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Bruce Dean

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Bob Manley


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Anita Adams

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Kaliher

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Craig Cunningham

Senior Vice President of Operations

Robin Yoshimura

Chief Franchise Officer

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Black Bear Diner was incorporated by Bruce Dean and Bob & Laurie Manley in 1995 in Mount Shasta, California. The company is headquartered in Redding, California.

Black Bear Diner is an American restaurant chain which serves delicious family breakfast, meals, burgers, frosty shakes & healthful salads. Currently, Black Bear Diner is spread over 133 locations in 13 different states in the USA. They offer the best food & restaurant services all across the USA. This family dining restaurant is decorated with a 12-foot-tall black bear carving as well as some other murals and artwork. The menu is formatted in an old newspaper titled The Black Bear Gazette. The front page has all the food products and family meals such as breakfast, burgers, salads, and shakes, baked goods and alcohol too, from where customers can choose and order.

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  • Nikki says:

    Manager’s name is Jeanette @Amarillos Blackbear restaurant, she needs training in how to deal with customers, she was terrible, no people skills whatsoever, we felt so discriminated

  • Nikki says:

    While traveling on 07/24/23 , 1:35 pm we stopped at the Amarillo, Tx. Location 7000 E, interstate 40 . Server ( if l could call her that) selest was the worst server ever, took her for ever to take order, all her attention was focused on 2 boys, boyfriend? Brothers? They were sitting at counter, she wouldn’t move from there, this boys came in a lot later and she served them immediately, we are still waiting and waiting, l asked other waitress what happened to our food, ( we couldn’t get this server attention, too busy chatting with her boys) she did not know, finally we got an incomplete order, no fries on child’s plate, no shake, l kept asking server and reminding her, never came, shake arrived as we were getting ready to leave, after reminding her more, l finally told her to forget the fries and to deduct it, after a long wait l asked for the manager she very reluctantly said she would take of .55cents off l told her to just bring fries to go, the so called manager was as arrogant and rude as she can be. I am glad the little ones didn’t eat the fries because they made sure to include a bunch of long hairs mixed with the fries. Will never, ever go to any Blackbear , it’s too bad that this place employs the worst of the worst, l must add that we went out of our way to go there, and were excited about eating there! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT😡😡

  • Mrs Williams says:

    Went yesterday for a birthday brunch with some of my family party of 10.
    They got the tables ready we were seated no menus were provided first red flag, changed servers twice finally had our order taken then we had to wait we finally ask the server what the problem was and they said the kitchen was backed up, mind you we were there first as others were getting served their food who came after us, just as we were going to leave the come out with our food. We Waited an hr for our food after we had been seated.The patty melt I had was disgusting* didn’t finish it…the pasta my mom ordered was disgusting they also said we couldn’t order baked potatoes until after 4 and there were no seasonal veggies. I will never go back worst dining experience ever. The manager took 4 dollar off our over$90 tab ..and that was just my bill, we had two other tabs as well. My family were still nice and left a tip for the Young server. The Mesquite location 3730 Town Crossing Blvd Mesquite, TX….and they sit us at a dirty table…I absolutely will Not go back waste of money

  • Mrs Williams says:

    Went Saturday, July 15, 2023 for a birthday brunch with some of my family party of 10.
    They got the tables ready we were seated no menus were provided first red flag, changed servers twice finally had our order taken then we had to wait we finally ask the server what the problem was and they said the kitchen was backed up, mind you we were there first as others were getting served their food who came after us, just as we were going to leave the come out with our food. We Waited an hr for our food after we had been seated.The patty melt I had was disgusting* didn’t finish it…the pasta my mom ordered was disgusting they also said we couldn’t order baked potatoes until after 4 and there were no seasonal veggies. I will never go back worst dining experience ever. The manager took 4 dollar off our over$90 tab ..and that was just my bill, we had two other tabs as well. My family were still nice and left a tip for the Young server.

  • Dwaine says:

    This place is racist and the headquarters. Do not call you back the place in San Rafael California across from the Northgate mall they do not like Black people do not go there.

  • Jennete says:

    Unappreciative company even the ones who work so hard and loyal get mistreated. Even though their company advertises for specific pay amount of salary they won’t give you the maximum salary that is advertised. Even for an employee who has been there for 5 years and does more than his job description. Ridiculous management and all because of favoritism in management.

