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Where is BJ’s Wholesale Club Corporate office Headquarters

BJ’s Wholesale Club Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 25 Research Dr, Westborough, MA 01582, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 774-512-7400

  • Fax Number: 774-512-6859

  • Email: CustomerCare@bjs.com

  • Number of Employees:  25500

  • Established: 1984

  • Founder: Mervyn D. Weich

  • Key People: Christopher J. Baldwin, Robert W. Eddy

BJ’s Wholesale Club Headquarters Location & Directions

BJ’s Wholesale Club Headquarters Executive Team



Christopher J. Baldwin

Chairman, CEO, President & Director

Robert W. Eddy

CFO & Executive VP

Cornel Catuna

Executive Vice President of Club Operations

Lee Delaney

Chief Growth Officer & Executive VP

Gina Iacovone

Senior Vice President of Field Operations -South

Scott Kessler

Chief Information Officer & Executive VP

Graham N. Luce

Senior VP, General Counsel & Secretary

Rafeh Masood

Chief Digital Officer & Senior VP

About BJ’s Wholesale Club, History and Headquarters Information


BJ’s Wholesale Club Headquarters Photos

BJ’s Wholesale Club Resources

  • Stephanie L Hornsby says:

    I am writing to seek assistance on behalf of my Aunt, Laura Tillman. It is with great concern that I address her current struggles, as they have significantly impacted her health. Despite her pride, she has refrained from seeking help, prompting me to take it upon myself to find a solution. Throughout her life, my aunt has encountered numerous hardships, with recent occurrences causing alarm within our family. During her childhood in a Kentucky mining camp, she suffered the tragic loss of her arm in an accident involving dynamite intended for coal mining. However, she persisted and managed to lead a fulfilling life through marriage and motherhood. Regrettably, recent health-related complications have overwhelmed her, leaving me uncertain of the appropriate course of action. My sincere hope is that someone can provide assistance in terms of transportation, medical expenses, and home repairs for my widowed aunt, who relies solely on fixed income. Throughout her life, she has been a pillar of support for her friends and family, and now I am determined to reciprocate and help her find the assistance she urgently needs. Any guidance or support would be greatly appreciated.

    Stephanie Hornsby
    Venmo me @
    https:/To whom it may concern,

    I am writing to seek assistance on behalf of my Aunt, Laura Tillman. It is with great concern that I address her current struggles, as they have significantly impacted her health. Despite her pride, she has refrained from seeking help, prompting me to take it upon myself to find a solution. Throughout her life, my aunt has encountered numerous hardships, with recent occurrences causing alarm within our family. During her childhood in a Kentucky mining camp, she suffered the tragic loss of her arm in an accident involving dynamite intended for coal mining. However, she persisted and managed to lead a fulfilling life through marriage and motherhood. Regrettably, recent health-related complications have overwhelmed her, leaving me uncertain of the appropriate course of action. My sincere hope is that someone can provide assistance in terms of transportation, medical expenses, and home repairs for my widowed aunt, who relies solely on fixed income. Throughout her life, she has been a pillar of support for her friends and family, and now I am determined to reciprocate and help her find the assistance she urgently needs. Any guidance or support would be greatly appreciated.


  • Margaret Hood says:

    I’m very disappointed that BJ’s is donating to the Susan G Komen Foundation.
    While it seems like a great idea to give money to a group that wants to eliminate breast cancer, they are in a partnership with Planned Parenthood and also give grant money to John Hopkins School of Medicine and The National Cancer Institute to fund embryonic stem cell research.
    Some of their personnel have left the foundation because of these practices, including Karen Handel who wrote the book: Planned Bullyhood, to explain her reasons for leaving and exposing this scandal.
    There are plenty of good charities out there where BJ’s could extend a helping hand without funding
    immoral practices.
    We’ve been members of BJ’s for 20+ years and I would hate to have to give up our membership but…
    Robert & Margaret Hood

  • Elijah lewis says:

    Hi i was recently a team member apart of the Bjs Wholesale Club in Southington Connecticut.I believe i was treated and fired unfairly just for being 10 mins late.If i was more than ten mins late or could not make it in to my shift i made sure i called..I go in every shift polite friendly and work real hard to the best of my ability..Now im sure im not the only employee who has ever been late so why am i the only one to get fired..There are emoyees there who play on the walkoes and make sounds over the walkie playing around..There are Managers on there phones all day ,they stand and hang around..As far as i have seen there is 1 Manager whos bust her ass the rest not so much.I really feel as if i was targeted by this one Manager and that is so unfair to me..I really wanted to curse her out nd punch her in the face but i was professional and walked out .

