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  • Address: 9432 Southern Pine Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, USA
  • Phone Number: 704-527-2675
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 3,000+
  • Established: 1977
  • Founder: Jack Fulk & Richard Thomas
  • Key People: James Randy Kibler (Interim CEO, Interim President & Director)

Bojangles Headquarters Location & Directions

Bojangles Headquarters Executive Team



James Randy Kibler

Interim CEO, Interim President & Director

M. John Jordan

Senior VP of Finance, CFO & Treasurer

Jayson Romeo

Chief of Staff and Vice President

About Bojangles, History and Headquarters Information


Bojangles was founded in the year 1977. The company has been active for over 40 years now. The founders of the company were Richard Thomas and Jack Fulk. The main aim of the company was to sell various kinds of fried chicken, sweet tea, biscuits, rice, beans, etcetera. In the year 1981, the business was taken over by Horn & Hardart Company. During that time, the company had a chain of 335 restaurants under its name.

Then in the year 1990, the company was again sold to Sienna Partners and Interwest Partners. The company also planned to do an IPO or Initial Public Offering in the year 1994. The company opened its first store within the campus of a college, in the year 2005. In the year 2012, the company started sponsoring the NASCAR race Bojangles Southern 500. By the year 2014, the company opened its 600th store. Then in the year 2015, the company finally became a public limited company, through an IPO.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is situated at 9432 Southern Pine Boulevard. The name of the place is Charlotte, while the name of the state is North Carolina. The pin code of the area is 28273.


Bojangles is a restaurant based in America which focuses on providing various types of food products to its customers, including biscuits, chicken, tea, and a lot more as well. The current CEO of the company is Jose Armario. As of the current date, the company has over 766 stores under its name. The company was also listed on the Fastest Growing Companies of America list, of which the ranking was at 4985 out of 5000.


The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence to experience a restaurant like fast food, like southern fried chicken and chicken that is fried and spicy as well. The company also sells beverages like sweet tea, snacks like biscuits and even other types of simple food as well, like beans and rice.

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  • concerned parent says:

    I will never come back to the bojangles located on 20 raiford drive concord nc, they have the rudest people in the morning working the windows , you have a bunch of teenagers who this may be there first job but u guys have no idea how to TREAT your EMPLOYEES.. i have a child that worked for bojangles who told me the GM and ASSistant Manager yell in front of other employees make them get on there hands and knees and work them like dogs while they sit on there butts and do nothing. there employees go home crying because of how they are treated. ur food aint that good and ur all about making money while ur deserving employees make little money..u should be ashamed. screw yall…….

  • La Tasha Cook-Page says:

    I will never spend money with BoJangles ever again. Today I asked which drink was unsweet tea in the drive at your store in Roebuck, SC because no Tabs were pushed in. The response I got was why don’t you check and taste them. The service at this store has went downhill and is truly some of the sorriest I’ve ever seen.

  • Nicola says:

    I would truly love to talk to with someone about the way my 16 year old son has been treated and even had a person who is trying to become a manager tell him she was going to slap the shit out of him while working at Bojangles. My son has come home in tears and has reported the way he’s being treated to his manager and nothing has been done. Instead she proceeds to punish him by sending him home early. He was recently burned at work by boiling hot water, there response was that they didn’t have any burn cream so he needed to go home. My son is 16 years old and being treated very badly. They did not even do an accident report until today. I’m his mother and can’t for the life of me understand why I was not contacted when my son was injured at work. He is a minor! I’m seriously considering pressing charges on this women for threatening a child. He even apologized for the situation that took place. I am very disappointed in the way he has been treated . I will be bringing this as far as I can. This women has not even tried to talk to him. Instead when he asks a question she completely ignores him. Now I have a child who does not want to go to work. He’s begged me to let him quit, but I am pushing him to stay because I want this handled correctly. and he should never leave a job because he’s worried of being fired for sticking up for himself. This is taking place at the Newport NC Bojangles.

