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  • Address: 1010 Wisconsin Ave NW #700, Washington, DC 20007, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 202-342-9600

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 000

  • Established: 1999

  • Founder: Marla and Barry Beck

  • Key People: Ms. Marla Malcolm Beck (CEO & Co-Founder)

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Mr. Barry Jon Beck

Co-Founder, COO & Director

Ms. Marla Malcolm Beck

CEO & Co-Founder

About Bluemercury, History and Headquarters Information

Bluemercury was incorporated by Marla Malcolm Beck and Barry Beck in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. in 1999. They started it as an online shopping website for luxury cosmetics, which was later changed to a store offering beauty products, personalized advice, and samples. In 2015, this company was purchased by Macy’s Inc. for $210 million.

Bluemercury is popular as the world’s largest luxury beauty products and spa retail chain. In addition to skincare, makeup, haircare, and fragrance products, they also help their clients by offering technical product knowledge, expert advice, and friendly service in their spas. This chain is quite famous for its world-renowned oxygen facials, glycolic peels, waxing, and microdermabrasion. Bluemercury has in stores over 90 leading beauty brands such as M-61 Skincare, La Mer, Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Lune+Aster, Jo Malone, NARS, Skinceuticals, Kiehl’s, Oribe, Fresh, and Darphin.

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  • Unhappy Customer says:

    Horrible customer service at the Studio City location in Los Angeles. A worker by the name of Analis took my products that were delivered in the mail to me, returned them without my Knowledge and did not give me credit for them because I had used two reward cards. I have spent hundreds of dollars there on skinceuticals products if not a thousand, and am a consumer of high end beauty products. I was also told I would have the “police” called on me if I took my own products home with me. I’m shocked with the horror of this employee, establishment and the lack of customer service. She needs to be fired, and I’m waiting for a corporate apology. I feel like the employee stole products that were delivered to my home. Baffled is an understatement.

  • Deborah Aimetti says:

    Good morning. I am from NYC and attended a wedding on New Years Eve (2022). I had an appointment at Blue Mercury on Newberry Street in Boston. Lisa is simply amazing!!! She called me as I was driving in from NYC and told me her make up artist had Covid. She had to cancel my appointment, but she said if she can get someone who is well enough to come in, she would call me back. She called me back in 45 minutes and told me she could keep my appointment. I had a wonderful experience at Blue Mercury. LISA should be recognized for her professionalism and her kindness. Deborah Aimetti

  • Swati Mukherjea says:

    Very sorry to inform you Iam a new customer at blue mercury at pike and rose I was treated today very shabbily at pike and rose blue mercury The people working there had turned the heat on very high Iam 67 years old and I had very bad allergies I tried to go to the toilet the heat there was unbearable The staff was very very rude to me They were ignoring me I wanted to leave in a Uber my phone had 2% charge they said they don’t have any phone chargers-for me to use for five minutes They didn’t even offer me a bottle of water to drink We were there my daughter and I to do Christmas shopping for the family so we were looking around for two hours to purchase gifts for all family members for December 2 So I wanted to leave by Uber while my young daughter continued shopping She works and is a senior in college doesn’t get any time to come to blue mercury her favourite store. I have worked for 28 years in India and in wWashington DC never seen such stiff insensitive staff A customer also yelled at me as I was slowly putting my coat on and they silently looked on tThis is the worst store experience I had I would like to submit my photo to you how I broke out in hives due to the excessive store heat You can send me an email My daughter had a bubble bath for her four year old daughter which sadly she was unable to purchase I have no idea how you will deal with this situation but full attention was being given
    by your staff there to all the white ladies who walked in The African American lady snapped at my daughter who wanted to purchase a bubble bath for her three year old daughter and leave So I want to send the picture of my arm covered in hives to you please send me an email link of your public relations manager if you at all care to reply Thank you Swati Mukherjea

  • LMH says:

    DO NOT PURCHASE from this company. They are not shipping products. They are not responding to telephone calls or e-mails.

  • Tomeka Griffin says:

    I purchased something from bluemercury on February14-20 I decided that I didn’t want it. I returned it to the store!!!!! With my original receipt. When I got there they said they do not give cashback you either have to take a check or a gift card or did you purchase your stuff with cash it wasn’t even 30 days after that I returned it pier me so I see it I will take a check they supposed to have sent me out a check March 6-20 I did not receive the check yet and today’s date is March 20 they told me allow them 10 business days you do the math. I would never ever purchased anything else from them

  • Carlyn Raley says:

    Went to blue mercury last week. Spent over 400.00 dollars. Didn’t have a product in stock had to order. Free two day shipping thought (sounds good).
    4 days later called the store to inquire. I was told “no store has picked it up yet” whatever that means. She sent me a blank text, not sure what’s up with that. I still haven’t received the product. I will never be back!
    I will also use social media to tell other customers customer service is “BAD”

    • Mike says:

      I agree! Terrible service

    • Georgina says:

      I had a bad experience recently too. They definitely play around with their stock when they’re having a sale. Spent over $1,000 recently and have an issue with my order. I chatted with an agent, called the customer service department and emailed with no resolution. Does anyone have email information for corporate?

      • Tomeka Griffin says:

        I’m going to call my lawyer on Monday!!!!!!! They are not going to take my money and don’t give me my money back……… and I’m calling channel 29 news

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