  • Steve Toms says:

    Dear Sirs/Madam:

    I’m a member of BJ’s and for the most part I am very satisfied with the prices and products you offer.
    However, I’m extremely disappointed in the fact that you store in Palm Bay/Melbourne, Fl. only carries Budweiser Light 24 packs of 12 ounce cans. There is No regular Budweiser offered at all.
    Is there a particular reason for this. It not, can you please start stocking 24 packs (cases ) of regular Budweiser.
    It would be nice if I could have a one place store to shop at.
    I may be contacted via email at: stevetoms117@gmail.com
    Or phone: 321-614-1082

  • Sue Ross (Alice M) says:

    10-16-22 I received absolutely outstanding service at BJ’s Tire Center on Rt. 37 Toms River. With no appointment I was given service and a free education on why my tire TPMS was not working. Pat and his team are professional, knowledgeable and provided the highest possible quality customer service. BJ’s gets an A+ for having such fantastic employees.

  • James Habermann says:

    Today we went to Bj in islander Long Island and I was not happy with it there was no effordent in the dental isle there was nothing in the store what so ever don’t know what’s going on put I can’t even get the coffee I us to get there I hope that this doesn’t fall on deaf ears have a good day James’s Habermann a long time customer

  • Phyllis says:

    Christopher Baldwin CEO President
    Robert W. Eddy VP CFO Executive
    Cornel Catuna Executive VP of ClubOperations
    Very upset with your whole policy of coupons in flyer and apps. The idea of having to cut a coupon or download a sale item is absurd. Start taking some examples from Costco. There policy.
    Item on sale in flyer buy the item ring it up
    ON SALE. The end. Thank you Costco for using
    common sense and making shopping simple.
    Your call center is persistent in not connecting
    To anyone in authority. HIRE AMERICAN
    Your store customer service is awful. What company doesn’t have a number or contact
    On file to reach corporate or home office.
    She told me to google it.
    We are on social media with 10,000 plus LEO
    members I will be very honest when asked
    my opinion of joining BJ’s. We have been a member for some years rest assured when our
    Membership expires.

  • Marie says:

    My credit card has been compromised twice. Can’t seem to get in touch with corporate office? The local store has no clue. Need to speak with someone!!

  • Joann Toth says:

    I am a member of BJ’s since 2005. I contacted my area store in Allentown pa trying to get them to fix my problem with online coupons. I click on a coupon item and it does not go anywhere. Josie in customer care says I am not a member….paid for it every year. They can’t seem to straighten it out … please help.
    (second member of Rachel Wright, my daughter)

    Account Information
    Order History
    My Lists
    My Coupons
    Membership Number


    Membership Expiration


    Member Since


  • Thomas Dolan says:

    Please increase the limit at your gas stations. $100 is ridiculously low these days. Many of your customers must return the hose and restart the card scanning process to fill their tanks. Yesterday I put $136 in my tank. Your low limit is slowing the process and creating longer car lines in your parking lot.

  • anonymous says:

    BJS is one of the worst places I ever worked for the management there is horrible they don’t care about their employees at they ask you to bend over backward for the members but then you, later on, get in trouble for it,the managers are always upstairs for hours never to be found and when you call a manger to frontline they are too lazy to come down so they will, A call the phone and ask you why they need to come downstairs and B if they do end up coming downstairs they say next time call me before calling me.Also, these managers get away with speaking and treating employees however they please.

