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  • Address: 7755 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, United States

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  • Fax Number: 714848-8287

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  • Number of Employees: 24,000

  • Established: 1978

  • Founder: Mike Phillips, Bill Cunningham

  • Key People: Gregory A. Trojan (CEO)

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BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. is an American restaurant chain which contains casual dining company-owned restaurants. Some of these are microbreweries so they use the name BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery, whereas the others are called BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, BJ’s Grill and BJ’s Pizza & Grill. These microbreweries also act as a supplier of beer to the other restaurants in the chain.

BJ’s was incorporated by Mike Phillips and Bill Cunningham in 1978 and had their first space in Santa Ana, California which was called BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria. In 1991, this place was purchased by their accountants Paul Motenko and Jerry Hennessy.  BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria was launched as a public corporation in 1996. In 2011, it was recognized as one of the 10 fastest growing restaurants in the U.S. based on year-over-year sales by the National Retail Federation. The company is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, United States. In 2019, BJ’s owned and operated around 204 restaurants in 27 states in the USA.

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  • Josh Langston says:

    Horrible management at the Huntsville Alabama location. Been going there for years and every time I go back I’m reminded of why I quit going back… Too bad because it could be a hotspot with the location but management just doesn’t care.

    • Julia says:

      You can say that again. Chrissy I think it’s the girl that last night the glasses at the employees and was yelling at everyone.

  • Diane Rowe says:

    Ate at bj in hagerstown md had a 20% coupon gave the waitress the coupon see came back and said the manager said it couldn’t be use because the prime rib is already a special there is nothing on the back that said it couldn’t be used for that. My complaint is the manager didn’t have the back bone to come and tells us she send the waitress to do her work for her it is sad that other restaurants we ho to the Manger is walking around asking if everything is ok. Not here. The food was good waitress was great. I would of loved to talk to the manager but iam husband said it is now worth it. Would love to contact corporate office and speak to someone.

  • Make it better says:

    The Bj’s San Bruno (440) is very disappointing. The management is a disaster. The GM Gary don’t care about his staffs, and not treated fair. The severs takes table whatever and however they like, don’t care about others. The management is not doing as policy, they are doing whatever they like and however they like. Shame on them, I believe this bj San Bruno location is the worst bj’s among all. There’s no rules and standards, they make out a rule if they want to. Employees are not treated fairly. This is very serious issue. Bj has it gold standards, and CRAFT. Hopefully someone from HR would see this comment and take action immediately. All I’m talking about is fairness. regional manager Darren don’t seems to know about this issue too.

  • Thomas Barnett says:

    To Whom it may concern,
    Im writing because of a HUGE issue that im having with the staff and management at the 3550 S General Bruce Dr Bldg G, Temple, TX 76504 location. I need someone to reach out to me with the amount of sexual and financial abuse that is happening at this location.

  • Adam Martinez says:

    I ordered threw door dash 12/31/2022 and they won’t give me a refund! The quality was horrible don’t know about the taste cause I’m allergic to mushrooms and they were everywhere inside and outside my pizza I tried to remove them impossible and my wings had been frozen cold like they were pulled out the fridge think they weren’t cooked long enough I love bjs but this wasn’t at all what you normally provide me I’m used to bragging how full I am and how great it taste not this time I got someone else’s pizza and horrible wings wise experience either I want my money back I tried calling now I think this is the only way to talk to someone please get back to me asap

  • Tonio says:

    Bj Menifee has the most disgusting bathrooms in all the restaurants I have visited, I went to the restaurant twice in 1week and both days they where filthy, wonder how the kitchen looks like!

  • Trey P says:

    As a former restaurant manager, and as someone who has worked in restaurants for pretty much my entire life, I would like to take this opportunity to say job well done. Thank you, I absolutely love your restaurant. I always get great service, food is usually great (I’ve had some duds, but managers have been helpful and corrected mistakes). The only complaint I have for you is how dare you remove the mushroom flatbread pizza! Please, pretty please, bring that back as quickly as humanly possible. I’m in San Antonio Texas and usually go to the live oak Texas restaurant. So even if you only bring it back there. Much appreciated lol. Ty again for everything yall do.

