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  • Address: 13262 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618, USA
  • Phone Number: 813-282-1225
  • Fax Number: 813-286-2247
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 2,500+
  • Established: 2000
  • Founder: Chris T. Sullivan, Tim Curci, Chris Parker
  • Key People: Gregg D. Scarlett (President)

Bonefish Grill Headquarters Location & Directions

Bonefish Grill Headquarters Executive Team



Tim Curci


Elizabeth A. Smith

Chairman of The Board for Bloomin’ Brands and Chief Executive Officer of Bloomin’ Brands

Leigh Merritt

Director of Bar Innovation

About Bonefish Grill, History and Headquarters Information

Bonefish Grill was incorporated by Tim Curci and Chris Parker in 2000 in St. Petersburg, Florida. This restaurant chain is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

Bonefish Grill is an American restaurant chain. It is owned and operated by Bloomin' Brands, who acquired this chain of restaurants in 2001. This restaurant flourished and now owns more than 210 corporate Bonefish Grills across 28 states in the USA. These restaurants just served dinners, but as time passed they widened their focus and started serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch as well. Their menu includes wood-grilled fish, rotating through specialty dishes and drink offerings seasonally.Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer, which consists of shrimp in a creamy spicy sauce, is one of their specialties. They are also partners with various charitable organizations, including the American Red Cross.

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  • Erika says:

    Not too happy! Restaurant not clean, vents are very dirty

  • John R says:

    not happy with bonefish. every time I go there there is a mix up.
    today we had our dinner there and there is no continuity when ordering.
    We did observe a bus boy walking around holding two dinners, 10 minutes later he finds my table and they were my dinners. Apparently our waitress was too busy to serve us our food. Mgmt explains they do this to expedite service.
    The time before this they gave my dinner to a friend and there dinner to me, so we both didn’t eat what we ordered. Enough is enough! Bone fish is finito.

  • Jody Dimas says:

    Our experience at the Greenwood Village Colorado location was one of the worst we have ever had at any dining experience. Too much happened to state. The server Robert needs training which is an east fix. The manager on duty who told me his name was Mike is an entirely different issue standing alone. Paid a tab of $180 before tip just to return home furious.

  • Bruce Campbell says:

    As a frequent customer of your Little Rock, Arkansas location, I would like to complain about the reface of Au Gratin potatoes with garlic mashed potatoes. If I wanted mashed potatoes I would go to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  • Michael Randazzo says:

    My wife and I order curbside pickup on Saturday 12/12/20 for our 28 anniversary. She order some kind of deal, with Bang Bang Shrimp, Salmon, Mash Potato’s, Salad, Green Beans, Bread, and cookies, it was like $83.00. I have to say it was simply AMAZING! Absolutely incredible, so much food we got 8 meals out of it. Everything was perfect. I can’t say enough good things to you about the quality that we received. Your Glen Burnie Mall location was spot on. We will definitely be ordering again. Thanks for supporting us while Covid is going on and maintaining unbelievable quality, service, and image. Well done!

    Very Respectfully,


  • Eden says:

    My 3 promotional cards expired on March 31, 2020. The cards are$10 each. Due to lockdown, I was not able to use them before the expiration. After the expiration date, I went to the restaurant in Greenbrook, NJ when take out was already allowed but the cards were not honored. Please help

  • Cyndi says:

    So we are in Phase 1 of the Pandemic in Orlando, FL and our first choice of an actual restaurant setting was Bonefish Grill. We had reservations on May 7 (Thursday) and I must say that everything was perfect-the food, the service, the following of the 25% capacity & 6′ requirements. Mind you, we haven’t had to use our MC card out of sight-we even go inside to pay for our gasoline-keep that thought. Early on the 8th (Friday) my husband was called by the bank stating that our card was compromised-it had been used in New York & Pennsylvania which was a flag for the institution. They stopped the charge of approx. $300 and of course we get to go through the process of a new card. Needless to say, the card information was sold while in use at Bonefish Grill-I understand the money is good for every name that is given and the reality that the person selling the information is caught doesn’t happen; but we called to inform the restaurant to hear that the information will be passed on to the manager. In other words, this wasn’t the response we wanted to hear-speaking to the manager directly would’ve been our thought; not the person who takes reservations or general phone calls. Who knows, that person could be part of the problem, this is why we want to pass this on-don’t let your card go out of sight-take control. We did when we had Mother’s Day brunch at another establishment and I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about following the server to the register. Maybe we need to go back to taking our bill to the register to pay again.