    BJS got rid of frontline superior and now it put a lot of pressure on frontline workers like self-checkout and membership, when a self-checkout person goes to assist a cashier that has their light blinking the General manager has the nerve to say why you over there and not at self-checkout it’s like he is clueless to the fact that there no one else that gonna help the cashier beside self-checkout if membership busy. they overwork their employees and no one is ever on top of breaks. the members can treat the employees so bad and curse at them but them the employee in the wrong for defending themselves, there just so much to say this company has poor management and is going downhill.

  • Brenda Corbin says:

    Why don’t you accept the EBT card at all BJ’s on line. Even I called Dedham I was told some of your stores in different state’s offer it. Amazon and Walmart take the EBT CARD

  • Doris Knott says:

    I am beyond pissed, tried calling and keep getting robo. I have had 2 charges on my checking account for member renewal. I do not have a BJs card. Call me so that we can get this corrected. 904-635-0652

  • L Bergeron says:

    Went to BJs in Plymouth yesterday and was disappointed to be met at the front door by a political campaign. Is BJs supporting candidates, their political issues, and their ideologies now, or was this allowed by a manager who strayed from what should be an apolitical shopping experience? I can share a photo if necessary.

  • Lila M Meyers says:

    Do you help people in need of things to get them through this trying time.i am only asking for help once I prefer your story to Costco .I am on a budget not enough to help us through a few months.such as a few meats ,vegetable frutes laundry detergent and softer boost drinks water canned food frozen food eggs and mayo ketchup mustard pluse tolit paper paper towels and napkins plastic wrap and foil and press and seal pluse nuts chips coffee fish cheeses

  • Holly smith says:

    Failed to deliver purchased item as advertised and promised. Left item outside in elements and sprinklers. Outside unprotected to be stolen. Would not permit me to speak with anyone above the call center. Call center people are not even in America. Horrible customer service. Over 30 days, item still outside.

  • Edward Fedeli says:

    you are the worst. the self check out is not customer friendly at all . I showed up today and spent 300.00 bucks and had to check it out myself because you had no cashiers they all called out because you don’t pay them enough. I will drive an hour from my house and go to COSTCO they have the best customer service .Your manager told me he is not aloud to pay workers more he has to get your permission to pay them more shame on you .Customers make payday possible. but yet he had a worker driving around cleaning the floor. that person should have been at the check out . INVEST in people they make the difference. Your profits are through the roof I am sure your annual bonus has been paid to the top management. so as usual you don’t care about the customer

  • Holly Smith says:

    I am waiting for my safe that was purchases ( December 24, 2021) to be delivered as I paid for ($290.00 extra for delivery “over the threshold as advertised and promised. I was promised this was over the threshold of my front door into the house.)
    Almost 4 weeks have pasted, it is still sitting outside in the elements and next to sprinklers. I need someone with authority to correct this mistake and deliver my item correctly as I was promised. I was told a $40.00 credit was approved. This will not get this item over my threshold!
    All that I am requesting is what I paid for and was promised by store clerks and managers. Over the threshold is on the item’s page when you select shipment.
    Please give me the courtesy and ethical integrity to have management CEO speak to my issue directly with me.

    Holly smith

  • Steven Dolbow says:

    I purchased an office chair from my local BJ store and it is falling apart.The thin vinyl surface is tearing away on the arms, and seat. I owned a successful business in NYC that was destroyed by 9.11, but our chairs looked good a new, after 8 years. I am shocked that BJ’s sells such poor quality and it makes me wonder about other non-perishable items you sell.I asked my local club for a replacement, but they told me to call HQ, I did and they told me the chair was only returnable within 1 year. Shocking!!!!

    I’d send you the photo’s but your message doesnt allow this. Guess I’ll have to sent them to you on Facebook

  • David ingram says:

    My name David ingram and I’m waiting for a check that you’ll put on Wesley card that was thrown away

  • Mercedes Chevez says:

    BJ’s in Miami Lakes, Fl has the worst customer service, especially their tire center. I purchased tires on Monday with the hook that they had same day delivery. Two days later I get a call from some kid confirming my appointment for Wednesday. Then he calls back to say he cant find my paperwork. Then after that he calls to say the tires did not arrive. Why call me so many times without checking? Then I have to sit there and take him telling me he has no ETA and he’ll call me when they come in. “UNACCEPTABLE” I asked to speak to the manager(Ivette). She explained they have no way of reaching out to the manufacturer. What year does she live in? I am so upset and then they treat you as if they are doing you a favor. I hope to get a response from corporate because I have escalated this issue.