  • Johnie warren says:

    Poor management bad attitude by manger on party 3 tell me the customer I can’t at table by window,the turn around and see two adult and a child at same table,looks like a race issue with manger. 3730 town crossing bloc
    Mesquite Tx 75150

  • Kristy Carazolez says:

    Today is a hot mess at the entertainment address in Boise, Idaho. Tables are dirty and staff standing around gossiping. There is a 45 minute wait. But there are 15 dirty tables and no manager around to help. I would never leave my restaurant looking like this. We will not be coming back.

  • Lynn says:

    Avoid take out at the Black Bear diner in Palmdale, Ca. We had eaten inside a couple of times and other than being extremely slow the food was good service was friendly. Under staffed, but friendly. We decided to order take out tonight and it was a MESS!!! After the online order wasn’t working I called to place an order. Then, after being on hold for 15 minutes we went to the restaurant to place an order and wait. Again, I was interrupted 3 times while placing my order. I finally had my order placed (on 3 different small post it notes) and she then went to place the order in the computer, which took forever. After a long wait we finally had our order and headed to our sons house for dinner with 5 dinners. Well, 4 of the dinners had something wrong with it. Seriously!!! When I called to tell them about my incorrect order I was treated very very rudely by some floor supervisor who told me the only difference between him and the manager was $2/hours! What!!! He was rude and unconcerned about the in correct order. GOODBYE Black Bear Diner. I’m not paying $150 to be treated like that because your employees can’t take an order and package it correctly. Never going into another Black Bear Diner. NEVER!!!

  • Karen says:

    I saw my birthday reward flash on my phone, but when I went to go read it. It was nowhere to be found. This happened last year also. I’m bummed. If you read this on Oct 31st, it’s my Birthday. Can you send another code to me for free breakfast/birthday reward. Thank you

  • Ted Davis says:

    After a long morning at the doctors office My wife and myself went to the Black bear dinner, in Boise, Idaho off of Entertainment at about 12:00 in the afternoon for lunch, the people there are amazing and the food was great. we have never eaten there before. i am sure we will eat there every chance we get. our waitress Tasha, was so friendly and make our lunch top of our list for places to eat, i would love everyone to go to the black bear dinner and have the service that we experienced. Please let Tasha know that she is amazing and we will be seeing your entire crew again. Maria and Ted Davis 10-13-22

  • Jane says:

    The Orem Utah black bear diner needs work! They’re management is always twacked out on drugs and they are always running around like chickens on the weekend yelling at each other. The manager is always yelling at her employees with customers sitting right in front of her. And their assistant manager looks ghetto and unprofessional with her yoga pants and her hair all down and in the food. That’s so disgusting. They have a few servers who are really great but other then that their service sucks!

  • Tiffini Roberts says:

    I wanted to say that I went to the black bear diner in Humble texas.. order bacon eggs and grits.. my food comes back to my table and my bacon is drenched in hotsauce.. I do not eat hot sauce, did not order hot sauce so I am so confused as to why hotsauce was poured all over my bacon… everybody acted sooo lost and confused as to why it was done in the first place… at this point I’m questioning if this is a race issue because why..

  • Linda Frisby says:

    Possible new location in Westminster, CA?

    My husband and I have enjoyed eating at your restaurants both in Santa and Long Beach. We live in Westminster near Huntington Beach and saw a very nice building that is available for lease. It was a Marie Callendars but went out of business a few years ago. I think it would be a very nice location for one of your Black Bears! The address is 16390 Beach Blvd, Westminster. It is right on the city line of Huntington Beach.

    I actually took a few pictures to give you a little feeling of the building. I certainly do not know the business details but thought of your restaurant when we saw it. Maybe something to consider? Sent you an email with pictures but not sure it went through.

    Linda Frisby

  • Ken McKinley says:

    I just wanted to say that I think your should keep the rib dinner on the menu and not make is a limited item. The ribs are great and I’m quite sure I would enjoy them in December and beyond. This is a hot item, please keep them.

