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  • Address: New York, NY, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 585-735-4819

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 1,000+

  • Established: 2011

  • Founder: Matthew B. Salzberg, Ilia Papas, Matt Wadiak

  • Key People: Matthew Salzberg (Chief Executive Officer)

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About Blue Apron, History and Headquarters Information


Blue Apron was founded in the year 2012. The company has been active for almost six years now. The founders of the company were Matt Wadiak, Matt Salzberg and Ilia Papas. The company started by selling its first 30 orders. In the year 2014, the company launched the Blue Apron Market, in the year 2014. The same year, the company had launched another store in New Jersey as well.

Then in the year 2015, the company had opened another fulfilment centre in Texas too. The same year, the company launched its Blue Apron Wine service as well, which were directly bought from vineyards and then sold to customers. By the year 2017, the company started its first IPO or Initial Public Offering, and the same year it became a limited public entity. As of the year 2018, the company has lost almost 81 per cent of its value, since providing its IPO.

Headquarters Info,

The headquarters of the company is situated at 40 W 23rd Street, 5th floor. The name of the city is New York, while the name of the state is New York, United States, as well. The pin code of the area is 10010.


Blue Apron is an American company that focuses on providing its customers with grocery items, recipes and also the ingredients for those recipes as well. The current CEO of the company is Brad Dickerson, while the CTO of the company is Ilia Papas. As of the year 2016, the company has performed almost 8 million servings to date. The company also has a subscription plan for regular customers as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have the option to get their grocery items delivered to their doorstep. Apart from selling grocery items, the company also sells recipes to make fresh meals and also the ingredients needed to make the recipe too as well. The prices charged by the company are all at wholesale prices.

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  • marie Castaneda says:


    I want to express the lack of understanding, confidence & team support I experienced!
    Terminated based on the judgement call from the trainer given to her superior Shawn who hired me.

    I am honest and should have brought this matter up to human resources had I known who to address this scenario. From day one in the training room I watched an employee get away with showing up late to using her cell while in the training room. Now, I had mine off the first day on the desk and never was told otherwise until the second day and than & only than did I put in my purse. This employee has had no consideration for others in allowing an employee & myself a chance to ask questions give and receive helpful information from the trainer in order to absorb information. I felt stupid during this (3) day so called training because of the unprofessional lack of boundary the trainer was showing to another employee:( Every time I wanted to ask, address a question Diana was constantly talking and taking more than her share of time to allow myself for one to speak with trainer Nicole Mankins. I held my tongue at one point when Diana interrupted me asking a question. I am a team player and have respect, consideration for others; however; did not receive this!
    Today, was bad, as I saw Diana after lunch using her cell at the computer desk! I was nice in informing her we had to put cell in purse. Now she could have gone into the lounge area but did not until I said something . Now I know she must have said something to Nicole:( Maybe in a different attitude from me I do not know?
    this much I do know Nicole has been constantly helping Diana every time she asks. And Diana doesn’t just stop she continues so when I ask Nicole is burned out and did not give me the same concern to assist me! It felt and made me feel stupid and wanted to just give up! I normally do not report being treated unfairly but today took the cake not only from Sean but Nicole. Sean stated at my termination I was putting blame on Nicole no, I said I just wanted to express the statement I had made during the ticket test given. I saw Nicole show Diana step by step to search & find some of the information she asked for the ticket test! So being me asked Nicole for help too as to which she replied No you need to do this on your own …I replied than why can you not help me? You just helped Diana:( at this point Nicole left the room. Came back with Sean.
    This complaint is not just for me but, for other persons to have an approachable, one on one communicative reasonable open time to ask the trainer questions. Today, I was along with my (2) peers to read and accept the rules & policies of Blue Apron before checking box well I checked the box because Trainer stated we could go back and read information.
    Honestly, had a feeling something was coming down when…Nicole asked Celeste & Diana to step out with her!
    I have turned in a complaint Ticket #BA4GOIVF28
    This experience has not only hurt me personally but has showed me how inconsiderate your staff was to me!
    Sean could have maybe place me on another program but no made me feel very bad so much I had to report:(
    Not asking for much here just wanted to be employed with Blue Apron!

    Appreciate a reply for now on this matter.
    Reason: Trainer should set boundaries & times to allow everyone to have confidence in asking questions, not be judged on learning pace, consideration with people with disabilities.

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