Where Is Boeing Corporate Office Headquarters

Boeing Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 100 North Riverside, Chicago, IL 60606, USA
  • Phone Number:  +1 312-544-2000
  • Email: charles.n.bickers@boeing.com
  • Number of Employees: 153,000
  • Established: July 15, 1916
  • Founder: William Boeing
  • Key People: Dennis Muilenburg, Bertrand-Marc Allen

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Boeing Headquarters Contact Info

A question that often pops up in everyone’s mind is that how the life would be like if the airplane had not been invented? Have you ever wondered how would you travel the world if there were no airplanes? How would we war without our fighter jets? Have you thought about the duration of a tedious journey by a ship when you have to travel from one continent to another? There was a time when the idea of flying seemed to be crazy and risky. The launch of the first Boeing plane, called the B&W, with a single-engine and two-seat seaplane changed the perspective of the world. For Boeing, building a plane was all about their service for the public. Just as the Boeing airplanes made the transportation and travelling easier, now it is easy to reach the Boeing headquarters via mail or phone.

Boeing Headquarters Address-

100 North Riverside,

Chicago, IL 60606,


Phone Number- +1 312-544-2000

Fax Number- (202) 358-4338

Email- charles.n.bickers@boeing.com

Website- https://www.boeing.com/

Boeing Headquarters Info & Photos

Boeing was founded on July 15, 1916 in the headquarters at Seattle. The company decided to move its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago on September 4, 2001. Chicago was preferred respect to Seattle because of being a central spot to all Boeing operating units, customer services and financial operations. The Boeing international HQ is located in the near west side of Chicago. It is a 36-floor skyscraper with a height of approximately 170 meters. It has a gigantic floor space of 770,300 square feet with 435 parking spaces. There is a 6-level parking garage at the south wing of the Boeing headquarters. The building flaunts one of the highest clock towers of the United States. Other than the headquarters at Chicago, Boeing has offices at other 64 different locations which are spread out across 22 countries.

Boeing Corporate Office Photo

Boeing Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1301 Southwest 16th Street Renton, WA 98055 USA


United States

6601 NW 36th Street Miami, FL 33166-6922 USA



Aerolineas Argentinas S.A. Planta Industrial Ezeiza Buenos Aires, CP 1802 Argentina


United Kingdom

Crawley Business Quarter Manor Royal Crawley, West Sussex RH10 9AD, United Kingdom



Boeing Flight Training and Research Center, Sikorsky Street 15, Territory of Skolkovo Innovation Center, 143026, Moscow, Russian Federation

Boeing Headquarters Executive Team

Dennis Muilenburg

President, CEO, Director

Dennis A. Muilenburg is the president and chief executive officer of the Boeing company. In the year 2016, he was announced to be the chairman of the Boeing company. Within a month, he became the chairman of the board of directors at Boeing.

Bertrand-Marc Allen

Senior Vice President

Bertrand-Marc Allen is the senior vice president at Boeing. He is also a member of the Boeing’s executive council. He reports to the chairman and CEO of the company. The company’s international strategy and operations also come under his jurisdiction.

Michael Arthur

Senior Vice President

On April 22,2019 Michael Arthur became the senior vice president and president of Boeing International. He is also a member of the Boeing executive council. His responsibilities include directing the company’s growth and productivity.



Ted Colbert

CEO of Boeing Global Services

Heidi Capozzi

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, the Boeing Compan

Greg Hyslop

Chief Engineer, The Boeing Company Senior Vice President, Engineering, Test & Technology

Leanne Caret

Executive Vice President, the Boeing Company President, and Chief Executive Officer, Defense, Space & Security

About Boeing


Over the last century, Boeing has made an impossible journey to the possible. William Edward Boeing was the man behind this success. The company started with producing a single engine wooden carved airplane and it was evolved to become the world’s largest aerospace organization. With each passing year, Boeing has crossed and touched a new milestone.

At the time of the beginning of World War I, Boeing built 56 model C training airplanes out of which 55 were sent to the Navy. After the World War I, the orders for more airplanes was halted and the company struggled to survive. 

In the year 1919, the first International airmail carrying became an accomplishment. 

Today, Boeing bestows us with its innovative services in the field of engineering, manufacturing & operations. They cater all across the world for the needs of the governments such as, space and commercial industry.


With an experience of over 100 years, Boeing has brought several groundbreaking solutions to commercial, governmental and space customers.

Boeing is responsible for training and development of the professionals, including pilots, air hostesses & stewards, technicians, operations, and administrative management team.

The missile defense system deployed by Boeing teams provides strategies and plans that are behind the protection of the homeland.

Boeing has a satellite development center, which designs and manufactures many earth-orbiting spacecrafts and satellites.


  • Boeing does not only build helicopters, planes and jets, but it also takes responsibility for designing and manufacturing several aerospace products like satellites.
  • Boeing is currently working on the development of several friendly environmental planes. These planes are being named after the characters of Muppet. They produce less noise and consume less fuel.
  • The Boeing Everett Factory, which is the largest building on Earth, is just like a small city. It has its own fire department, water treatment plant, clinics with the necessary equipment and security forces.
  • It took a team of 50,000 workers, mechanics, engineers, secretaries and administrative officers to turn the Boeing airplane into a reality. 
  • Boeing has an international reputation in about 140 countries and more than 70% of the airplanes all across the world are built by Boeing.
  • According to studies, more than 3.5 billion people have flown via Boeing at some point of time in their lives.
  • Gregory Wood says:

    You guys are BOEING! Why are you wasting money building disposable rocket … anything. SLS makes me very sad because those engines went to space. More than once! Now you all are going to throw them in the ocean.
    Build something reusable. Don’t miss the boat.
    747 best passenger airliners EVER. Sad to see them go…
    SLS should not exist because of scope of waste

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