Where Is Blackstone Corporate Office Headquarters

Blackstone Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 345 Park Ave, New York, NY 10154, USA
  • Phone Number: 212-583-5000
  • Fax Number: 212-583-5749
  • Email: BlackstoneInvestorRelations@blackstone.com
  • Number of Employees: 4,000
  • Established: 1985
  • Founder: Peter George Peterson & Stephen A. Schwarzman
  • Key People: Stephen A. Schwarzman, Jonathan Gray

Blackstone Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Blackstone Corporate Office

The Blackstone Group represents customers worldwide. You can contact the Blackstone group regarding a complaint or if you want to gather information about a certain product or enquire about a service. The steps to contacting the corporate office headquarters are quite feasible.

Ways to contact 

Address - Do you have an idea or issue which needs consideration or intervention from Blackstone Group Administrative Authorities? In this case, if it is not a problem, please note 345 Park Ave New York, NY 10154, USA.

Fax number – You can fax them on 212-583-5749.

Phone number – calling them is a really feasible process for many customers because often fax and other facilities are not available. You can call them on +1 (212) 583-5000.

Email – You can email them about any enquiry at 


Website – www.blackstone.com

Social media – You can visit the Blackstone group’s Facebook page for the stock updates and images.

Blackstone Headquarters Info & Photos

Blackstone Group Inc. is a board company based on elective speculation. The Blackstone Group's base camp is located in New York. In 2019 the organization was officially announced at NYSE with the inventory code BX. Two former Lehman Brothers members, Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman, founded Blackstone in 1985. Blackstone provides managers with a scope of resources and chances for private, public, and corporate clients to effectively manage and grow their wealth and speculations. Blackstone arranges its activities in the areas of private capital involving corporation exercises by private reserves for corporate value, the execution of skilled projects through various types of resources, the activities of the company's private subsidiary funds, the multi-resource speculation program, and the administrative activities of its financial sectors.

Land involving the corporation's exercises and the confidence of land speculation, known as European and Asian based crafty reserves. Flexible investment solutions that mainly involve the activities of the Blackstone Company's alternative management company, the optional multifaceted investment allocator, as well as the Operator of a broad variety of flexible and intermixed investment schemes. Credit is contained mostly in the GSO Capital Partners LP segment, which controls or sub-exhorts senior loan-centered funds, stubborn bond balances, intermediary assets, and overall credits transferred to the core of commercial use.

Blackstone Headquarters Photo
Blackstone Corporate Office Photo

Blackstone Headquarters List

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Blackstone Headquarters Executive Team

Stephen A. Schwarzman

Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder

Stephen A. Schwarzman. Stephen is the chairman and chief executive officer of The Blackstone Group. He is an American businessman. He is a very ambitious businessman. He started off in the business industry from the very young age of 14, with his first business as a lawn mowing operation.

He has a very strategic approach towards the functionality of business operations. Before being a part of the Blackstone group, he was working in many leading businesses and had a prestigious career. 

Jonathan Gray

President & Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Gray. Jonathan is the president and the chief operating officer of the Blackstone group. He had graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor of arts degree in English and went on to acquire a B.S. degree from the Wharton School.

He was brought up in a business affiliated household with his mother involved in the catering business and his father was an investment adviser. His inspirations have their roots from here. Before working in the Blackstone group, he was a global head of real estate.

Tony James

Executive Vice Chairman

Tony James. He is the executive vice chairman of the Blackstone group, and a member of Blackstone’s board of directors. He is also a member of Blackstone’s Management Committee and sits on the firm’s various investment committees.

James previously served as the firm’s President and Chief Operating Officer. He had done his B.A. from Harvard College. He earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School.



Michael Chae

Sr. Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Baratta

Global Head of Private Equity

Joan Solotar

Sr. Managing Director & Head of Private Wealth Solutions & External Relations

John McCormick

President and CEO, BAAM

Kenneth Caplan

Global Co-Head of Real Estate

Kathleen McCarthy

Global Co-Head of Real Estate

Bennett Goodman

Sr. Managing Director & Founder of GSO Capital Partners

Dwight Scott

Sr. Managing Director & President of GSO

About Blackstone


Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman formed the Blackstone Company in 1985 with a seed capital of $400,000. 45–56. The authors renamed their business 'Blackstone,' which was a cryptogram from the names of the two authors: 'Skull' in English means 'dark;' 'Skull' means 'skull' or 'tar.' In Lehman Brothers, the two organizers had cooperated lately. In 1985 Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman, who recently cooperated at Lehman Brothers, founded Blackstone as a restructuring and acquisition enterprise.

Blackstone Group Inc. is a New York City board organization based in the USA for elective speculation. In 2019, Blackstone was converted from a listed enterprise in a sector organization. The private value firm of Blackstone has potentially been the largest financial backer in recent use of purchases, with its property business essentially acquiring business properties. The absolute finances under the management of the company amounted to about $545 billion beginning in 2019.


The Blackstone Group is a global private, elective and monetary management company. It places private value, property, recognition, and mutual funds through elective resource groups as in the foundation, life sciences, security, and value for growth. The company also provides various forms of monetary alerts, including consolidation and procurement warnings, reconstruction and revamping notification services, and asset management services. The Company focuses on property, scalable acquisitions, private value, used loans, senior bonds, and rescue funding.


Based on the Private Equity International positioning of the capital responsibility company, Blackstone becomes the world's largest private value company. It contributes by minority speculations, mutual associations, and market consolidations and has been fired up businesses once in a while. In big capitalization firms and focuses on well-disposed interest.

Blackstone has invested over $20 billion in every 109 private exchanges since 1987 and its 2007 IPO. Blackstein's most impressive land investments include Motel 6, Wyndham Worldwide, Southern Cross Healthcare, Vicinity Centers and EQ Office, Hilton Worldwide, Trizec Properties, Center Parcs UK, La Quinta Inns, and Suites.

In 2019 the study from the United Nations finds that Blackstone had "destructive effects" in its monstrous purchase of single-family homes after a fiscal emergency from 2007–2008. In addition to transforming the Wall Street immobilized sector into a benefit for workers, Blackstone has treated disproportionate costs for its tenants, lease increases, and strong expulsion rehearsals. The practice of Blackstone's land lopsidedly influenced shading networks, partly because they based on dropping out because of subprime loans. The company acquired land in low-pay locations, updated units, and even extended rentals. Blackstone has introduced unrestricted upsets through improvement.

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