  • F & B says:

    Well, Greg, I would like to let you know how your food was; unfortunately, we never got served!
    After waiting for the “hostess” to seat us ( she came from the bar area) a “waitress” took us to a table where there was one open table pushed as tightly as possible to the other tables next to it. When there was an area that had a couple of open tables, we asked to be moved to the open table, to the apparent chagrin of the “waitress”. She threw down our menus and left. We waited and waited and waited for at least someone to recognize that we were there and hadn’t been served, not only not served, but acknowledged.

    After 25 minutes, we went to the “Hostess” (she was there this time and not in the bar area) and I asked for the manager’s name: Dale White—AND OF COURSE–he wasn’t there! BUT, the Assistant Manager, Abby was available. Abby came and profusely apologized; she just found out that we had been seated in a CLOSED AREA! Now, how in the world would Abby know that, unless —you got it—the “Hostess” had told her!!

    So, I guess Greg, the jokes on us; everyone there had a good laugh at our expense! Showed this customer that you can’t control the situation (even though this is a service industry).

    But, in hindsight, the two stars of this missive is not us, but the “Hostess” (I do hope it works out with her and what or whoever seemed to be attracting her to the bar area.) And the “Waitress”. (I wouldn’t be surprised if you looked at her background, that she has a history of job hopping).

    Good Luck to you Greg and BJ’S! with the common complaints that I have read here in your comment section, you may very well need it in the near future!

    • Connie says:

      I did a poll in all of my surrounding neighborhoods in the Natick, MA area about the BJs there. It opened earlier this year. Almost 50% said the quality of food and service has gone down significantly since it opened, and I totally agree. Those that haven’t been yet State there’d be no reason to go now. I agree with that too.

    • joe says:

      Sounds like you deserved it

  • John L. says:

    Location; University Drive in Coral Springs Florida, 33071
    *** Family and I walked over to this local establishment for some October/Autumn enjoyment of festive beers, Pumpkin, etc.. food & fun… only to find that; THEY HAD NONE! W H A T?.. “we ran out of pumpkin beer”… Really?… on a Weekend, in a Sunday afternoon in the middle of October and Autumn and a week before Halloween!… get a clue BJ’s Corp… the managers that you are paying to manage this business are managing only to disappoint customers ! Thanks for nothing!!… oh, and start conducting some random audits!!

  • Jan O’Brien says:

    Tonight went to BJ’s in Orange Village Ohio. We were there 20 minutes before they got us drinks. Service was horrible. Brought the wrong sides and it took forever to get the correct one. When we finally got drink refills he never ask if we wanted the same sodas- just brought them. My husband got the vanilla cream soda and wanted to try rootbeer. He never got a rootbeer, just another cream soda. Server never came to see if everything was good. When he finally came with the check, had no idea how to take my $10 reward off the check. Took another 15 minutes to get that done. We were there an hour and 45 minutes. Worst service ever. Don’t know if we’ll be back. Shame on the restaurant for allowing this from the server.

  • Laureen says:

    Employee Working at this facility for 3 weeks and has never received payment to then be informed by his supervisor that his paycheck is going into someone else’s bank account. Can’t get ahold of anyone at corporate office and left numerous messages…no response. Guess the Nevada Labor Board will love to hear about this one if I don’t get a response back soon. Anyone deciding to work for this place…think twice

  • Yadira Ramos says:

    Hi I went for dinner Laurel MD LOCATION with my boyfriend last week, order a swiss mushroom burger and received in return another burger.After asking the waiter she return and stated that the chef was out of mushrooms so they gave me the burger without mushrooms. I asked why was no communicated to me the restaurant was out of mushrooms and let me choose a different meal or burger?
    I return last night 10/12/2022 and waited 25 min and server did not even provided water or return to m table but he was walking around. I got up and ask he hostess to change my location to area were I can be attended.She stated the server couldnt take your order cause the system is down. I spoked with manager Tim and while I was explaining to him that server did not communicate that system was down,water was free and waited 25min on a table and no communication was brought to me or I was attended,manager interrupted me to provide me his phone # so he can send me a coupon? I asked manager Timothy to aloud me to speak and also I care less about obtaining discount.I want him to address the service and issue in the location and to treat his clients correctly because it was unPleasant -no one cares.I want coorporate to make the service and location better. They need to change staff and management at this location

  • Bobbi says:

    I have tried numerous times to have someone help me with my premier wards plus information. My latest visits to the restaurant are not being entered on my account. I think it would be a fairly simple response but no one is responding. Can someone email me back. That’s all I ask. Thank you.

