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Where Is Biolife Plasma Services Corporate office Headquarters

Biolife Plasma Services Headquarters Address and Contact

Biolife Plasma Services

  • Address: 4747 N Harlem Ave Ste H, Harwood Heights, IL 60706, United States

  • Phone Number: +17732720011

  • Email:
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  • Number of Employees: 10000+

  • Established: 2001 

  • Founder:  

  • Key People: Agnes Van Derek, U. S Commercial Controller

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Agnes Van Derek

U. S Commercial Controller

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  • Chris says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I was a donor at Biolife’s 5636 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93710 location.
    I was told by a female manager that I was transferred to on the phone by an employee and SHE told me that I told the manager Michael to, “suck it.”

    First off, that isn’t EVEN my style. That’s vulgar and disgusting.

    I informed the lady that no such thing happened and she said, “I am SURE if we look at the video we’ll see that what Michael said is TRUE.”I said, “Yeah, I would like to see the video of that!”She emphatically insisted ‘THAT would NEVER happen.” I said, “What See the video?” She replied, “Yes.” So I said, “Well, somebody will. Hope you’re not in the line of fire when this happens!”

    SO we are here now.
    On November 30, 2023 I allegedly said “Suck it” to the manager Michael.HIS word against mine? Because THAT’s what it is going to come down to when the video “comes up missing” i am SURE.

    The ONLY “confrontation” that I had with Michael WAS on the 30th of Nov ’23. But THIS is what happened:
    There was pretty loud almost disturbing rap music on the radio and sounded like it was on a skip rut playing the same 2 second sound byte/loop for almost 2 minutes. It was overbearing. overly loud and asked Michael if he could maybe change the station or turn it down a little and HE replied, “It is voluntary to donate here and if you don’t like the music you can leave.” THEN he tossed in there as he was walking away, “I’m NOT [emphasis inclined] changing the radio and that’s that!”

    FLABBERGASTED I did not say a WORD to him. I just THOUGHT what a rude-ass he was being.
    APPARENTLY he took it upon himself to BAN me permanently?AND as a side note, I was a new donor and got CHEATED… yeah READ THAT… CHEATED out of my last two ‘new donor payments’ which by the way are the two HIGHEST paying donations for new donors which would have been $120 + $120.
    I went for my 7th visit 12/14/23 when my appointment literally disappeared the day I went. I inquired to no avail. No one knew what happened. I left. I figured it was a glitch and a BAD one at that because as a new donor it was going to be one of two final “big payments” and was upsetting because you are ONLY given 30 days to get the ‘new donor fees’.

    For my 8th visit on 12/17/23, again my appointment was missing. I called, that is when I was informed that my info had already been passed onto the higher ups complaint department. So now we have the complaint department/quality control involved inclining to me that we have the WRONG person here [ME] saying “suck it” to Michael the manager. IF complaints/quality control flicked the switch to ban me, I am 100% positive they did it to the wrong person [ME]. This NEEDS to be straightened out one way or another. And I WILL tell you this, whatever wrong-doing has gone on you all need to fix it.

    I LITERALLY got ripped off because some freak with the power of being a lowly manager decides whom donates based on their taste in music?

    Just LOOKING for the corporate number/website/email has yielded me HUNDREDS [prolly thousands] of just plain BAD reviews of BioLife nationwide.

    They are SO untrained at the Blackstone location that I even have a video of them making a girl take her shirt off to get vitals that could EASILY have been gathered withOUT her taking off her shirt. [She pulled her shirt up just enough to get her arm out exposing her bra underneath. Untrained to even KNOW that the sleeve she rolled up was PLENTY enough to get her vitals. Stiil deciding what I am going to do with the video.

    I WANT PROOF [which there isnt any] of my alleged wrongdoings, AND I would like Michael to be, simply put, fired! He is a detriment to society with an attitude that he can DECIDE who donates at ‘his’ center or not.

    I WANT my $220 I was cheated out of because of this liar. AND I fully expect to NOT donate for it as compensation for MY time and my efforts to straighten this mess out which is now wasted and lost forever unless someone reacts to this letter. But I am sure by looking at MANY MANY reviews nationwide that will NEVER happen. That should be compensated like you know, “We’re sorry for that, we have fired the racist liar, we hope that you stay a customer of ours. Here is the money you SHOULD have received. But no no no, i am sure because THAT is NOT how corporations operate. To make an unliving entity like a corporation to be punished in the name of Michael, you take money from the entity. The money comes out of profits. IF Michael is costing you profits because of litigation, you have a much MORE serious problem on your hands.

    BioLife is a subsidiary of Takeda pharmaceuticals, I just wonder if Takeda know they are gonna go bankrupt because of poor management hiring soon.

    Trust me on this whomever is reading… you aint gonna re-train the racism out of this one. I will tell ANYIONE that asks me about BioLife not to go. NOT because of the racist liar Michael, but because my first TWO WEEKS I got stuck 8 times. That’s right twice in each arm for the first FOUR donations. I FINALLY just told them to hit the vein an amateur could hit. LUCKILY it worked in my favor. To be honest, I was a lil unsettled everytime i went for fear of RBC loss, because EVERY time i went, someone got an RBC loss or needed to be stuck twice. I would say 50-60% sticks were right on. The rest, trash and bad training and little to no experience at all. It appeared the ones that KNEW how to do their job well were higher up on the tier by instructing other phlebotomists or helping out.

