Where is Booking.Com Corporate office Headquarters

Booking.Com Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: Herengracht 597, 1017 CE Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Phone Number: +31 70 770 3884
  • Fax Number: 31 20 712 5609
  • Email: customer.service@booking.com
  • Number of Employees: 13789
  • Established: 1996
  • Founder: Geert-Jan Bruinsma
  • Key People: Gillian Tans, Kees Koolen

Booking.Com Headquarters Location & Directions

Booking.Com Headquarters Executive Team



Gillian Tans

CEO & President

Kees Koolen

Founder and Chairman

Todd Dunlap

Managing Director for North America Region

David Vismans

Chief Product Officer

About Booking.Com, History and Headquarters Information


Booking Com was founded in the year 1996. The company has been operational for almost 23 years now. The company was formed when two hotel booking websites in the Netherlands, known as Booking NL and Booking Org, had merged together. Therefore, the name of the company was then changed to Booking Com. It is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings, which has its headquarters located in Connecticut, USA. In the year 2002, a famous online booking company known as Expedia had the chance to acquire to the company but eventually rejected the deal.

Then in the year 2005, the company was acquired by Booking Holdings for about $133 million. Later onwards, the Booking Com co-operated with ActiveHotels Com, which was an online hotel reservation platform in Europe. Active Hotels was also acquired by Booking Holdings as well. By the year 2006, the name of Active Hotels was officially changed to Booking Com as well. This integration helped Booking Holdings restructure itself from a $19 million loss structure in the year 2002 to $1.1 billion profit structure in the year 2011. The social media had praised the acquisition as the best acquisition in internet history. In the year 2011, Darren Huston was appointed as the CEO of Booking Com, who resigned from his post in the year 2016. The online website of the company has been the target for hackers for both years in 2014 and also in 2018 too. In the year 2018, the Russian Government had considered blocking the website. The headquarters of the company is based in 800 Connecticut Avenue. The name of the place is Norwalk, while the name of the state is Connecticut, USA. The pin code of the area is 06854.


Booking Com is an American company that focuses on providing the platform for consumers to book and also reserve hotel rooms. The current CEO of the company is Gillian Tans. As of the year 2019, the overall rank of the website according to Amazon Alexa is at 91. The website currently has over 28 million listings spread across 228 countries and also more than 148,000 destinations as well. On a per day basis, more than 1.5 million rooms are reserved via the website. The website is also available in 43 different languages as well.


The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have an online platform to reserve hotel rooms for day and night stay, in various countries worldwide. Customers can choose from a small type of hotel to full-fledged five-star luxury hotels as well.

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  • Shereka Browne says:

    Worst worst worst worst company. I have been using them for years and this is first time I have had such a disgusting and dispicable issue. They are actual thieves. Had a flight for me and my family on United cancelled due to bad weather. I have the cancellation letters and all. United said they booking the refund. Booking said they did not receive it. What does that have to do with my money? It was so called processed on July 1 and still no money. I am so angry, these darn Indian people you deal with are so harsh. No sort of compassion or human understanding. I need my money. Cannot believe this is the booking I use all the time. No longer, will be deleting the app when I am done getting back my money. Totally reprehensible.

  • shantal barillas says:

    HI , am trying to pay my invoice . Do you have an address here usa ?

  • The Doan says:

    We tested positive for Covid and therefore had to cancel our flight into Spain. We have gotten the run around. The airlines and all affiliates keep directing us back to Booking.com and they’re not responding. The run around is real and I will NEVER use them again for any travel arrangements.

  • Nea Geering says:

    Ree Booking with The Matogianni Hotel              Mykonos 

    Confirmation: 3276849946
    PIN: 9892 (Confidential)

    Iam very disappointed in the way Booking.com has handled my Issue regarding The cancelation of this Booking at The Matogianni Hotel Mykonos 

    As Your Company Booking.com collects the payments Your Company is Entitled to Release my Refund of this Cancelation of this Room.