  • Rebecca Chenault says:

    When into BJ’s restaurant in Merriville Indiana ordered two Santa Fe salads the lettuce was wilted in hard the chicken was cold and burnt we ordered Parmesan chicken it was burnt on the bottom when the waitress came back she offered to take the two salads off never told Manager about it when the manager came around we told her about it acted like it was no big deal never offered to take a percentage off the bill after the bad experience we had very upset with the service our waters were empty after the appetizer and we had to ask a manager to get more water Over a hour waitress name was Kenya The worst experience ever in a restaurant don’t Recommend anybody trying it we We were in this restaurant for over two hours do you think we would’ve had a better experience and it was nothing but wait wait wait I’m hoping to get some kind a response back to help fix the situation I never complain But this was extremely ridiculous

  • Stacey Encinas says:

    My name is Stacey and I am a regular at BJs in Newark California. I spend a lot of money there because I love to food and bar service. My problem is that Management at this store is horribly allowing the store to get filthy and not keeping inventory. In the bar area there are a ton of flies hanging out in the beer spouts and in the drainage area of the bar where we sit, let alone the floor. As I am sitting here writing you there are flies all in the beer spouts and it smells like sewer water. The kitchen cannot get an order right and the bathrooms. Oh man both male and female bathrooms are disgusting. I am a rewards customer and it’s hard to be here sometimes. I have complained to all 4 managers many times and it’s just getting old. Hence I am writing you. Swatting flies at the bar top smelling sewer water smell. This is a good restaurant getting neglected by Management.

  • William Horn says:


  • Gary Musgrave says:

    Yes I am writing to complain about your restaurant at the Shoppes of orange in the city of Orange California my wife and we went there for dinner I had the prime rib special prime rib with all gristle know me just whistle and my baked potato was burnt and my wife took you ordered your ID and her baked potato was burnt also and she had so much sauce on ribs that they were hot you couldn’t even taste the ribs of the meat because there was so much sauce on it and for the money we spent you would have thought you two got a better be really disappointed in this whole bunch thank you bye

  • Arthur says:

    There is a guy that works at BJ’s and he got charged for child endangerment and he’s still continue working there that’s not a good thing to have a person that endangers a child he does not even take care of his own kids he is not a good worker and should not be working at BJ’s he should not be working at BJ’s he is a woman beater he is a child neglecter and should not be trusted

  • Ernest Boyd Adams, Jr. says:

    Gintare Pisciotto, Mgr in Daytona Beach, Fl excellent service from her and Staff, professional demeanor, will be back. Sirloin and ribs combo excellent.

  • Karen Ladner says:

    Beware of the suggested gratuity at the bottom of your receipt. I paid for dinner for 31 people without checking the math and it turned out that a 15% suggested gratuity is actually 18%, 18% is actually 21.6% and 20% is actually a whopping 24%. I overpaid the tip by $34 and am fighting to get reimbursed. Wish me luck!

  • Lloyd says:

    My wife and I visited store 498 at 5447 w. loop 1604 in San Antonio TX . I would like to give a shout out to our server Sonya who was awesome and also Manager Akeem Akindokyn . He was great . He came by our table and spoke to us and we shared stories . He also brought my wife a Happy Mothers Day glass . Even though it was very busy he still found time to come back and share time with us . This was the first time a manager from this restaurant chain has ever done this and he was very genuine . Big shout out to Sonya and Akeem . You can use with more Employees like these .

