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  • Address: 1101 S Blue Bell Rd, Brenham, TX 77833, United States
  • Phone Number: 979-836-7977
  • Fax Number: 979-830-2198
  • Email: media@bluebell.com.
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1907
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Ricky Dickson (President)

Blue Bell Headquarters Location & Directions

Blue Bell Headquarters Executive Team



Ricky Dickson


Greg Bridges

Executive Vice President of Plant Operations

Jim E. Kruse

Bank of Brenham, National Association

About Blue Bell, History and Headquarters Information

Brenham Creamery Company was started in 1907 to make and sell butter to the locals in Brenham, Texas. It started making ice cream in 1911 and soon after Kruse, a former school teacher got hired, the company flourished and experience profits and changed the company’s name to Blue Bell Creameries, after Texas native wildflower, in 1930.  The ice cream production went up from 38 L to 300 L per hour whereas butter production was put on a halt. In 2015, all the production was temporarily shut down because of its recall and cleanup process was in progress, all over its branches. It finally returned with a 5 phase plan after a few months and resumed working.

Blue Bell Creameries is an American company well known for making ice cream. It produces a wide variety of over 250 frozen products including Blue Bell Ice Cream, Light Ice Cream, No Sugar Added Ice Cream, Sherbet, and frozen snacks. Along with this, its customers have the facility to order online comfortably. You can see the making of the ice cream through the Observation Desk while you stop by at one of its parlours.

Headquarter in Brenham, Texas, this company is available in 23 states, stretching throughout the Southern, Western and Midwestern regions of the U.S.

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  • Mike Humplik says:

    The wife really loves the new Strawberry lemonade!! I have always been a butter pecan !! I would love if Blue Bell came out with a coconut ice cream, just lemonade ice cream, cinnamon red hot flavor, then lastly banana flavor these all would be hits please consider these flavors

  • Jasmine says:

    Hello I was wondering what happened to the banana fudge pops ? There’s chocolate but no banana just wondering if y’all can bring it back to south Texas please it was my favorite me and family really loved it my grandma loved it before she left this world would be nice to have some again

  • ROBERT says:

    Please release vanilla peanut butter overload 🙏🙏🙏

  • Valerie Garcia says:

    San antonio Tx

  • Valerie Garcia says:

    I was wondering if yall can bring back grooms cake please it was my favorite at my store they have Brides cake but I’ve looked every where and no one has it so this is an official request please bring back grooms cake please pls pls

  • Chad says:

    Hi I was wondering if y’all tryed blueberry yet in the ice cream

  • Henry Rose says:

    What happened to the Chocolate Sheet Cake and the Chocolate -Banana bombs . They were delicious and I wish you would bring them back .

  • David Janosek says:

    You all have so many great flavors it makes it hard for me to choose my favorite. About the time I think I got it figured out, out comes Coconut Cream Pie. Damn it now I got to start all over again. Keep up the great work and delicious flavors 👍😋🍦👍

  • Becky Frias says:

    What has happened to chocolate chip ice cream in Pasadena and deer park, Texas? I have not been able to find it in over a year and a half. It is a treat since I was a child to have a coke chocolate chip float. Is there a way to get some here or to have some half gallons sent to me? Please let me know.
    I appreciate your help!

  • George says:

    If you are going to come out with new flavors then stock the shelves with them and not just 2 0r three gallons. The Publix stores in Brentwood ,Tennessee are always out of Chocolate,Chip Strawberry Cheese Cake and Coconut Cream Pie but their is plenty of flavors that no one buys.Hire someone that cares about their job and stock the shelves with flavors that people want PLEASE

  • Greg Valentine says:

    I sent the following request to Blue Bell. My request was ignored.
    The Blue Bell delivery driver never delivers the ice cream flavor that I like to the stores near me. Please instruct him to deliver Blue Bell ice cream “Butter Crunch” flavor in half-gallon size to the following stores starting on June 20, 2020:
    1. Kroger 4017 14th Street, Plano, Texas
    2, Tom Thumb 2200 East 14th Street, Plan, Texas
    3. Tom Thumb 2645 Arapaho Road, Garland, Texas

  • mel greenblatt says:

    I am totally infuriated with your company. While you have great ice cream, I have written and called over the years complaining of your lack of “Coffee Ice Cream” in your Publix stores. I live in Naples and I have 3 stores within a 8 mile radius. Even as recent as 2 weeks ago I wrote a long detailed letter how upset I was that I went to all 3 stores and found NO coffee ice cream. I did exactly the same today. Traveled in the pandemic as I did the last time to find that you still had (aside from Choc & Vanilla) the same old stupid flavors you had weeks ago sitting on the shelves. You know why there was NO COFFEE….Because they SOLD. Can’t your delivery person see that. Please don’t tell me to tell the store to order it. Then I have to wait. I want it when I go to the store. Please don’t send me a standard reply. I’ve had those from you. Tell me there will be coffee ice cream at the Pelican Bay Store on Rt 41 your next delivery and when. If not there, you won’t go out of business, I know that, but I will boycott your product forever. That I promise you…..which is more then you’ve “delivered” to me. It’ll show me that your company just doesn’t care. I’m done getting crazy over this.

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