  • Dennis, Jones says:

    Why have you discontinued carrying Smuckers natural Peanut. This is the only peanutbuttet i eat. Us to eat skippy and quit when they changed receipy. If this is your final decision. I’ll need to rethink my membership with you.

  • Charmaine says:

    Most horrific experience I have ever encountered at the BJ’s in Gateway Plaza in the Bronx…forever line but forget all of that I had 5 items at checkout. The cashier:449771 started to argue with the customer behind me about him supposedly cutting the line. Yet again waiting for another 15 minutes! That wouldn’t have been so bad if she didn’t come back and start calling me names and slamming my products into my cart! I told her about it and she said she was perfect and doesn’t make any mistakes! So obviously that was intentional! I told her I hadn’t been there in 10 years and now I see why! She said “Don’t come back”! …and this was just after I bought my card! and no the ice cream did not survive!!!….It’s really worth paying full price than to have to deal with this ridiculous type of behavior!

  • George Shatto says:

    The tire shop at your North Haven store…AWFUL!!! NOT…
    because of the employee…but because of who ever makes the stupid staffing decisions!!!
    One person…1…to answer the phone, sometimes taking a while to help a would be customer with quotes!
    One person…1…to deal with walk ins with questions, and to fill propane tanks!
    ALL THE WHILE…trying to take care of…TIRES!!!
    And don’t try to say it’s coming out of COVID…this has been like this for at least back to 2018 when I bought my first set of tires from BJs, and watched Will run around like chickens with his head cut off!!! Since then, Chris, Zach, and yesterday, 8/9, Alex…THE SAME!!!
    What a couple of customers and myself commented on was Alex’s good nature, patience, and how polite he was thru it!!!
    I heard him telling customers that the shop was booked up for better than a week. Truly I believe you lost a few would be customers yesterday…and honestly…you may have lost me, for the simple reason of what I’ve seen as to what you expect from your employees at that shop!!!
    And I would truly like a response, preferably by phone: 203-815-7759.
    And ya know what, if not, Walmart has a tire shop the same distance for me as BJs!!!
    I’ll be waiting for your response!!!

  • Betty Raymond says:

    This is the worst customer service/customer satisfaction experience I have ever had. I ordered a dining set on 6/27/21. I got a call from Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery. I was told they only ship to my area on Wednesday’s. Well, this is going to my business and I am closed on Wednesday’s. However, I told them I would be here on that day to accept the delivery. I got a call the day before that the driver was going to be here between 1-4 p.m. I did not get to my business until 12:40 expecting to get a call from the delivery driver to tell me that he was going to be here. Apparently, the driver called my office phone at 12:30 to see if I could take delivery earlier. He listened to my answering machine which states that I am not opened on Wednesday, took that as nobody was going to be here, failed to leave a message that he was coming and proceeded to go back to his warehouse which is too far to return with my order. Meanwhile, I am sitting waiting for the delivery. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off. We reset the appointment for the next Wednesday. Even on that day I was getting emails and phone calls about my store being open. I had to go through a lot of crap for the driver to even show up that day. Well wouldn’t you know it.. The effen furniture was damaged. The delivery guys were supposed to set it up but ended up leaving it in the boxes so I could get a replacement. It has now been 2 whole weeks since this delivery and I am just getting a notice that the delivery company has to pick up the damaged furniture before they can replace it! You would think that they would make one trip to swap it out but noooooo! I have to take time out of my schedule to accommodate this total screw up. For all of the hassle, I asked for a discount on the order. I was told they had to send the request to the back end? people to get that. Still waiting for it… I love shopping at my local BJ’s. I have been a member since 1993! It’s a great store. However, don’t buy anything online, the customer service is coming out of a foreign country and they have no good answers for anything. Now, waiting to get a pick up date which is probably going to be another Wednesday (which is my day off!!!) I have never had so much frustration and grief than with this purchase. Never again!

