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  • Address: 8111 Smith's Mill Rd, New Albany, OH 43054, USA
  • Phone Number: 614-491-2225
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 2,100
  • Established: 1948
  • Founder: Bob Evans
  • Key People: J. Michael Townsley (CEO & President)

Bob Evans Headquarters Location & Directions

Bob Evans Headquarters Executive Team



J. Michael Townsley

CEO & President

Mark E. Hood

Chief Administrative Officer, CFO & Principal Accounting Officer

Terrance R. Camp

Senior Vice President of Operations

About Bob Evans, History and Headquarters Information


Bob Evans was founded in the year 1948. The company has been active for almost more than 70 years now. The founder of the company was Bob Evans. The founder of the company started its business by selling sausages, as they were some of the best sausages money could have bought during that time. The demand slowly became greater than he could supply, so the founder had struck a deal with his cousin, Tim Evans, in order to manufacture, pack and ship the sausages.

The company started selling its products across all grocery stores in Ohio. Also, since the restaurants were not interested in using the company’s products, Bob Evans started the company’s own restaurants. The company became a limited public entity in the year 1963. By the year 1983, almost 100 restaurants were already opened by the company. Then in the year 1987, the company had taken over Owens Country Sausage. The founder of the company retired in 2000, passed away in 2007.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 8111 Smith’s Mill Road. The name of the place is New Albany, while the name of the state is Ohio, USA. The pin code of the area is 43054.


Bob Evans is an American company that focuses on providing the best farm food products to its customers, including its famous sausages as well. The current president of the company is Saed Mohseni. As of the year 2012, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $1.6 billion. Also, as of the year 2012, the number of employees working at the company is more than 46,800.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have the retail presence, via their restaurants and food products being sold at grocery stores, selling mostly high-quality farm foods. The company has been known for its delicious sausages, and also its bacon products as well. It also sells convenience foods that are frozen too.

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  • Howard W Fuller says:

    We were going to eat at Bob Evans Groveport Ohio, Hamilton RD. None of the servers were wearing their face masks properly. They all had their noses exposed. Why even have a face masks on if you are not going to wear it properly. We left.

  • Bill Kirby says:

    I have called your corporate office and talked to a young man two times and ask him when the Crepes was being pot back on the menu? I was TOLD that they will be back on the 5th of August, Then I called again and was told they are back, THAT WAS A LIE. People can get most of what you offer elsewhere.
    If you do not plan to put a item back , TELL THE PEOPLE .

  • Karen Smith says:

    Have you considered selling in the grocery stores your sage cornbread dressing. Just like you do your mashed potatoes and mac an cheese. Your side dishes are so handy for us older people to have good quality food. It means a lot to the older people who are alone to be able to heat up prepared food. Please consider it. I love your original mashed potatoes and your mac an cheese. Very thankful to your company for making quality food available to us senior citizens.

  • Glenna Mankin says:

    My husband John loves your brown sausage gravy. He buys it at Kroger all the time and now they told us that they Discontinued it. He is 70 years old and stuck in what he likes to eat. Can you Please let me know where we can purchase this product either online or at a store in Terre Haute, Indiana. I would greatly appreciate it . Thank you for your time. Glenna

  • Concerned says:


  • Concerned says:

    Walmart requires masks. Kroger, Cosco, and many more. When are you going to protect your guests and EMPLOYEES? REQUIRE MASKS NATION WIDE for the love of your money before we all close again!

  • Wes McCormick says:

    I know the coronavirus is a problem currently. Your staff limits the number of people in the serving area.
    However, when entering or leaving and paying the checks the customers don’t practice safe precautions.
    Masks should be worn went moving around inside; of course, taken off when seated and eating. A loyal
    and long time customer of Bob Evans.

  • Siouxanne says:

    The quit selling grits and serving real butter. Cracker Barrel will be my new go to restaurant. NEVER AGAIN BOB!

    Buh bye Felicia!

  • Alice says:

    Me and my husband ate at the Greenwood, In. store #426 today, I got my usual order Chicken Tenders w/salad and normally a baked potato but they didn’t have any at this time it’s almost 4:00 pm so I opted for mashed w/gravy and rolls with my salad& REAL BUTTER. She brought the salads fairly quick with NO rolls, so we asked for the rolls and she brings them whipped spread “I asked for real butter” she says I can only give you this spread, it’s against regulations to give you real butter…. WHAT? I don’t eat spread and I never got real butter….. If that’s the case I will bring my own butter IF I decide to eat there again. If you don’t carry it anymore just say so….I don’t know what has to happen to get BUTTER… As I was being rung up the hostess was rude when I questioned her about it “Well there’s nothing I can do it’s corporate” and walked away…You corporate people need to be ashamed to make these workers do your dirty work and deal with disgruntled patrons instead of letting returning dining guests know about changes….there’s enough restaurants going under you could be next….js 6/25/2020

  • Lisa says:

    Hello, I called and left a message on your answering machine the other day to let you know that I recently purchased two 2 packs of your Bob Evans mashed potatoes for Father’s Day dinner and both packages were “spoiled.” They tasted and smelled just like sour milk so needless to say I had to throw them out. I bought them at our local Walmart and paid $3.27 for each package. Super disappointed especially because they were to be eaten as part of our Father’s Day dinner. if needed you can contact me at jldm@twcny.rr.com thank you very much. Lisa A.

