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  • Address: 9432 Southern Pine Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 3,000+

  • Established: 1977

  • Founder: Jack Fulk & Richard Thomas

  • Key People: James Randy Kibler (Interim CEO, Interim President & Director)

Bojangles Headquarters Location & Directions

Bojangles Headquarters Executive Team



James Randy Kibler

Interim CEO, Interim President & Director

M. John Jordan

Senior VP of Finance, CFO & Treasurer

Jayson Romeo

Chief of Staff and Vice President

About Bojangles, History and Headquarters Information


Bojangles was founded in the year 1977. The company has been active for over 40 years now. The founders of the company were Richard Thomas and Jack Fulk. The main aim of the company was to sell various kinds of fried chicken, sweet tea, biscuits, rice, beans, etcetera. In the year 1981, the business was taken over by Horn & Hardart Company. During that time, the company had a chain of 335 restaurants under its name.

Then in the year 1990, the company was again sold to Sienna Partners and Interwest Partners. The company also planned to do an IPO or Initial Public Offering in the year 1994. The company opened its first store within the campus of a college, in the year 2005. In the year 2012, the company started sponsoring the NASCAR race Bojangles Southern 500. By the year 2014, the company opened its 600th store. Then in the year 2015, the company finally became a public limited company, through an IPO.

Headquarters Info,

The headquarters of the company is situated at 9432 Southern Pine Boulevard. The name of the place is Charlotte, while the name of the state is North Carolina. The pin code of the area is 28273.


Bojangles is a restaurant based in America which focuses on providing various types of food products to its customers, including biscuits, chicken, tea, and a lot more as well. The current CEO of the company is Jose Armario. As of the current date, the company has over 766 stores under its name. The company was also listed on the Fastest Growing Companies of America list, of which the ranking was at 4985 out of 5000.


The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence to experience a restaurant like fast food, like southern fried chicken and chicken that is fried and spicy as well. The company also sells beverages like sweet tea, snacks like biscuits and even other types of simple food as well, like beans and rice.

Bojangles ​Corporate Office Photos

  • Matthew says:

    Bojangles in Upper Marlboro Maryland has been fraudulently issuing paychecks to the minors that have been working there. This is horrendous and an apparent true reflection of the standards set by ownership and corporate. The next action will be legal and intended on shutting down this terrible company structure.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thinking its time for CEO to do your job! Next call OSHA FOOD ADMIN INSPECTOR OFFICE . I suggest you start making visits to your Fayetteville stores and from complaints below all over!

  • Robin Sullivan says:

    I have some questions regarding my recent visit to the Bojangles located in Ladson, SC on Ladson Rd and Palmetto Commerce Parkway. The dining room was locked and I went through the drive through between 7:15 and 7:30 am give or take. My order consisted of 2 Large Hash Rounds, 2 orange juices and 1 spicy chicken biscuit. I wasn’t offered a receipt but was informed that this was 20.92. Really is that the correct price for those items? Please provide me a response. I was shocked to say the least.

  • Brandon Waters says:

    Does Kelly Reid still work in corporate office can you have her contact me, an old friend from Appalachian State

  • Denise R says:

    I patronize Bona goes on a regulat. Today I was highly disappointed. I bought the new
    fried wings and they were horrible and I got so k on top of it all.. They were hard, overcooked and dry. As a survivor of a major stroke I’m glad I didn’t cnoke. The commercial showed fried breaded wings that looked like the ones at KFC; however they were not. That was the reason I had some to order them for me. This is definitely false advertisement.

  • Tammy says:

    Can someone please contact me to address how my teenagers was treated as a new employee 2nd day on job?

  • Ally says:

    Branch in Madisonville, TN is absolutely DISGUSTING.
    The second you walk in the door you can smell MOLD.
    So we decided to stick it out and after ordering we started looking around… all around the ceiling & the air vents you can literally see the black mold! As well as water marks where you can see it’s leaking regularly… which means it’s probably under the carpet too.
    The cashier couldn’t count change even though the register tells you how much change to give back and ended up giving too much back which we pointed out..

  • Quanda Mixon says:

    I was treated very poorly today at your Camden SC location, The shift manager said some very derogatory things to me, please contact me to address this matter. Thanks

  • C. skinner says:

    Location on 831 NC highway Burgaw NC. Went to this location 8/11 approximately 2:20 pm, with two others. No acknowledgment at the front counter, 3 standing in back looking including the manager . A few minutes later I asked if anyone is working, no response . Employee at the counter preparing her own meal, and walked out to sit down to eat in the lobby. Manager in back still didn’t acknowledge. Employee leaning on the wall in back, and employee standing out front near trash can, Still nothing. Friend asked for the corporate number from manager, her response, “you want the corporate number, I can give it to you”. Manager didn’t ask if there is an issue or how she can help. Unprofessional, and appears as though we weren’t served based on the color of our skin. Discrimination indeed…..

  • K Shuler says:

    Need to speak with the Owner or Corporate dignitary. Concern with hours changing periodically at Bojangles in my town w/o any rhyme or reason.

  • Janice Flecha says:

    The Bojangles in Chocowinity NC needs to be checked. Just went through drive thru 9p. I was told there is No chicken for the night and they close at 10p . They are just rude Very bad for business as you know.

  • Ronnie Adkins says:

    Someone needs to contact me about bennetsville sc location too much for email will give phone # after email confirmation

  • Stephen says:

    This morning like the last three mornings I’ve been trying to go through one drive-thru in Palmetto Georgia to have a Cajun filet chicken biscuit a glass of tea and borounds and for the last 3 days I have yet to get a Cajun filet chicken biscuit that I did not have to wait on but besides in the line with other cars for 15-20 minutes to get to the window in here we don’t have Cajun filet biscuits right now we can cook you one it takes 6 minutes and we don’t have tea there’s none been made 3 days in a row I have visited this location. And what makes it so bad 15 years ago I used to work at this location and I went to college while I was working at this location when Don Hayes was the owner and now it is junk I will not never ever go back to that Bojangles

  • Janice says:

    Y’all need to get better service at the Bojangles in Greenwood near Highway 72.Those people at like they hate their job .If you ask for some jelly or butter they have a Attitude about it.And sometimes I don’t even have no body in the drive-through and it takes forever for them to get your food fixed that Bojangles sucks in Mars will go ahead and close it down.

  • Deanna says:

    Someone needs to call me ASAP about your Dallas, N.C. location 704-460-6360 your employee cussed me and his pants hanging to his knees so your customer are looking at his underwear please do y’all not have a dress code. No one wants to see someone fixing their food and their ass hanging out.

  • Greg says:

    Tucker Georgia had the rudest experience ever people shooting the birds after they said they didn’t have any chicken at 11:55 lunchtime

  • Sherry says:

    The batesburg,SC needs immediate attention. I need someone from corporate to call me asap. (803)5828640

  • Carroll Phillips says:

    That is price scamming which I’m filing a report on your store in jonesborough tn. Have a great day

  • Carroll Phillips says:

    I was charged 53.00 dollars for a 20 peice meal the sign read 39.99 I was scrammed out of 13.00

  • Ms. Mims says:

    I need someone to get in contact with me about the poor pissed service that I received for the last time on Garner Ferry Road in Columbia SC ASAP

  • Carla Garner says:

    441 By Pass
    Cornelia, GA
    I placed an on line order at 10:45 for pick up at 12:15 for 12/11/22. When I got to the store to pick the order up at 12:15 it had not even been started. I was told it would be at least 25 minutes. I did not have time to wait as I had people at my house waiting on me. I ask for a refund and was told by the rude and uncaring manager that refunds were not given by the store, I would have to go on line. The drive thru employee kept making comments about how she hated her job and it was not worth coming to work every day. The overall lack of concern and unprofessionalism from the employees was very frustrating. I expect to be contacted and my $43.81 refunded.

  • A Tired Employee says:

    N.Main St.
    Hope Mills, NC
    That store n them people who run the store is all rude and have nasty attitudes. The GM Kahlil is as nasty as it come he moody n really do not care about the customer or the employees.

  • Not Happy says:

    This is turning into a terrible restaurant. You could tell the CEO is an intern but seems like the way the restaurants being run in Kingsport Tennessee on Fort Henry Dr., Waited 20 minutes in the drive-through Only to be told that their system is down and not taking orders. Lady was very rude at the drive-through. It’ll be Kentucky fried chicken for me from now on

  • Tim McCannon says:

    Why does it take 20 to 30 minutes to go thru the drive thru, or they closed for 30 to 45 minutes to make biscuits, my question is if chic filet can do it and can get right why can’t bojangles do it and another incident happen there equipment was broke down, hey folks this is NO way to run a business, not to mention all the other screw ups that has happened to me when I use your so called fast food restaurant, my complaints are with The Athens, Georgia locoation on Hwy. 29 across from the Super Kroger and below Athens Technical College and the other one located at Hwy.129 in Jefferson, GEORGIA at interstate 85 @ exit 137. Some one in corporate needs to get off there dead ass and DO something to get these issues and problems corrected. Thanks for your time, I doubt it will do any good. Tim McCannon, Comer, Georgia, 706-206-4100. I doubt that I will hear back from you. Thanks

  • Ralph Evans Jr says:

    Why is the bojangles in Upper Marlboro Maryland closed for the inside! This is normal for the location…

  • Ralph Evans Jr says:

    Why is the inside closed in Upper Marlboro Maryland . This is normal for the location

  • William. Daniels says:

    One of your managers was very rude. I am a retired veteran. The location is 625 River Highway, Mooresville, NC 28117. Your manager at your location is 704-799-8008 was very, very rude to me as a customer, I tell her I had my veterans ID I had a Snapchat on the phone which I understand but I am a regular customer that have been coming to use this location for almost 4 years. I’ve never been disrespected like this. I don’t know what the little ladies managers name is but she was very very rude today . All she kept saying is have a nice day. Nothing more she turned her back on me and walked away. I came through the drivers window. This was due to your machines being down the credit card machines. This is my second day here and your machines were not working inside only outside I believe is this has not happened I wouldn’t have this altercation with your manager. And I would like to have some credit for my inconvenience and disrespect as a veteran.

  • BF says:

    Does anyone in the corp. office address Negative Google reviews? The NEW store at Shiloh Church road-Concord has the worst staff and service! Do you have District mgrs. who inspect the store operations? The amount of neg. reviews at that store should set off alarms! Contact me for details…..

  • Michael Vick says:

    Your store located at 208 E Franklin St, Hartwell, GA 30643 should be shut down. This is the 3rd time we have stopped there between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. Each time we have sat there for the longest time waiting to order at the drive through. The first time a woman came out of the store to say, “We ain’t got no biscuits.” The 2nd time she said, “We ain’t serving food now.” This morning, 11/28/2022, the same woman came out to the car, clearly stoned, saying her headset wasn’t working, “what do you want”. I was told it would be 7 minutes before the biscuits would be ready. She told me to drive to the window and pay, which I did with my credit card. The payment transaction was given to a different female employee. There was one car in front of me who received their order at the window and drove away. I was told to pull forward and wait. 12 minutes later the first woman came out, asked me what I ordered – a sausage egg biscuit and a single biscuit. She retuned about 10 minute later and said, “I should just give you your money back.” When I asked why she said her employee said I was sitting out their complaining. I told her I hadn’t even spoken to anyone while I was waiting. She then asked me again what I ordered and asked for my receipt. I told her I never received one. A few minutes later she walked up and said, “Here’s your money” and handed me cash in the amount I was charged for my order. I told her I paid by CC. She said it would take 24-48 hours to be refunded so cash was better. (Believe me, I will be checking my CC to make sure the charge to your store was correct.) I asked her if she was making biscuits. She said she was but it would be awhile, “just take your money and leave.” So I did.
    I called your corporate #, 704-527-2675. Your recorded message said I had to leave comments here on your website. No human to speak to. The recording also said someone would then contact me. I’ll be waiting.

  • Ronald horton says:

    The service was very poor
    Never asked me if I was eating there or to go
    Chicken was cold and very dry
    Fries where over seasoned
    Sweat tea was hot
    Macaroni and cheese was also cold
    For $30.00 you would think the food would be eatable

  • maybe there needs to be more new hires so customers like myself says:

    I’m starting to believe that this has nothing to do with COVID-19 it’s all about just hiring enough people to get the job done without serving customers within the restaurant

  • maybe there needs to be more new hires so customers like myself says:

    I come to Bojangles very often location in Panola Rd., Lithonia, GA the food is great but one thing is bothering me so much you do not open the doors to this restaurant everybody have to sit in their car in the drive-through and I don’t think that’s very customer friendly a lot of restaurants were given the excuse about COVID-19 and I do understand that but the pandemic has subsided maybe there needs to be more new hires so customers like myself can enter the restaurant and purchase what I like I think it’s very inconvenient and very inconsiderate at times especially depending on the employees at the drive-through

  • David Bouteiller says:

    I would like to send you a complaint. For a number of years, I have gone to your store @ 12441 Warwick Blvd, Newport News,Virginia, and for number of years, I have an customer there. There have been mistakes in their accurately filling my order, overtime. Case in point: This evening I went through the drive-through and ordered a half gallon of sweet and a half gallon of unsweet iced tea. When I got home, I discovered that I had received 2 half gallons of unsweet iced tea. As I said, my orders have been wrong in the past. I don’t know whether it’s due to poor quality staffing or not paying to detail.