  • Beau Stroupe says:

    I am an employee at the Winston-Salem,NC.location .Jen Wright is the GM.Went on hot schedule and Diane posted that we would receive payment during these times.My name is Beau Stroupe and I really do appreciate what you have done.Thank You

  • Mrs. D. Francis says:

    Wow, after reading the other comments here, I realize my last two visits to Bonefish Grill in Huntsville, Alabama are not unusual. I contacted my local Bonefish after a bad experience in February and was mailed $50 in gift cards. We visited again on Sunday evening, March 8th. I again ordered a filet mignon and just like my previous visit, they served me a sirloin (this time it was not wrapped in hair). I did not complain because I decided they do not know the difference between the two cuts of meat. But, to have the manager on duty come over at the end of dinner and say “I remember you” and ask how I enjoyed my sirloin was too much-it was obvious they served me the wrong steak on purpose. We still spent a lot of money for a miserable experience and food at this restaurant -Never again.

  • Bianca Stepps says:

    To Whom it may concern,

    I,Bianca Stepps have written to corporate due to a disturbing situation at the willow grove bone fish grill on Valentine’s Day. I had someone by the name Sarah from the willow grove office call me.She left me a message and I have been calling that number since Weds, February 26,2020. Last Friday I called again and this time someone answered & took my info. I assume they took my info. to tell Sarah that I called but as of today March 2,2020 I still haven’t received a call back or Any kind of response from anyone .

    My name is Bianca Stepps
    Email- hairgazm@Comcast.net

    I am requesting a call back or some sort of response ASAP!!

  • Kerry says:

    After over 20 years a fan of Bonefish locally. St Pete Bellaire, and 4 the St.
    Last week my husband and I sat and the bar, which we always do. Trevor was our delightful server. Our food was just not what we’ve ever had before. We ordered muscles…which is our go to for an appetizer. Not only did we wait over 20 minutes…they were cold. They were sent back, we were told a fresh batch would be made, the same dish was brought back after someone else said they were fresh. Muscles were small and shriveled. They were taken off the bill. We ventured to get the imperial dip…hot around edges…cold in middle. By this time we were hungry and ate it. The tortilla chips must be fried because they had pockets of oil in them..Our lobster tails were at borderline acceptable…can you believe they were not hot either. We are so disappointed to say the least, I’ve never had a complaint until now. Bonefish had always been our favorite local go to bar/restaurant.☹️ Do note that Trevor was outstanding in his service and friendliness….the other girl there with him, well, she just wasn’t the personality that belonged behind the bar. Feel free to contact me if there are any other questions. I’m so sorry to have written this.

  • A Hartney says:

    I’m not sure who made the decision to change the corn chowder but it’s the worst thing you could have done. Have you ever heard the saying” if it’s not broken don’t fix it”? My friends and I got together for a celebration tonight and I was so looking forward to the best bowl of soup I’ve ever had. As soon as it was placed in front of me I knew it had changed. I sent it back to the kitchen after the first taste and I knew I probably would never return unless the original recipe was resurrected. What were you thinking?

  • Don Monyak says:

    Always enjoyed eating at Bonefish. Lately we were disappointed that they took the brownie off the desert list and offer coconut pie or cheese cake. we don’t like either. so we go a lot less now because of the desert you offer. why did get rid of best desert you had?

  • MP Flynn says:

    Very disappointed with my last visit to Bonefish Grill in Cary, NC. Terrible service, made a reservation and they tried to seat six of us in a booth on the bar side. In addition the wait staff leaves a lot to be desired, we had to ask for bread twice before we were served, the waiter entirely screwed up the bill, in addition he was not well informed as to the choices for drinks etc. I do like the food at Bonefish, but was disappointed with several things. The meal orders were not correct and the waiter did not seem to know what he was doing. In addition, it took an extremely long time to be served. Traditionally I take a friend there for her birthday every year, but after this last visit I think I will be starting a new tradition.