    I have Booked and paid for this transaction through your Company Soo I expect that your Company dose the Refund 

    Iam going to take this problem up with the Aurthorites ASAP and they will be in contact with Booking.com At Herengracht 597, 1017 CE Amsterdam, Netherlands 

    Iam going to report this Issue 

    Nea Geering

  • Nea Geering says:

    Mr Geert-Jan Bruinsma
    Iam really discussed at the way Your company has handled my Refund.
    IAM Awaiting Urgently for My Refund for my Hotel reservation in Mykonos
    Confirmation: 3276849946
    PIN: 9892 (Confidential)

    The money’s have been cleared with PayPal and I Canceled
    Now I Need my Refund of

    I have paid AUD 388.79 for this booking
    I need a Reply Urgently
    Nea Geering

  • Nea Geering says:

    IAM Awaiting Urgently for My Refund for my Hotel reservation in Mykonos
    Confirmation: 3276849946
    PIN: 9892 (Confidential)

  • Nea Geering says:

    Ree Booking with The Matogianni Hotel Mykonos 
    Confirmation: 3276849946
    PIN: 9892 (Confidential)

    Iam very disappointed in the way Booking.com has handled my Issue regarding The cancelation of this Booking at The Matogianni Hotel Mykonos 

    As Your Company Booking.com collects the payments Your Company is Entitled to Release my Refund of this Cancelation of this


    Iam very disappointed in the way Booking.com has handled my Issue regarding my cancelation of this Booking at The Matogianni Hotel Mykonos 

    I have Booked and paid for this transaction through your Company Soo I expect that your Company dose the Refund 

    Iam going to take this problem up with the Aurthorites ASAP and they will be in contact with Booking.com At Herengracht 597, 1017 CE Amsterdam, Netherlands 

    Iam going to report this Issue 

    Nea Geering

  • Lacey Hope Robinson says:

    I’ve used this service for several years but just recently had the worse experience, I’ve tried several times to contact someone, and 3 different times jve bee. Given the run around regarding my situation

  • Harun Jafar says:

    Totally disappointed with Booking.com for not properly responded to my request for refund for the unilaterally cancel of confirmed and paid booking or provide alternative flights for the followings (Customer Reference 40-296020621): 3 airline tickets for LAX to Manchester, NH on 10/11/22 on Spirit Airlines (booking reference DGM1UJ) and Manchester, NH to LAX on 11/15/22 by American Airlines (booking reference YJOVCA). Already filed complant to Federal Department of Transportation and California Department of Justice (Seller of Travel Administrative System). Not recommend to use Booking.com for any airline flight booking!!!!!

  • Kimberly Dooley says:

    Can someone please help me and get in my refund from booking.com they had took $1754.77 for my PayPal account for a reservation that was already canceled and the hotel stated that they did not charge any fees whatsoever as far as cancellation can someone please contact me if he goes to my booking booking number 313127366 the name is Kimberly Dooley

  • Clay Rider says:

    Living in Australia I made a booking for a Rodeway Inn which I thought was in Florida. Unfortunately it was in North Carolina. Also, I had paid for everything before I left. When I got to Florida the mistake was discovered. From then on it has been a nightmare trying to deal with Booking.com to get my refund. I knew I would probably have to pay for a night there but I was ok with that. So this is what has transpired.
    Upon check in at the correct property I had to pay for another 12 day stay. They said they would call Booking and get back to me. I got an email from Booking and they said they had not received a reply so they said I could email them or call the other property. I emailed them, as I didn’t have a phone, for 8 days and never got a reply. So I called the other property and the gentleman, who said he was the manager, said he didn’t have any information showing my reservation. He said he needed Booking to call him and he could take care of it. So I called Booking and the lady I talked to said she would send them an email. I told her that wasn’t acceptable as they hadn’t replied to any of the emails sent by them or me and could she call them. She said she couldn’t do that so I asked for the supervisor. A man named Mousa got on the phone and said he was the supervisor. I told him the story and got him to call the other property and when he came back he said the guy at the other property said there wasn’t anybody in charge and “hung up on me!” Then Mousa said that he would email them again I said that wasn’t acceptable as I was leaving in 5 days and didn’t want to deal with this from Australia. Then again, Mousa said that was all he could do. A phone call and an email! That was it. So I asked for his supervisor and he said he couldn’t do that. I asked for the supervisor’s name and he refused. I asked for the phone number and he refused. I asked for Corporate’s number and he said “there is no Corporate office!” That’s right! There is no Corporate office! He then said he has done all he can do and refused any further help. This was customer service?
    So now I am asking Corporate office for help because THERE IS A CORPORATE OFFICE! So we will see if anybody from Corporate will answer my email but with the way I have been treated so far by it’s employees I don’t expect corporate to be much better but we will see.
    You’d think I was asking for a refund of a Million dollars the way they acted. Anyway, we’ll see what Corporate has to say or not say. I can tell you I will never use Booking.com again and I will never pay in advance again.