  • John Christiansen says:

    I ordered breakfast two days ago for my parents to celebrate Father’s Day. My parents are in their 70s and my mother has terminal cancer. Because of her condition and the virus neither have been able to go anywhere to eat as she has a very low immune system. I got and email at8:15am this morning saving them order had been canceled. The explanation was a technical issue. I was told to place the order again through door dash. The order was supposed to be delivered to them at 9 am. I don’t understand how this can happen in 2020 when a company is advertising Father’s Day delivery. The whole thing is very sad and disappointing.
    Order ID: 661587285

  • Bill B. says:

    I have been purchasing many of your products over the past years and have always been very happy with the quality. Recently I purchased a Bob Evans Homestyle Classic Mashed Potatoes, 20 oz. container. When I prepared this item according to the container directions, it was like a hard rock after only the first 3 minutes. This has never happened before when I used this product. the expiration date was July 12, 2020 so it should have been good and not hard as this item was. The other code on the packaging is KCL1. Hopefully this is not a processing problem, but I feel I need to bring this problem to your attention. I will continue to try this item, because in the past my family has been very happy with your products.

  • Wendy Robertson says:

    Purchased Bob Evans Maple Sausage on Thursday, June 12. Use by/freezer date by June 16, 2020. Used sausage on Sunday, June 14. Sausage crumbled and didn’t form patties well; had an odd smell and the liquid coming out of the sausage looked like white foam. Husband and I tasted a small piece and it had an odd flavor. Husband thought it tasted acidity. Should this have been in a recall? EST. 6785

  • Debra says:

    Went to the Bob Evans on Baltimore National Pike in Catonsville, MD this morning to pick up breakfast. I love the crepes but this morning they had no crepes but they did have poor customer service. My husband and I are major fans of Bob Evans and have ordered online and picked up a few times. The young lady this morning was flat out hateful to my husband. First she shouted at him for entering the “wrong “door yet BOTH doors were open. She repeated several times that they didn’t have crepes. My husband is not deaf! He is old enough to be HER father or grandpa. He is a retired veteran. He was going to go ahead and order something different but after being talked down to, he canceled the entire order and left. As we were driving away I noticed the young lady standing outside the building smoking or on her phone. We are all stressed out right now. There is no excuse for anyone to treat another person like that, especially a return customer. I’m not sure if we will go back to Bob Evans again. We have always wanted to order and pick up when possible to help establishments sustain themselves. Seems that, based on the behavior of the person working this morning some don’t want or need our business.

  • Mark Branson says:

    We were rushed out of your restaurant in Fern Park, Florida. It was just 8:30 and everyone was in a hurry to go home. They should put their customers first,

  • Debbie B says:

    I will never recommend your restaurants after eating at your Bob Evans located at 10054 Steltzer Rd. in Burbank OH on Saturday, October, 12, 2019. I and a group of friends arrived at 6 pm to eat dinner. It was very busy and we expected to wait to be seated. After about 1/2 hour, we were seated at two different tables – not a problem. Our waitress was pleasant and took our drink/food orders. That was the beginning of a 1 1/2 hour wait to get our food. We finally called another waitress over and asked her why we were waiting so long. Her only answer was “WOW.” We told her we wanted to speak with a manager. When she came over to us, she was extremely rude and told us we would have gotten our food faster if we would have ordered items that didn’t take so long to make. REALLY????? Our original waitress finally came back to us and apologized and told us she had been moved to help in other areas of the restaurant. Cold food was finally delivered to our table (however, for those who ordered dinners – no bread was ever delivered). We finally received our bills at around 8:30 pm and went to check out at the register. Apparently, the waitress had never been trained on the register, but to her credit, she did try to help. Because she did not seem to know how to scan the bills, many of us were not able to leave tips (we were using credit cards to pay). What a disaster!!! What a filthy mess in the restrooms!!!
    I’ll spend my hard-earned money somewhere else! Thank you!

  • Lori B. says:

    Hello ,
    We are try to find your Bob Evans sausage, egg and cheese breakfast burritos. None of the grocery stores around here that always used to carry them do anymore. We live in North canton Ohio . Do you know where we could purchase them ? Or why we can’t find them anymore ?
    Thank you,
    Lori B.

