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  • Address: 667 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101, United States
  • Phone Number: 626-584-5880
  • Fax Number: 844-270-1480
  • Email: info@blazepizza.com
  • Number of Employees: 1,000+
  • Established: 2011
  • Founder: Elise Wetzel, Rick Wetzel
  • Key People: Jim Mizes (Chief Executive Officer and President)

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Jim Mizes

Chief Executive Officer and President

Richard Wetzel

Co-Founder and Chairman

Bradford Kent

Executive Chef

About Blaze Pizza, History and Headquarters Information


Blade Pizza was founded in the year 2011. The company has been operational for eight years now. The founders of the company were Elise Wetzel and Rick Wetsel. The main aim of the company was to provide cooked pizza by taking only 3 minutes on an average. The business model will work in a similar sense as restaurants like Subway, where customers just pick up their toppings and then proceed to pick up their pizza as well. The ovens inside the restaurant were not only used for baking the pizza but also to roast chicken, meatballs, bake desserts and even cook the Italian sausage too.

During the first year of its operation, the company already raked in an overall amount of $4.3 million. By the year 2014, the company had already set up its shop around 10 locations in the USA. By the year 2016, the company had its presence in 124 locations around 28 USA states and also in Canada. The same year, the company also opened its stores at Walt Disney World, located in Ohio, United States. The company also signed agreements that enabled them to have their presence inside college campuses and even airport terminals. In the year 2017, the company had posted a revenue sales of more than $279 million, which was 50 per cent higher than the previous year. By the year 2018, the number of stores grew to almost 300, in around 42 states and also in five different countries, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The headquarters of the company is based in 35 North Lake Avenue Suite 710. The name of the place is Pasadena, while the state name is California, United States. The pin code of the area is 91101.


Blade Pizza is an American company that focuses on the production of various kinds of fast and casual food products related to the pizza category and also delivers cooked pizzas to its customers at rapid speed. The current CEO and president of the company are Jim Mizes. As o the year 2018, the company has its presence in over 300 locations, all over the world. In the year 2015, the company was ranked at number two in the Fast Casual Top 100 companies in the USA. Famous NBA player LeBron James was one of the original investors of the company.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to enjoy fast dining restaurant quality pizzas, delivered at lightning fast speeds. The company sells not only pizzas but also salads, drinks and even desserts as well.

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  • Aimee Ruiz says:

    My son works for this company and has been an employee for almost 2 years! The management at the Lodi location has changed 4 or 5 times, and the headship over the general managers has changed at least 3 times. And as a result the customer service has declined rapidly! Now he is not being put on the schedule and is being passed over for hours that are being given to the minors since school is out. As a parent it’s hard to watch him struggle with this! It’s not a good place to work if you are looking to make a career out of this job!

  • Scott says:

    Filthy conditions, workers do not change gloves on a regular basis. “Flames” are not recorded and they argue about them when you try to use them. Skimpy on the ingredients and the price skyrocketed. They also yell at seniors who cannot hear well!!!

  • Harlan says:

    ‼️Food poisoning from Eastvale CA store‼️

  • Craig says:

    I would ask that someone contact me with regard to suggestions for changes I. The app that have contributed to some lost food and funds by me and lost business for Blaze. Love the pizza, but the app needs some work. Please contact me for resolution.

  • Wendy Hernandez says:

    On October 9,2022 we went to eat at Blazing pizza in Lancaster CA . 43615 Tenth St W
    Unit 107
    Lancaster, CA 93534
    United States

    We went with the family and while being called for our order Jesus said my dtr in laws name wrong . But it happens so I called her and told her that her food was ready. When she corrected him laughing that he said her name wrong she walked back to sit with the kids and he faced another worker and called her a Bitch and they both laughed . This was uncalled for so my husband and I decided to speak with the supervisor which that was also a joke . Jesus started laughing looking our way . Right away he was offering us free food which we declined and asked for the corporate I formation he stated that he didn’t have the phone number and gave us an email address . He stated that he would be speaking to him but nothing happened . My family wont be going back there but I want to make you guys aware of the employees that you hire .

  • Kristi says:

    I love the Blaze pizza in Valley West Mall in Des Moines iowa! I am an employee at the same mall and eat here frequently. The employees are so friendly and accomodating and I always enjoy the experience. I especially appreciate the unexpected offer of still ordering a pizza at closing time. The new manager is doing a great job and seems to be promoting an atmosphere of positivity and teamwork! I rarely take the time to leave reviews, but this restaurant deserves a shout out! WAY TO GO GUYS!!

  • Paul Sanjurjo says:

    I went to the location at 280 Eisenhower Parkway in Livingston New Jersey and ordered 3 build your own pizzas and basil pesto cheese bread with order # 95 at or around7:25 pm. It was hot on 7-19-22 here and all of the chairs were on the tables in the store. I asked if there was in store dining and one of the employees said that we could eat inside the store. When our order was finished, another employee had said that we can’t eat in the store. This conflicting information was annoying and disappointing to hear on a hot day. As a result of this, I’m inclined to never go back to this particular store.