  • Louise Wrzesinski says:

    Went on Nov 6th as a group of 54 from Port St. Lucie on a bus and had reservations. The tables were reserved for us which was fine. Getting or meals was another problem. the arrangement s were made months ago and it was checked on the weeks before and even the day before to make sure everything was on schedule. We got at the restaurant and 3:45 and reservations were made for 4 PM. I never got my meal until 5:40. Unexceptable. Almost 2 hours before I got served and other in the group the same. In fact one couple never got there meal until we were ready to leave and the decided to take it home and eat it. This was the first time I ever went to Bonefish Grille and I now have a very bad taste in my mouth about your restaurant. Oh by the way they gave that couple dessert on the house. BIG DEAL

  • Nan says:

    In 2013 , I was introduced to a Bonefish Grill (seasonal) special called Coconut Shrimp Curry. I have looked for it for a few years now but never find it on your menu. I was wondering if perhaps I’d be able to get the recipe?

  • Dr E Thomas says:

    We live in the UK and visit Naples Florida regularly and are so frustrated that we can’t access the bonefish site on line – it states code 451 whatever this means! We may not live in the USA but still require to access the menu and should be able to make reservations etc. Can someone help us in this age of technology???

  • Karen Smith says:

    Bonefish Grill, King of Prussia Critique

    To Whom It May Concern:

    We had a 7pm dinner reservation to celebrate my niece’s birthday on June ___, 2019. We arrived at 6:50 p.m.and were told our table was not ready. We were seated at 7:15pm. We noticed that the restaurant was a bit warm and were told that the air conditioner was not working properly.

    Initially there was one server for a party of 13 people which in itself was disturbing. At the onset, we requested separate checks. From our perspective, there seemed to be an expectation on the waitress’ part that another wait staff was going to assist her because after taking the orders from those seated at the front end of the table, she began to fill their drink orders without taking the remaining orders.

    About 15 minutes later, another server came for our orders and immediately let us know that he was volunteering to help the first server. The implication being that in fact one server had been assigned to a table of 13 guests and this second server was doing both the designated server as well as us a big favor.

    By this time we had been seated over 30 minutes and given the warmth of the restaurant, the heat of the day and the tedium of ordering, we needed something to drink. We had to ask for water that was later brought to the table in a few tepid jugs with four (4) ounce glasses and no ice! Over 30 minutes after being seated, we were finally served bread!

    When the server finally came to take our orders, there was no hesitancy on our parts because, by that time, we all knew what we wanted. Unfortunately, between 7:45 and 8pm when the orders were finally taken, the server announced that there was no Imperial. So, those who had chosen an Imperial dish had to re-examine the menu to select something else. Six in our party ordered salmon.

    The debacle continued. Fifteen minutes after the server took the order, we were told there was no salmon. So, those who chose salmon had to again revisit the menu to select something else. The appetizers were finally served 15-20 minutes later.

    By 9:15 p.m., two hours after we were seated, everyone had been served. Although one person’s appetizer was forgotten but later served with her meal.

    By 10 p.m. we were all exhausted and waiting for our checks.
    Utter confusion is the only way to describe what happened next!

    The first four in our party finally paid and were able to leave at 11:05: almost four hours after our seating! Because I left with the first group, I am not sure what time the others were able to leave.

    Around 8:30 p.m. there was lengthy discussion with the manager about our ordeal. He agreed to give those who ordered salmon a gift card for a free salmon platter. However, the manager offered no apology to our group nor did he come back to check on us.

    Let me qualify that the first server and her helper had a good attitude. The first server seemed to be doing her duties to the best of her ability, but was clearly overwhelmed at being solely responsible for such a large party. The second server was not at all attentive to our end of the table. He made it patently clear that it was not his responsibility to assist her or serve us.

    Although I have been many times to Bonefish Grill at various locations, this was my first and will be my last time at the King of Prussia location. I have never seen a manager so unconcerned for his guests’ welfare and satisfaction or such a demeaning attitude in the person of the second wait staff. We were so annoyed we forgot to give our phone number for the Diner (?) Rewards points. Yet another oversight: the server never came back to our table with our receipt.

    We spent four hours at Bonefish Grill, King of Prussia not due to any excess of conversation or extraordinary requests on our part, but because of the general incompetence and callousness of the staff and management at this location.

    I am writing this letter in hopes that these concerns will be addressed so that no one else has to suffer the indignity of such treatment.


    • Buzz Miller says:

      I am so sorry to hear your story. We have been going to the Bonefish Grill in Edgmont since it opened and it has really gone downhill over the last few years. It’s a real shame because it used to be a great restaurant. Not any more. We had a nasty experience last night and will not be returning anytime soon

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