    I would appreciate your looking into this situation.

    David Bouteiller

  • Mike Ravenscroft says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to introduce my company (Mikes lawn & powerwashing llc) that has been in business for the past 3 years.

    We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for customer satisfaction. We believe in keeping our customers
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    I’m a sole owner/operator who will guide you with the best ideas & ways to keep your property at it best.
    I’ll always be in constant contact with your company to make sure your informed about market trends on saftey & cleanliness requirements!

    I’d like to ask that you please feel free to keep in touch with your business related requirements/queries. Please keep in mind I specialize in
    Powerwashing of Concrete walks,Drive-thru,Buildings,Grease pads,Dumpster pads and Graffiti,Gum,Oil Spots.

    My company has worked with a few businesses you may have heard of like Taco bell,McDonalds,Pulte Homes,and a long list of Realtors.

    We have the ability to power wash in both hot and cold water using diluted chemicals. The chemicals used are environmentally safe and pose no threat to plants,trees or wildlife.

    I appreciate this opportunity to introduce my company & services wile expressing my eagerness to place a bid for your present & future projects.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Michael E. Ravenscroft
    Owner/ Operator
    Mikes lawn & Powerwashing llc.

  • Ellen says:

    The Bojangles in Bethlehem NC is the WORSE RESTAURANT EVER ! Very unprofessional !! They have employees outside smoking when they should be inside helping, I have even gone in there and one of the employees is sitting on the floor behind the counter on his cellphone!! And others smoking those E-cigarettes behind the counter!! Where does Bojangles get these people!! Never will I go back there and will sure tell my friends and family not to go there !!

  • Unbelievable says:

    Ok, so as an understanding person with employment issues we all seem to be having these days. Some things are just unbelievable. Visited your Boone Hwy 421 location last evening. Was told the person before us had ordered two very large meals. The wait on bone in would be 15mins. Thats fine, paid nearly $36 and pulled up. 35 minutes later I checked to see what was taking so long after a number of other cars had been in and out. I was told we are working on it right now. A friend of ours had seen us parked and called to giggle at us. He said he wasn’t told to wait and his order was filled, Bone in. 45 minutes later our order was filled. Only to get home with absolutely burnt chicken. Oh how I wish I could send you this picture. I would demand my money back. But some things are better left alone. This is a disgrace and I hope the dump rats enjoy the leather I donated to them.

  • Debbie Johnson says:

    I went to bojangles in Rockingham, NC this morning. I ordered 2 ham biscuit combos and 1 bacon, egg and cheese biscuit combo. When I got to the window, I was told that my total was $26. When asked what the price for each combo was, she wouldn’t tell me. Just said you got a drink and side with each biscuit and the price has gone up. I told her the order sign said $6 something for the bec and she said yes and then I said that would make the ham combos about $9 each. She then got an attitude and said do you want it or not? So I refused to pay the $26 and left.

  • Dino Lyles says:

    Bojangles tidewater dr at southern shopping center in norfolk va 23505 I order a number 9 with fries and side potatoes round at 7:21pm when we got out food they sub fries to potatoes round I try explan to them 3 times I just tell them nice I just go to McDonald’s they a car behind us the young girl say in a mean way go to McDonald’s then 757-228-0328

  • Alan shadrix says:

    I want the roasted chicken bites back one of my friends told me about it and I loved them and now y’all have took them away how can I make them since y’all don’t want me to eat?!?!?!!

  • Emily says:

    BoJangles in Elgin South Carolina is one of the nastiest places, not just food but employees too. I just quit for the second time and to say I’ve never been treated with such disrespect by managers. You will never keep people this way, need to get better qualified people to work there.

  • Past Customer says:

    I have contacted you about the store in Hartsville, SC, more than once. Despite assurances that the service and food in the future would be of the quality with the service you advertise, nothing has changed. The last time I even “dared” to try it again around 3pm, I was quite disappointed to get COLD chicken and biscuits. The one in neighboring Darlington, SC, has actually improved. Hang up this customer for your Hartsville store. It’s not worth paying $10 for the cold meal I get every time.

  • Amanda says:

    I went to the Bojangles off of Stratford Road in North Carolina, and the person making my biscuit was messing with his phone had his hair all up in the Food bending down, trying to touch his phone with his hair, and now I talk to the managers and told her and she didn’t give a crap very unhappy with that Bojangles also trying to get in touch with the corporation office hope something can be done with the people working there to let this go on.

  • Michael Haymore says:

    Ordered from the Country Club RD location in Winston Salem NC. Order was totally wrong. Order 2 piece wing and breast with pintos and coleslaw! Got a thigh and leg wit dirty rice. Service is slow

  • Delores Miller says:

    My daughter Patricia Gibson works for Bojangles in London Kentucky. And my daughter is a lesbian and she is one of the hardest workers there. She goes in on her days off if they call her. Well the complaint she is having issues with is that the manager Dominick Fox is discriminating against my daughter and sexually harassing the other females in this store. If possible something needs to be done about this matter please. And Thank you.

  • Jim Douglas says:

    Today I visited your Winston-Salem location, university Boulevard and North West boulevard
    The restaurant is pretty nasty. I can totally see why it has a B sanitation rating. No soap in mens bathroom. Cashier handed me my drink after handling money… gripping my cup by the lid on the top
    This is not the first time visiting… there is a homeless shelter near by and unfortunately they lorded at your place
    This facility denigrates the Bogangle name. I have repeatedly had bad experiences at this location

  • Ray Sharp says:

    This afternoon my wife decided to go through the drive-thru at the Bojangles store located in Boone, N.C. We have never been to a Bojangles before. The voice over the speaker sounded put out that we needed to read the menu before ordering 2 sandwiches and one drink. We pulled up to the first where a young woman took our money, gave us our change and turned her back on us. At the 2nd window a young man gave us our 2 sandwiches. I advised him there was a drink in the order. He proceeded to tell me in a scolding tone that I was should have gotten it at the first window and pointed that direction. He told me that the drink was not on the order, and I had to get it at the 1st window. He then closed the window, turned his back, and walked. We waited, but no came to get us the drink. I don’t mind the mistake on the order, but I will not be treated in this manner by people I am paying for a service. The gist of this complaint is to advise you that I will never again patronize a Bojangles facility.

  • Mark says:

    There is major concern at Bojangle’s store located at 4836 Highway 129 North
    Jefferson, GA 30549.
    In the last week 4 employees came down with Covid and were allowed to work their regular hours. This morning I overheard employees talking about their GM being fired today and 3 employees, who are directly related to each other were discussing who will be manager, assistant managers amongst thier family. One of these family members has covid.

    I am calling the local health department to see what can be dome about Covid infected employees being allowed to work.
    Bojangle’s needs to handle this manager question immediately. This store is consistently being run ineffectively and is closed 3 out of 7 days a week.
    Do something!

  • Lynn Parker says:

    This is concerning the Bojangles at 3466 South Church Street. This is a newly built location and on more than one occasion I have tried to go in and order. The doors are usually locked. On Sept 25 I was there around 6:40 and the doors were locked but some people were in placing orders. No signs were on the doors as to why the doors were locked, if you are going to close early it would be nice to place a sign on the door to let customers no and not just ignore them and then let a select few in. We have three Bojangles near my house and you cant get good serve at any of them. Either they are out of chicken or when I get home they have given me the wrong chicken. Please have someone show employees the difference between Breast and thighs. On this day we went to another location and ordered 4 breast and 4 legs. Got home and had 4 thighs and 3 wings and 1 leg. Now we pay extra for specialty orders and then don’t get what we ordered. I hope someone will at least read this!!!

  • David C. says:

    There is a thief in the Bojangle’s succession of payment; either at the store (Santee, SC.) or in the accounting office. My card was charged twice on the same day (9/19/22) just thirty minutes apart for the same amount, then again on 9/26/22; I did not visit the same store on this day. Now, I have to cancel my card because the manager can’t do anything about it. Well, at least this person can’t feed their sorry ass at my expense any longer. FUCK YOU!!! YOU SUCK!!!! And to everyone that reads reviews, DO NOT BUY FROM BOJANGLE’S !!!!

  • Jana Edwards says:

    My check ticket number is 416086 for Sept. 24th, 2022 in Palmetto, GA. I had to wait 30 mins before my food came out, the window clerk held my bank card for a long time. She didn’t give me my card until I asked for her manager. My food still took forever to come out, and when I asked could I get my meal free the manager told me next time. The manager said in order for the restaurant to stay open, she has to train them as they go. An, my order was missing 2 items. The manager was very rude and disrespectful. I would like a refund for my order.

  • Latosha says:

    Can someone get in touch me me ASAP about a legal matter I will take against your establishment. Latosha 8034908702

  • Amanda Bowen says:

    May I please ask why you are no longer carrying the grilled chicken salad? I would hope you could cater to customers who have dietary restrictions. I used to get the grilled chicken bites but those went away to. Now that you no longer carry any of that I cannot get Bojangles for my family because we cannot have fried food. I don’t eat out a lot but when I do I always need a place with a grilled chicken salad. Please add the grilled chicken salad back to your menu.

  • Liane catania says:

    I am one of the workers. Noticed one of the staff been rude and looking down at people with disabilities.

  • Fran Bailey says:

    #2 Kaylans Way, Piedmont, SC

    Our family lives in Powdersville, SC and have been visiting the this Bojangles since it opened. If this were my restaurant I would want to know what guests have typically experienced here for the past year or two. We know that we need at least a 30-40 minute window to sit through the drive through and there is a good chance the store will be closed all together. Since Covid, I don’t remember a time when the dining room has been open. When the drive through IS open and we are able to order food, the store is usually out of chicken or we are told the wait is at least 30 minutes. Today’s service is what prompted me to leave a comment here. At around 10:50 AM I placed a curbside order through the Bojangles app. I arrived at the store around 11:00 pulled in the designated parking space and clicked “I’m here” in the app. I waited for at least 20 minutes before calling the store, no answer. I went to the door to go in, locked. I checked my bank account to find my card had already been charged, otherwise I would have left. I then decided to go through the drive through. At the speaker I was asked to “Please hold.” I waited there for another 5 minutes. The employee came on the speaker and said there would be a 30 minute wait on all orders. I explained I had already been charged for an online order. He said to pull up to the second window. It took around 10 minutes to get to second window as there were three cars in front of me. When I made it to the second window he asked if I had an online order and told me to pull ahead. I pulled up and waited another 15-20 minutes. I tried to call the store again, busy signal. The phone was off the hook. I tried to call several times more. Finally, I stood outside and knocked on the locked door. I explained to the employee who thankfully answered that I had been waiting almost an hour for an online order. He apologized and asked what I ordered. I showed him my email receipt. He bagged the order and apologized again. This store should either be taken from the owner or new management needs to be hired or both! In Powdersville, this Bojangles has a terrible reputation and should renamed “SlowJangles” or “NoJangles”!

  • Very disappointed says:

    You have a Bojangles in Inman South Carolina that you need to close down the employees there have no idea what they’re doing I went in there yesterday and they told me they didn’t have any chicken ready it was 11:30 really I was in line for about 35 to 40 minutes they told my wife that they didn’t have any grilled chicken sandwiches ready it’s a chicken place what the heck is going on I have one in there for my last time every time I go in there they don’t have something or I have to wait in line for 45 minutes just to be told they don’t have chicken really you need to close that place down on Asheville Highway in South Carolina and Inman South Carolina and put a Kentucky Fried Chicken in there at least I can get your order right oh and I’m not the only one read the reviews

  • Liane catania says:

    Are there supposed to be 2 people working the same schedule in the dining area and if you have the same schedule?

  • Liane catania says:

    Are there supposed to have 2 people working in the cafeteria at the same time?

  • Carolyn Capps says:

    Please contact Town of Richfield

  • Kristy Cox says:

    Can someone please get in touch with me regarding a ” manager ” at the Jefferson Georgia location. The managers last name is Mayweather. My contact information is kristycox286@gmail.com
    Or my phone number
    (762). 400-2561.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you,

    Kristy Cox

  • Krystal Main says:

    I have never eaten at a Bojangles until this past week August 5th through the 11th I ate two different times and the biscuits and country Ham is absolutely amazing and the fries I am from Arkansas and y’all need to bring more to Arkansas I noticed I think y’all have two you need to make more because the food is absolutely delicious I choose it over any fast food my name is Krystal Main

  • Baraki Huguley says:

    The Bojangles location at 3336 Lawrenceville Hwy
    GA. I visit this store on a daily and have spent plenty of my hard earned money and the company I work for money at this location. First of all i never seen, so many people in a kitchen without hair nets on working around food. I was treated unfairly I am a customer and as such I don’t want to hear about I got other customers in line because they took a look at my debit card and said it don’t work. I used my card at that location countless of time. This experience was very unprofessional, and the hygiene is very questionable, I also asked for corporate number and was told by the manager 911and then said she didn’t have it. The manager even threaten to call the police on me. Through the whole process voices were never raised and to get threaten with law enforcement is a sad case. I have a real bad feeling with this particular Bojangles.