  • G G Garry Cope says:

    Extremely disappointed with our visit to your Palmdale, CA BJ’s.
    1) Overlooked two times after signing for a table. After an inquiry we were seated immediately.
    2) It too a long time to get something to drink. Then an even longer to get to order our dinner faire.
    3) My son order a hamburger and fries entree, my wife scrimp scampi, and myself a gluten-free pizza with 3 toppings I repeated my pizza toppings and the waiter repeated them twice.
    4) The food came. The roll that came with the scrimp scampi was brunt and black on in it’s bottom side.
    My pizza was lacking one of it’s topping. It took two individuals plus who I think was the manager to resolve my pizza’s problem. My wife’s toll was never resolved.
    5) The bill came, our unhappiness with our dinner continued. We were charge for two hamburger and fries entrees. Again it took awhile to resolve the billing mistake. Then it took a long time to someone to accept our meal payment. Finally a female who I believe was a floor manager took our payment saying she would get to the right person.
    6) The table reservation ticket was made at 4:15 pm for table 615 for Paul. When we got settled in our car to go home it was 6:20 pm. We spent about two hours at BJ’s. Very slow service contrary to your slogan that was on my take-home box for my remaining pizza ” Time counts . . .”
    7) Your staff in Palmdale can not spell either on the table ticket reservation having this “note:weelchair”.
    My wife is wheel-chaired bound.
    I doubt if we will ever return to this BJ’s which was one of our favorites places to eat in Palmdale!

  • Bella says:

    I went into the restroom and a manager and employee were sharing a baggie I walked into the manager snoring something up her nose . The employee yelled at me that they weren’t doing anything and the manager grabbed her by the arm . Before I left I ask what the managers name was when they came out and the hostess said her name was Sunshine. Bj should seriously drug screen their employees!! The Webster Tx location is very unprofessional !!!

  • Lisa says:

    My membership was renewed and I didn’t request this. I want my money refunded

  • Bobbi says:

    I placed an order to go on March 5 th. I ordered the fish tacos. One taco was minus the fish and I did not receive my beans. I have placed two feedbacks without the courtesy of a reply.
    This is from the temple texas restaurant. Very disappointed.

  • Jorge Feliciano says:

    We had a party of 7 and the burgers were raw in the middle, they were out of steak sauce and chilli, the bathrooms were dirty and the cooks did not follow the instructions on the orders this was at the tuttle mall location in Columbus Ohio. Also they have a server that wears a baseball cap backwards you have a bunch of kids working there and it looks like they don’t care about the place it was our first time there and our last.

  • Brandy High says:

    We were served a raw hamburger tonight at the Bj’s in Murfreesboro,Tn. The manager could have cared less and was awful! Very unprofessional. My husband got sick and threw up and he accused him of shoving his fingers down his throat. I am disgusting by this manager and we will never visit Bj’s ever again. This manager has several other complaints on their fb page. It seems like this location needs some changes.

  • Julie Parks says:

    My elderly parents were here on 2/20/22 & I remembered the stuffed potatoes we had previously so I ordered 3(with broccoli, chicken & cheese) for pickup. When we got them home they were the smallest potatoes I’d ever seen & so overcooked they were shriveled up. Each one had 2 very small pieces of broccoli & the same for the chicken. Due to being overcooked you could even scrape the potato from the skin to eat. I called Bj’s in Chula Vista to complain(very nicely) and the manager said he’d send me they email a $25 gift card-even though the potatoes were $31. I’ve waited a week & I’ve yet to receive anything. The manager did tell me they don’t offer the stuffed potatoes on the menu any longer-so then why tell me they’re available & then serve such a horrible meal? My total bill was $50.84 because I ordered dessert also. Thank God, at least we could eat it!

  • Jean Mazzacano says:

    I just ordered and received what was suppose to be a prime rib dinner and with delivery and other fees my bill came to 34.97 with the tax, however that piece of meat I received was not prime rib, I have ate prime in many locations here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area in Las Vegas and in the Chicagoland area and I will tell you that was NOT PRIME RIB, it was the worst meat ever, tough and stringy and to charge an extra 2.25 for a baked potato with the works is obscene and I will never order or go to BJ’s in my area they are only about 2 1/2 miles from me and everything was cold to spend that kind of money and be so disappointed

  • James Chiapuso says:

    I recently worked at the BJ’s in ALLEN TX, and I would like to take a few moments to give you an idea of what I dealt with during my short time there.
    The managers acted as if they didn’t have time to answer my questions or help me with problems that arose due to the lack of training I received. With the exception of 1 manager, named Suzanne, she was a saint and really seemed to care about the employees, and was always willing to help me in any way she could. The GM Kevin seemed as though he couldn’t be bothered about anything really and was really unapproachable. Christina however took the cake. In 20 years working in the restaurant business, I have never been treated or disrespected like I was by her and when I worked as a manager I never treated a new hire or anybody for that matter how she treated me. As I mentioned above On my second day out of training (if you could call it that) I had a table of 8 on top of a couple of 2-4 tops. I took their drink order and went to the back to get their drinks. When I got to the back both Ice bins were empty so I filled 4 buckets of ice and brought them over. I then proceeded to wipe out 8 glasses (because every piece of glassware was constantly filthy), by the time I got halfway through filling drinks I had a hostess come up to me and tell me that the table had requested another server. Followed by Christina coming up to tell me that they requested another server and that another server (blake) would be taking the table but to finish filling drinks and delivering them. When I got to the table with the drinks the table then began ordering their food as nothing had happened. Unsure how to approach this situation I began taking the orders. Blake came up about halfway through me taking the orders and said “I’m supposed to take this table.” To which I replied, “I think they might be okay, they started giving me their order” (all of this in front of the customers) He then went to the back where I can only speculate as to what he might have told Christina, but once I took the order and sent it in I began walking back to the kitchen and was stopped by Christina midway through the dining room and told “I told you blake was taking that table, He said that he came up to you and you said you were good. So you’re cut finish up and go since You’re good.” I was never even given a chance to explain myself, and at no point during the very confusing situation did I say that I was good. I checked other tables and transferred the 8 top to blake. While I was printing the check for another table one of the women from the 8 top came up to me and handed me $25 and said “I’m sorry that our dad is being a jerk, we are all in the service industry and he should know better.” I apologized and thanked the woman and delivered the check to the other table. I went in the back found Christina and told her about the woman giving me the tip, and said “I never said I was good, and I wasn’t trying to disobey you or anything, they just started ordering their food and when Blake came up I didn’t know what to do.” while I was saying this a different man from a different table came up to us and said hey I’m sorry I would like to cancel my order and pay my bill I had something come up and I have to go. Christina then Comped his and his dates drinks along with his order which was already in the window and said sorry you had to wait so long. The guy then looked at me and said “well I wanted to pay for the drinks, now I don’t have any way to give you a tip.” I said “hey don’t worry about it, I hope everything is ok and that it wasn’t because of your service. It’s only my second day.” To which he said, “oh no, not at all, I just had something come up and I have to go take care of it.” I took care of the remaining tables bill as well as the woman who the man had left behind and delivered her food to her and a later a box. I then finished up my outwork feeling confused and completely embarrassed. I explained to blake that I wasn’t trying to not give him the table only that with him coming up halfway through them ordering I wasn’t sure what to say or how to handle it. he understood when I handed in my POSi to Kevin the GM. I tried to explain myself, to which he seemed oblivious to the situation. I said I just can’t believe I’m getting sent home over a misunderstanding and that you guys wouldn’t take this as a teaching/learning opportunity. He said I could go get Christina and we could talk about it. Already feeling super uncomfortable and a little upset I said I’ll be in tomorrow and maybe we can talk about it then after everything settles down a bit. That never happened, she was off for 2-3 days at which time I worked double shifts and was learning quickly since Their method seems to be sink or swim. Over the 3 days I can only think of one table that I had an issue within that time, and that was the very next day after the original incident and my 3rd day on my own. I thought everything would be ok but when Christina did return it was like the 3 days in between didn’t happen. When she arrived after 3 days off I was already on shift and had a deuce and a 9 top sat. She came up to me after she arrived and after the 9top had already sat and says “are you going to be ok or do you want me to give the table to someone else” I said I’d be fine” and the rest of the night I was given literally 1 table at a time as if I hadn’t worked 5 shifts in a 3 day period and was holding my own pretty well. After that, she treated me differently than everybody else. Only spoke to me at all when I would need something and she would take a tone with me as if I was bothering her. Made the rest of my time at BJ’s uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable and stressed enough that I broke out into hives and had to call off made me second guess and doubt myself and eventually quit. The availability that I gave at the beginning was completely ignored. not only me but everybody was scheduled for multiple double shifts in a row of which we would receive NO BREAK. Because of the way I was treated and the total lack of respect for their employees I found a different job. However, I wanted to keep a couple of days a week at BJ’s in hopes it would get better and to make some walking around money. Because my availability was ignored from the get-go I was late more than I felt comfortable with. I tried to make this known to no avail. on my last day I got stuck in traffic due to an accident on the highway on top of already being pressed for time because I have 2 young daughters that I am responsible for and why I was clear about my availability to begin with. The manager Christina wrote me up, to which i refused to sign, and went on my way. I’m wirting today because I think it is important that the company know about not only my experience but the general consensus of all of the employees.