  • Lauren says:

    Ordered a cauliflower crust pizza for pickup, and received a reg crust (Saratoga County, NY). Cauliflower crust is gluten free for those with celiac disease. I called to tell the manager and she was stumbling over her words, and said she didn’t know what to say. Completely I unprofessional! I explained the seriousness of the mistake and she said “ it happens!” WHAT?! I called the Coporate number, but you can’t get anyone. Be careful to check your food if you choose to order from them. We will not be doing business with them again!

  • Terry says:

    Ordered from Blaze Bridgewater, NJ and pizza arrived ice cold, delivery person wasn’t appreciative of 20%tip…looked miserable…pizza was the worst we have ever had! Frozen pizza would have been a better option!! Called to alert them…on hold with no way to speak to someone after a long wait time…go elsewhere!!

  • BRW says:

    Gabriel manager at Farmington Update says “I don’t care”, when asked why the people are in line a half order before even getting to order. Won’t come back to Blaze Farmington.

  • Rebecca says:

    I would put zero stars in Yelp if I could. My curbside pickup was 545pm. I was there on time. I called from my car and they said the 2nd pizza was being prepared. 610pm, no pizza. I decided to go in and ask w we hat the delay was. NO ONE attended to me and asked what I needed. After waiting another 5mins, I asked where my pizzas where because I’ve been waiting 30mins. Instead of getting an apology for the delay, the person in front of me started verbally attacking me saying it’s not their fault and that I should have just stayed home! Wow!! This woman is the epitome of bad service. She should be fired. She is bad for the brand and bad for business. Such a pity because I like their pizza. But I will never go back and advice other people to avoid this branch (Dean Martin Dr Las Vegas)if you don’t want your blood pressure to go up. Btw, my husband has had a bad experience previously too.

  • Viki says:

    I am asking for assistance with the Arlington, Texas location on Lamar Street. I was charged $127 only to get poisoned. I had a lengthy discussion with my allergies. I was assured everything would be fine just like the location in Arkansas. We had just arrived in Arlington when we had a family fall and break her hip. I thought it would be nice to have pizza and salad waiting from the return from Hospital. My vegan pizza was wrong. We didn’t get all the salads that were paid for. My vegan salad had cheese.
    Do you any of your care you could have killed me?
    This is my third attempt to ask for better service before you do kill one of us. After going to the Blaze I. Arkansas, I want go anywhere else. They are not trained to prevent anaphylaxis. Also, why do I not qualify to request fresh gloves to prevent cross contamination.
    If you don’t believe my story, I will share it in my speech to Congress. I will prevent you for making another customer use an epi pen!

  • Mussie Gada says:

    Orderd a pizza though the app then arrived at the location in Concord, NC The manager told me they can’t pull up my order even when I showed her the order number. She stated I will need to open my email else there is notting she can do.

    I think that’s ridiculous when I have my Oder on my phone and she can’t pull my order using the order number,

  • Christina says:

    I placed an order totaling $50.34 via the app on May 7, 2022 at 7pm. The app said my order would be ready by 7:37pm. I arrived at Blaze at 7:30pm to pick up my order that I paid for via the app and the employees said that “the system is down” and that they are closing. I am requesting a full refund for paying for my food via the app that was not given to me. My order number was 9673476380639237 and this was at the Rolling Hills location: 2625 Pacific Coast Hwy., Torrance, CA 90505

  • LaSonja says:

    I have experienced the worst customer service ever with Blaze Pizza in Grand Prairie, Texas. I placed an order for delivery roughly 3 weeks ago. The order was never delivered and I informed them of this. They told me I had to contact door dash to start the process since they were responsible for the delivery. I did that. Door dash has submitted the required email so the refund could be issued. To date, I still have not received my refund and the store employees are horrible at providing any type explanation. When I ask to speak to a manager, they always says he is busy or in a meeting. So I took the liberty to leave my job and drive there to speak with him. Initially, one of the employees said that she was the manager but turned out she was not and I finally got to speak to the manager. He explained the required process of the refund since it included door dash. The process has been followed and still no refund.

  • James says:

    I have been a long time blaze customer I have been going to that location pretty much ever since that location opened up in Avondale Arizona always had great service friendly crew. However! I went in today April 18, 2022 and I was told by the crew that I would have to wait 30 minutes a walk-in customer had to wait 30 minutes to get your food because of all the orders that were piling up I have never been treated so rudely in my life. I am going to go on social media and let everybody know about the way I was treated

  • Stan Savitski says:

    Horrible service at our store in San Clemente, Ca. on April 7,2022 at about 1:30 PM. I told your employee, Ian, that I was not able to get into my awards account on your website to order two pizzas with $3.14 off as advertised on the email I received that day. He said he could not help me and I asked for the manager and he said the manager was not there. I asked how I could place the order and he insisted he could not help me. He was very rude and told me to leave. I love your pizza and order from this store exclusively and often but it is sometimes difficult to order on your website. This employee was very rude and out of line.