  • Don Boyles says:

    I visited your store at the corner of Hwy’s 601/49 in Concord @ 10:45 this morning.

    It would have been nice, after choosing to spend money at YOUR store vs one of the other fast food stores, to have been given a smile and a thank you from the attendant at your drive through.

    I guess that would have inconvenienced whoever was on the other end of their personal cell phone.

    Maybe your training personnel and/or your personnel dept should visit a Chick-fil-a and ask for pointers.

  • Charles E. McIvor says:

    I live near Madison hts ,Va. There is Not a Bojangles in or near Madison hts , Va. The nearest Bojangles is in Lynchburg , Va. It would be Great if you were to have a Bojangles in Madison hts.
    The area is growing fast we have a Mc Donalds , Arbys , Biscuitville , Wendys , DQ , and KFC, and there is recent construction for Starbucks. I’ve verbally surveyed nearly 125 residents of Madison Heights and we’d love Bojangles to be part of our community. After 2pm, there is no breakfast available in Madison Heights and our only chicken source is KFC, which is lacking in service and food quality. Would you please consider Madison Heights, VA as a possible new restaurant site? Thank you.

  • Michael Allen says:

    Hello I just want to thank yall for opening in monroe louisiana I was so excited when I saw the sign me and my wife went on vacation to pigeon forge and bristle tried it there it was the best chicken stopped in Birmingham and got whole box.And brought it home now I am 30 miles from one can’t wait till it opens. Thank yall.

  • Jack says:

    I’m looking to contact the Bojangles corp store franchise real estate Mgr .. I have a perfect location 1 ac on us 46 East fairfield nj 07004 with a existing 3600s/f building drive up & Hwy access. Non flood I’m the owner can offer best lease rates & terms or Purchase, call my cell or Tx at 6095049298

  • Pat eady says:

    My name pet Eady. I visit it in your store tonight at 8:01 on Highway 58 in Chattanooga Tennessee I had a two-piece snack and I got two ranch dip when I got back to work my chicken was hard and I could not eat it it looked as if it had been refried I called a store asked to speak to the store manager the employee to ask until Phone say I’m not the manager but how can I help you I explain to him that my chicken was hard I could not eat it and I was at work and I could not come back his reply to me was we can’t do anything about that I said to him oh yes you can let me speak to your manager I heard him explaining the situation to his manager and the manager said something smart couldn’t really get what he said but someone came over and hung the phone up I called back no one picked up I called back again no one picks up this is the store on Highway 58 in Chattanooga Tennessee it is horrible horrible horrible horrible and I did not pay six dollars for this meal for that I cannot eat and I want something done about it my phone number is 423-933-4124 and I am a customer service manager as well so I know that you can do something about it. I want a REFUND I DO MOT WSNT THEM COOKING ANYTHING FOR ME

  • Steven Evans says:

    Hello I’m a frequent customer who starting to question WHY I keep going back. I visit Bojangles 3 to 4 times a week to feed my family. The location we mostly go to is on Harbison Blvd in Columbia SC . On this day June 29, 2022 at 2:30 pm I was informed that my order for an eight piece family meal couldn’t be filled. At this point I’m short on patience with this location.

  • Dean Young says:

    I have a idea for a Bojangles comerical.

  • Bzmom says:

    Me and my Daugther went to the Clayton NC Bojangles . We went through drive around 2pm . The lady that was taking orders and pass out drinks seem confused and ask my daughter to try a drink to make sure it was hers. It wasn’t instead of throwing it out she sat on counter to give another customer behind us. NOT sanitary at all. As many sickness going around this is crazy ridiculous. I couldn’t help to think how many other have they done this too. Makes you not want to eat here.

  • Penny says:

    Bojangles in Camden, SC has the WORST STORE MANAGER, EVER. She’s so rude and unprofessional, she got upset with me because THEY got my order wrong and I wanted it corrected. She told me they don’t give refunds and that comes from corporate. After a few choice words she finally gave me the biscuit by that time I was furious and didn’t even want it anymore so yes I let them have it back!!!! Yes words was thrown back and forth but lady all you had to do was make it right and keep it moving, you got nasty in the beginning, Sometimes it’s the LEADER that has the employees messed up cause she keep throwing them under the bus by saying it’s good they even showed up!!! Then you need to pre-screen before you hire! BAD MANAGER!!! UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGER! OH HER NAME IS SHERRY!!!!

  • Mia says:

    I recently worked at the Bojangles on Sunset and I moved and tried to switch locations. My manager didn’t like this so he called the location I was switching to and told them that I’m non rehire and that I was a thief. This is all because I wanted to switch locations. This is wrong and I’ve been black balled. Now I’m going through a hard time getting a job because he labeled me as a thief. All of a sudden when I try and transfer they mess up my pay roll and make it to where I can’t get another job. Please reach back out i am really looking for help. June 20th, 2022

  • Shana says:

    There is a major Conflict of interest located at 2508 Ashley Phosphate Road Charleston SC 29418. The general manager’s name is Kelly, her sister Val know as Nucy is the manager and is having relationships with Shareek who they turned into another manager, how is this professional and let’s talk about favoritism. This store is ghetto and they don’t help the employees and half the time they keep the lobby closed and close before 8

  • Anita c Robinson says:

    I was scammed on Friday, June 10,2022 when I went to buy lunch for myself and granddaughters, I ordered a 12 piece chicken tenders meal and I drove around to pay about 12:30 pm and gave the black lady my card and she said it wasn’t working so I gave her another card and she still said the machine wasn’t working and then she got nasty and told me to get out of her drive through line and go to the bank and bring back cash I drove around went inside to see if that machine worked and the guy said no and both refused to give me my food. I looked at my account later and the 32.46 had in fact come out of my bank account please help me I am so angry with bojangles taking my money and lying and refusing to give me my food HELP 704-806-8581 Anita.

  • Mattie Hall says:

    I would like to know why no one ever answers the phones on Walton Way? I had a large breakfast order and could not get a answer to a question so went to the Waffle House instead.I was very disappointed that we couldn’t get what we wanted.

  • Deacon Pierce Thompkins says:

    On June 10, 2022 I went to Bojangles #1225 to place an order, the manager told me that my card declined twice so I went inside to check it out. I pulled it up on my SRP app and it showed that it was pending, she had an attitude and ensured me that it would not go through. I left the store and went to Bojangles #1173 and placed another order and received it with no problem. Later (on the 12th) the store #1225 order cleared through my checking account. They owe me a refund and I’m sure that the rest of the customers who had the same issue are also looking for a refund.

  • Steve says:

    I just left your location in Cumming ga, it was not a great experience. First service was slow you had four employees standing around talking how much they disliked working there and one of the lady’s saying that she was leaving because someone else was gonna pay her $18 to start..Second only one person trying to fill the orders, and she seemed new and confused on what went into each box.. Third your dining room was dirty it was about 11:30 in the morning and all of the barrels were filled, and none of the tables were wiped down, and lastly when the young lady behind the counter gave us our drinks her fingers were in side the cup when she was handing them to my wife and I. I think some costumer service education is needed!!!Cumming ga is growing quick and there’s a lot of competition coming to the area(Popeyes) opening real soon with in a mile plus many other options you need to be better staffed, more polite, quicker service cleaner then the other guys to maintain your business.. Good luck

  • Martha says:

    University Parkway Winston-Salem needs to be shut down: Sanitation B rating, no wise person should order there. It has deteriorated to point of closure for me.

  • David Alexander Mercado says:

    People need to get their act together here in Virginia as far as checks go. I have a family member who works at Bojangles near a hospital in Virginia who told me that he went to get his check from working at Bojangles. He had to work there for almost a month just to get a check and on top of that, one of the managers was kind of snippy with him about it saying that checks won’t be there in that store until after 3 pm and to call because they may not be there by then. Why does Bojangles have an issue with paying employees when they need their hard earned money for bills and food? We would appreciate this issue being solved. No one works for nothing and even restaurant employees deserve a fair wage. Yes, the chicken is still really delicious.

  • Tracey Barnes says:

    Unsatisfied customer my experience at the store located in Greensboro North Carolina on Bessemer Avenue store number 000597 was very unpleasing try to call the customer service number and no actual individual to speak with what is the purpose of having a call in line if you can’t even express your experience with a live agent

  • Linda Richardson says:

    Just went through drive through at # 15 in rocky mt NC the worker was very rude I didn’t order just drove away called the manager she told me she was frustrated cause had been working since 6 am that’s no reason to be rude to customers .

  • N/A says:

    The largo store needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY!!!! I can say it’s one of the most nastiest work environments I ever had to deal with! The drink station is always in disarray. The trash is hardly taken out & Not only that you have no air In the establishment. Its over 90 degrees in the place & I have PROOF. they are always short handed which makes wait times RIDICULOUS and customer become rude because of such wait times! I love the food just not this location at all . I will never eat here again !

  • D Sutton says:

    Waltersboro SC restaurant was dirty, cabinet door dislocated and taped back, no tea in the dispenser (11:30am), all tables were dirty, no napkins out. We could not find the sanitation grade.

  • Worst customer service experience says:

    I experienced the worst customer service ever at store #000495. It took the young man forever to do each order. When I finally got to the speaker, he never said can I take your order. After about 2 minutes, I said hello, his response was “hold on”, then he finally said “what you want to order”, very UNPROFESSIONAL! I placed my order, he never gave me a total nor told me to drive around. After sitting there for a minute, I finally drove around on my own. I get to the window, he’s standing there looking at me, with his pants hanging almost down to his knees. After, seeing that, I almost canceled my order. He fixed a cup of ice without the ice scoop, then after fixing the cup of ice, he opened a bottle of water and started drinking it, the entire time having a conversation with his fellow Co workers. Then he finally came to the window and gave me my total. I asked him, “are yall ok”, his response was “naw, not really”. After I paid for my food, he tells me, “we out of tea, you want something else”?, I was very disgusted with this young man so I asked for the managers name. Smh, worst customer service ever.

  • Mary says:

    We visited the Bojangles in Daleville, Virginia on Friday, 5/20/22. I ordered the Barbecue sandwich and an order of fries. The Barbecue sandwich was delicious, the fries were so salty I couldn’t eat them nor could the person with me eat them. Two fries were taken out of the paper packet, half of each thrown away due to excessive salt. I called and left a message on their phone about the issue when I got home on Friday. No one picked up when I called, nor have they called back since – 55 hours later. Another thing, there wasn’t a ticket with the cost of our meals in the bag nor handed to me. The other person had 2 Sausage biscuits for $4.00. The window attendant said $13 and some change. Having a career in Customer Service and Quality assurance, it did not set well with me at all. I’m sure you have heard that if one bad apple gets through the line, everyone hears about it. When things go through without errors, no one talks about it. Thanks for letting me vent.

  • Anthony Ballew says:

    My daughter works at Bojangles in Blue Ridge Georgia. There is an employee there that has been harassing the teenage girls such as sending them texts trying to get them to sleep and have sex with them. Approaching them and touching them inappropriately on the chest. I don’t think its right he still works there. My daughter is ine of them. His name is Wesley Kevin Lumpkin.

  • kram says:

    Husband received RAW chicken. That is a severe health hazard. Stafford rd location in Charlotte. Proper temping and cooking thoroughly needs to be done!

  • Sam Horrell says:

    Dear Beulaville Bojangles management: we frequent your establishment and are thrilled you chose to have a location in our fine town. A group of our friends went to dinner tonight at 6 pm. This trash can greeted us at the door. We moved on to order inside and the trash behind counter was also running over. Your staff was moving like they were extremely sick that we came in. There was NO food on the line, all pans were turned upside down. I asked if they had any fresh Bo berry biscuits and was told NO. We ordered and was advised they had no tomatoes for sandwiches and no ranch dip for supremes. Did not offer to cook Boberry biscuits. We went to your napkin counter to which all napkin holders were empty and a case of napkins in the pack was laying on counter for customers to reach in to obtain. There were 3 tables of folks eating inside at 6:00 pm and we witnessed folks trying to get inside and the doors were locked. My husband went to open the door to let folks in and it could not be opened it had to have a key. He went to side door and it was also locked. There was no employee visible at counter they could be heard laughing loudly from the back so he hollowed the doors locked and you have customers eating inside. A employee came out and said doors were locked because they close them 30 minutes before closing at 7:00. We informed him it was 6:10 which was closer to an hour before closing. He seemed unconcerned. We also advised him doors should not be locked with customers inside unable to get out or in. A lady setting next to our table advised us she had carried her mashed potatoes back because someone had eaten half of them when she open the container. Each of the three tables had to call staff from back to be let out the locked door. It was 6:30 when we were let out and I was on speakerphone with Bojangles customer service advising them we were locked in and having to ask to be let out. I asked the fellow that let us out was he locking the door back since they were suppose to be open until 7:00, he would not answer. I asked if he realized doors were not suppose to be locked to customers who couldn’t get out and he would not say a word. Customers service lady could hear my questions with no response. Bojangles please do something about this issue. You have a beautiful establishment which needs management and employee training. By the way I went back by your parking lot at 8:00 and took this picture of trash which didn’t get emptied before your staff left. Bojangles was closed for the night. Bojangles corporate office please help this establishment!