    If I don’t hear back from anyone regarding this letter, I plan on leaving a complaint with the California consumer Affairs Department and then the Better Business Bureau [BBB]. I am DONE playing around with people that think they rule the world and decide when, where and how to disrupt and hinder people’s lives by being liars and racist haters. I have ZERO tolerance for liars, and I hope BioLife/Takeda take extra measures to look into this matter of this abusive lying tyrant that eventually will prolly get BioLife/Takeda a lawsuit. But literally at the rate of bad reviews on BioLife, I can clearly see it’s just about to happen anyway. – no customers=no income=bankruptcy.

    Have a good day!


  • Tracey says:

    I am absolutely disgusted, disappointed and this really put back by the Greenwood Indiana plasma center. It was quite a drive for me to get there because the center is nowhere near my home. I worked for the Red Cross for many years doing what they do there, so I already knew the rules regulations and standards though I did educate myself online prior to my appointment, to see if there was anything new that I needed to know. Upon my physical I informed them my blood pressure was going to be high and it was. So they had me sit to the side and then rechecked it and it was fine range to be able to donate. they wanted to see my arms and elbows so when I produced my arms and elbows, I also explained to them that a month prior I had been in the midst of a dogfight and was severely bitten and had to have sutures, and I had a lot of scarring, and I didn’t want them to be alarmed by that so I told them the situation they seem to be fine with it. When I got to the medical exam person she was already on the page of trying to get out of having me as a donor. I told her the story about my arms and it’s my upper arm where they would place a tourniquet if they were to draw , my blood out of that arm. Because it is still a fairly fresh area and it’s still very tender. I explained that that arm is not an option for any turd or anything to be placed on that arm but my left arm is fine I have veins in both arms, but my right arm was not an option. She proceeded to tell me that I have to have two suitable arms with suitable veins to be able to donate. I explained that I do have suitable arms with suitable veins, but we’re gonna start with my left arm because I’m not trying to cause any sort of irritation to my right arm Had citrus removed just a month prior. So we bled back-and-forth about that for a little bit and then somehow, for some reason that I can’t remember why, but I mentioned that I have multiple sclerosis. She immediately said oh you cannot donate multiple sclerosis I’ve been said where does it state that , because I know that’s not a rule and I know that’s not a thing I worked with the Red Cross for many years and I know that’s not a thing. As we continued going back-and-forth with each other, I also explain to her that I have had heart attacks and strokes, and I’ve always been able to donate these have been of mine for years . She said that I would be unable to donate for life because that’s how they do it at BioLife. I explained to her that I take no medication for my MS and I no longer take my medication‘s for my cardiac issues so there’s absolutely zero medication interference with my system. in regards to the multiple sclerosis, I told her that I went online, and I found nothing in there information stating that I could not donate if I had multiple sclerosis. She then said well we can’t put everything on there. You just won’t be able to donate ever. I got pretty upset. I was very frustrated because I knew she was lying to me and she just didn’t want to deal with me being a donor for whatever reason. Now I remind you, I worked for the Red Cross for many years, and I had employees above me below me and beside me they were incredibly lazy and they would try to deny as many as possible so they wouldn’t have to work that happened a lot. I went out to my car. I was very frustrated but then I went back inside because I had another question. And that question was in regards to their questions and I asked her in your questions. Is there a question in regards to having multiple sclerosis she stated no, so I then said , so if there isn’t a question regarding multiple sclerosis, then you would’ve never known that I had multiple sclerosis if I didn’t tell you myself and I would’ve been able to donate she just looked at me. I am beyond upset. I want my information, my name, my address my fingerprint I want all of my information removed from your system , I’m going to continue with this until I speak to someone who has some sort of authority and I want these employees educated because this is not fair and it is not right. Especially when I’m looking around at other donors within the facility and you can tell that more than a few , we’re probably users of illicit drugs because it was very obvious and they were being able to donate. I would like to be contacted by someone because I’m really not in a good place with this not even a little bit.

  • Charlie Anne says:

    I have been permanently band from donating plasma because a nurse put in that I was afraid of needles and I never said I was

  • Ruth says:

    This is a new center that started magnificent. In and out in less than one hour has a return donor. Not even a month pass by and apparently the people who were evaluating n training left and is the same thing like others the long ridiculous line and reason I stop donating. Why the appointment system if there’s no control. And pay hired more people. I bet they don’t sell our plasma cheap.

  • Anonymous says:

    Machines are not calibrated as they should be. Every two or times donating, they have a machine issue which results in a blood loss, then I am deferred for 8 weeks (two months) before I can donate again.This is the machine’s fault not mine. This keeps happening to me over and over again at the IrvingTexas location

  • Claire says:

    The worst place ever! No care or concern for time of appointments. They have you waiting for 2 hours for an appointment. They will not extend your coupon due to their incompetence.

  • Tracy palmer says:

    My spouse works at my local centre in Augusta ga. Can she stick me if I chose to donate ?

  • Josh says:

    Your policy sucks all my vitals were great expect for temp cause of truck heater

  • Natasha Stephens says:

    Hi My name is Natasha Stephens I am a donor and last donated 6/22/22. I have a coupon code that states it is good until 12/10/22 for $975 for the month. Offer Code – 67093-2009. I was told it could not be honored at the North Las Vegas, Nevada location because you are considered a new donor every 2 years. I would like you to verify this. Thank you in advance

    Natasha Stephens

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