  • Marcie Christensen says:

    I need my password so I can get my check

  • Unhappy former customer says:

    The Carson City Black Bear is a mess. It used to be a nice restaurant with good food but all of a sudden in the last three months you have new rude employees that have no skills. On one occasion, we ate there, put in an order and the food never came m. When we inquired about it , the waitress said she “ forgot to put in the order.” On two take out order occasions, multiple items were missing so we started checking the bag at the counter and telling them what we ordered that they needed to go get. No apologies from your employees on any occasion. The final time we will ever go back was a week ago when we placed an online order for take out. Since the Carson city store notoriously takes 45 minutes minimum to get an order ready even when there’s a nearly empty restaurant, we waited an hour and ten minutes to go pick the order up, hoping it would be ready. But when we showed up, there was no order ready and both servers acted like they knew nothing about it. One dismissed herself from the problem by just shrugging her shoulders and walking away. The other at least went back to the kitchen to see and when she returned, she said that they were out of the items we ordered. Well thanks for not calling us to let us know! We were then offered other items and we said to just give us a refund and we were told that since we ordered online, they couldn’t give us a refund that it would be our responsibility to contract Google to request a refund! Well we ordered it on black bears site so that didn’t make sense. Plus no one could tell us how to do that either. So reluctantly, we agreed to other items which we then waited another 40 minutes for. We checked the bag at the counter and of course there were items missing which we had to tell the employees to go get. You would think that was the worst of the visit to black bear that night, but there was more. Upon getting home, we plated and began to eat the very mediocre porterhouse steak and it had a funny smell to it. So I stuck my nose to the steak to smell if the smell was coming from the steak and it smelled like stinky cheese. I had taken three bites of it and when I sniffed it, it dawned on me that the smell was Parmesan cheese, which apparently the steak was seasoned with. I am allergic to parmesan and I immediately spit it out and rinsed my mouth and brushed my teeth and gargled, but it was too late. I had respiratory reaction to it. I could have ended up at the hospital or worse with anaphylactic shock due to the Parmesan being put in that steak. Who puts Parmesan in a steak anyway? Do you think we’re EVER going back? Nope! You seriously need to address issues at the Carson city store because of all the people we know that used to dine there, aren’t going back and I sure won’t go back to eat at a place that could have easily killed me with an ingredient that was put on a meal without it being disclosed in the description on the menu. What a waste of $30 too. The whole steak dinner went in the trash.

  • Frank Garcia says:

    Tulsa Oklahoma location:
    I don’t have enough room to describe what all my wife and I went through during our dining experience at the Black Bear Diner in Tulsa Oklahoma…. Understaffed, limited menu options, salad’s had literally rotten tomatoes with old yellow lettuce which was brought to us from a grown man wearing make up, which was odd cause our original “ geeterd out” waiter went missing to the bathroom again, he went to the bathroom 4 times while he waited on us.

    The bottom line is we refused to pay a dime for anything! Spoke to the acting manager which was hard to take seriously with all the shit she had hanging out of her face and ears…..

    Never again Smdh

  • David Boldt says:

    I would like to inform you that today around 1:00 in the Sonoma location @ 201 West Napa st. , Ca .95476, we dined. A man with a dog on a leash was allowed to eat inside at the corner window both . I asked the cashier at the end of our visit what the policy was for people to bring dogs in and dine , she said she had no idea , I replied that I believe that it was against the health code to allow a non service dog that did not display it’s vest and that it was not allowed in the indoor seating area and that it is not allowed to sit on the bench of the table . Could you advice me of any code that supersedes Division 104 Health and Safety Code . And if you could educate your wonderful staff of this . Your feed back would ensure that my home town restaurant is staying in the best performance of delivering food that would ensure the community is in good health.
    My home town of 56 years and a third generation as your neighbor.
    David Boldt

    Sent from my iPad

  • Not today says:

    I sat and waited for 48 minutes until I decided to get up and ask why my name for my table hadn’t been called , after that I noticed my name had been crossed out their waiting list & I asked why? The MANAGER KRISTY then tells me that she called my name 3x when I know for a fact my name was not called. So after stating that the manager proceeds to seat people who were here before me. So I get up 1 more time & ask why I haven’t been sat she rolls her eyes n with the worst attitude asks me to follow her so that’s can be seated. I had the worst experience with this specific Manager, who clearly doesn’t do their job right . This all happened at the BLACK BEAR DINER PORTERVILLE CA 910 w Olive ave

  • Jessie says:

    Their chicken fried steak is from frozen, never fresh. It keeps getting better 😡 heated up same piece of chicken fried steak. Like I wasn’t going to cut a whole in the middle just to make sure they do exactly what they did. They can’t afford to cook me a fresh one?😡😡😡😡 when I say same food. I mean they took this plate back took off the trash and heated it up. I have a picture taken before they picked up my food.