    Clay Rider

  • Julio dejesus says:

    I would like to speak to someone about an experience I had and the way Booking.com handled the situation.

  • Maria says:

    We booked nine nights at an apartment in KingsCross London UK. When arriving, the apartment listed as BEAUTIFUL FOUR BEDROOM APARTMENT IN KINGSCROSS was a council flat in the awful building. The carpet was dirty, the bathroom needed a full make over. The view from the balcony was garbage all over the place. when reaching out the the company that was responsible for the apartment I was met with rudeness and dismissed. Trying to reach Booking.com was even worst. We did not stay one moment longer than it took to find a hotel near by, we left within 30 minutes. I was denied access to the apartment to retrieve items we left there. Booking.com is awful and the company that represented the listing was the worst. Someone needs to be responsible but no-one . This is the closes thing to fraud and a scam as I can tell.

  • Ruth says:

    Booking.com is very tedious to deal with when having to cancel a reservation.

  • Robyn Mello says:

    I booked a hotel through booking.com for eighteen nights. I could only stay two. I was advised to stay at this hotel until the misunderstanding was resolved between the hotel and booking.com. It was not resolved, and I had to leave the hotel after only two nights.
    Booking.com sent me an email that they were working on the misinformation with the hotel. Big deal — I still had to find another hotel, and borrow from a friend to pay for the hotel. I WANT MY MONEY BACK — IN FULL

  • Jean Schneider says:

    After few phone calls and message to your help desk (Mrs Bhasita on the 14 of June and Mr Darell on the 7 of July for the last one) I still do not have a reply for the following.
    On May 28th I booked 1 night (May 30th to 31st) at Agriturismo Rio Ricco in Busana (Italy). I paid a deposit or EUR 80.- for this reservation.
    My wife and myself were travelling by motorbike with no communication available during the day.
    We arrive at the hotel on May 30th at 17h00 for check-in and everything was closed . We waited 30 minutes and could not see anyone.
    After a while we went to the town and found another hotel. With Wi-fi working, we could see the Agriturismo send us a message on the 30th of May at 09h30 to inform they will be nobody at the place between 15h00 and 19h00.
    This is not the correct way for welcoming guest and I am still asking a complete refund of the Eur 80.- paid for nothing.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Clay Rider says:

      Hi Jean. Don’t feel bad as I got ripped off by this sham of a company myself. Just let your friends know so word of mouth can travel about this company and just how bad they are.

  • Jon says:

    Possibly the most corrupt company in existence. A corporation of sheisters with zero integrity and a full 100 score on the dishonesty meter. This, my booking crew, coming from one of your loyalists who’ve used your services for 7 years. I’ll be sure to rip you a new a-hole every chance I get. Apparently you’ve forgotten how you grew. Fortunately the world lives by what goes around…. I’ll take comfort in that as a reward for the grand you stole from me.

    • Clay Rider says:

      Hey Jon. Just got ripped off by this sham of a company myself. Word of mouth is the best way to warn others of this crap company!

  • Giselle says:

    I use booking.com in london I got there excited to see beautiful city there was a problem the hotel didn’t exist call for 3 hrs no answer finally they answer my text. They send someone to meet us at a restaurant and walk for 15 min to get to the place an apartment it was and awful smelly disgusting full of trash the person looks nervous, no front desk no phone no adress on top of That it was 3 more people. BtW the pictures o the website Are no real is all fake
    We decided to live we didn’t feel safe, I just want to call the police. They say will return money back but booking.com doesnt take responsibility for it so I end losing $1200 and looking for another hotel and losing one day of my precious vacations. Is better to book directly with hotels. This website is very bad.