  • Gary Smith says:

    The store at 1420 US-11W Bristol,Tn 37617 is awful!! I wouldn’t be writing anything but this is the 3rd straight trip to this store with extremely long wait times (25-35 minutes). Then two out of the three times they left food out of the bag. What i did get was cold and pretty much so bad we couldn’t eat. I even told the guy when i went back to get the food they had left out that the drink didn’t taste right and was nasty. He just said i’ll put a new one in and never offered me another drink. It’s very sad because when this store first opened up they stayed busy and service was good. Now they hardly get any customers because it’s ran so poorly!! We would actually stop in 3 to 4 times a week but lately we may go one a week or less. I’m completely done with this store after today till upper management is willing to make some changes. I’m sure a lot more people feel the same so hopefully this will be looked into and changes will be made soon.

  • Mary White says:

    Went to buy a dinner at the Ft Jackson location tonight about 8:45pm and the lady said I’m sorry we’re not taking orders right now. I asked if they were closed. she said no. Then suddenly 5 or 6 employees came out from where the trash is kept and must have been smoking weed because I could smell it. I’m sure that’s not how the business should be handled. I went to that location because several times I’ve been to Hazelwood and they didn’t have any chicken. So what is going on in the Garners Ferry side of town?

  • Minnie S. says:

    I support the Bojangles on New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC almost every morning, and spend a lot of money there. But when there is a certain person either at the register taking orders, or at the drive thru window, he without fail will either give me “dried out food” or make me wait extra long to place an order, or at the drive through window, and I am almost late every morning for work because of this treatment.

    This morning, I did not eat my 2 pc white meal chicken for lunch because the chicken wing was almost as black as the spoon and completely dried out. I bought a breakfast biscuit, bo-berry biscuit and 2 PC White meal, and it came to $11.40, and he gave me incorrect change. I had to ask for my correct change 3 separate times before he gave it to me. I spend a lot of money at this restaurant, and I feel terrible that I am treated this way so often, when I have made sure to support them through the pandemic. Usually I keep the bad food, and chalk it up; but today I am upset about it! He is in charge of the shift, and should know better. This restaurant is on my route to work. Is there something that can be done to correct this problem? I have been a loyal customer here for almost 20 years. I purchase breakfast and lunch here weekly. Thank you for your help.

  • Susan C. says:

    Bojangles is unresponsive to customer calls! I had problem at store & contacted customer service. Nobody ever reached out to even give me the courtesy of a call back to address the issue!

  • Very Mad Customer says:

    I just want to let you know the restaurant that you have in Columbia TN has the worst people I’ve ever dealt with. First of all they are Rude and Slow never get the orders rite.. And the Manager is never there to see that the shift is run properly .. My Family and I use to love to eat there till we got Treated so Badly. .

  • Teller says:

    Please check on the restaurant on Hicone road in Greensboro, NC. Very slow and out of many items many days.

  • Unsatisfied Customer says:

    Joseph who claims to be a manager at store #000749 needs to be fired. My husband food that was hard as a brick. I took it back to get new food. I walked in the store and it was non employees hanging out in the dining room, the store was completely trashed and all of the employees were complaining how frustrated they were. As I was waiting for my recook, another lady came in the dining from to pay for get her food due to she said she had been waiting for over 20 minutes. A guy was on the inside being advised the dry chicken in the window was all for tonight though it was 8:30. A customer in the drive thru was told there was no more chicken. Joseph agrees to fry more chicken for the drive thru customer while the dine in customer took old food.

    I ask Joseph for a corporate number. Joseph said he did not have one nor a district manager just a regional manager that he refused to write down for me. I advised Joseph this is a poorly ran circus. Instead on putting on his customer service hat, Joseph states this is not his store. Joseph stated his job is to train managers for Bojangles. I inquired if he does not represent Bojangles and this store. Joseph stated he does but this is not his store, Joseph stated he was just there to help people. I inquired how when the line is wrapped around the building and every customer that comes in is complaining. I advised Joseph that we the paying customers are helping him and Bojangles. Joseph stated paying customers are not helping him because he is salary. Dumbest statement I every heard in my life. How is Joseph a trainer however cannot manage teenage kids nor this store. Joseph continue with his arrogant, condescending attitude refusing to take responsibility for the chaos in this store.

    I stopped going here several months ago and I was reminded why today. I will be contacting the BBB and the health department or the filth that Joseph or the employees thought was no big deal. I do not recommend anyone go to this location. It needs to close!!!

  • Crystal B. says:

    I have been going to the Bojangles on Hwy 40-42 in Garner, NC for the last three months. Everytime I go I have to pull into a parking space and go inside because they have screwed up my order. Today, 4/27/22 @ 6:13pm, I went and ordered a 4 piece supreme dinner and a drumstick meal. I checked the box for the drumsticks and found that I only had one drumstick, that look like it came off a baby chicken, in the box. I didn’t check the Supreme box…figured they couldn’t mess that up. To my surprise, I got home and found that there were only two supremes in the box. I’m highly upset and after this I just need to found somewhere else to go. I shouldn’t have to deal with this everytime I go there.

  • Bonnie Buchanan says:

    Please reopen the site at the transit center in Charlotte. I work 9 to 5 through out this pandemic and when you closed that location, I had to scramble to try and get breakfast before I went to work. Also, all the bus drivers miss you as well. Please consider reopening that location, it’s a staple to our transit community.

  • Joselyn King says:

    I am a reporter with a media inquiry about the possibility a Bojangles is coming to our area. Who do I contact?

  • Sadr says:

    To anyone who would listen I have been treated wrong by a manager at the Hopewell va store I have been fired because I called h.r corporate did not want to listen to me…I Have been wrongfully fired..it’s not about my job it’s the principle and I feel like this was “Retaliation” Help me if you can please who do I call next

  • Penny A. says:

    Today is the second day I’ve been to the sunset rd location. I ordered a three piece tender with fries and dirty rice, but received kid crumbs and a container filled with mush and grease. I don’t appreciate the service that’s been giving and look forward to this situation being fixed.

  • JWO says:

    Last year, I had been going to a different Bojangles almost every day (even though the one on Garrison is the one I pass every day). Yesterday, I went to the Bojangles on Garrison Blv. in Gastonia, NC. They gave my daughter a rock of a biscuit with sausage instead of the cajun one we ordered. Needless to say, she was without breakfast that morning, but I called, got hung up on, and called back. They said to come back tomorrow. When I went back this morning, I ordered another time and told her that I had a cajun that they were supposed to “comp”. At the window, they took my payment with me trying to ask her about the amount…. The “GM” (I think her name was “Woods”said she was, but I have to doubt it) said that my name was not in their books. I told her that the woman still CHARGED me. She kept talking about her book and who may have done what wrong. I told her that we had a huge line behind me and that I was late for work. She told me to “calm down”. I am not sure who is training a supposed GM, but it seems unacceptable to tell someone to “calm down” when I just want her to hand me my food and let me go (unsatisfied) instead of holding me hostage to listen about her staffing issues. I understand that places are struggling, but the GM (if she really even is one) should never be the issue for making it worse.

  • Mark Pelton says:

    I went to the drive-through at store #000357 on Bessemer City road in Gastonia, N.C. on 3/13/22 at 1:48 p.m. The associates were insufficiently trained, and the manager on duty was extremely rude when I tried to order. My order was a two piece combo, ( breast and leg with a side of seasoned fries) Bo sized, and a 3 piece dinner with 2 dirty rice sides. The tried to charge 1.40 for the Bo size, instead of the $.99, and they tried to charge $1.00 EACH for the two rice sides. When I tried to point out the overcharges, she argued that the the register charge was right. When I suggested they looked at the menu board for the correct pricing, she rudely informed me that she was “not going to have this at my window” and refunded my money. If that is the best example of customer service she can do, I think she needs another job where she won’t have to interact with the public. She gives Bojangles a bad name!

  • Chad Long says:

    Copied directly from my Facebook post created on Saturday night (March 12, 2022)

    If you’re not going to serve FRESH food (but serve who-knows-how-old food from earlier in the day), then CLOSE. You don’t need to stay to open if you’re going to serve shit quality food.

    Saying that I’m pissed off is beyond an understatement.

    “I’ve always wondered what ‘chicken jerky’ tastes like…” Said no one ever.

    You know it’s bad when an eating establishment that prides itself on CHICKEN serves this kind of abomination.

    Bojangles’ – BeCajun.com

    I even tagged both of Bojangles’ official entities listed on Facebook. I have yet to be contacted by anyone.

    Store Location Info
    2800 Hwy 34 East, Newnan, GA 30265

    Additional Information
    – Order was placed at drive-thru, approx. 7 pm
    – No receipt was given, so I’m not sure as to the exact Store Number
    – I ordered a cajun filet biscuit with egg and cheese combo with a sweet tea. The egg was singed on the edges and was beyond cooked to death. The chicken was hard and dry. Upon my first “bite”, the entire outer edge was pulled off. I could knock on the chicken with my knuckles like I was knocking on a door. My biscuit was completely inedible.
    – My wife ordered a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit combo with a sweet tea. Her egg was the exact same way as mine and her sausage was nearly hard as a rock. Yet another case of being cooked to death. Her biscuit was completely inedible.
    – Both teas were barely sweetened and very off-putting
    – The Bo rounds were the only things that were somewhat edible
    – And, to add insult to injury, we live at least 20 minutes away from this location (and this location is the nearest Bojangles for us). So our order never stood a chance. I’m sure none of the food was fresh or super hot when we first received it because it was all less than lukewarm / cold when we got home and started eating (when all these horrible discoveries were made).
    – Lastly, we normally have really good experiences with Bojangles. We’ve had a few bad experiences every now and then (sprinkled in over the past however many years this location has been open). However, THIS experience has been the WORST.

    I haven’t contacted management at this store location yet, but I plan to today. I’m reaching out to both Corporate level and local level in attempts to make everyone aware. And attempt to receive some form of compensation / reimbursement. No one should EVER experience what my wife and I experienced. I know Bojangles can do better………….SO DO BETTER, PLEASE.

  • naija Hampton says:

    Dean Day – district manager and Sheila regional manager are liars and crooks. They stole bonus checks from several employees between October 2021 and January 2022. They refuse to pay and repeated requests for pay have gone ignored. Bojangles promised (through a hiring promotion) to pay on employees first check $250, 30 days check $250 and 90 days $250 checks plus $175 for each employee referral when they get their first check. Sheila lied several times saying we would get paid after not getting our bonuses and Dean Day also lies. This company is the worst place to work. They over work you, they are understaffed, they don’t train properly and are unsanitary. Management are liars and crooks. Pay your employees what you promised them!!!!!!! Don’t work for this company, they will steal from you and ignore you when you submit complaints

  • Mark Michael says:

    When is the Bojangles at Cotswold Mall in Charlotte going to reopen? Is it going to reopen?

  • Brenda Gaines says:

    Still no response from the HR department of Bojangles in reference to my W-2 s ! I worked at the store on plaza drive in Mooresville NC !!! What I sent to the Corporate office in Charlotte NC on February 17 says it’s still in moderation !!!!! I guess that means that they will not respond !!!!! That figures …..the new owners seem to like to avoid the truth !!

  • Jennifer Sturgess says:

    I wasn’t going to even write..but it is unfair.
    I was hired a couple months ago at Bojangles in newport.i sat almost 5 hrs doing orientation and worked two hrs in the back marinating chicken.when I was done doing the chicken a worker and the manager said I couldn’t work without non skid shoes..(after I a lready worked 2 hrs).
    So I left.i didn’t have money to buy the shoes right away..so by the time I could get them the manager didn’t want me to come back..so I waited for my check..when I did get my check I only got paid for 4 hrs (on top of how I was treated.). When I should have gotten paid for almost 7hrs..I know it’s not much time to rank about..but it is unfair how I got treated and not paid for the correct time..
    I thought corporate should know the treatment and also that the Bojangles in Newport is very unorganized and unprofessional at doing their best.and that the cooking area behind the order counter is very unclean and hectic. Thank you

  • A Carter says:

    Bojangles located 1897 Sandhill Bvd. Aberdeen NC 28315. Store # 000353. This location served spoiled rice. I placed a Super TG order through the Drive through March 1, 2022 at 3:27pm. Paid $32.09! I specifically asked for fresh chicken. I arrived home, opened the box and could tell the chicken had been re-fried, the rice had a sour smell and the biscuits were not cooked fully! Unfortunately, my husband ate part of the rice. I called the Bojangles and asked to speak to the Manager on duty, I talked to David. He had all kinds of excuses, i.e. “they were under staffed” “they didn’t have time to cook fresh food” I STOPPED HIM from complaining and asked him who is the GM over that location? He gave me the name, Erica. He said should would be in Wed. March 2, 2022 from 7am-5pm. I will call back and speak to Erica. I filed a complaint with USDA Food Safety and Inspection.