    Came back for breakfast. Nirvana waited on me. Soon as I sat down, she wanted to take my order. No chance to look at the menu. You better enjoy your coffee. You are only allowed to have 2 cups. Ordered meat lovers omelet. Hash browns were cold. She never came back to check on me until I was finished. Why would I want hash browns after done eating? Shouldn’t the food be served all at one time? After I brought it to the managers attention. Did they want to make my food over. Are they going to make me hungry again? Definitely not Black Bear Diner standards. 😒

  • Mark Covell says:

    Went to your newest location that opened up @ vista & beltway 8. It was my 1st time to eat there. My wife & I ordered, she ordered a blackened salmon which was not blackened & was very bland asked for Tony’s. The waitress came back & told us that they didn’t have anything like that to put on the fish. Then I ordered a chili burger & onion rings. I did NOT like beans!!! in my chili. If it had mentioned that the chili had beans I would not have ordered it. The only thing I ordered with the burger were onion rings. The only thing that came out right. I didn’t even get a drink refill.

  • Patti says:

    Went to the Black Bear in Rohnert Park, CA, worst service ever had. Took our name to be seated said about 10 minutes. While we waited and could see open booths, they sat two groups that came in after us. Finally seated took long time for service, got coffee then ordered. Took over 45 minutes for order no one came to refill coffee. The potatoes were not cooked all the way. I have eaten here for years and always had good food and service. Very disappointed today 4-11-22. Not coming back.

  • Cindy Naylor says:

    My nephew and I went to your Fountain CO restaurant tonight. My nephew order a burger (med). First one came out pretty much well. Sent it back, had them make a new one it also came back with no pink. Ended up having an omlet. Manager came out and gave some story that the chart they have shows that that is how it should be, she said if you want pink you need to order med rare.

  • Mary Schlegel says:

    Extremely upset- Providence Ut location. Spent some time selecting our dinner choices from the website to go menu and called it in only to be told they were not doing take out meals. We have picked up meals there many times in the past. Well they have now lost two frequent customers. I am originally from Oregon and had been a fan of Black Bear from years ago. Was so excited when the Providence UT location opened and told all my friends and coworkers about them. Why is there a website to pick up orders?

  • Richard I Brinkley says:

    Ordered Take Out From Location on 45 north @ Richey in Houston, Order Was totally messed up and when i called to complain my phone call was put on hold and never answered, i called back and asked to speak to the Manager and was told she didn’t have time to talk to me but if i woulld leave my name and number she would return my call, Still waiting for that returned call. I WILL NEVER EVER WASTE MY MONEY AT THIS LOCATION AGAIN.

  • Wendi says:

    I just I would let you know, my family and I will NEVER go back to another Black Bear Diner.
    We came into the American Fork UT location at 6:30 pm. We were seated quickly, however this is where our experience started to from ok, to bad to the absolute worst.
    Other people were seated, started with drinks,and received their food in a timely manner. We waited approx 45 minutes and we had to ask to be served. We were able to place our orders, which included 5 salads with our meals. On salad eventually arrived, slowly a second. Approx 30 minutes later we were brought 2 more salads. Another 15 minutes went by then finally the last salad was brought to our table. It was barely what you would call a salad. Abour an hour and a half after our order was placed we were told that the 4 orders of tri tip were out. We all decided to go with new York steak. 2 were ordered medium, 2 were ordered cooked medium rare. All of the steaks were cooked incorrectly. Mine was ordered as medium rare it came out as well done shoe leather.
    The waitress rarely came to check on our table.
    No tables were cleared during our visit. The last of the food was brought to our table at 8:45 pm. We were basically asked to leave at 9.
    I have personally worked in customer service for over 30 years. This is the absolute worst experience I have ever encountered.