  • Mrs Persley says:


    • Clay Rider says:

      Got ripped off myself. Just spread the word about this sham of a business. It’s the best way to advertise to keep others from going thru it!

  • Tomacinia Carter says:

    Cancun Trip 2022

    I’ve been traveling for years this never happened tag all your friends and share it.

    It’s been a week that we are home from our Cancun trip. I had time to sit down and thank so I’m writing this letter so it doesn’t happen to know one else

    Let’s start at the beginning with the hotel. We stayed at the Park Royal Beach and Resort. The address is Boulevard Kukulcan km 12.5 zone Hotelera, Cancun, 77500 Mexico.
    We booked a room for 5 days for my Daughter’s 16th Birthday. We booked this room in January of 2022. Before leaving for Cancun I called 2days before we left.
    I called on 6/27/2022 at 12:53 pm to booking.com and spoke to Anna. We had Tahajiah on the reservation. Anna removed Tahajiah off the reservation. That left the 4 of us Tomacinia, Adriana, Akeelah and Ameirah.

    Remember it was 5 people for the same price. $2,785.35 then we removed Tahajiah but the price was still the same for 4 people. They didn’t give me no money back.The room that we booked holds up to 6 people for the same price. If it’s only person or 6 people the room was the same price.
    That’s what they said when Anna and I called on 6/27/22. They said everything was good to go for the 6/30/2022 16th Birthday trip.

    We get to Mexico 🇲🇽 we are checking into the hotel now. Bonito Juarez ask me for my reservation number give it to him alright now here’s where it starts.

    Bonito gets my reservation number put it in the system and comes back and tell me that I have to pay for Ameirah $600. Extra dollars. I asked him what for he said she wasn’t on the reservation. I said it says 3 adults and 1 child. No no no it says 3. OK but the room we have is up to 6 people in the room for the same price right. I said let me speak to your supervisor. The supervisor comes out and there talking in Spanish. After they finish she comes over and said you have to pay $600 more for Ameirah. I said I’m not giving you at dime call booking.com you will not get no more money. She said the room is for 6 i said i know. We had 5 people and we took one off it doesn’t change the price right she said yes. Then i said to her will why are you trying to charge me $600 more? You have to pay it she said. Remember we are in the lobby been traveling all day didn’t offer no food or nothing.

    We call booking.com and at 5:05 pm I was talking to Alfredo S. At booking.com. We got disconnected/hung up on me after being on the phone for 30 minutes. Thin we started texting in the booking.com app. Alfredo tells me that he’s wanting for the hotel to call him back. Me and my kids are still in the lobby of the hotel. Another hour goes by. The hotel supervisor telling me i may have to fine another hotel room. It’s not just me it’s me and my kids.
    Thin I called back to booking.com and got
    Christopher on the phone. I explained everything to him and he said don’t hang up I’m going to put up on hold I’ll be right back. He came back and checked on me and said I’m working on it. I said ok Christopher comes back his said everything is good to go and I asked him who did you speak to Yanely supervisor of reservation. I said ok please don’t hang up now I’m talking to the supervisor at the hotel she says who are you talking to I said Christopher from booking.com and he said that your supervisor yanely said call her right now. She gets on the phone speaking Spanish now she mad because I didn’t have to pay the money.

    Then I go to pay with my bank card it was declined I got a fraud alert from the bank after me going to the bank the day before letting them know i was leaving and going out of the country. You don’t have to do that no more. I called the bank and David from chase Bank would not take off the fraud alert it was like that of 6 days. Thank God for my sister always in my corner. I had to pay with her card to get into my room. Then the hotel said her to right a letter. It was one hell of a day.

    I always check my reservation before I’m leaving with my kids I aways print everything out as well. Thank you God for it all and we made it home safely.

