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  • Address: 1000 Third Avenue 59th Street and, Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022, United States
  • Phone Number: 212-705-2000
  • Fax Number: 212-705-2805
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 10,000+
  • Established: 1872
  • Founder: Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale
  • Key People: Antony Spring (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)

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Antony Spring

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Terry J. Lundgren

Chairman of Macy's Inc, Chief Executive Officer of Macy's Inc and President of Macy's Inc

Jack Hruska

Executive Vice President of Creative Services

About Bloomingdales, History and Headquarters Information

Bloomingdale's Inc. was incorporated by brothers Joseph B. and Lyman G. Bloomingdale in 1861. It is based on 59th Street and Lexington Avenue in the New York City borough of Manhattan. In 2015, Bloomingdale's launched their first store in Hawaii with a variety of new updates which includes special services, such as smart fitting rooms, charging lounges and dining services.

Bloomingdale's, Inc. is a department store chain.  The Company has a line of products such as blazers, dress shirts, pants, shorts, tops, shoes, handbags and briefcase, jewelry and accessories, sunglasses, watches, and apparel for kids. It is a subsidiary of retail giant Macy's Inc. Currently, there are 37 full-line stores, 3 home, clearance, and specialty stores and 17 outlet stores with the Bloomingdale's nameplate on it, spread throughout the 13 different states in the United States. The products and services are easily accessible through fashionable Bloomingdales.com as well. Bloomingdale’s flourished business has an international presence in Dubai too.

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    Good Afternoon,

    My name is Jahne Champagnie and within the last year I have had numerous issues with my orders. I am a city worker who works hard and worked even harder for New Yorkers to get vaccinated as part of the emergency response team. I worked so hard and Placed orders for items needed whether it was for Christmas or for my recent vacation. I have shopped at both Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s for years. At this time I placed an order with Macy’s Order Number 2222659028 which is needed as a gift and I have many events coming up where their registry will be at Macys. I called and spoke with a representative explaining that he will not even ship it to the store I asked to speak with a supervisor and she said she is reviewing my account so that it can be placed in for hold due to the urgency and then she hangs the phone up on me. At this point I have spent a lot of money at these stores and so has my family and friends. I’m just extremely frustrated at this time. I have ordered numerous items and received many packages but on the street I live on which we are apart of the blow kisses association we have made deposit because many of us has ordered many times and our packages are missing. I have things to order for upcoming events and back to school for my child and I’m limited to in store purchases which usually never have her size? I’m being penalized for something that’s not my fault, a negative thing that has happened to me and I am being punished? I asked the supervisor who hung up on me to review my account and now I am sending an email for my account to be reviewed. I am asking to be able to order and request a signature or shipped to store so I can pick it up. I have friends who live in other neighborhoods who experienced missing packages and was greeted with great customer service and reshipments, is it because I’m in a minority community that I’m being banned from online shopping for packages I never received? This is the worst situation I have experienced and unfair. I’m asking for someone to assist me and at least allow me to do ship to store since my area is having problems such as delivery drivers passing packages on to unknown vehicles which we reported. I have spent so much money at these establishments, please don’t penalize me for something horrible I’m experiencing. Wouldn’t you want to assist your customers instead of penalizing them? Also I just made a call and spoke with a supervisor named Santiago who mocked me and was extremely rude. He laughed as I spoke about what is happening. I called ups and they informed me that Bloomingdales will have to put in a claim for the missing items I cannot do the report. Bloomingdales must put in the claim. I tracked the package, there was no signature require like I was originally told and it state left at door which it wasn’t left at my door. At this point I just want to know how to move forward. Will Bloomingdales make the report and refund me or do I have to do a lawsuit with my lawyer. Please advise

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Thank you

  • Lisa C says:

    There are many charities out there worthy of my money. I do not recognize the causes Bloomingdales has chosen to pander to. Not because I am a racist, but because I believe all lives matter and I back our police. Bloomingdales has jumped on the bandwagon of this lunacy going on in this country- and to me this is not a black & white issue. I am now taking my very green money elsewhere!! Sak’s 5th Ave is now my #1 dept store. Bloomingdales just lost themselves a very good customer! DONE.

  • Rita Oppedisano says:

    Rita Oppedisano
    105 Lee Road
    Garden City, New York 11530

    Roosevelt Field
    Garden City, New York

    Letter of Recognition

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing this letter to give praise to a vibrant, enthusiastic and courteous worker in your Men’s Department at Bloomingdales in Roosevelt Field. His name is Tawheed Issa.

    I have come in many times in the past few weeks and he has gone above and beyond his title role. He is always smiling; he acknowledges the customer. I needed a specific jeans pants and asked him about it. Not only did he stop what he was doing but he helped me with the different styles and stayed with me discussing what would match.

    I also recently went in with a return. There he was, helpful again. I noticed so many of the other workers go to him to ask what to do. He is a leader among all your workers there.

    Tawheed should be recognized for all his assistance and for his excellent sales style. He is a definite asset to your store. I hope this letter goes in his file and helps him advance!

    Rita Oppedisano

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