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Bob’s Discount Furniture Corporate office Headquarters

Bob’s Discount Furniture Headquarters Address and Contact

Bob's Discount Furniture Logo
  • Address: 428 Tolland Turnpike, Manchester, CT 06040, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 860 645 3208

  • Email:
    Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 5,700

  • Established: December 13, 1991

  • Founder: Bob Kaufman & Gene Rosenberg

  • Key People: Edmond (Ted) J. English

Bob’s Discount Furniture Headquarters Location & Directions

Bob’s Discount Furniture Headquarters Executive Team



Edmond (Ted) J. English

Executive Chairman

Bill Barton

President & CEO

Jeremy Aguilar


Stephen Nesle


Michael Hoffman

EVP Marketing

John Weldon


Michael Bob’s Discount Furniture, History and Headquarters Information

This is a furniture store with about 70 stores in its network around the United States. The company was founded in the year 1991 and manages over 4800 employees to date. The total revenue generated annually is about $1.09 billion worth of sales.

Visit the business headquarters in order to learn more on what you need to on their main address 434 Tolland Tpke Manchester, CT, 06042-1765 United States. Customers are also allowed to contact customer care of the business on this (860) 474-1200, number in case of inquiries and complains.

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  • Debrs says:

    Terrible Management at the Bobs in Wharton , NJ Store. I was issued a credit to my account. I had not one but 2 different mattressses sag within months. I was refunded for the first one and they picked it up and replaced it. I then got a refund for the second one and I was NOT going to replace it with another mattress from BOBS so I disposed of it at the landfill figuring one day I’ll buy something. I then went to use the credit on my account for the purchase of a dining room set for another house and after all the paperwork was done and I had the delivery date set, I was telephoned and told they relinquished my credit since I didn’t have the mattress to return. Terrible .

  • Ema says:

    DON’T GO TO BOB’s !!! Horrible experience! Spend your money somewhere else but Bob’s. The Glendale manager Stefanie was very rude and her customer service sucks!
    We bought a bedroom set which we had to exchange the mirror for a nightstand, and this woman made our experience horrible. She mentioned that there is a 3-day return but nowhere in the receipt says that. The only 3-day return policy were accessories like rugs, pillows etc. They lost a great client as we never coming back to this place.

  • AM says:

    Horrible experience this week with a delivery. Mechanisms do t work, customer support useless, store manager kept saying “there is nothing I can do.” The executive team needs to do a much better job handling issues on Bob’s accord in a more timely and professional manner.

  • Karen Farquhar says:

    Hello. I ordered a lift top coffee table from Bob’s . My salesperson was the nicest man ever. I did call the store to tell them about my experience with Zoila, the salesman.
    The delivery people brought my table in, lifted it up, I put it back down and lifted it up and at that point, I asked if the delivery man shouldn’t put some kind of grease on the springs because the table was so hard to get up and down. He said “no” they didn’t do that. He took took a picture of the paperwork and asked for my signature and left. I put all my belongings from my old lift top table into the new one. I went to close it and he wouldn’t go down. I called your store and got all the different operators that work from home…not a good experience!
    I set up a service appointment for today, October 19, 2023. On the 18th of October, Bobs by text let me know that my service would be between 6:45 and 7:30 am!!! I live in a gated community and did not know that no trucks were allowed in before 8 am. I have tried to reschedule with Bobs delivery people all morning….automated stuff does not work for me! Angry that I couldn’t talk to a real person. Finally got a real person, who was difficult to understand as English was not her first language, and now I can’t have an appointment for another week…..that makes two weeks my table has been broken and I can’t put the top down!!!!!!!!! I am VERY UPSET with this company and will do my best to stop people from purchasing anything from them….I certainly will not be a repeat customer. Karen Farquhar, Long Beach store customer.

  • Bruce Cosgrove says:

    I am trying to get someone to reply regarding a damage claim from a delivery on June 30, 2023. I called and sent photos as requested by a store manager: My email to her and a reply.
    I just called for you. They will send you a message.

    I was wanting to know if there is any update on the damage that was caused by the delivery. I did get a call from the company that did the delivery when this happened and they said they call me. I have not received a call back from them. It was a holiday weekend and now it has passed.

    The sofa was picked July, 7th.
    On Friday, June 30, 2023 at 05:07:37 PM PDT, Valencia, Cynthia wrote:
    Good Afternoon Bruce

    Today you received a delivery of the Viking sofa and explained a photo framed was knocked off the wall and shattered.