  • Carrie Wynell Clark says:

    I tried to work their for the last few months and I give up, they’re ridiculous. I’ve been sent home for telling them I wasn’t doing a job I wasn’t hired for, my hours got cut from 40hr a week (even though I was hired part time) all because I called out sick, thought I had corona, had to be tested and even had notes. I was told for over 3 weeks it’d be fixed, and that was said by the store manager. Never happened, so I got a different job. But my issue now is, a month later, still refusing to pay me my last check. I call this morning, telling them how ridiculous this is getting, I get hung up on. So I drove over there, because once again, this is stupid, I shouldn’t have to harass them for a check I should have gotten weeks ago.
    I approached them maturely like adult, and the exchange ended with them telling me I wasn’t welcome back, which I shared who would want to be in that nasty place with such nasty people, I was called a b*tch and the manager even went as far as to threaten to ‘beat my ass’ but when I matched her hostility and said I’ll be in the parking lot, obviously they went and hid in their office.
    Even went as far as to call the guy above the GM, and he didn’t care. He said it was my fault I never got my check, I tried to tell him this is why this store keeps failing, you are failing your employees. I got nothing but hostility and the same mansplaining BS.
    There isn’t a labor shortage yall, it’s a shortage of people willing to take crap like this for months. I’m just trying to live like everyone else, but if you are too, don’t expect to work there and it happened.

  • tuck says:

    my name is charles tucker worked at exit 7 bojangles my adress is 1648 kingmill pike bristol va 24201 last four of ssn is 7267 and have yet to receive my w-2 form could please send it to me thanks.

  • Brenda Gaines says:

    I’m sure this statement I’m making won’t get read by any of the HR department !!! I’ve been waiting on my W2 for weeks !! You can’t speak with anyone that’s actually working at the Bojangles office because they’re all working remotely so you can only leave a voicemail which they do not return your call whatsoever !! I have left my name my address and my home telephone number many times , I have also called the Bojangles that I worked for to try to get the manager to email the HR department to try to find out where my W2 is with no results from that as well ! So my next step is to call the IRS and report that Bojangles refuses to send me my W-2 so I can file my taxes maybe they should investigate Bojangles and find out if other people are having problems receiving their w2s !! To be honest with you I think the IRS should investigate Bojangles anyhow they do some real sketchy things ! Bojangles used to be a wonderful company to work for but clearly those days are long gone because now they’re all about the dollar amount that they can make off their employees ! While the entire office is working remotely , we have been working with the public ever since the pandemic started ! I think this is a very sad situation especially when myself and other people have worked with the company for many many years ! And although I got smart and decided to stop working for Bojangles there are still some of my friends who are unfortunately still staying with the company ! I have work for the company for over 20 years and a now retired and happy to do so !


    I been living in N.C over 38 years…I move to Baltimore Md…smh it’s not a BO TIME with in 30 miles east or west…a franchise would make millions..here …i dont unstertand…how much for two or three…..smh…

  • Wilbert Harper says:

    I am sending this in reference to the Bojangles on South Elm Street in Greensboro, NC. The last 3 times I have been there I’ve ordered and my order was incorrect for the same reason. I filled out the survey on my receipt and explained my situation. On Sunday January 23 I received a phone call from a female manager of the Bojangles to apologize for the mistake. I didn’t get her name but I was informed that I would receive my original order when I came back and she would put my name down. I went to the store on tonight and talked to the manager on duty. His name was Jamal and he refused to give me his last name. He told me that they don’t have a list and he wouldn’t give me the name of the manager that I talked to. Jamal said he was the general manager but he was wearing dime sized earrings and a du rag. I told him he didn’t look professional. He told me that I was begging and closed the drive thru window. I don’t really care about getting free food. What I care about is going to a restaurant that continuously provides bad service and bad food. I think someone from the corporate office should visit all of the stores in Greensboro in order to see what the public is enduring.

  • Debra says:

    I have moved from Virginia to El Paso Texas. There are no Bojangles in El Paso. Please please please look into putting a Bojangles in El Paso. Give Popeyes a run for the money. El Paso is growing by leaps and bounds. Sure could sink my teeth into a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit and some good southern sweet tea.

  • Carol says:

    Bojangles drops the ball. I gave the Acworth, GA, Bojangles three opportunities to give me good food. Each time I ordered the same meal. 1st visit – ok. 2nd visit – horrid. When I got home I had a fried chicken back instead of the chicken breast I had paid for. 3rd visit today (just giving them another chance)…When I got home they had given me a chicken thigh (which I don’t eat) instead of the chicken breast I had paid for. I looked for a phone number so I could tell the manager….no local phone listed for Bojangles.

  • Robert Demaio says:

    I used to be a former Bojangles employee just 5 mins down the street from me.. when I started I was homeless and very much dedicated to the job. The only warnings I ever received were of my attire and for that I worked for the money to change that.. Sometime in December of 2021 I came up with a cold of some sort which resembled Covid, at least to my being and I reported out of Bojangles. With full intention of going to work as soon as I got my test results, it turned out that as soon as it was achieved I no longer had a job. I was told on the phone that I had 10 days of recovery if in fact I had Covid but on the 7th day is which I both received and called to announce the negative results. Being homeless and without a week’s worth of work that was planned and intended really made me scrounge up some money just to turn my phone back on and make that call on the 7th day. Even before the 7th day, I attempted to come to work dressed for work and ready to work.. without the results my parents told me that it was most likely bronchitis. With all that knowledge before my results I tried to come to work before my 10 days.. that didn’t work and so I waited for the 7th day with hustled money to pay for my phone bill (no food or gas for my vehicle..) I sacrificed quite a bit for someone in my state! To be told when calling on my 7th day of my 10 day sick leave that I was terminated on the 6th day because of a no call no show is preposterous!!! I did what could under my own perseverance. I did everything just to get back in to work. I was homeless and that’s my doing but I got terminated in the worst of ways and I can’t find solid justice in the way that it transpired. I didn’t leave or abandoned work. I was given sick leave for proof of negative results and to recover. I did not use all 10 days of leave and I came back as soon as the results were applicable and accessible.
    This isn’t fair and I don’t see why my termination happened. Even my coworkers stated that a 10 day leave is a 10 day leave and to be terminated on the 6th day by my manager (who didn’t even hire me). If I had another job lined up I would still feel the way I feel. My first experience at Bojangles in North Chesterfield VA, Bensley Commons Blvd with Ms. Verneda as the one who terminated me is personal now. I don’t see any of the actions taken that occured to be within the privileges I had as an employee.
    I don’t believe I was singled out either, I believe someone made a decision and can’t go back on it because of their position. (I e manager is now GM now) she didn’t hire me but fired me?
    I just want my job back and to be acknowledged for my efforts in trying to come to work before my 10 days and through homelessness I left no excuse for further corruption on my end. Her decision doesn’t carry responsible reason, just an authorative one. The one that hired me wouldn’t have let me go so I’m just sitting here getting denied a job after reapplying.

    When a job isn’t for you you then try another one. Don’t I decide that though through my actions. I need justice or my job back. I don’t see how any of it is legal. And I want feedback.

  • Emily Maloney says:

    Yesterday, I stopped by your Bojangles, Lewisville-Clemmons Road, around 3-3:30 pm, for a cup of coffee. At the drive-thru, I was told they don’t sell coffee in the afternoon. I left and took my business somewhere else. You sell biscuits, but not coffee?

    This week I purchased a 2-piece dinner at your Greensboro Road store in High Point. I buy your chicken there often. The leg was not much bigger than a “chicken wing”, and the thigh was tiny.

    Your company may be struggling, but so is everybody else. I’m fairly sure I’ll mark Bojangles off my list of fast-food places.

  • No says:

    I was a shift manager promoted to AGM. I felt like I worked for the devil! She is so vindictive and still even after I turned my keys in, she is still making sure she controls and manipulates my home. The hardest part is I tried to do something about her. I went to her boss. I was made promises that never happened and he actually called her the second I got off the phone and she was told every word I said. Even after he told me my conversation was confidential.

  • Hope says:

    Just went to Bojangles in Cheraw SC. And waited in drive thru for a while. Got out of line and there was a car up past the speaker a little and was laid back in the seat. May as well shut the store down if you’re gonna pay employees to block the drive thru.

  • Mrs.Baker says:

    We went to Bo jangles in Franklin va. Horrible service! The people were rude , we waited 30 minutes for our food we had to go in and ask for them to make it , they prepared and packed it completely wrong! The manager was useless! And every word out of the workers mouths was swearing never heard the f word used so much let alone in a restaurant!! Positively Atrocious!

  • Kimberly says:

    Went to your restaurant on my lunch hour in Crossville Tn. on December 28th at 6:15 p.m. in the drive through. The manager was very rude. And the service was very slow. I will think twice before I ever go back. You dont treat paying customers that way.

  • Lynda Wood says:

    The lady manager was very rude and awful attitude at one of your locations, Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, NC. I am deaf. I am an Uber Eats deliverer and I went there to pick up orders for the customer. I was waiting for someone to come to front so I can show the order on my phone and one of managers walking by and I don’t know if she say something because she did not stop and read or to start communication with me. After she took an order from the customer in the restaurant then I just wanted to let her know that I am here to pick up the order because I saw the order on the shelf and she acted like she was yelled at me, “I KNOW!” She needs her attitude tune down and she embarrassed me in the front of the customers. So I called my husband about this and he said he will share this with the deaf community to be aware of this awful experience. We love Bojangles which is my husband’s favorite restaurant. We do believe that you might consider to find some new employees who being aware of deaf communities to communicate with.

  • Darby Rudloff says:

    The Bojangles in Charleston at highway 17 and main road was slow, rude, and racist… lady at the window blamed us for her giving us the wrong order and then the other worker called my boyfriend “a stupid white boy” for that. He was being nice to her the entire time. That place needs new employees ASAP.

  • Nora Claytor says:

    The store on garners ferry Rd in Columbia SC had to be the SLOWEST store ever!!!! Must need new management

  • Tiffany says:

    I’d be willing to bet nobody on the bojangles payroll cares about how many unhappy customers they produce. Probably don’t understand what it means to provide decent customer service. Even corporate level… I get the feeling everyone in that corporation thinks they’re owed something. Entitled, lazy, apathetic, narrow minded individuals. I just know I’m not wrong! They don’t even try to fix problems.

    • Carrie Wynell Clark says:

      You’re completely right. I’ve worked for them twice, my mom worked for them for 6 years. The place is full of grown toddlers. I just listened in on a manager meeting and it sounded like highschool girls talking crap about eachother. out of the dozens of people I worked with, I can name maybe 3 that didn’t act like that.

  • Tiffany says:


  • Kelly says:


  • Wesley says:

    Very disappointed. On 11-24-21 around 4:00 pm I was on my way home and was going to get the large picnic combo. When I went thru the drive through I was the only one in line employee stated that she couldn’t serve me due to no employee showed to work and she was the only one there.

  • Linda n says:

    At least Some employees at Bojangles restaurant 2980 Main St., Newberry, SC, 29108 are pulling a scam on drive thru customers. They are PURPOSELY letting customers change fall to ground between window and customers car door.
    I opened my door to retrieve my change and found LOTS OF CHANGE on the ground which indicates to me it is not a one-off,

  • William Lankford says:

    You have 2 locations Cleveland Tennessee. One is great but the other on APB 40 is an big joke. We have visited it a few times. First time we after pulling up to order area with no response. After pulling around to the window we not seeing anyone inside the restaurant started to leave noticed a car setting in a parking spot ahead of us bouncing. An Male and female climbing out of backseat. They are pulling their cloths. Walk up to the door unlock it go in come around to window and ask what we need. We order 2 chicken supreme meals and pay and leave. They were hard as an rock. We were not able to eat any. We asked family how that one was able to stay in business. The answer was never eat at that one

  • Betty Thompson says:

    Where can I find A cheddar bow by Bojangles I live in Greensboro North Carolina

  • Carol Anderson says:

    Bojangles in Jacksonville, FL closes their restaurant at 3 pm, on the website it states they are open 5:30am-10pm. Either change your website hours or stay open till 10-I have tried to buy a meal 2 times, both at 3:30.
    Very disappointed your website is wrong- and it is difficult to find an e mail address to complain. You have just lost a customer-and I know I am not the only one!

  • Christina Blackwell says:

    I will never again spend one red cent at the Bojangles Graham, NC on Main Street. Your drive-thru worker ‘Ruby’ has an attitude problem, absolutely no tact and no customer service experience…..corporate and everyone else will hear about this…….I don’t treat people this way and I won’t accept it either!!..she shouldn’t be talking to people like this and she has done this to other people I know. I’ve been bringing my family here to this location for more than 15 years.