  • Kim Cupp says:

    Worst customer service ever. Went in today and downloaded the app while in line along with pretty much everyone else in line, including my husband and was told because I just downloaded the app he would not honor the 3.14 deal but honored my husbands I asked to speak to a manager and he clearly stated that he was the manager. I walked out with no pizza. Lost my business today and forever.

  • Gregg F says:

    Very horrible service. After successfully picking up a pizza 6 different times in a 15 week span, I was charged for 2 pizzas that I did not pick up, after I canceled an order for 1 (ONE) pizza ordered during same phone call. To clearly explain, I did not order a pizza and call back a minute later to cancel, no no, during the same phone call I said “ you know what, never mind, cancel the order, I can tell you guys are very disorganized today and I get the feeling I won’t get my order for 1 regular pizza correctly, being it’s been 20 mins on the phone & passed around to 3 diff employees just to order a reg pizza so please just cancel my order, thank you”. So weeks later I’m charged for 2 pizzas on my cc statement. I called up to explain. I explained extremely meticulously with every detail. Asst mgr says we will investigate. I received a credit on my cc for one pizza, not two. I never should’ve been charged for any pizza, not 1 or 2 or 9999. Even the simple correction was incorrect.

  • Kathy O says:

    I was at Blaze pizza on Sunset in LasVegas tonight. I’m a 75 year old women, and they were busy and I understand that. As I waited in line and watched people leave because the line didn’t move I realized they were only waiting on the people that ordered on line. I waited almost and hour. By the time they took the first person in line and only myself and the person behind were left a young man came and said they wouldn’t take our order they weren’t taking any more orders. After almost and hour. At 75 years old I don’t have time to waste on Blaze but while I’m here I’ll spread their idea of service!!!!!!!!!

  • Isaac Q Watson says:

    Fix your app, please!

  • Libby Sullivan says:

    I got horrible service, they actually told me go to another Blaze. I tried to order online, they said it was turned off to their store. I tried to order for over 20 minutes thinking I was doing something wrong. I finally went to the store found out it was you all

  • Irene Lizardi says:

    Horrible service. Still waiting for a refund on my card for a Pizza I ordered, but did not get. Amazing how they keep money for orders they don’t make, or issue. They don’t answer phones either. The “manager” for the Y.L. location is NOT efficient. Discussed the matter with him in detail. Retrieved order, and confirmed error. Stated would refund my card, and would send email to the effect. Nothing has been received. Bank transaction has not occurred per bank. Outrageous. Exercise in futility. Reminded of “Dumb & Dumber”.
    Waste of time, and frustrated. Will pursue a refund by contacting investigative reporter. Cannot wait to post review.

  • Customer who feels the heat says:

    Store in Almaden Expressway, San Jose, Ca. Has no A/C running in the store. I asked the manager when will this be fixed (it was about 100 inside, 92 degrees outside temps). He said it has not worked for about a month, the owner will be fix it and he wants people to complain to Corp on this facility. The Health Inspectors will be next and will close down this store, unless the A/C gets fix ASAP. Owner name is Sara.

  • Norma says:

    I went for a pizza, before the lady processed my payment I let her that I wanted to add my purchase to my Blase account to earn points, she said: “you can do if you wants”, she replied very rudely and, I have to said the most the time when go to buy pizza the cashier scan the bar code of my app and automatically it is added to my account, she finished making the payment and told me if you want do it yourself, another employee came and said other excuses I asked for the manager, they said he wasn’t mocking, I asked for their names, they said: ” We CAN’T give you our names”, said the two women refusing, but a boy who was nearby I asked him for their names and they told him not to tell me what they were called but he did not pay attention to them. My complaint is for Giselle she is the cashier and for Ed she is the another lady came and refuse tell her name after that Giselle start to said the same thing, these women should not be in customer service, may be they will be better doing another thing. I have to said thanks to the guy came to me trying to help he name is Edres, that happens in 6290 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028 07/26/2021

  • Bridgett Fisher says:

    Girl at the counter i stood 10 minutes waiting on her to fixing to go orders all the while asking me what I want on my pizza still didn’t fix my pizza. Told her I’d already been waot. She said. I’m sorry and still didn’t fix it. Ask for mangag at this point. I’m passed. Will not be back. Racially profiled

  • Chris Nielsen says:

    No one answered me with my questions.you emailed me telling me you’d contact the store it’s not the store that can help me they only honor promotions on app but when I go online it doesn’t give me the promotion deal what’s going on store won’t sale me lg pizza unless it’s on line