  • Cameron Stephenson says:

    Creedmoor, NC Bojangles. My 13 year old daughter and I rushed in this week to grab her something to snack on as the drive through was packed. This was a dine in location with over 12 people laughing and eating their food. No masks. I and my daughter were harassed, chanted at and laughed at because we hadn’t a mask on. The manager even came out and was disrespectful and even came close, took off the mask and leaned in to tell me that we’re not welcome because we’re not in masks. The whole situation was horrific and myself and my daughter never deserved the complete disrespect and vile behavior that the staff there presented. A place we’d visited for 9 years. Awaiting a response to the subject and lawyers on standby.

  • Julie says:

    Yesterday I placed a big order for our local police & fire department – the lady asked if I was having a party and I told her I wanted to do something special for our PD & FD – I placed this order on the phone two hours before pickup. When I got there not only it wasn’t ready but she said all they had were wings. I asked for the manager – it wasn’t pretty. Manager told me to pull up and they’d get more chicken ready for me in 7 minutes. 15 minutes later a guy comes out and tells me it’s $60.10 – I gave him exact change and he looked at it, nodded his head and went inside. Came out and said I was short $10 had to ask for the manager again – it wasn’t pretty. Finally several small boxes inside a large box so it was not easy to check the order. I will never shop at Bojangles again and neither will our PD & FD.

  • Ralph Allen says:

    Why is the ham sliced so thin? I can see the shadow of my fingers moving behind the ham slice when I hold the slice up too the light.

  • Jay, Richmond va says:

    In line for the drive thru when an employee came out in front of the store. The employee was absolutely filthy head to toe and it was not flour or casual dirty clothing. The employes was smoking and spitting on the side walk entrance. That scene alone changed my mind about wanting to eat there. The employee was just nasty. Henrico County, Richmond Va. 23223 On the corner of Nine Mile Rd and Laburnam ave.

  • D.E.Coleman says:

    Please put all of us out of our collective misery and close down the location in LaFayette Ga. We had great expectations when we heard a number of years ago that Bojangles was coming to our community. HORRIBLE grand opening (employees all walked out)..!! Closed for a week or so to re- group, but has continued to be painfully awful. CLOSE IT. SHUT IT DOWN. GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A CHANCE… OR. Get some talent in there that can run the operation. You’re an embarrassment..!!!

  • Mike Moss says:

    Dear Bojangles,
    I have been a devoted customer to Bojangles for so many years I can’t remember. I met my wife at the West Columbia SC store located on Sunset Blvd. five years ago. I have fond memories of the old store there. Hated to see it close but I understand the reason for improvements. My wife was an employee for you all for almost 10 years so I have felt close to the family of Bojangles for a long time.
    Recently I have been very disappointed in the service that I have received from the 7339 Broad River Store team. There seems to be a problem with their service and the attitude of the employees. Lately I have had to wait forever when I am at the drive through just to get someone to acknowledge that I am there. Most of the time there is only two people working there and I know that this can have an impact on fast service. But today was the straw that broke the camels back.
    When I arrived at the drive through, usually about 6:15-:30 am, I never had a response from the inside staff. I had to drive up to the window and wait about 5 minutes before I saw anyone in the store. I asked for the gravy biscuit with two eggs. When I received my order, the box was turned sideways in the bag and the gravy was dripping out of the box. Aggravated I took the order and left for work about two blocks away. When I reached into the bag, most of the gravy had spilled out and was a total mess.
    Is this what it’s coming to? I quit going to Hardees because of their sorry service years ago and started dealing with Bojangles. Now it seems that this store is becoming like Hardees. If I ask for extra ice in my sweet tea, doesn’t happen. Sometimes I get unsweetened tea when I asked for sweet tea. Sometimes the eggs are burnt and hard instead of fluffy. I have even had the cook put the eggs separate from the gravy biscuit in another box instead of being together.
    I do not want to start going to the M place. I have never been a big fan of anything that they prepare. The Bojangles breakfast food and menu is the best in the business as far as I am concerned.
    Please steer these people in the right direction like it used to be. I know that good help is hard to find but surely there is someone out there that gives a damn about their job, the company and how to take care of the customer.
    I appreciate the fact that nearly all of the Bojangles that I visit are clean and the service team members make me feel that they are happy that I attended their store. I travel most of the time throughout SC,NC,GA, and Fla. At each place I stay, sometimes for weeks on end, I always eat a a Bojangles if one is in town. Again, your company is the best at all fixings and I really enjoy the flavor of your chicken and fixings. I know that the Broad River store can do better. It has in the past.
    Mike Moss
    Lexington, SC