    Chef James Chiapuso

  • Desiree Harris says:

    On Dec. 29, we had the worst food ever in Hagerstown, MD. First of all, my chicken Alfredo was cold. My friend ordered the seired tuna salad. it was ice cold and looked like jelly, both returned and lost our appetite. Out beer was the only thing good.

  • Curtis Coleman says:

    Bjs in North Little Rock,, Ark.I comes to bjs alot sometimes drink coffee sit at bar. This time I order Grilled chicken Alfredo. Someone brings out my food hands all over my plate. I ask speake with a manager, so the manager came, took plate in back 5mins later he brought plate back,should’ve cook the food over. Ark. My waitress came and asked me do I need some utensils to eat that’s a dumb question to ask special when you have food in front of me nothing to eat with.

  • Gina Randle says:

    Management at BJ’s restaurant in Sacramento- Natomas store is awful. I was served a chicken sandwich with under coooked bacon. Management blew me off, said that’s how it’s cooked. His attitude was awful for representation of your establishment. Sad!

  • Jennifer Smith says:

    Never received my last paycheck and it shows on paystub online direct deposit but even my paycard verifies there was no deposit

  • Chip Powell says:

    My friend works at BJs in Boardman Ohio she has been there since opened
    She took a vacation and management if that’s what you called it is giving her the run around
    She cries every day
    Management is bad
    Wheeling and dealing in parking lot
    There was another restaurant on that same spot it was closed a tore down because of drugs
    In my eyes management need woke up thank you

  • Monique Kennerly says:

    We typically enjoy the BJs in El Paso, Tx of I -10 so much that my family of 5 typically eat here once to twice a week and spend at least $150 when we come. We are a military family and between Homes right now so BJs has been great. Tonight I am Extremely disturbed and disgusted by the restaurant and service. While the restaurant was fully staffed as normal, the bathrooms were covered in feces for the entire 2 hours we were there. The staff was talking about it when we arrived yet none of them had the forethought to clean it up. The food had to be sent back numerous times and although the manager, Sean Kelly mentioned that the food probably looked that way because the grease was old he stated he wasn’t going to change it until they closed and then sent out our food again looking even worse. This is ridiculous, disappointing and unfortunate. I guess I’ll take my $500 a month and eat elsewhere

  • Steve Medeiros says:

    Recently ate at a BJ’s in Tucson on Broadway. Pizza pizza order was ordered wrong by our server. When I asked for military discount I had to wait for almost 15 minutes because the Manger was on the phone and he was the only one who could approve it.

  • Alicia says:

    I contacted corporate office via phone and left message. A male named Kenoi (not sure how his name is spelled) responded same day later in early evening. He sent a gift card for issue. However, I contacted corporate again 2 days later because one of employees made me uncomfortable. I wanted to ask the male in corporate I talked to if he mentioned my complaint to the employee and to say what happened when I tried to use the gift card. I left 4 detailed messages and Kenoi never called me back. So I had my sister leave a message and her name with her number. Kenoi called back next morning. I was with her. She put it on speaker and he said his name was Kenoi from BJ’s. She hung up. So he ignored my calls but called her back. I do not appreciate being ignored. It proves he heard my messages but felt he sent me a gift card and didn’t care about the issue I had after that. All I asked was to be contacted because the attitude got worse with the employee I reported from the restaurant. And this male Kenoi from corporate didn’t bother to call me back. But he called my sister Ayana back on her own phone number because he felt the message was from a different person with a different phone number. That type of behavior in corporate office is reason why employees at restaurant act like they do. I do not care to deal with BJ restaurants if they have employees act like this.

  • steve morgan says:

    corp statement with respect to the corona-19 is commendable..as far as it goes. we will resume using bj’s take out in summerlin..las vegas…we want to be assured (1) all staff wear mask at all time (2) each staff have their temperature checked as integral part of their check-in each day/evening. sincerely steve morgan

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