    P.S. booking.com sent me a email saying that there not going to compensate me and the hotel nether. I said ok I’m putting it on all social media’s. Part 2 Chase Bank


  • C.Montero says:

    You make booking with you very easy and simple ( you take our money in a blink of an eye) The commercials have a good sound to it which creates a sense of false comfort when booking a stay through your company. The first 2 sentences were just a warm up on whats to come. I booked a stay in LV at 7:58 pm and had to get on the phone at 8:14 pm, same day 16 minutes after booking to change my date and i was informed that due to the fact that it is a “partner” booking and the “time frame” i was no longer able to make any kind of adjustments. I am stuck with a hotel stay that i will not be able to go to but still have to pay for it. If that is not stealing at its finest then i don’t know what else to call it. Poor girl on the phone had to endure my elevating wrath and i know she was just doing her job but she was not good at it. She offered no solution nor did she escalate to a supervisor. This is a shameful brand that needs to reevaluate their vision to the people they serve. This establishment is a SCAM. They steal your money, in your face, and have no solution to offer. This company schemes with deceitful advertisements and don’t just do it to 1 person, but to multiple people and their families. This company has no morals nor do they have any sense of responsibility to the clients that keep them in business. No need to contact me. I am going to pursue other avenues to get my message across.

  • Natalie says:

    Horrible !!! DO NIT USE THEM –

  • Terri Ewalt says:

    HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! Booked 3 rooms, had to cancel one, they never sent the cancellation and now they refuse to refund $384.00 because they said Sheridan never cancelled it and the motel listed it as a no-show! I kept all the names I talked to 5 times — Sheridan on 6/9, Rochelle on 6/18, Sharon on 6/23, and Trisha on 6/28. When I asked for a supervisor, I was told twice they were all in a meeting! Finally told Trisha it was very IRRESPONSIBLE FOR THE SUPERVISORS TO MAKE THE LADIES ANSWER THESE TYPE OF COMPLAINTS!!!! I am sending this to BBB, Capital One, and FB and every other place I can think of! WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN, DON’T EVER ANYONE USE THEM.

  • Maritza Meneses says:

    Do not use Booking.com. Some of my belongings were taken by the apartment owner. Booking.com said that I violated the agreement. They cannot do anything about it.

  • Terri Ewalt says:

    HORRIBLE EXPERIENCED!!! Booked 3 rooms, had to cancel one, they never sent the cancellation and now they refuse to refund $384.00 because they said I never cancelled and the motel listed it as a no-show! I kept all the names I talked to 5 times — Sheridan on 6/9, Rochelle on 6/18, Sharon on 6/23, and Trisha on 6/28. When I asked for a supervisor, I was told twice they were all in a meeting! Finally told Trisha it was very IRRESPONSIBLE FOR THE SUPERVISORS TO MAKE THE LADIES ANSWER THESE TYPE OF COMPLAINTS!!!! I am sending this to BBB, Capital One, and FB and every other place I can think of! WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN, DON’T EVER ANYONE USE THEM.

  • Ann clintonb says:

    I need help

  • Joe Amadeo says:

    This company is terrible. I am a host. They booked a reservation at one of my properties and the reservation on line under the heading “Payment” says “Received.” With the tenants in my property right now, Booking.com says they have not charged the renter and will not be forwarding payment to me. YOU CANNOT REACH ANYONE but mushrooms (keep ’em in the dark and feed ’em sh|t) in customer (non) service. None speak fluent English. None have any modicum of honor or decency. All they have is policy and procedure. When you have a problem with a booking, you’re S.O.L. No help here at all. We are quitting them immediately.

  • Karey Crane says:

    Worst company to deal with ever. They cancelled my hotel stay without communicating it with me but kept my money. So I paid the hotel directly and booking.com for a place to stay during spring break! I called their customer service to only be given the run around! I will warn everyone abouth this company on every social media platform available! Consumer Beware!!!!!!

  • Jennifer McDowell says:

    These people are creeps I called to ask for Mangment customer service representative said and I quote “if you are going to talk shitty toward me then I talk shitty back!” They took money off my credit card when I said I wanted to pay at hotel! Done I will never use there service again and I booked at the same hotel for a cheaper rate so piss off booking.com. Jane the way you talk to customer you are more fit to more the streets enjoy your side job and I will sue joy saving money!

  • Ellen Thomas says:

    Horrible experience I will never use them again

    • Nae says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with you I am now out of $700.00 and all I’ve gotten from this crappy company was dial tone after dial tone not one person can solve a problem!!!

