gifts in the Southeastern United States. It is recognized as the second-largest book retailer in the nation. Along with distributing its products in stores, people can go and access the company's e-commerce website: booksamillion.com and buy books, toys, eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, movies and music tracks, gaming accessories, electronic accessories, and more. Books-A-Million also runs coffeehouses within its superstores called Joe Muggs. It is expanded over more than 250 stores in 31 states and the District of Columbia.

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  • Regina Hinnant says:

    Hello! Recently I was a customer of BAM and I wanted to know, the price point of several items which was in your Clearance Bins. I approached two employees and they directed me to the cashier. Upon waiting in line, the cashier informed me two of the four items was .02. I asked the cashier, if I could purchased several more of the .02 items? Her reply, was “Yes.” Upon returning to the cashier, another co-worker wanted to know was going on? The cashier explained our conversation and the co-worker, informed the cashier and me that, no items in the facility could be sold for .02. The co-worker directed me to their General Manager Christopher S. Tackett at BAM Sandhills location. He informed me that, all items had to sold back to the store and all .02 items could not be purchased. Also, he asked another employee at the facility whether or not mark downs had been completed. Her reply, “Yes!” At that point, I should have been able to purchase all items because, all marked down should have been activated. Christopher, went through each of my items and allowed me to purchase Unicorn Books End at a price point of $6.00 a set. I was not allowed to purchase the following items at .02 each. They were: Totally Gross Game, Mini Puzzle and another board game activity. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! The Hinnant Family

  • Barry Card says:

    I live in Abilene, Texas and I am a frequent book buyer at the store here….lately I have noticed all these toys made in China taking over most of the store itself and I have also noticed that comic books, childish things and some other items not being able to be found. Most of your staff here are very good at what they do, however there are some just there for the paycheck. The Joe Muggs area is good and the staff are very, very friendly.

    I am sure you are familiar with the closing of Hastings here in Abilene. The same thing is happening to your store here. Too much crap from China and not enough people buying that stuff. Bring back the store many of us remember……a book store out all the toys and garbage.

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