  • Stacey Ferguson says:

    Dear Corporate , Please come and visit your Camby, Indiana location. Their pre-order and pick up time is a half hour wait after arriving at your designated time. The chicken they served us a month ago was cooked so much there was no meat left on the bone? After some thought i think it is the cooks at this store. They need a lost of help from you. The meal I was picking up was for a couple who is in Riley Children’s Hospital. I had given specific instructions to leave the onion off the sandwiches and put the sauce on the side and neither of those things were done. I didn’t have any more time to wait because we were bringing them their lunch but the mom is nursing and can’t have onion. I don’t want any discounts or coupons or free stuff. I really think you should come and help them to learn how to cook. It is the only Bob Evans in the area I think it is not doing well? Maybe even declining in profit. Thanks so much. I look forward to going to a great Bob Evans in the near future. Stacey

  • Robert Gamary says:

    Did I read your e-mail correctly that veterans receive a 10% every day? I’ve been dining at your restaurants for quite some time and never realized that a discount was available.

  • Don says:

    Just in case you think I’m the only one with this opinion of your Somerset, Kentucky store! All of these comments are from Somerset, Ky. customers. What a SAD PITIFUL JOKE! When it actually use to be one of Somerset’s best restaurants. Not Anymore! AND SERIOUSLY! It’s sad.

    Michelle Spradlin reviewed Bob Evans —
    1 star
    July 7, 2018 ·

    The girl brought me the wrong salad after I asked twice for the Cobb salad witj grilled chicken she brought me one with a million cranberries it was gross and then we ordered a loaded potato that was dried up with no butter or sc….the server looked lost and confused plus my daughter asked for honey mustard which wasnt given and my kids never got a refill. Prob won’t be back I hate struggling to get food right and service.

    David Henderson reviewed Bob Evans —
    1 star
    November 23, 2017 ·

    I just want to thank Bob Evans for the worst restaurant experience I have ever had in my life. 2 hours of hell. Watching tables rotate around us and having to ask for our food 2 times. have several years of experience working in a restaurant also. So this is something I find hard to do is complain about service. I know it wasn’t the server but poor expedition of the kitchen. I blame Management!!! They final even stop seating people because they were in the weeds…. Thanks for ruining my Holiday…

    Jessica Clark doesn’t recommend Bob Evans (3061 S Highway 27, Somerset, KY).
    January 19 ·

    This was my first time visiting this bob evans, and my last. My scrambled eggs were undercooked, the sausage was cold, and the coffee carafe looked like it had never been washed. My husband’s biscuit tasted freezer burnt, and his dish was slightly warm, not remotely hot. I’m just thankful that my children’s food was hot and safe to eat, but then again it’s kind of hard to mess up pancakes.

    Bambi Mullins reviewed Bob Evans —
    1 star
    September 1, 2017 ·

    We were sat down, and waited for 10 minutes before someone took our drink order. (She wasn’t our waitress.) We waited another 10 minutes for someone to take our order. It was 40+ minutes before we got our food, and again, wasn’t our waitress. Everything was cold. We were charged almost $30 for cold food. We couldn’t even eat half of it. We just paid and left. We won’t be coming here again.

    Kimmiy Cook reviewed Bob Evans —
    1 star
    October 16, 2017 ·

    The waitress was awful, long dirty fake fingernails, hair looked like it hadn’t been brushed or washed in weeks, kept saying sorry for our 50 min wait for breakfast and then followed by it’s not my fault, talking trash to other waitress and then staring and laughing!! Food was cold and half cooked, will never go back!!!

    Mona Eldridge reviewed Bob Evans —
    2 star
    June 16, 2017 ·

    I’m very disappointed in our meal today 40 minutes waiting on biscuits is ridiculous. When we did get the biscuits, the food was cold. The server went to warm up the gravy and brought back some watered down gravy that was just nasty. The manager never even acknowledged me when I complained. This was totally unacceptable.

    Dreama White reviewed Bob Evans —
    1 star
    December 23, 2016 ·

    My husband and I eat here RELIGIOUSLY with our children and we came in today just the two of us and waited over 15 minutes at the front and wasn’t even greeted until some grumpy little guy came up and ask who was next? Clearly us…. by this time there was about 8 people behind us. I said if the wait was going to be much longer we would just leave. His response? “Okay well yeah I guess just go because I’m not sure I just got here!” There was atleast 5 or 6 waiters standing behind the counter and at least 50% of the parking lot was empty. You’ve lost loyal customers due to your snotty staff and lack of organization. �

    Pamela Neal Maggard doesn’t recommend Bob Evans (3061 S Highway 27, Somerset, KY).
    September 17, 2018 ·

    Me, my 19 year old son, and my other 2 kids just ate here at Bob Evans. Both my boys ordered the chocolate chip pancakes with the chocolate syrup on top, the waitress did not give them any regular syrup at all. Inside the pancakes were very dry so my 19 year old ask for some syrup and our waitress looks at him and says “YES I CAN GET YOU MORE SYRUP BUT ITS NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU”!!! When we checked out I told the manager and all he said was I will talk to her and I’m sorry. Seriously!? PITIFUL SERVICE!!