    Could you send me photos of the damages to this email
    Thank You

    Cynthia Valencia
    Assistant Manager
    2650 E Germann Road
    Chandler AZ 85286

    I sent pictures to Cynthia on June 30th @ 5:15pm.

    After no reply and phone calls to a customer service call center that I could not get any answers. I did get a call from Brooks Belhumeur, Retail Assistant Manager – Chandler
    Crossroads Towne Center
    2650 E. Germann Road,
    Chandler AZ 85296.

    I did reply to an email regarding my claim:
    Dear Valued Bob’s Customer,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and notifying us of the damage that allegedly occurred to your property. We are sorry for any damages that we may have caused, as well as for any added inconvenience to you. This was never our intent. Please know that we take these matters seriously, and will forward your information to the necessary parties. You should receive a response within 48 hours. If you do not hear from anyone within 48 hours in regards to this claim, please contact us immediately at 1-800-569-1284 or email us at PropertyClaims @MyBobs.com

    Kind regards,

    Bob’s Property Damage Team

    Still waiting for someone to call or email with a status. The damage happened June 30, 2023 and today is July 19, 2023. Is there anyone who can let me know about this claim? I had to repair a dent in my wall where the sofa smashed into a 36″x26″ picture. If the picture was not there it would have made a hole in the wall of my brand new house I moved into May 26, 2023.
    Please can someone reply? Bob are you reading this? Is this how a first time customer is treated?

  • Asha says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I purchased a desk for my daughter as a Christmas present from Bob’s discount furniture online on 12/04. Upon opening it for my husband to assemble, we found that it was defective and had scratches all over it. I immediately contacted Bob’s to request that they take it back. According to the employee, another department without a phone number handles their online orders and issues. I was told they would send that department an email to request a refund and send me information on how to return it.

    Over the past month, I have called over ten times and been told that someone would contact me. It is now January 13 and I have not heard back from anyone. They continue to inform me that there is nothing they can do for me and I should wait for a telephone call from that department.

    I contacted the corporate office today, January 13, and left a voicemail for

    Bill Barton President & CEO but I have yet to receive a return call.

    I still have the desk in my basement that I am being forced to keep and pay for that I have no use for because it is defective! Not to mention, I have already purchased a new one.

    I am desperately seeking help with this, so I can have this item returned and get my money back.

    Please help me!

  • samantha islaz says:

    tengo 4 meses tratando de que me devuelvan mi dinero tengo recibos de la tienda hoy hablo al banco y dicen que yo no he devuelto los muebles son unos rateros

  • Nazia Rajput says:

    Such a nightmare experience with them. I ordered a bedroom furniture set which took four months for them to full completed delivery of all items. I had to wait the first 2 months wait for the nightstand, dresser and mirror, and the chest to arrive but they were 2 months late in delivering the bed. The nightstand, dresser and mirror, and chest all came wobbly and with lots of dings and then when the bed finally arrived, guess what? It was also messed up and poorly put together. All the drawers on the bed were lopsided and wouldn’t close properly. I wish I could attach pictures. They sent a technician 3 weeks later and he was also rude and I’ll mannered. He was in such a rush to get it over with and didn’t do a proper job in adjusting the bed drawers. I requested him to readjust one of the bed drawers as it was STILL lopsided but he said ” okay this is it, I’ll do one more time and that’s it”. He also didn’t do any paint touch ups either because he said “they didn’t put it in the work order and I have other things to get done, I don’t have a lot of time”. I purchased this bedroom set at their office in New London, CT. Sloppy job Bob’s Discount Furniture! I’m very unsatisfied. I paid full price and four months of heachache. They also refused to compensate me financially to lower some amount of the original price even after their sloppy job and receiving complaints from me. I called, I even went to their New London office. Bobs you robbed me, a single mom and a struggling student. This is how you build and maintain a big company? By robbing those who are already struggling in life like myself? Huge disappointment.