  • Dino says:

    Merritt Island BJ,s
    : First , they need more than 1 person working the tire area. Totally unsafe and super over worked guy there, plus is in the summers heat ! In Florida! Wow! Also: a door is needed to allow customers/ staff walk inside the tire shop area! No doors go from the main store floor area to the tire shop! Really B.J,s???!! Come on!
    This is also unsafe , unprofessional, and forces us customers and all staff to walk 100 yards outside in the elements to go to the tire shop! This is crazy! Cut a door and install one! Please.. We have been a member for many years ,and i cant believe how this area is being treated unfairly, unsafe, with no ones shopping needs being met from in store floor area for shopping tires & installation.
    A few small suggestions: Quickly hire some qualified folks or two in this tire area, then cut and install a door from the tire shop to inside the store. Simple!
    Now lets see if it happens . we will contact the main Corp Office with our fair, safe ,And non bias requests/ requirements. SOON. Can you please see this happens? Hope so…
    Thanks and we still monitor these issues. We are looking out for Americans shopping needs safety, fairly treated staff, and proper store access to All depts inside BJ,s Wholesale Club.
    Thank you

  • Terrence Lekites says:

    I bought Yokohama tires on Saturday, 3 July and upon BJs putting on the new tires, they broke 2 drum stubs on the right rear tire. They paid cash to have my car towed to the nearest Chevy dealership to be fixed. BJs of Woodbridge, Virginia 22193 will not pay to get this fixed. Part if buying tires is balancing, rotating, taking off old tires, and putting on new tires. Why should I pay for just buying tires. BJs broke the 2 drum stubs, not me. Paying cash for the tow is admission of guilt. So call the Woodbridge, VA 22193 BJs and demand them fix the only car this 66 year old senior citizen has and the car is not drivable on 3 tires. The car is located at Lindsey Chevrolet in Woodbridge, VA 22193. My information is below:

    Terrence Lekites
    13511 Kelmont Ct
    Woodbridge, VA 22193


    I would like to know if BJ is doing away with memberships because we have long lines at the gas pumps and most have no membership to be getting fuel at BJ. I thought we were paying for these service . 😞

  • Anna Vazquez says:

    Want to thank manager Nicole at the gateway in Brooklyn, NY I was feeling dizzy and faint I asked for help & she got me a beach chair, a bottle of water and stayed with me until I felt better and was able to leave the store safely. A big thanks to Nicole I hope someone from corporate sees this and is able to give some recognition for her kindness

  • Joan says:

    The customer service at BJ’s is ridulous. I’m still waiting for an answer on a question that I had on faulty solar lights. Your service ( or lack there of) is HORRIBLE!!

  • edward caffera says:

    please order bran muffins

  • Scott says:

    I have been a BJs member for 30 plus years and cant get an answer for a order that was placed 12/16/2020 today is 3/1/21 on the phone and on hold to long what is going on with customer service.

  • JR says:

    Build a store in Chadbourn or Whiteville, North Carolina.

  • Not Welcome if you are complaining ! says:

    Our family joined BJ’s In May 2020. Since that time we have placed Many curbside orders. Many orders have been shorted or the wrong item delivered in our curbside orders. The General store manager at the BJ’S at Madison heights has told us we should go to another BJ’s(I feel they are NOT interested in correcting operation errors). Jared the assistant manager said since I was complaining we are NOT welcome at the Madison Heights BJ’S club.

  • Eleanor Callahan (Lea) says:

    I ordered a product on the BJ’s website November 17. I never received it and I called back on November 29, December 7, December 22, January 6 and today February 8. Collectively these calls cost me three hours of my time. I have requested a refund and all of the BJ’s reps have told me the same line every time I have called, “we are escalating your request to the BJ’s order management team”. My refund is only $31.49 but to be treated like this after all the years I’ve been a member & the money I have spent personally and for my businesses, it’s absolutely shameful to be treated like this. I have also called the corporate offices and left voicemails on Christopher Baldwin chairman and CEO, Robert Eddie CFO executive VP, Lee Delaney and the list goes on. No one responds, no one calls, no one gives a damn. I think from here on in I’ll just be shopping at Cosco.