  • Isabel Castro says:

    This morning November 28 2021 My family an I went to have breakfast the waitress took are order then brought our food out it was super cold we call the young lady back she took our food back brought it back steaming from the microwave who goes to a restaurant to get food from the microwave by then my husband was upset then he goes to start to eat his pancakes the cook put the light brown one on top and on the bottom one was as white as a ghost an raw I paid for our breakfast but the more I think about it I get mad

  • Mike Allen says:

    My friends and I have used this establishment (Black Bear diner Sacramento, Natomas) every year for several years for our get-togethers.
    Today I stopped in after going to the airport because I knew it would be open at 6:00. This was not the case today, and I had to wait. If the sign says 6:00 it should open at 6:00. It’s 6:15 and I’m still sitting in the parking lot. Companies have enough trouble in this day, and age without the employees deciding what time business should open in contrast to when the sign says! I am a very punctual person, and this irritated me to know end. Don’t make it so we have to look for another place to dine.

  • Nancy says:

    Wish you had a location in the East San Gabriel Valley area of CA. Covina, West Covina, Glendora, La Puente, Diamond Bar, Walnut, – there is hardly an American Food dinner house around the whole area. And – let me add – I can’t understand why you don’t have hit open face sandwiches Turkey, beef, meat loaf all with gravy available before 4 pm. Many Senior Citizens eat their big meals around lunch time but none of this I’d available at your locations.

  • n says:

    Rohnert Park Location, Terrible service in helping with Employment Verifications no one answers or acknowledges the importance of this need. “Managers” are rude and unprofessional

  • Jewell Davidson says:

    A terrible experience in a Salinas ca. Black bear Diner! Took forever to be seated. The place was not crowded at all but they just stood there and talked to each other. Finally seated no drinks for 15 minutes, ordered and got the wrong order and then mine was not warm. Dirty silverware, just a horrible experience! Such a letdown because we frequented the Black bear Diner in Paradise ca. and they were excellent!!!

  • Jewell Davidson says:

    1391 N Davis 3rd. Salinas ca. Terrible experience!

  • sharlene martinelli says:

    i took my family to your diner on s.virginia st in reno and we waited for over an hr they call are name so we go in and they tell us we will have to go back out side and wait 1/2 hr to 45 minutes because we have 6 people in are party we said ok but then they started to seat people that where behind us in the booths they told us they were going to clean for us so my son was still in there and the girls up front started to laugh at us as they sat there own kind and we will never go back to place the thing is we really love your food and the store by are house on mccarran

  • Kate Quintana says:

    Would like to see Black Bear restaurant in Ventura.Ca. We lost our Marie Calenders last year on Victoria and the building is still vacant. Would be a great place for a Black beat restaurant!!

  • ray sayit says:

    So I am amazed at the arrogant attitude my friend an I was given in response to a bad experience. After hearing for months to come out and support our local restaurants and bring them back from the brink, due to covid, we do! Some how they have lost sight of all this and really dont care about your business and really dont want it . I dont recommend the Bullhead City location the food is poor quality and the manager Carol is about as bad as it gets! Dine at your own risk!

  • Jeanne M. says:

    We LOVE Black Bear Diner and would love to have a Black Bear Diner near us in either Ventura, CA or Camarillo, CA. As it is we have to travel 100+ miles to eat there. Please consider this.

  • Lea Anne Cardenas says:

    I am appaullef at you for not closing your restaurant here in Bullhead City, Az to at the least take out. This type of action is going to only prolong the quarantine of the public. SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR GREEDINESS!

  • Alfonso O Garcia says:

    My wife and I, dined at 4927 Junipero Serra Blvd, Colma, CA 94014. Our server was awful, she kept rushing us. I asked for an omelet with a side of mash patatoes. We were not asked if we wanted gravy. The whole plate was full of gravy. The omelet was gross. I ate it with disgust. When we went to pay. My wife complained to the front desk. The front desk said he would get the manager. What a suprise our server came and she continued to be rude. Saying well you ate it. I said with disgust. I tried waving to you but you wouldn’t look at us. I said I would like the number to your corporate office, she would not gice it to us. She sais go fins it online. She is awful. She needs some serious COACHING!!