  • Ashley says:

    DO NOT USE THESE GUYS!! A hotel made a mistake, and booking.com is lying about they did not receive any emails allowing them to cancel my reservation with our charge. The manager of the hotel even argued with them to not charge me to cancel and they gave the ok to cancel my reservation. They owe me $479 dollar’s and are acting like they did not talk to no one or get emails. They even told me if the hotel contact them they would cancel. If you want to save your money, DO NOT USE THESE GUYS! They are a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sherria DIXON says:

      Wow the same thing. I’m experiencing and around the same price. At this point. I’m looking to get a lawyer

    • Andréa borquez says:

      Hey Ashley did you ever get your money back?! My mother is having the exact same issue!! And she drove several hours for them to say that she doesn’t have the reservation after she has spoke with someone the day before and said the issue was resolved and that she has her reservation.

  • Denise says:

    Customer service is non-existent!

  • Colette says:

    Booking.com is a terrible business partner. It took amonth to get a person to contact me to reschedule my flight. Once they did call me back, they said that due the fine print i could not reschedule my flight even though i purchased a ticket that allowed me to reschedule. If you want to make a plane reservation, call the airlines directly or use another service. Booking.com is a waste of your time and money. I couldnt make my flight due to COVID and i got no refund or reservation change, so basically they just took my $350.

  • Wilbert centeno says:

    I book with you guys for the last weekend and you miss inform the hotel, the number of people the bed I was supposed to get, I got a king for 3 people one adult and 2 teenagers girls so I have to sleep in the chair because everything was book I requested 2 double beds, you guys screw my weekend my back hurts so I will not recommend you to no one and I will put this all over social media remember you take care the people and they will take care you back

  • HJ says:

    It has become impossible to make bookings through booking.com with dutch Mastercard questions as MasterCard requires answers to security questions, something that Booking doesnt provide us with, so if one makes a booking one gets confirmation from booking, but once the hotel process the booking, then it is denied, because security question is not answered

  • Sital gurung says:

    Hi there,
    This really annoying I haven’t received my refund -£22.50 since from December 2021 on costumer service they keep extending my request they keep saying they will refund my money in 7to 12 days since December but I haven’t received till now more than a month .
    Kind regards
    Sital gurung

  • Chase Isabel says:

    Please contact me i got scamed booking.com is not secure i will never use this

  • Travis Parrish says:

    Mr. Moore Khan please contact me as soon as possible. in regards to a scam associated with your company. My name is Travis Parrish. I contacted my bank and I’m about to contact fraud investigation Monday morning. 3,499.00 usd taking from my account. my telephone # 7203730224. your billing department.

  • Moosa Khan says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have made booking through booking.com last in the name of Mrs, SAYEEDA KHATOON, hotel booking ID num: 3690504626 dated: 24-Sep-2021 online .

    Due to no show or non-availability of above mentioned person, it has been cancelled very next day and the cancellation e-mail has been received and mentioned cancelled free of charge (ref e-mail attached).

    But week later it has been noticed the booking amount of BHD: 93.760 (Bahraini Dinar) has been deducted from my account and i have contacted my bank and they’re dis amount has been hold by booking.com.

    As we knew the booking.com have never charge like dis before to any of my booking when I was in part of middle east counties FYI.

    Kindly do reply or arrange my payments which was deducted for not availing any services as mention.

    I have enquire to HSBC and they said the amount has been deducted from my account on 04-Oct-2021 (Ref code: 004419) by Vacation Homes.

    as i mentioned earlier the booking was cancelled and it is appearing even “NO SHOW” in hotel Revira Hotel Manama ref to the below print screen for your use.

    It is really getting wort case to communicate, hopefully the due’s will be paid as soon as possible… or else i have to socialize the issue through legal aspects by law..

    Note: Since that day i am chasing to get clear by transaction which was charge for “NO SHOW” or Cancelled booking,

    List of the e-mail ID’s i have communicated ( “24-41164471728_bc4a2ed857839970@support.booking.com”,”customerservice”,”3690504626″ )

    Thanks and Regards,

    Moosa Khan,
    Mob: +973 33663117 (Bahrain)

  • NO NAME says:




  • D. Spires says:

    I have been trying to receive my refund since May, it is now October and no one know what the hell they are doing!!!