  • Michelle willis says:


  • Heather Locklear says:

    I want to know how come Bojangles in Rockingham North Carolina closed before 9 and it says they close at 10 as soon as and pulled out to order my food they turn the lights off and there is like six cars behind me. If it’s 10:00pm it needs to be 10:00pm..

  • Robert murdock says:

    I am from chocowinity nc..just got bojangles not long ago. Was the best I ever had than it went downhill…dont know whats going on..please fix it….

  • Kirby O'Connor says:

    I went to Bojangles @ 1107 W Faris Rd in Greenville, SC today, October 24, 2021. I’d like to share a photograph of the egg and cheese biscuit I found when I arrived home, the egg is dark brown. Usually go to Lauren’s Rd store, yeah. As a former restaurant manager for 20+ years, this is unacceptable.

  • Pamela Collins says:

    The Bojangles on Ft Henry Dr in Kingsport Tn is awful I went there last night I had my kid’s with me and and we was in drive thru and we got swear words thrown at us she was swearing so much I just drove off cause I didn’t want want my kid’s hearing all that . it happened about 9:15 pm on the 30 of September she was so rude and hateful I will never go there again.

  • Sammy Berry says:

    First time my husband and I visited Bojangles in Seneca SC at 10906 Clemson Blvd, We was ” Wow this is outstanding ” 2nd time , 2nd time oh boy ,not at all , September 19th ordered 2 Bojangles chicken sandwiches and 1 large fry , no mayo on either and old chicken , fries were cold and over seasoned, We called and spoke with Manager and only because we sure didn’t want to leave a review on site and everyone read , I went back today and I be darn if it’s the same thing , nasty ,and cold , to make matters worse, the Blue and Black hair manger told me to my face ,it’s all fresh, I asked 2 times to make absolutely sure and nope not today, I personally will not be back and they had plenty of staff and not busy , so excuses can’t be mad , sorry Bojangles, you lost 2 customers today

  • Beverly Dawn Rabon says:

    And I don’t know who’s idea the commercial was or who was involved in the approval of it but it degraded Bojangles name. Too bad they don’t have anyone more intelligent on staff to know better than this. WOW!!! (SMH) Such low class….

  • Beverly Dawn Rabon says:

    I went to the Bojangles #853 yesterday (drive-thru), 7756 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC, after Church and paid for a 21 piece meal and they did not tell me that they didn’t have the equivalent amount of the different pieces that come in the order which appeared to be cooked in old grease that had not been changed. It had a burnt appearance and taste. They left off one of my sides and the picture of tea that comes with the meal. I called to speak with a supervisor and Jasmine or Jewel answered the call. She was rude and ask what I would like to do about it. I told her they need to replace the meal and she stated she was going to put me on hold and then hung up. I called back and got Chris who was HORRIBLE!!! He said he wasn’t replacing the meal, laughed and hung up on me. I called again today and he lied to me about the store number and told me he was too busy to speak with me. Then he hung up on me. I got the Store number from another Bojangles and called him back again and he hung up on me again! WHY???? I am a paying customer with repetitive purchases from them. WHY ARE THEY NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING BY THEIR LOYAL CUSTOMERS? I still have pieces of the chicken to show the Area Manager who is suppose to call me.

  • Tonya Barnes says:

    Dear Sirs…
    I have been a customer for years!
    Recently I have become a huge fan of sweet potatoes. I know you have sweet potatoe pies; I would like to suggest sweet potato rounds

  • Karen McCollum says:

    I received very poor service at the bojangles located on East Bessemer Ave in Greensboro NC. The service was extremely slow. The cashier got upset because I asked him if he put the rest of my order in the same box with the supremes. So they ended up given me someone else order and drink.

  • Heather Boone says:

    This morning I was in your drive through line at 6:00am, I waited until about 6:30 and no one ever came to the window and all the doors were locked. I left, waited until 7:20 and placed an online order. I went to pick it up about 7:50am. When I got there this time I was informed that there was still a 15 min wait and that they were short staffed. After getting my order and returning to work I realized I was missing two items from my order. At this point I am not sure If i will return to Bojangles in the future. I love Your food, however It was terrible service not to mention and your staff is very rude. This was Florence, SC east Palmetto Street zip 29506

  • Donn scott says:

    Why is the steak biscuit not available anymore that was my favorite biscuit please bring it back. I go to the bojangles on 98 Hwy in North Carolina and here lately they have not had the steak biscuit can you get them some. Bojangles is my favorite. thanks

  • Known source says:

    I just found out from a reliable source that the manager of the Bojangles in Corbin, Kentucky has been in contact with her husband who has tested positive for Covid-19 and is not quarantining and has continued to go to work and may be infecting all of the other employees and any persons that have come in contact with that store since 9/6/2021. I believe this is a direct violation of CDC rulerings and they could be considered as terroristic threatening.

  • Jan Morrison says:

    Plain Simple:
    Why can’t we get Steak Biscuit???

  • Patricia Nichols says:

    Bojangles on Franklin rd only has 1 window open now u have to pay and get ur food at the same window takes so much longer to wait in line before they had 2 windows y the change? Sometimes. I just wanted to order beverages and that’s all. Y no help!

  • Sondra Pickett says:

    I am sorry to say I have never tried your food and had planned on it BUT we will NOT try or come to your Restaurant. Rude commercial you have running. Turns us OFF. Not what I would think is a good Christian Restaurant. BAD Idea. Try again after you apologize to all seeing your distasteful commercial.

  • Luz Ottens says:

    I’m writing to voice my complaint about your new suggestive commercial. I find it offensive and vulgar. Young kids see these commercials too and it is inappropriate for such young minds. I don’t know who gave the ok for this disturbing commercial, but it is not what a family wishes to see. Please pull it off the air for all of us who find it so vulgar.

  • Oxon Hill Resident says:

    I live in Oxon Hill and have visited the store multiple times for fast food. I ordered the tailgate special for my family and when I got it home I was appalled at the quality of the chicken. The chicken looked as though it was cooked in burnt nasty grease, it also had an old grease taste to it. Needless to say, that would be my last time getting fried chicken from there. Lastly, my wife wanted breakfast sandwiches for the family from Oxon Hill Bojangles so I drove her to pick it up. I had to use the men’s room and went inside. The bathroom looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned since the day the place was opened, it was outright disgusting, to say the least. If your customer areas can be this filthy I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like. Need I say it’s time for a call to the health department. I will never eat at this place again, sadly enough I don’t think the corporate VP’s could care less.

  • T says:

    Y’all need to shut that Bojangles down on Mallard Creek Rd everyday it’s something with this place one day u take cash the next day card only the next week don’t open til 8 the next day we short staff the next day you got rude ass chaps that y’all need to get rid of the us the worst Bojangles ever board it up they don’t have chicken some sometimes I hate this place close it down it’s the worst

  • Tracey Shaver says:

    I am also offended at your vulgar choice of wording on your new commercial. With all going on in the world I think Bojangles was smarter and better than that to use such a commercial. Turn it off and don’t buy Bojangles.

  • Kay alabama says:

    Take the vulgar language little kids repeat what they hear, and some cannot pronounce the word.. not a appropriate to sell chicken

  • Kathy says:

    Your new commercial with the pseudo- vulgar wording is a big problem for many people. I cannot believe that someone thought this was a good idea. You guys need to can this right now before children start picking up on this. It is not a good thing and there are already loyal customers vowing not go go buy food from bojangles anymore.

  • Butch Huntington says:

    This is the second time in one week that I have ordered a Bo’s sandwich and was told “we’re not serving anymore of those tonight”…it was 7:25 and the restaurant closes at 10:00, can you shed some light on why they”were not serving anymore sandwiches at this time?” 343 S.Belair Rd. store. Thanks…

  • Kimber says:

    I would love to tell you there is no need for the attempt to use f——————— in any manner to advertise. You are not selling vulgarity but food for family. Shame on your attempt to go with the world ways. This does not make me want to buy your food. Have to turn the channel every time commercial comes on. Child repeats. Not happy.

  • Janet Wilkins says:

    Your current TV ad is disgusting! We will not be returning to your restaurant!

  • Jane says:

    The newest commercial, featuring an elderly woman talking with her mouth full of food, yelling “this is so clucking good” is just really crass and trashy. Her dinner companions stare in horror, as it sounds like a curse word. Completely rude and inappropriate, and just plain nasty.

  • Margaret Hester says:

    I have been online to find an email address to your CEO and can’t find one. Your most recent ad on TV is totally NOT to Bojangles standard!! It is very offensive. We do not use this kind of language in our home and I will not listen to it on television. When you have an excellent business and products, why do you find it necessary to downgrade it in such a fashion as “clucking” good?? This is vulgar and you obviously do not care if you lose customers. I have been a good customer of Bojangles for years, but will not be any longer. You need to respect your customers and clean up your act!

  • John Drose says:

    I found her a new TV and to be bordering on vulgar and the lady that’s promoting your new chicken sandwich insinuating a vulgar word with her comment if she bites into her chicken sandwich, I think you should pull this advertisement find it offensive and unnecessary to patronize your business but may not if you do not act upon this. This company does not need to go down this road to generate a customer base following

  • John says:

    They didnt have my online order ready at 3:30 and said there was none made.i asked for refund but they couldn’t give me refund.then was told it will take 10 minutes to m add me I said ok.45 min later got my 6 buiscuits boberry..I eat bojangles to much for this kind of service.im done I’ll go spend $$$ at chickfila..I have pics of all this to..

  • Teresabautochka says:

    I live in Roane County Tennessee and I went to the Bojangles in Harriman Tennessee yesterday they charged me 2299 for the eight piece family meal which is supposed to be 1999 they charge the difference to make up for the taxes all I know they charge me sales tax but they put it into the price of the meal I just wanted you to know because I will be contacting the IRS and I do want a refund because the law was broken.And I am going to go onto a public forum and ask other citizens if they have been charged the same way

  • Gail says:

    The cajun filet was my favorite. The new Bojangles chicken sandwich with mayo and pickles is no where near as good.

  • Ex-customer says:

    Your new commercial is vulgar, crass, and just “Plucking” stupid. Hope Chick- fil-a puts you out of business , if that’s all the respect you have for yourself and the general public you serve.


    An adult.

  • Deborah Campbell says:

    Your new commercial using the word “clucking ” is a very negative way of advertising your chicken. Not all people chose to use curse words when talking but your use of that word insinuates just that!!! I really enjoy your chicken. Please use a better choice of words to advertise your chicken!!🙏

  • Kathy Sigmon says:

    The advertising that bojangles has of now is very inappropriate for t.v. About the chicken sandwich that has ” clucking chicken”. If you use this ad it needs to be after 9pm eastern savings time. Please take this into consideration. My email is: sigmonkc7752@gmail.com

  • Vicky says:

    Your marketing department has reached a true low with the recent ad using “clucking” to associate with “f#%@&ing”. Why? Surely you can do better than that?! My friends and I will not be buying from Bojangles!

  • Kathy Sosnoski says:

    Hello. Can you tell me the status of the Woodstock ga rt 92 restaurant. I went there lastnight at 6 pm. Hours are until 10pm yet there was a closed sign. I called and got a message telling me the mobile number was not available ??? What the heck? I then called the other Woodstock location and that rang about 20 times and disconnected! Please advise. Thanks much. Kathy Sosnoski

  • Doris J Smith says:

    Approximately 9:55 I was in line cars wrapped around the 5513 S College store in Wilmington. Black man walked up to window!!!! Black clerk wearing black shirt took order he stood there and she took his money and gave food. While all had to wait. She did not give me my receipt because I know she knew I would get 800# to complain.
    After working customer service 20 years ATT____ THIS SERVICE SUCKS

  • Debbie says:

    Regarding your most recent television commercial advertising your chicken sandwich, it doesn’t speak very well of your company when you use the word “clucking” in this manner. It eludes to the similarly sounding (and often used, unfortunately) word that begins with an “f”. Why else would it be used this way if not for the fact it sounds like the other word and is likely to gain more attention. Surely your marketing/advertising department could come up with something less offensive and more enticing. Think of our young people who hear these commercials (especially those who are learning how to talk or have speech difficulties) and innocently uses the “f” word when asking for some food from BoJangles. It SOUNDS like that offensive word, thus giving the impression that it’s okay to repeat the “f” word when mimicking the commercial since it was “on TV”. Surely BoJangles doesn’t condone offensive language, and while you’re not responsible for the language the general public uses, advertising your product in this manner surely leads one to think you do. Won’t you please reconsider your publication/use of this particular commercial and change it for something that shows the BoJangles’ more respectful style of advertising? I like your product and your advertising has been respectful up ’til now, but not this particular method for selling it. Thank you for your sincere consideration.

    • Kay alabama says:


  • Nick Steen says:

    I find your ad with the grandmother saying “clucking” good to be offensive and contributing to the breakdown of our language as a major contributor to our culture. We all know what you are sayning and it is not funny. It contributes to the decline of our culture. Not funny!