    Katey Jo Whitt reviewed Bob Evans —
    1 star
    November 22, 2017 ·

    We love Bob Evans pie. We gave you 2 chances. 2.
    Last night our waitress was a total adolescent turd munch. We still left a $5 tip on a $30 tab… we had to ask for cutlery 4 times. 4. The smirks. The whispers behind the counter. The eye rolls. The annoyance for having to perform your job tasks.
    Today, she whispered in the ear of our new waitress…. the new waitress came at us with attitude and spite…. for no reason. None.
    We asked for biscuts.
    She tells us they aren’t free with every meal.
    Husband asks which meals don’t include complimentary biscuts….
    I got up to leave right then. Husband clarified the miscommunication and followed.
    Bye, Bob.
    Until you can hire some decent people to wait your tables….. Bye.
    No body we know will return to your location in Somerset.

  • Don says:

    J. Michael Townsley
    CEO & President
    Mark E. Hood
    Chief Administrative Officer, CFO & Principal Accounting Officer
    Terrance R. Camp
    Senior Vice President of Operations

    One of you 3 need to get with the program, because your Restaurants are going down the tubes. Check your PNL sales reports for the Somerset, Kentucky store for the last 3 years. Has it decreased in sales, profits, etc…? By my observations and experiences with this store I would find it impossible to believe, they haven’t decreased dramatically! What’s SAD VERY VERY SAD! This use to be one of the best places in Somerset to eat. NOT ANYMORE! But hey if you want listen to your customers: ??????

  • Margie snowden says:

    We visited bob Evans in Sidney ,Ohio. I ordered boasted chicken . I was served fried chicken instead. The chicken was served just fried but was not done . I made the manager aware of this. He then replaced with another piece of half raw chicken again. The manager said the chicken was done. It was still pink when I cut into it. He said it was done. I am 69 years of age. I know when chicken is done. If the manager is serving half cooked chicken people will get sick and the store will be liable. I never ate the chicken I was served. I want to make the corporate aware of this problem with the Sidney,Ohio store. My name is Margie Snowden. 1396 whispering woods Lane springboro, Ohio 45066
    I do expect to hear from this office. I have family which live in Sidney, Ohio. I have always liked bob Evans but this store is serving half raw chicken . I ordered a chicken breast and wing. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely, Margie snowden, 1396 whispering woods lane, springboro,Ohio 45066

    • Don says:

      Margie Snowden: GOOD LUCK! If Headquarters is ran anything like the store you mentioned and the Somerset, Kentucky store: I understand why. And apparently by their response to your comment here: It Is! And they really don’t give a crap! Ironically: That’s exactly what my Wife said of them, and I quote her. “Do you honestly think they (the headquarters executive management) give a crap?” I use to manage restaurants, and I’m banking on the sales for the Somerset store, for at least the last 3 years, has been in a steady decline. I literally saw stacks of plates sitting on top of one another in the transfer warming bin waiting to go to customers that was walking out one night. LITERALLY PATHETIC! Wish I had gotten pictures while management was sitting on their butts with customer friends while everyone else suffered!

      • Cara Hillebrandt says:

        Don, and all of the others who have commented here, I have contacted corporate several times, via phone and even email, during which times I have expressed my extreme dissatisfaction with the Bob Evans Restaurants. I have eaten at several of them over the past almost 40 years, and I used to go in several times a week, and have seen a very steady decline in the food quality, elimination of fantastic menu options, portion sizes, and increase in cost. Customer service is not at all what it used to be. Now, a FARM STYLE RESTAURANT, doesn’t even serve real butter any more. I don’t eat ”made in a laboratory” stuff, especially from a FARM STYLE RESTAURANT! I even addressed my concerns years ago directly to Dan Evans in person, when he was the CEO, and he said that he even had to bring his own peanut butter to his hometown restaurant for his toast. There was no resolution made for my complaints then, and shortly after, Dan Evans passed away. Now there are NO members of the Evans family involved, and it’s too bad. If there are any left, they should sue this chain to remove the Evans name. The entire Evans family is surely spinning in their graves over the incredible damage done to the Evans once fine restaurants, and to their family name!

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