  • Hasim Ashan says:

    Very bad treatment maybe racial profiling . Was told to hurry up and leave , And no one could be recognized as a manager or supervisor. And no one could contacted in corporate phone numbers. Was insulated and leave feeling like I was bullied. I usually by a pizzia once a week. Now don’t feel comfortable going back to your store in Hawthorne Ca , Rosecrans location

  • Rich says:

    The app requires a major overhaul. I go to order “Favorite Order” and get the message “Oops, arugula currently not available”. That’s it, app does not allow me to edit and delete arugula nor proceed any further. Go to store and there is the arugula. Only option is to start a new order which defeats purpose of favorite order. This started January 2020. I deleted app and then put it back on my phone, still didn’t fix issue.
    2. When starting new order, can not order large sodas.
    3. App doesn’t allow any instructions to store order.
    4. Can not delete any favorite orders.
    I have provided above info on the Get Help tab of the app numerous times without any responses or acknowledgement.
    Love the pizza

  • Shae Rico says:

    I usually go to Rialto, CA Blaze Pizza everyday for the past one week or more. I ordered 3 cheese pizza and garlic. I thought it was 1 topping pizza but I was told that it was 2 topping pizza. So I got used to the idea that it was 2 topping pizza. Today 01/13/2020 on Monday at around 16:10PM I was told by Manager Sergio that it was not 2 topping pizza but Build Your Own Pizza that costs more. Because I went there everyday for the past week and nobody told me otherwise I was confused and did not know whom to believe. He didn’t want to hear me where I was coming from and see my bank statement as proof that I was buying pizza everyday from the same location. Because of his adamant and dismissive attitude I told him I would not come here anymore and his response was please don’t come here anymore another words after being inattentive with poor people skills he doubled down. I love Blaze Pizza and for the past 1 week I was everyday, loyal customer that it is why it hurts so much when you feel unheard, dissmissed and kicked out. It is not about the money at all, it is about after the stressful day when you want to relax and rest you get much more stress in a place that you consider almost like home. Another place like this for me is Starbucks. Luckily there was his co-worker who listened to me and treated me kindly and helped me to recuperate. That is why movie Joker is so popular…

  • Tony T says:

    Working for Blaze is the worst. I deal with the personal harassment, on a daily basis, from a certain manager named Danny K. At store #1356
    Every day I deal with;
    Inappropriate comments.
    Personal humiliation.
    Physical threats.
    Intimidation tactics(cutting off my hands and fingers if I mess up)
    Offensive jokes everyday.
    I often feel put down and belittled on a personal level everyday.
    Danny also encourages other employees to degrade me as well.
    It has gotten to the point where I am now physically sick from dealing with this everyday.

  • Frank says:

    I was ordering a Blaze pizza through the phone app. Tried two times the order did not go to the location at7160 N. Durango in Las Vegas. So I told my son let’s go to the location and see what wrong. This was on Saturday 12 Oct. @ 4:10. We approached the register and explained to the male employee that was working about the problem and if he could show use what went wrong. He replied I don’t use the app. He then replied are you at the right location? So I showed him the coupon and he said I don’t need to see that. So we asked if there is someone that could help us? he the replied that no one knows how to use the app. This guy could care less if he made a sale. There are 8 pizzas places within a mile of Blaze that we could go to. In departing I told my lets go to another place and we did. This guy is not an asset to your company. Will I or any of my family will go to Blaze again NO Never! Hire employees who are willing to work for a pay check.

  • Thomas snelbaker says:

    Sent info regarding not honoring coupon unless on line and they wanted credit card info and we didn’t have they said they would get back to us that was three weeks ago very disappointing how you handle business. Will never buy again. Customer service terrible experience..

  • Elliot Gilbert says:

    Are franchises available?

  • yolanda says:

    I was in the Lancaster, Ca store waiting on an order when the store manager, Irma, started gossiping and bad mouthing another employee when she walked away. There were other customers in the restaurant and we could all hear her. She was speaking to all the employees that were not management. I felt very bad for the girl and I told her as I walked out that her manager was talking about her. It was very unprofessional and she should be fired and/or retrained – she definitely has zero people skills.

  • kay says:

    Your corporate phone service sucks. Blaze del amo gave me 2 charcoal pizza. Tried to call, two numbers listed. Left a message on one, the receipt number 310 370 5350 is not in service. Called corporate, left vm for Robert kluger, putting in random letters. Worst dinner ever. What pizza toppings do you like on you charcoal? I want my money back. Obviously their oven is filthy. I have their pizza frozen, to take photos and take back; the mall parking and walk to blaze is pain in the ass. After the rain I will go with my charcoal pizza, and it will not be nice. I am dissed, worst pizza, travel, manager customer service and corporate services ever!

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