    Your place on ROCKY RIVER ROAD in HARRISBURG, NC should be shut down for posting that sign in the front window…NO TRUMP HATS OR SHIRTS ALLOWED IN THE STORE…YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE…

  • Derald McMillan says:

    Debra said how I also feel. I feel we deserve a reply from the corporate office as to how you feel about this store, do you condone the sign?, and what you are doing about this discrimination??? I have a store less than two miles from my home. Do I and others need to boycott your stores?

  • dan says:

    I have had lunch at your restaurant at least twice a week for several years. I have spent my last dime with you. My father put in the kitchens at many of your Nashville locations. he will no longer do business with you in any way shape of form. You really should fire any and everyone that had anything to do with the lock out of my felloe TRUMP supporters. What a mean and stupid thing to do. May your entire business fail miserably over this.

  • Debra says:

    Dear Sirs: I am appalled at the actions of your store at 9501 Stafford Rd, Charlotte, NC. This are a form of discrimination that should not be allowed and is the antithesis of a positive business relation in the community. Those involved should be reprimanded by the loss of their position, otherwise there will be a boycott of all your restaurants. This form of hatred cannot be brushed aside or condoned.

  • sac neal says:

    bo, i have eaten my last chicken leg, you dont need my business when your store locked us out after watching president trump , karma hurts
    thank you for nothing

  • Pattie Scott says:

    I stop at Bojangles on Peters Creek Road in Roanoke Va on 11/13/19, I handed my card to the employee at the window. Another person gave me my food and the other person walk away from the window with my card. I had to tell the another person that the another employee had my card, so he had to go in the back and get my card. I do not feel comfortable about what happen, he had plenty of time to take a picture of my card. When I call about the issue and spoke to Chris who said he was a manager he hung up on me. Not very professional if he is a manager. They said it was a accident that he forgot to give me my card.
    I really find that hard to believe when he had it in is hand.

  • Wayne Fuller says:

    We stopped at the Bojangles in Marshville N. C. on October 28, 2019 at approximately 9:30 A.M. The restrooms were so NASTY. It was very evident that the floor had not been moped in days and the rest had not been cleaned in a long time. The lavatory in the mens room was black with dirty grime. If the health inspector had came and done a inspection he/she would have shut the place down.

  • Robert Culler says:

    No I do not to share this post with friends.

  • Robert Culler says:

    I would like to say that I love eating at Bojangles #734 in Archdale, NC. It is always clean and the service is GREAT. It also has a great manger, he always checks to see if you are doing ok. When we travel we stop at a Bojangles. The reason for this
    e-mail is the cars go way to fast in the parking lot. It would be nice to have two speed bumps. One on each side of the building. I know it will cost a lot but the safety would be worth it. Maybe some of the other stores are having the same thing going on.

  • Jim Austin says:

    If I have an idea for new menu items for Bo Jangle’s, would you be interested & if the item is added to the menu, would I be compensated?

  • beyond mad says:

    Bojangles is the worse company when it comes to giving you W2 forms! I have been trying for almost a month now and guess what nothing! So be prepared when its tax time for a wait because they don’t care about their people. How about you care about your people the way you care about money!


    Hi I had written you a couple of weeks ago about a bojangles coming to winnsboro, s.c. . I am giving you an update now that we have a new industry coming in burger king is now going to build not a mile from my property that i spoke with you about having for sale. please consider this and have someone call me i want bojangles to have a part in fairfield county as i think it would do very well thanks again david williams 803-318-9938

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