  • rose lante says:

    NO ASSISTANCE for a month ; needless to say the package finally arrived today with wrong color ; Ive contacted managers, supervisors as well phone operators and have yet to be assisted properly. I called corporate office and to no avail, I attempted to fax numerous times and received automated response telling me your mail box is full This is no way to treat a devoted customer.

  • Marshall Smith says:

    I just came home from BJ’s in Jensen Beach and I would like to share my positive observation.
    As I entered the store I observed a new employee welcoming folks to the warehouse. A few minutes later towards the middle of the store I saw this same employee walking with a customer showing them the location of an item. Then while I was standing by the Deli waiting for my rotisserie chicken ,I observed the same employee straightening the pre-Package lunch meat and cheeses. Then On the floor by the deli was a wet spot that looked like someone spilled a water bottle. This employee quickly Grabbed some paper towels and dried up the floor. I then walked over to employee to explained what I seen with him during my short time in the store and I told him how much I appreciated his excellent attitude with customers along with making the products presentable and for recognizing and eliminating a safety issue. The employee then introduced himself as Mark( I forgot his last name) new General Manager and he stated that he just started a week and half ago.Again I thanked him for what he was doing and for leading by example.
    I don’t usually write reviews or comments , but I felt this was necessary because I appreciate folks that have good work habits with safety in mind.

    Marshall Smith

  • Kourtney Rumpf says:

    Hello i was with my sister yesterday at the dedham store and the disability carts there has been 2 that have be broken for a month the oranges had mold on them and a dead fly rold management and they did nothing about itthe aiale are messrd up tif thwy are doing the store over put stuff where the signs I am very disappointed my siater cant walk and tje person who said didnt know if produce manager was there who cares ifnhe was there get rid of the oranges its has gone down hill my other sister always buy 3 cartoons of cigarettes lkke twice a month abd they have not had heroin like I said I am very disatified with the service and overall jyst disappointed.

  • F. Wiley says:

    Again, tried to contact the Corporate Offices and Customer Care, NO ANSWER!!! I have written to Cornel Cantuna, Exec. Vice Pres. of Club Operations (July 8, 2020 and no response as of today) regarding my experience with your coupons that your service personnel can’t explain the statement ‘Multiple Items’. I was cheated out of my High Octane money and items that weren’t in the store that was advertised in the Book. Had to travel 32 miles to get specific items from another Club. Someone needs to contact me!

  • JW says:


    Shopping at BJ’s today, after being screamed at, abused by contentious agitators and escorted from the store by police Thursday morning 6/25/20. Despite being in accord with traitor Cuomo’s unconstitutional executive order. Which order was amended so as to incite further civil unrest.

    I got positive feedback from patrons and some employees while shopping today. However, at least one manager followed me through the store while I peaceably shopped for necessities I was discriminatorily prevented from purchasing on Thursday. That same manager approached me while waiting to check out. Sarcastically saying “thanks for wearing a mask”.

  • Angela Brenneman says:

    We ordered a shed online and the ad stated they were in stock, with a delivery time frame of 3 weeks. Three weeks later once my husband checked the manufacturer, the website showed out of stock for 8-12 weeks. We called customer service and he was not aware of this, stating he would call the manufacturer. Upon his return call 2 days later and an email, we wanted to cancel the order. We received an email stating the refund would take 3-5 business days to appear on our CC. We called on the 4th day and now being told it will take 7-10 business days before the refund will appear. This is utterly ridiculous!!! Being an Office Manager of my company, I know for a fact there is no way the refund should take so long.
    Your practices are shameful!!

  • Alex Spagnola says:

    Alexander Spagnola
    1:08 PM (3 minutes ago)
    to CustomerCare

    I have a complaint about your posting in your flyer swimming pools (Item # 236664) ($349.99) when your stores can’t even get them. I’ve been trying to get a pool from store 45 Syracuse, NY now for over three weeks with the same answer being given from your staff (Its on order) Now this morning I called the store and now I’m being told that they have none and that they have none on order. You shouldn’t have things in your ads if you can’t even get them. I’m thinking about cancelling my membership now and going with someone else. Shame on you guys!