  • Carlos Crawford says:

    Yo” I’m gonna sue you guys…translate that in english…I want my deposit back…917-495-4822

  • keith says:

    in the same boat. THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!! I have email authorizing refund from booking.com and they still drag their feet. Air B&B much better

  • Natalie says:

    Now you sit in your car for 2 hours waiting for you people to answer the phone

  • Joshua crowder says:

    oh yeah and OfferUp sucks too!

  • Joshua crowder says:

    your customer service is horrible. it’s been an impossible task to get refunded $75 for a room I booked through your company that turned out to be a meccah for drugs and infested with bed bugs. even with photos and other guests complaining of the same thing, I’ve been offered a discount to stay at the same place again. neither the property nor customer service are willing to refund a frequent customer for this experience. if it were one of them or whoever is reading this I’m sure after seeing what u saw you would want a refund too. this is horrible business practice and then deleting my reviews and writing me off in hopes I’ll give up and go away is unprofessional in 100 levels. I’ve been threatening legal action, and now this, my last ditch effort to be diplomatic, will be the last time I ask. after this you WILL be hearing from an attorney, and if possible I will file a class action lawsuit where I WILL be refunded my fee for the hotel booking along with attorney fees and as much as I can squeeze out if you people for having to deal with this crap. my advice to everyone is DO NOT USE PRICELINE OR ANY OTHER AFFILIATED SERVICE FOR BOOKING A ROOM ANYWHERE. I could very well be the least satisfied customer you’ll ever have. this is an outrage. you people are unbelievable and sadly mistaken if you think I’m going to let this go.

    • Jack Gallagher says:

      Hi Joshua,
      I share your outrage. My son made reservations here in Florida for a week stay but cancelled due to the delta virus. The hotel refunded the full week to Bookings, but Bookings will only refund one night to my son. His airline allowed rebooking within a year and his rental car totally refunded the deposit.
      We’re starting our letter writing campaign to Bookings corporate staff and were hoping you were successful getting someone to listen. How did you make out?

      Thank you

      August 28, 2021

    • Lili says:

      I totally agree and wondering if you had your issues resolved?

  • Quintin Smith says:

    Hello Dr. Quintin Smith here I just was wondering how come I have a pin number on my Debit account that’s premade for Rooms that are pre-pay accounts. I’m trying to get my money back from these hotels are sue and take everything that I invested. Not to mention issue warrants. For everything they’ve caused any like pain and suffering.

  • unhappy customer says:

    Confirmation number: 3731796664
    PIN code: 0111
    I booked two rooms the weekend of July 16th when I arrive at the first room on the 16th Super8 the front desk clerk advised me that the rooms were all booked and to contact booking.com so I wouldn’t get charged the assured me I would not be charge I drove around and found a room I then booked another reservation with Extended Stay America Suites I sent my father to the hotel to secure payment at 12pm he waited for someone to come to the front desk for 20mins he advised her i has a reservation and that he would return to make a payment at that time no one mention to my father the rooms were all booked and nothing was available. I arrived at the hotel at 4pm the front desk clerk advised me she had no rooms available without even looking up or at my reservation I was very upset and asked her how this could happen she advised me to contact booking.com and said this happens when booking thru a 3rd party. I then went on the app and it allowed me to cancel the reservation I then also sent a message to customer service on that booking and no one responded yet I was charged for a room that was not available I’ve been requesting for days for a refund.

  • Robert McCready says:

    Bookings.com fails in supporting customers attempts to contact customer service fail. Refund policy is complicated to a point of being worthless. Do not use Bookings.com is my recomendation.

  • Gary A Lichthardt says:

    We were searching through Trip Advisor, and Booking .com asserted itself and took the connection away. The. We lost $312. Due to a hotel cancelation policy we new nothing about, and Booking.com was not a help to us. Very upset and disappointed . Response times are terrible

  • Mary says:


  • Helen Moore says:

    You make self unreachable. Not requesting cancellation, no other way to reach customer support to have booking changed from 6/18-6/20 to 6/19-6/21. Neice’s Wedding. Car issues, no car rental available for time needed. Car available morning 6/19. Hotel OK to change DAY’S no fee. Please help!

  • Jesse says:

    I don’t recognize your charges and would have canceled them, you should use a recognizable name on your charges.

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