  • Melissa says:

    Bob angles at 7830 Whitehorse rd in Greenville sc served me a raw biscuit. All I ordered was a bacon biscuit, I took a bite and the dough was still wet and stretchy. I pulled around to let them know and was told that there wasn’t anything wrong with it and that all the biscuits were that way. I explained to them that it was not cooked and tried to have them look at it. They refused and reluctantly said they would make me another if I felt like waiting. Very nasty attitudes. I was very polite and only asked if I could have one that was fully cooked. Every time I come here there seems to be a problem and the staff never seem to care.

  • Ms Boone says:

    There was a dirty, rusty stick in my fries at the Oxon Hill, Maryland location. Please contact me ASAP at 301-660-2500.

  • John says:

    I love yall and I have for many years. But this visit to the Dickson, TN location was the most disappointing experiences I’ve ever had at a Bojangles. Aside from the employee that lacked social skills and isn’t familiar with the word, “courtesy”…. welp, here’s the video: https://youtu.be/zNPBXZ3_oTY

  • Lovelessregina855@gmail.com says:

    My name is regina loveless and I understand bojangles on Martha berry is short staffed but every time I go there its something they for get to give me and I often and I always order 2 breast meal with both sides the pinto beans and 2 leg meal and I order 5 chicken tenders for my fur babies and they never give me what I order and today when I went I ordered the same thing but I ordered 2 of the 5 piece chicken tenders and after I ordered it the woman called my order back to me got every thing right but I got up there they gave me my order and I was checking it and they didn’t give me any chicken tenders and I asked about them and they told me they don’t sell just chicken tenders I would have to buy the combos I told since when because I always buy tenders and I told them I wasn’t buying the combo for my dogs just forget and then I didn’t get a biscuit and I went back for my drinks tried calling corporate but closed will u please call me at 706 528 8294

  • Larry Parker says:

    Dined in at the Manning SC. Service was terrible dead flys all in the seats and windows sitting area was filthy and all the employees had a no care attitude. Will definitely not be going back very disappointed in the staff’s attitude and customer service. The whole place is nasty.

  • Lisa says:

    The bojangles in Oxon Hill, MD is participating in fraudulent activities…July 20, 2021 around 5:00 am a purchase was made on my card!!!!..I did not purchase ..store wasn’t open yet…
    The same day a purchase was also made on my husband’s card from same location around same time…he did purchase nor was the store open..
    Our cards were not lost or stolen so in order to participate in such scandalous activities in must have come from a person who has access to credit card activities….
    Please purchase with cash when coming to this location!!!

  • Toni says:

    Bojangles on GATECITY Blvd in Greensboro NC has THE ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I WILL NEVER RETURN. This is the second time I’ve went and been treated poorly

  • Irritated says:

    Bojangles ravenel sc #1291 store manager is very cocky and arrogant. My order was messed up and I was nice about it. She said I ordered something I didn’t order to prove her right. I watched her with other customers she never smiles and she NOT look at the customer when taking orders. She just throws the bag at them. She makes the company look horrible and she doesn’t intend to change ever

  • William says:

    Went to Bojangles in Elberton, Ga. today, 07/15/21, at 11:45AM. No chicken. Having to wait awhile for them to cook more. Dining room is filthy. Trash all over the floor and tables not cleaned.

  • Never again says:

    I was in the drive thru for a good 30 minutes. What happened to having people pull forward that have large orders? I’m thinking its because no one wanted to walk out to the car? The chicken was old and dry I will never go there again.
    Sr 16 st Augustine fl

  • Dana Query says:

    As a loyal customer (twice a week) of the Fuquay Varina store, it has become necessary to inform you that service and quality needs your attention at this location.
    I order a lot from the drive thru for the family. When I get home there is always an entree or extra menu item missing. I now request that they check the order before I accept it thru the window. This request is met with an attitude and disrespect.
    Today, I received a gravy biscuit order, got home and the biscuit and gravy appeared to have been served to another customer first. The biscuit was torn into pieces (some missing) and there was biscuit pieces in the half full gravy bowl. A truly disgusting experience.
    What’s wrong here ? I have decided not to patronize Bojangles any longer…

  • TJ says:

    My husband and I went through
    the drive-thru of the Oxon Hill, MD Bojangles after a hard long work day on July 7,2021 at 8pm. We wanted a good meal with a few sides. While waiting to pay we noticed a box of food and drink one of the workers had dropped on the floor, masks not covering their nose, no plastic food service gloves were being worn. We ordered a 3piece meal with mashed potatoes and gravy a small green beans and a large dirty rice. Seemed like a simple order. After paying and hearing the jokes and laughter from 3 workers I looked through our order to ensure it was correct. It was partially correct. Instead of receiving mashed potatoes and gravy it was a small dirty rice. My husband asked about the status of the mashed potatoes and then another worker proceeded to try and correct the matter, so we thought. After arriving at home I opened the box pulled out the chicken, biscuit, green beans and started to plate the meal
    I opened the last item and it was only gravy no mashed potatoes, as ordered and then requested twice. I was disappointed and my husband is furious as he treated me to the meal. This is the third one in 3 weeks my meal has been wrong from two different Bojangles locations.

    The second incident occurred last week June 30th at the same Oxon Hill location around 830pm. I ordered the same meal and received a dirty rice instead of mashed potatoes and gravy.

    The first incident occurred on June 23rd at the Marlow Heights, MD location at 815pm. My husband wanted a 3piece meal. We were told while in the drive through that the grill was shut off and there was only wings left. We ordered what we thought was a meal to arrive home with just 3 wings. The workers at both locations have and attitude when a customer tries to seek the correct item, when asked nicely to correct the issue.

    Because we are now dealing with a fourth COVID strain, why are the workers at these two Bojangles locations not wearing a mask properly nor gloves according to CDC guidelines?

    We will no longer be customers of Bojangles due to the lack of respect to us as customers, and the unsanitary conditions while being around our food.

  • Leanne says:

    The bojangles in Elberton Ga closes before 8pm everyday

  • Deondre Woods says:

    Please call me at (843) 230-7561

  • Ray Lacen says:

    To Whom it may concern:
    Greetings I am writing to you today about an issue that is dear to my heart, food insecurity. The national nonprofit food bank network Feeding America estimates that food insecurity affected nearly 1 in 5 North Carolina residents, or 19.3%, in 2020. Food insecurity is expected to affect almost 29% of kids, up from 19% in the state. Obviously with Covid 19 and many citizens losing their jobs those numbers have increased. I run a nonprofit organization “Ray’s The Roof House The Homeless Foundation” in Burlington, NC. We are dedicated to helping the homeless we focus on the 2 main issues faced by those experiencing homelessness, food insecurity and housing. We have joined a program run by The Food Donation connection and organization with an amazing track record. Their program connects restaurants with companies like mine to provide food to the less fortunate. We are currently collecting left over food from Outback Steak House in Burlington and delivering the donated food to 3 organizations in Burlington. The Piedmont Rescue Mission, Family Abuse services and Trinity Worship Center, my Church. The program is simple it doesn’t cost you anything and your donations can used as tax write offs. All your staff needs do differently is at the end of your restaurant’s day is instead of throwing your left-over food into dumpsters. You place the food in plastic bags that are provided to you by FDC and place the food in your freezer. We schedule pickups with you on the days & times that are most convenient for you. We pick up the food and deliver it the organizations we are helping. It really is a win, win for all parties involved. I have tried repeatedly to get the 2 Bojangles stores in Burlington, the Whitsett, Graham & Mebane stores to participate with no luck. I have spoken to many of the employees at those locations, and they confirmed that a lot of food is being thrown away on a daily basis. What’s been really frustrating is that is that every store manager I have spoken to has passed the buck saying they can’t authorize participation or tell even tell me who can authorize it. I was finally able to get the contact info for a District manager Mr. Wendell Sconiers, Jr (336 944 4681). However, after over 3 months of calling and sending him text messages with details & the videos attached to this email about the program and food waste he has not responded. Our community supports Bojangles in a big way it would be a socially responsible act on the part of Bojangles to join this program and give back to the less fortunate in our community. Whether or not you decide to participate I would really appreciate to opportunity to discuss this matter with a decision maker. FYI just about every other major restaurant chain participates in this program. Below is a screen shot from The Food Donation Connection’s website of the participants in the program. Why not add Bojangles to the list?

    This is a link to FDC website- foodtodonate.com

    Food Donation Connection provides an alternative to discarding surplus wholesome food by linking food service donors with surplus food to local hunger relief agencies. We do this by creating and maintaining an efficient communication and reporting network that links available sources of food to those in need through these existing charitable organizations.

    This video explains how the program works – https://vimeo.com/294227903

    This is a video about food waste – https://youtu.be/g3VtpgzNMIE

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing back from someone who can make a decision or can direct me to the person I need to speak to.

    Ray Lacen – Founder of
    Ray’s The Roof House

    The Homeless Foundation


    919 440 1493

    PS all the contact emails on the internet bounce back that is why I posted this here.

  • Robert says:

    We went through the drive thru in Easley, SC. June 17, 9:42 Am. The person in front of us paid for our meal and the young lady working the drive thru charged us again. She got caught because the person paying was a relative of ours. Paying for others meals happens a lot at this location and if there is a dishonest person working the drive thru the true intention is lost.

  • Amy says:

    Tried to go into the bojangles in Roanoke Rapids NC, sign out front said the lobby was open. At 1:00 pm on 6/14/2021 both entry doors were locked, therefore we were unable to go in. It took over an hour to get through the drive thru line, get help here or close this place down.

  • Ms. Smith says:

    On June 11th at approximately 1:30pm (lunchtime)I visited the Bojangles restaurant in Covington, GA on Hwy 278 drive thru.

    Because you advertise ALL DAY breakfast, I was ordering a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit meal. But the cashier chimed in “we outta bacon & we outta steak”.

    I’m thinking to myself ‘it’s only 1:30 & you’re already out of items?”

    Then I changed my order to 2 chicken supreme meals. Again she chimed in “we outta supremes too”!.

    At this point I asked, ‘why are y’all open’? And HER response was “Ion even know, you gotta take that with somebody else”.

    At this point I’m surprised by the partial menu but even MORE at the unprofessionalism and flippancy of this cashier. I asked where her manager was and she replied “she right here”!

    I asked for her manager’s name & she said Kayla or Kaylie. I then told her “you need some real customer service training”, which she replies “ok ma’am”.

    This store seems to need more things than I care to list. But if these things aren’t corrected, you’re going to lose customers, QUICKLY. But the empty parking lot was an indication that this may already be happening.

    And if the manager was allowing this cashier’s reckless mouth to progress with a customer (I could’ve been a corporate visitor), she needs to be removed from the management team!!!

  • Mary Pittman says:

    What has happened to the cinnamon biscuit. It used to be flattened with a hole on top to hold cinnamon and sugar. Now it is to fat to much biscuit in portion to sugar quantity. Ugh! Put it back!

  • Drea Ravenshaw says:

    Stan Seymour, owner of many of the Roanoke VA chains, is currently bullying our local SWVA Wildlife Center with baseless lawsuits to try and get them out of business simply because he’s greedy. This wildlife center is run mostly by volunteers and has the right to run their business on their land. Seymour has started a total of 4 lawsuits, 3 of which have failed and 1 which has just started, to try and dismantle the wildlife center. He is a bad character and is known throughout the area as an animal hating, greedy bully. He gives Bojangles a bad name and is the main reason so many people have stopped supporting the Bojangles locations which he owns (which I believe is a whopping 8 of them?). Bojangles would get so much support back and make much more money if they got this greedy nasty old man out of there and got someone more compassionate and of better character in to run these places! Until then, people will continue to spread the word to boycott Bojangles because of Stan Seymour and his cruel and heartless actions. Keeping someone like this employed as an owner reflects very badly on your business!

  • To the Manore Bojangles on Andy Griffith Parkway had to wait 30 minutes through the drive-through then we got through I got ordered for biscuits only got two had to go back and then they don’t even give you a receipt poor poor poorBonnie Bowman says:

    Went toTo the Manore Bojangles on Andy Griffith Parkway had to wait 30 minutes through the drive-through then we got through I got ordered for biscuits only got two had to go back and then they don’t even give you a receipt poor poor poor

  • Mitch duren says:

    Store number 719 in Durham nc 27703, on many of occasions I’ve waited in the drive Thur..10 or 15 min past there time to be open ,which is 530 am ,,that’s a joke ,they are never open at 530 dine in or drive Thur ,,,,

  • Alton Reeves says:


    Outstanding Customer Service

    Dear Management,

    Bojangles, SW Crain Hwy, Upper Marlboro
    7571 SW Crain HwyUpper Marlboro, MD 20772
    Main Number
    (301) 952-9322
    Restaurant #650

    I wish to acknowledge the professional service provided by Harun a manager and an excellent employee. The customer service he provided on Saturday, 04/10/2021 requires recognition. No one worked as diligently to assure that the service received was done correctly as this employee.

    Harun’s professionalism and demeanor are always caring, impressive and he did everything to make sure all my questions were addressed with my order. This personal experience of this ONE employee out weighted any customer service I have ever received. This was based on his broad knowledge and so much more. I will rate him over a 10 plus on any survey on him personally.