  • Jay Vogel says:

    I’m so disappointed with furniture that delivered one week ago. First the delivery people were unacceptable. I’m order to put the couch against the wall there were four boxes that needed to be moved. Your delivery people said they don’t move boxes so I had to move the boxes even though I have a heart condition or they were going to leave it where it was.
    After three days we noted imperfections behind the center cushion, wrinkles in one of the cushions, and an open seam in one of the pillows. My wife called and spoke to someone who asked her to send photos of the damage which she did. Your representative said she would refund $100 for the delivery people and that we would be contacted within 24 hours as to when someone would come out and look. Well today is Thursday and no one called back. We called again and the person had no record of any of these problems or the photos my wife sent. We’ve had enough with your poor service. I would never shop in your store again based on the way you treat customers. Would like to get phone call regarding this matter but don’t really expect much.
    Jay Vogel
    516 547 1662

  • Wael says:

    I bought many items from Bob’s Secaucus NJ and the quality is extremely poor, the purchase was in August 2012 and since I was out of the states for more than 5 months I claimed the complaint after one year so the manufacture warranty was expired and your staff through me to the GoofProof company to Handel the claim, and be the end they told me your are not eligible for any thing.. and file closed on that way .. I’m not satisfied with the table, 2 bar chairs and bench I had it from your store .. such unsatisfied customer with many pictures for danger items may effect your r reputation in market ..

  • Deborah M Smith says:

    I have shopped at Bob’s furniture for years. I’ve bought three Bob-O-Pedic mattresses and other items. I wanted to let you know that the furniture I received was different than what was described in the specifications. I called your customer service and they were totally ineffectual to satisfy these issues. I find that they are using deceptive business practices. Without a doubt I did not receive what was described online. Your customer service person agreed that I did not get what I ordered. I am shocked and disillusioned and I wondered if I appealed to the powers that be I would not be forced to spread the word on social media of my dissatisfaction. Please advise. Thank you.
    Deborah Smith

  • robert fina says:

    I am sorry that I ever dealt with Bobs Furniture, They don’t are about the customer but rather just making money.
    A friend of mind told me not to use them but I didn’t listen.
    I started ordering my furniture on June 28. for my whole apt. From that point on there was nothing but problem with their delivery. Who ever owns the moving company is terrible. They sent you a notice for the date and time of deliver. If you try to respond no one listens or I should say that everyone speaks broken english with an accent and its hard to understand what they are saying. I am sure they also use migrant workers. I spend about $8000 dollars and have not been satisfied at all. My time is just as valuable as their time and its always been that the customer is always right but not with Bobs.

    I guess enough is said. I may go to the Better business bureau and complain.


  • Francesca D says:

    I am very disappointed in the delivery we had yesterday for my mother who is in her 80s. The delivery people barely spoke English, got lost and when they finally arrived, their large truck took down my mothers telephone wire and we had a live wire in the middle of the street to which I had to call 911 and the fireman had to cut it, leaving my 80+ yr old mother without phone service and Verizon cannot come out until Wed the following week. The delivery drivers just left while I was calling 911, but not before I got their license plate which was given to the police on the report that was made. Why is there not an option to call and speak with someone in the corporate office?!

  • NSCS says:

    Bob’s furniture is a complete scam. Customer Service hangs up without providing information. The GOOF PROOF team asks for photos and evidence of problems with the furniture that then go NOWHERE because they don’t respond and then the warrantee runs out and you’re stuck with the broken furniture.

  • Theresa Kilgore says:

    may i please get a phone number

  • Tom says:

    I’ve had enough of Bobs. In 2020 we purchased a bed and frame for a new home. The delivery company “stole” the bed. I had thrown ours away in a dumpster the day it was being delivered. I had to buy a purple 3 mattress that night and lug it home. Fast forward to today. We ordered a bunk bed. They are supposed to deliver AND set it up last week. They arrived with a broken piece. I called the store and spoke to the manager who assured me it would be delivered and setup today (A week later). We have had boxes everywhere for a week. I just got a call from my wife that the delivery company is dropping off the piece that was broken and they do not have time to set it up. I didn’t even want to give this terrible company a chance. DO NOT buy from them.

  • Simmons says:

    I am very disappointed in the purchase I made about 5 months ago. I got one date and was never notified of the delay until I called them. The manager then gave me another date offered me a 100.00 bonus for the delay.
    I went in to try and cancel my order after 5 months but I let the manager talk me into giving him another week to rectify the situation. I offered me to walk around and pick out something else. I declined because I spent more than a hour picking out the previous furniture. He also offered me another $500 plus free.

  • virgil desousa says:

    should not sell anything when its not in stock and take the money and promise a date and not follow through poor lying sales dept and customer service……… carlplace ny

    • Esmeralda Miranda says:

      In response to the previous comment above. This is true please do not purchase from this relator.

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