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James W. Keyes

Chairman & CEO

Edward Bleier

Board Member

Gary J. Fernandes

Board Member

About Blockbuster, History and Headquarters Information

Blockbuster Video was established back in 1985 under the name Blockbuster Video Inc. In 1987, the company started the business of giving video games on rental services. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Blockbuster L.L.C. is a family entertainment company that provides video game rental services. The Company offers a wide variety of genres such as love, science fiction, drama, comedy, crime, action, adventure, myth, fantasy, gangster, and horror movies along with sports, strategy, and interactive role-playing video games through rental shops. The services can be made available through a cinema theatre, video rental shop, streaming, by mail, and video on demand. This entertainment company is well known among the people as it is known to serve millions of customers across the globe annually. Currently, there is only remaining physical Blockbuster store in the entire world that is operated in Bend, Oregon.

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