    We’ve all had terrible customer service experiences. Personally, when I have an option to change service providers based on receiving poor customer service, I give the company one or more opportunities to make it up before I sever all ties with them and look for an alternative. It’s incredibly important to listen to what an individual is saying to you. Listen objectively and ask questions to get to the core of the customer’s concerns, so that they can be helped quickly and efficiently. He did his job with the utmost professionalism and outstanding customer service. I share this with you and hope you make sure he becomes aware of my appreciation.

    The result of his work ethic has prompted me to express to everyone how Bojangles has an employee that sets the bar high for everything needed. As a customer, I felt it imperative to share this experience with you personally based on his outstanding customer service.


    Alton Reeves

    Best regards,

    Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

  • Renee says:

    Why do the employees use the same gloves to collect money and fix customers food. This is so not clean. After seeing the cashier do this it is hard to eat at your place of business.

  • Mark Clark says:

    Dear Mr. Randy:

    I have another complaint for store #1247, and tonight’s check number is 30263. I haven’t visited this location in 6 months and the order was wrong again. Today, I ordered two meals, two piece 2 breasts. I got a breast and a wing in both and not a biscuit in either meal, something you advertise the heck out of. Further, I ordered two sides with each meals, two Mac & cheese, and 1 with dirty rise, the second meal was supposed have mashed potatoes but had dirty rise instead. In addition, I had to ask for a receipt that I had to wait to for the attendant to print, it should be automatic! I don’t want the local store, the corporation should care about a positive experience and ensure it happens. Complaints to the local franchise never hit corporates radar. Note the receipt has no information for feedback because apparently you don’t want to know! Getting an order correct in a drive thru is not rocket science but apparently impossible for the fast food industry and not exclusive to Bojangles. I don’t expect to have to search the bag to verify that the order was correct in a drive thru. People want fast food, not a hassle and I’m not after a coupon or free food, I just want what I ordered! If your the interim CEO, you need to change your customer service practices immediately if you want to remain CEO! This comes from a person who has been a CEO for several companies. Please improve your feedback methods to improve customer satisfaction. I shouldn’t need to waste my time to search for a way to provide feedback out of frustration. Lastly, Twitter won’t let me post this messages and another red flag for customer feedback.

  • joe blow says:

    I have a complaint for the Bojangles in Lewisville NC Store #553. There’s a shift leader there, she wears a rag on her head and she is an african american with a bad attitude and talks down to the crew members and I heard her talk bad about the General Manager. She needs to go or I will not be back.

  • Sherry Carrasco says:

    I have a idea for the best chicken sandwich around. I believe that it will make millions for your franchise! I also have a pitch to go along with it. If you are interested in my idea please reach me at feathers672002@yahoo.com

  • kela anderson says:

    My name is Kela Anderson I am a shift manager at bojanlges at 7830 white horse rd greenville sc ,29611 store 917. I am on here to inform the company of things that is going on at this location. The general manager Julius Lucky has been accusing me if stealing money put will not show me anything to proof the allegations and have been slandering my name. Also the general manager Julius Lucky and assistant manager Linda Brown allow employees to smoke weed on the job, put there is not smoke allowed on the location. I need to know if there is a way this can be resolved. Please if you can get in touch with me at kelaanderson15@icloud.com thank you

  • Perry says:

    False advertisement

  • concerned parent says:

    I will never come back to the bojangles located on 20 raiford drive concord nc, they have the rudest people in the morning working the windows , you have a bunch of teenagers who this may be there first job but u guys have no idea how to TREAT your EMPLOYEES.. i have a child that worked for bojangles who told me the GM and ASSistant Manager yell in front of other employees make them get on there hands and knees and work them like dogs while they sit on there butts and do nothing. there employees go home crying because of how they are treated. ur food aint that good and ur all about making money while ur deserving employees make little money..u should be ashamed. screw yall…….

  • La Tasha Cook-Page says:

    I will never spend money with BoJangles ever again. Today I asked which drink was unsweet tea in the drive at your store in Roebuck, SC because no Tabs were pushed in. The response I got was why don’t you check and taste them. The service at this store has went downhill and is truly some of the sorriest I’ve ever seen.

  • Nicola says:

    I would truly love to talk to with someone about the way my 16 year old son has been treated and even had a person who is trying to become a manager tell him she was going to slap the shit out of him while working at Bojangles. My son has come home in tears and has reported the way he’s being treated to his manager and nothing has been done. Instead she proceeds to punish him by sending him home early. He was recently burned at work by boiling hot water, there response was that they didn’t have any burn cream so he needed to go home. My son is 16 years old and being treated very badly. They did not even do an accident report until today. I’m his mother and can’t for the life of me understand why I was not contacted when my son was injured at work. He is a minor! I’m seriously considering pressing charges on this women for threatening a child. He even apologized for the situation that took place. I am very disappointed in the way he has been treated . I will be bringing this as far as I can. This women has not even tried to talk to him. Instead when he asks a question she completely ignores him. Now I have a child who does not want to go to work. He’s begged me to let him quit, but I am pushing him to stay because I want this handled correctly. and he should never leave a job because he’s worried of being fired for sticking up for himself. This is taking place at the Newport NC Bojangles.

  • Cameron Stephenson says:

    Creedmoor, NC Bojangles. My 13 year old daughter and I rushed in this week to grab her something to snack on as the drive through was packed. This was a dine in location with over 12 people laughing and eating their food. No masks. I and my daughter were harassed, chanted at and laughed at because we hadn’t a mask on. The manager even came out and was disrespectful and even came close, took off the mask and leaned in to tell me that we’re not welcome because we’re not in masks. The whole situation was horrific and myself and my daughter never deserved the complete disrespect and vile behavior that the staff there presented. A place we’d visited for 9 years. Awaiting a response to the subject and lawyers on standby.

  • Julie says:

    Yesterday I placed a big order for our local police & fire department – the lady asked if I was having a party and I told her I wanted to do something special for our PD & FD – I placed this order on the phone two hours before pickup. When I got there not only it wasn’t ready but she said all they had were wings. I asked for the manager – it wasn’t pretty. Manager told me to pull up and they’d get more chicken ready for me in 7 minutes. 15 minutes later a guy comes out and tells me it’s $60.10 – I gave him exact change and he looked at it, nodded his head and went inside. Came out and said I was short $10 had to ask for the manager again – it wasn’t pretty. Finally several small boxes inside a large box so it was not easy to check the order. I will never shop at Bojangles again and neither will our PD & FD.

  • Ralph Allen says:

    Why is the ham sliced so thin? I can see the shadow of my fingers moving behind the ham slice when I hold the slice up too the light.

  • Jay, Richmond va says:

    In line for the drive thru when an employee came out in front of the store. The employee was absolutely filthy head to toe and it was not flour or casual dirty clothing. The employes was smoking and spitting on the side walk entrance. That scene alone changed my mind about wanting to eat there. The employee was just nasty. Henrico County, Richmond Va. 23223 On the corner of Nine Mile Rd and Laburnam ave.

  • D.E.Coleman says:

    Please put all of us out of our collective misery and close down the location in LaFayette Ga. We had great expectations when we heard a number of years ago that Bojangles was coming to our community. HORRIBLE grand opening (employees all walked out)..!! Closed for a week or so to re- group, but has continued to be painfully awful. CLOSE IT. SHUT IT DOWN. GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A CHANCE… OR. Get some talent in there that can run the operation. You’re an embarrassment..!!!

  • Mike Moss says:

    Dear Bojangles,
    I have been a devoted customer to Bojangles for so many years I can’t remember. I met my wife at the West Columbia SC store located on Sunset Blvd. five years ago. I have fond memories of the old store there. Hated to see it close but I understand the reason for improvements. My wife was an employee for you all for almost 10 years so I have felt close to the family of Bojangles for a long time.
    Recently I have been very disappointed in the service that I have received from the 7339 Broad River Store team. There seems to be a problem with their service and the attitude of the employees. Lately I have had to wait forever when I am at the drive through just to get someone to acknowledge that I am there. Most of the time there is only two people working there and I know that this can have an impact on fast service. But today was the straw that broke the camels back.
    When I arrived at the drive through, usually about 6:15-:30 am, I never had a response from the inside staff. I had to drive up to the window and wait about 5 minutes before I saw anyone in the store. I asked for the gravy biscuit with two eggs. When I received my order, the box was turned sideways in the bag and the gravy was dripping out of the box. Aggravated I took the order and left for work about two blocks away. When I reached into the bag, most of the gravy had spilled out and was a total mess.
    Is this what it’s coming to? I quit going to Hardees because of their sorry service years ago and started dealing with Bojangles. Now it seems that this store is becoming like Hardees. If I ask for extra ice in my sweet tea, doesn’t happen. Sometimes I get unsweetened tea when I asked for sweet tea. Sometimes the eggs are burnt and hard instead of fluffy. I have even had the cook put the eggs separate from the gravy biscuit in another box instead of being together.
    I do not want to start going to the M place. I have never been a big fan of anything that they prepare. The Bojangles breakfast food and menu is the best in the business as far as I am concerned.
    Please steer these people in the right direction like it used to be. I know that good help is hard to find but surely there is someone out there that gives a damn about their job, the company and how to take care of the customer.
    I appreciate the fact that nearly all of the Bojangles that I visit are clean and the service team members make me feel that they are happy that I attended their store. I travel most of the time throughout SC,NC,GA, and Fla. At each place I stay, sometimes for weeks on end, I always eat a a Bojangles if one is in town. Again, your company is the best at all fixings and I really enjoy the flavor of your chicken and fixings. I know that the Broad River store can do better. It has in the past.
    Mike Moss
    Lexington, SC


    Your place on ROCKY RIVER ROAD in HARRISBURG, NC should be shut down for posting that sign in the front window…NO TRUMP HATS OR SHIRTS ALLOWED IN THE STORE…YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE…

  • Derald McMillan says:

    Debra said how I also feel. I feel we deserve a reply from the corporate office as to how you feel about this store, do you condone the sign?, and what you are doing about this discrimination??? I have a store less than two miles from my home. Do I and others need to boycott your stores?

  • dan says:

    I have had lunch at your restaurant at least twice a week for several years. I have spent my last dime with you. My father put in the kitchens at many of your Nashville locations. he will no longer do business with you in any way shape of form. You really should fire any and everyone that had anything to do with the lock out of my felloe TRUMP supporters. What a mean and stupid thing to do. May your entire business fail miserably over this.

  • Debra says:

    Dear Sirs: I am appalled at the actions of your store at 9501 Stafford Rd, Charlotte, NC. This are a form of discrimination that should not be allowed and is the antithesis of a positive business relation in the community. Those involved should be reprimanded by the loss of their position, otherwise there will be a boycott of all your restaurants. This form of hatred cannot be brushed aside or condoned.

  • sac neal says:

    bo, i have eaten my last chicken leg, you dont need my business when your store locked us out after watching president trump , karma hurts
    thank you for nothing

  • Pattie Scott says:

    I stop at Bojangles on Peters Creek Road in Roanoke Va on 11/13/19, I handed my card to the employee at the window. Another person gave me my food and the other person walk away from the window with my card. I had to tell the another person that the another employee had my card, so he had to go in the back and get my card. I do not feel comfortable about what happen, he had plenty of time to take a picture of my card. When I call about the issue and spoke to Chris who said he was a manager he hung up on me. Not very professional if he is a manager. They said it was a accident that he forgot to give me my card.
    I really find that hard to believe when he had it in is hand.

  • Wayne Fuller says:

    We stopped at the Bojangles in Marshville N. C. on October 28, 2019 at approximately 9:30 A.M. The restrooms were so NASTY. It was very evident that the floor had not been moped in days and the rest had not been cleaned in a long time. The lavatory in the mens room was black with dirty grime. If the health inspector had came and done a inspection he/she would have shut the place down.

  • Robert Culler says:

    No I do not to share this post with friends.

  • Robert Culler says:

    I would like to say that I love eating at Bojangles #734 in Archdale, NC. It is always clean and the service is GREAT. It also has a great manger, he always checks to see if you are doing ok. When we travel we stop at a Bojangles. The reason for this
    e-mail is the cars go way to fast in the parking lot. It would be nice to have two speed bumps. One on each side of the building. I know it will cost a lot but the safety would be worth it. Maybe some of the other stores are having the same thing going on.

  • Jim Austin says:

    If I have an idea for new menu items for Bo Jangle’s, would you be interested & if the item is added to the menu, would I be compensated?

  • beyond mad says:

    Bojangles is the worse company when it comes to giving you W2 forms! I have been trying for almost a month now and guess what nothing! So be prepared when its tax time for a wait because they don’t care about their people. How about you care about your people the way you care about money!


    Hi I had written you a couple of weeks ago about a bojangles coming to winnsboro, s.c. . I am giving you an update now that we have a new industry coming in burger king is now going to build not a mile from my property that i spoke with you about having for sale. please consider this and have someone call me i want bojangles to have a part in fairfield county as i think it would do very well thanks again david williams 803-318-9938

  • >