  • Juanita says:

    I want to express my appreciation to BJs, I am a former Event Specialist with Advantage that was given the opportunity to continue working within BJs store 131 after demonstrations were discontinued. This was very helpful to me economically but even more importantly it gave me the opportunity to experience various retail tasks. I spent most of my time working in the clothing area learning how to display clothing, keeping area clean and organized, managing seasonal changes to inventory, signage posting, etc. Shop backs were interesting as seeing how much members return. Working at front door being able to greet members and assist with directing them to products, answering some questions, etc.
    I want to express how impressed and grateful I am with both the Management and staff at store 131, everyone was wonderful at teaching and training me to perform tasks, I quickly was able to learn how there is always something that needed done even when a manager was not available to ask. It will be hard when shopping at BJs in the future not to place items found abandoned in the wrong back where they belong having gotten in the habit of doing this every time I walked through the store (its amazed me how members just drop items wherever they are standing when they decide they don’t what them).
    Again many thanks to your Cooperation and much success in the future, I will be watching your job board and hopefully have the opportunity to work at BJs in the future.

  • SANDY says:


    • Ac says:

      It’s awful. I feel the same.
      Costco has clipless coupons. No need to download. They make it customer friendly. It’s worth the two hour drive. Bj’s could care less about seniors and customer service and you can’t speak to anyone in Corporate.

  • LaVerne says:

    I agree, there appears to be a serious disconnect or lack of concern from management concerning regulatory guidelines during this pandemic. I live in Prince Georges County, MD and we have one of the highest deaths from COVID-19, yet the BJ’s Club 207, 1781 Ritchie Station Court, Capitol Heights, MD allow customers to enter the store without mask, allow customers to remove their mask once in the store and their employees to work in the store without masks. I visited the store 5/2/20 around 3:00 PM and asked a male employee why he wasn’t adhering to the law and covering his face. He was very rude and condescending. I asked a female who stated she was the manager on duty, what their store policy was concerning the county’s mandate to wear mask and she stated that, “Our employees don’t have to wear mask if they are ill or have medical conditions.” This concerns me greatly. I will not shop there anymore and advise others to stay clear of this BJ’s store. The guidelines are there to save lives and if an employee is too sick or unwilling to wear a mask, I question his/her health around customers. Further, if the BJ’s management don’t consider their customer’s safety is important during this pandemic, I have zero tolerance and question his or her ability to manage the store. OUR LIVES MATTER!!!!!!

  • Denise says:

    I live in New Jersey, and masks are mandatory to use in all stores right now. It’s the law, and bjs isn’t mandating employees and customers to wear masks, we are in a pandemic and people are getting sick and dying everyday from this sickness. All other stores have a sign on their doors stating that masks are to be worn while shopping or they will not be allowed in the store to shop. Something needs to be done or the health department will be notified ASAP

  • Sam Rosario says:

    Good morning. the reason for this complaint and comment is due to the worse experienced today i had at one of your stores in Auburn Ma. I was there to shop in store for some items, and i saw that one of the items i was looking for was on a high rack on pallets. I went to the Customer service Desk to ask if someone could bring down some of the items that was on the high rack on pallets ? While i waited for the employee to get a hold of someone in charge, she got so defensive and her remarks was” there wasn’t anymore of the product due to pallets was already pulled down from the time they opened store and 9 o’clock.” so i replied REALLY ? IT WAS EXACTLY 9:10AM WHEN I ENTERED THE STORE, and as soon as i went to the isle that carries that product, it was all gone from the 1st RESPPONDERS. So i kept shopping through out the store to finish my shopping and when i arrived to the cashier i explained to her if theres any way i could get an item from a high shelve on a pallet, and she responded to me to speak to a manager, which in fact after i paid for all my merchandise, i went to her and told her if i could get an item on a high shelve on a pallet stored by the BULK. She replied “that the item stored on the pallets was for the store and not for the CUSTOMERS.” which at that point i knew it wasn’t true. She was being lazy as far as the other employee as well that dealt with me at the service desk, and at that point i CANCELLED my card. while i went to the desk to cancel my card, and felt like it wasn’t fair to me as well as everyone else that was shopping for that same item, i asked her if it was fair that only the first responders are able to buy that item between the hours of 8-9 am ? so what about us as well that we are not 1st responders or senior citizens? dont we have the same rights to shop for items your store has ? She immediately picked up her mick and told the other employee to have a POLICE OFFICER escort me out of the store. through out this entire ordeal i was as calm and collective throughout the entire conversations between the workers and manager as well. While she said to get the Police officer to escort me out she was cancelling my card, gave me back $45 dollars with the cancelled receipt of $55 dollars. she also was rude and still shorted me $10 dollars.i will NEVER buy from that store ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crystal Ellis says:

    How are you treating your employees during the COVID-19, why do you remain open to late and why are employees working normal days and shift. Should your policy change now to four days on three days off consecutive as a precaution



  • Charles says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with membership services for the last 4 days on your phone number: (800) 257-2582, but no one answers. This is unheard of. The worst experience ever.
    I need to talk to someone about my refund for a renewal. Simple question/answer. Sooooooo frustrating.

    • Mary Wagner says:

      I am try also to cancelled my membership and have the same problem at this point even if the gave it to me free I would not renew. I am calling my credit card company to cancelled that is the only one to get it done.

    • Stephen Blalock says:

      Try 801-257-2582. Open Sundays 12-6 ET. I have been trying to get auto renewal fee reversed on my BJs Mastercard with Citi (do not make that mistake, stay with AMEX or MC who will resolve things) for months. Several disputes have been opened and the last of which, the BJs customer service associate acknowledged the prior disputes agreeing to reverse the charges. I just received a statement from BJs with a membership fee reversal and finance charge credit for 4.56, and then on the same day, I was charged both again. No accountability anymore. I will travel past BJs to get to Costco from now on.

  • Linda Eldridge says:

    Very bad experience today. At checkout, two employees were discussing how bad management was, I was in line 20 minutes while this was going on.
    At the exit, the young lady checking the slips was so rude, she pushed my cart so hard I almost fell over.
    I love Bj’s today’s experiences I may never go back
    This Store is located in Royal Palm Beach, Florida the time of day was 12:30 pm Sunday March 1st 2020

  • Teresa says:

    My reason for writing is because my membership will be up for renewal at the end of November. I have noticed in recent months that BJ’s WholeSale Club has jacked up their prices on numerous items, such as their Oscar Meyer bacon. Also about a year or more ago BJ’s decided to remove Brummel & Brown spread and I contacted BJ’s to see if you would bring it back. It was never brought back. I wanted to bring to your attention that your customers DO noticed the price hikes. As a result, I’m leaning towards getting membership at Sam’s Club as they carry a lot of things that BJs does and their prices are better. It seems that BJ’s doesn’t really offer much of an incentive to stay with them. At Sam’s Club, The breathe right (green box) nasal strips are $3.00 cheaper, Babybel is $1.00 cheaper, Oscar Meyer bacon is $4.00+ cheaper. That’s only listing a few items. Also, through my employer I can purchase Sam’s membership for $45 and receive a $10 gift card. That would bring my membership payment down to $35.

    I know a lot of times when businesses lose members, they want to know the reason(s) behind it. I’m providing you with the courtesy of why.

  • Vahan says:

    Mrs.Amy she was so nice to me on the phone,I called three separate time same number three different person I spoke nobody was good and helpful as Amy.Please reward Amy.

  • Mary Ann Domenchello says:

    I have been a member for years. The only thing keeping me a member is the club size pup-a-roni paying $16.99 a bag. I buy 2 bags a week. plus shopping. Today I asked for a rain check because they didn’t have any and I had two coupons for $3.00 each. The girl had customer service said that they are discontinuing pup-a-roni dog treats. (that was at Levittown New York Store, 5168601371). I drove to Freeport Store(5163879200). They had plenty. Your membership is getting to a point where it is not worth it. I live by a Walmart that is doing a new business with computer ordering. Their prices are as low as yours and there is no yearly fee. The only reason I go to BJ’s is for the pup-a-roni dog treats. If the customer service was wrong, that’s because they’re lazy.

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