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  • Address: 99 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 312-293-5846

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 20,000

  • Established: 1882

  • Founder: Norman Wait Harris

  • Key People: David Robert Casper (President & CEO)

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David Robert Casper

President & CEO

Stephen R. Taylor

Executive VP & CFO

Christopher B. Begy

Chairman of the Board

About BMO Harris Bank, History and Headquarters Information

Norman Wait Harris incorporated a Chicago-based municipal bond broker and the forerunner of Harris Bank called N.W. Harris & Co., in 1882. Harris Trust and Savings Bank were started in 1907. This bank later shook hands with Chicago National Bank in 1960 and hence Harris Bankcorp, Inc was formed in 1972. This bank based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

BMO Harris Bank is a full-service bank in the USA. The Bank offers personal, business, and corporate bank accounts with a wide variety of services such as banking, lending, investing, and wealth management. BMO Harris Bank provides its services to more than 12 million customers in the United States. They have over 10,000 people associated with them, 600 plus branches and 1300 ATMs. It is well-known as the 8th largest bank, by assets, in North America. It is a member of the Federal Reserve System. The bank is a subsidiary of the Canadian multinational Bank of Montreal.

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  • Bruce says:

    Had a 1 yr CD with Harris. When it expired they rolled it into a .05% CD without notifying me. I called the customer service number and asked for the account to be closed and ACH me my money. The woman could barely speak English and did not understand what I wanted. She stated they stated they had to mail a check. I gave her my address at least 4 times. I have not received my money going on almost 2 weeks. I called back and spoke with a supervisor and he stated my account was closed but did no know where my money is or if a check has been mailed. i am also locked out of my online account so I cannot receive any documents related to the account. Their customer service is the worst. If I don’t receive and answer today I am going to have to file a fraud claim with the FBI for fraud.

  • Genea Villarreal says:

    Why don’t you have any Brick and mortar BMO Branks location in Bellingham Washington. I don’t want to use an ATM… If you are a Big bank and want people to open accounts with your bank than you need to have a bank for them to go in and establish a personal relationship with your bank. ATM’s are not ok to get the personal help like you show on all of your TV adds.

  • Ali Khodabakhsh says:

    I had a commercial loan with Bank of the West. I paid the loan off in July of 2022. The Bank never released the title. Bank tell me to call customer service. Customer service tell me to go to branch. No one is helping me.
    My company name is K & H Family properties LLC
    My cell phone is

  • elizabeth mackan says:

    I was with bank of the west for 4 years without having any issues now that BMO bought it happens that they froze my accounts for a reason I already told them it wasn’t me they are saying since the transactions made were done there keeping my money supposedly until there’s an investigation result it’s the worst bank I ever had stay away from this bank they will empty your accounts

    • Andrew says:

      Agreed. I opened a new account with BMO. Made my first deposit. Nothing out of the norm. And they froze my account within 2 weeks and wouldn’t give me any reason at all. WORST BANK EVER. Do not bank with them. They will freeze your account and keep your money. Biggest crooks ever. They are the DEVIL!

  • Carla Sieh says:

    China owns this company now. They’re the largest stakeholders.

  • Carla Sieh says:


  • Roger klein says:

    Good morning,
    Thank you Brian for finally getting back to me but your response to my questions regarding the escrow were met with a pretty sharp tone, I believe that $1086 in escrow charges for 15 months is quite excessive, you responded by saying it probably includes corporate advances. I agree that there are quite a few corporate advances pertaining to this foreclosure that have not been removed. I have been working on this since February of 2020 when your company tried to break into my house the first time and I put your company and department on notice the home was under repairs and not abandoned I sent this information to miss legg.
    Then your company broke in and changed locks and stole tolls and personal belongings I’m reminding you because you don’t remember or haven’t read the email stream I sent you. This would have been settled long ago when I emailed miss legg about this and they refused to remove the $5,000 legal fees that she said Bmo had a right to do.
    So can we please get the figures and get this settled, it took a month since Michelle ordered them on 7/27/21, hopefully we can get them sooner.

    This was sent to brain rattler 8/26/2021

  • Roger klein says:

    We have a home financed with Bmo and we had a tree fall on the home. They held the funds in escrow they sent out the wrong inspectors for the supplement inspections and we had to take out a separate loan to fix our home. We fell behind on our payments and Bmo started foreclosure process and sent someone out to change locks during the mandatory stay we stopped them and called police they said the house was abandoned but they were holding our insurance money and the home was being repaired they were put on notice and then they came out again with new servicing company Dmi this time they broke into our home took tools and personal belongings and changed locks. I informed the bank and they agreed to ve foreclosure fees back in November 2020 but have still not made the adjustments. We completed the home in feb2021 they still held repair money till end of June and would not help to resolve the insurance settlement differences. When ever I call I get the run around and then they put you on hold and act like they can’t hear you and hang up. Brian Re Tyler from the loan department and Michelle McConnell have been trying to get us the adjuster figures on our reinstatement but the foreclosure fees are still included. They ordered a breakdown in august but have not gotten yet. We have two Mortage and car loans with Bmo and have banked with them for years but Customerservice has fallen so far and it seems to get any kind of answers is almost impossible.