    Truly bad customer service on her part. We don’t plan to ever go back to THAT location.

  • Marney Rapoza says:

    We recently have had the pleasure of dining at your new location in Olathe, KS. The food is outstanding and, for the most part, the service is also. There are most certainly some challenges in the evenings. We had the pleasure of making friends with the management staff and we are very impressed with the sincerity and commitment of the store manager, Jim. We were also very impressed with a “borrowed” manager, John Sanchez. When he was working, he was constantly all over the restaurant, talking to customers and staff alike. He is attentive and responsive and his experience shows. He was friendly and easy to talk to, as is Jim. We hated to see John go, but wish him the best. We are confident that Jim will keep the food quality high and continue to work with the staff. We understand that it is a learning curve, as I was in the restaurant industry as a manager for over thirty years.

  • Robert Payton says:

    This evening the wife and I had dinner at the Signal Hill store and to say the least we were disappointed with the food. she ordered a Denver omelet and I the Chopped Steak breakfast, her food was okay, but when I got mine, the steak didn’t have any gravy on it like advertised and there were no eggs of any type.
    this is not the first time there has been a problem with the food at this location, the last three time we have been in, something has not been right, one night the soup was burnt and you could smell the dry steam table when you walked in the front door, the time before this I ordered the tri tip which came cold and so tough you could hardly cut it and tonight, the lack of eggs on a breakfast was the last straw, our server known us by name and had gone out of his way to make things right, but I don’t think he needs to run the kitchen also to make sure the food is up to the grade you claim it is. so…. after trying three times to have a good sit down dinner without something being wrong and having to ask for the full meal, or having to send something back because it was either under done, or over cooked, we have decided not to waste out money any more at your store, also I almost forgot, grits are supposed to be creamy and not the consistency of sticky rice as served with the meal tonight, we have given all we can to your store and it hasn’t changed and in fact gotten even worse after the management, cook and server changes, you might want to take a hard look at this store to see what’s going, or why things aren’t the way you think they are, I will be glad to speak with you about this if your interested, if not, that’s okay with me!!!!

  • Kenneth & Brenda Eppich says:

    We love to go to the Black Bear Diner in Washington, Utah. Jessica (Jess) is a wonderful
    server. It is a great place to go when we have company.

  • Jim says:

    Went to the West Jordan Ut location tonight. First of all the service was very slow. We got in there at about 6:30 pm, it was after 8:30 pm when we got out of there. IT wasn’t all that busy. The slow pace didn’t bother us to much. My wife did mention that maybe they had to chase down the chicken. We were there for a birthday party for my grandson and my daughter. After waiting for about an hour, the food finally started coming out, while most everyone’s dinner was good, mine prime rib dinner wasn’t. The prime rib was over cooked, I ordered medium rare. If that wasn’t bad enough, the mashed potatoes and gravy were cold, the vegetables were cold. You could tell the meal had been sitting under a hot lamp for quite some time. The gravy had a glaze formed on it. Just looking at the meat, you could tell it had been sitting out for some time. The plate it’s self wasn’t hot. My wife’s plate was quite hot, even when she finished eating, the plate was still good and warm.
    We have been going to this location since they opened. Most times, it has been a good experience.
    I talked with the server and she had a manager come over and talk with us. I explained it to him and said he would take 35% off of the bill. I told him I didn’t think that was right for a cold meal. He told me he would have the owner (store manager) come over and talk with me. After about 30 minutes of waiting for her, the gentlemen told me she had left to run an errand without talking with me.
    When we went to check out, the girl at the register asked how it was and told her the story. I could tell she had been prepped for me. She said, well everyone else’s meal was hot. She was extremely rude in her attitude. And just walked away before I signed the receipt. Our bill was over $100.
    I have been going to this location since they first opened. I will assure you, I will never be back there. And yes I know it won’t make a difference to them.

  • John says:

    Alycia is absolutely an amazing server and will always have our business at the gridley black bear

  • John says:

    Me and my son ate at this restaurant in gridley and were very apprehensive because of past experiences but a server named alycia took care of us and was absolutely amazing at making sure our every need was met above and beyond anything we had ever experienced here before. This young lady should be running that restaurant!

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