  • Roger klein says:

    We have been trying to resolve an issue with our insurance and the insurance department at Bmo we have tried to get our insurance settlement reimbursement and are getting no help. I’ve called the insurance department but they can’t help because they have no access to our information. This has been going on now since 2019. The last insurance manager I talked to had no access to the information and I was hung up on after being switched 3 times.

  • Santiago Rosas says:

    We have been with BMO Harris for over 6 years, 2 years at the Sun Prairie, Wi branch. We are extremely delighted to have Mr. Daniel Hartman (Branch Manager) from the City of Sun Prairie, Wi. Mr. Hartman is not only a professional, knowledgeable, competent, and friendly Branch Manager whom my wife and I have ever met. He has assisted us in very financial matters we have encountered and answered all of our questions to our satisfaction. I believe that BMO Harris has a very exceptional employee/branch manager and should keep people like Mr. Hartman, we will definitely share our positive experience with others.

    Thank you Dan for all you have done for us!

  • Queen Noor of Jordan IX says:

    I called twice 1+(888)340-2265…expecting those them not to be on my schedule. Talking about how his name is some damn Jeffrey. No it’s not. And don’t play me for dumb. They think I can’t recognize that thick craaaazy Arab accent. Of course no work was done. That’s classic.

  • Steven florez says:

    Worst bank ever, staff and manager was very disrespectful, calling my friend and I name calling etc.

  • R says:

    Worst experience I’ve ever had with a credit card while trying to get a charge placed in dispute status. Had to talk to several people, go through the security questions each time, and they wouldn’t put an item charged in error in dispute. Also had a problem with my checking account when I purchased a new automobile in April. I wrote a check for the automobile; the dealership drafted my account by $2,000 over the amount of the check and when I talked to customer service and the local branch I basically got the same response; “it’s up to you”. All of this to a customer that maintains a mid 6 figure money market account with BMO. I’m going to reduce and or cancel most of these relationships. I though Bank of America had poor customer service; BMO now ranks number 1 for the worst customer service.

  • Lori says:

    Very disappointed with the management of the BMO Harris Bank 4677 S Packard Ave Cudahy, WI. Waited 40 minutes in drive-up line. They only had one regular lane and one commercial lane open. Vehicles at the end of the line were pulling up going through the commercial lane because the wait was so long.They were bypassing all those who had been waiting longer. I can’t blame them! Also, with the bank lobby being closed customers were walking up standing in line in between vehicles in the drive-up. Very dangerous for the customers!! Nothing done by staff until I asked if they could help out the others behind me. You would think the staff would be better prepared on a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend.

  • F. Johnson says:

    This is the sorriest phone system I have had the bad luck to come in contact with. I have been trying for 5 working days to get through to any department to receive some info about my auto title. I can not for the life of me understand how you stay in business. I was going to try to arrange another loan since I paid off my other loan early. But that is out of the window now.

  • Nancy says:

    Brought an insurance check in to BMO to be signed. It was an insurance check to have our roof repaired. The manager in Green Bay WI, Matthew Lubenstein, has had the check for two days now. Checked with him this morning to see if he had looked it over and signed it (as he said he had to do before he signed it) Still hasn’t had a chance to look at it according to him, although he has had many workers at the bank in and out of his office laughing. (but he had no time to look at the papers to sign) I am very disgusted with this person and this bank. With managers like him I am surprised you even have customers there. This is ridiculous. All the while it takes him to sign the check is the slowest they fix our roof. It’s getting worse by the day and every time it rains, it gets worse. He is only hurting the bank. Poor manager and poor bank for having him as a manager!!! Another ridiculous is having to wait for 10 minutes to talk to someone on the phone. I wouldn’t bank at this bank for all the tea in China. This is a poor excuse for a business!!!!!

  • David L. Schmidt says:

    Why would you choose to roll out a new on line banking product on a holiday weekend when: 1. You have limited resources to help customers. 2. Your banks are closed. 3. Not all features like “Total Look” are fully functional? This very poor decision flies in the face of customer service. Apologies just don’t cut it. Put the old on-line banking site back on line until the new product is ready! I am very close to closing my accounts and moving them to a new bank that understands customer service.

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