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  • Address: 9090 Destiny USA Dr, Syracuse, NY 13204, United States
  • Phone Number: +13157415099 ,
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  • Number of Employees: 500+
  • Established: 2015
  • Founder:   
  • Key People: Shaun Kriel, Chief Executive Officer

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Your kid deserves the best of fun on their birthday. When kids achieve a milestone in their early days, the occasion must call for a meaningful celebration. When you involve expert hands in the coordination of events that you want your kid to remember forever, you will make an impression that will last a long time in the mind of your kid. Billy Beez is a leading entertainment outfit.

Your kid will never forget that entertainment party on his or her birthday if the best technology around was introduced. Getting events for kids that will be the talk of the town is pretty easy if the experts are involved. The magical environment that will wow your kid and the invited guests can only be achieved if the experts are involved.

Billy Beez is one of the best choices for kids' entertainment, indoor play, birthday parties, and family fun. The company was established in 2015. The Head Office is at New York 13204United States

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  • Jamee Ford says:

    I am writing from the Billy Beez location in Crossgates Mall located in Albany NY. I will say I am absolutely disappointed in how this location looks and the clear lack of attention it has been given. I arrived today, Oct 9th at 10:10am. The store opens at 10am. There were maybe a handful of kids there at this time. When we walked in there was garbage, old food, spilled drinks on the floor in the arcade, on the floor where parents can sit and even garbage wrappers and hair inside the slide and climbing area. It was more than obvious the staff didn’t clean the night before or at all in days prior. In the arcade, you could see food wrappers on the floor and behind the games. There were also cup lids and wrappers lining the counters. It was absolutely disgusting! For the amount of money families pay for themselves and their children for you not to have a clean facility is absolutely unacceptable. Why am I walking in first thing when you open and your floors looked they have been swept or mopped ever! This is something that needs to be addressed with this site’s management immediately!

  • Oscar says:

    Dear Billy Beez management,
    I am writing to bring to your attention a recent incident that transpired at your establishment and to express my deep concern and disappointment. It is essential to address this matter with the hope of finding a resolution that upholds the high standards of your family-friendly environment.
    On the 2nd of September, 2023, I visited Billy Beez at the Valencia Mall with my two children, Sofia (7 years old) and Julian (4 years old). I would like to recount my experience during this visit. While I have always appreciated the welcoming atmosphere your location offers to families in our community, an unsettling incident unfolded during our stay, leaving me and my children feeling uncomfortable and upset.
    Upon arrival, a young and courteous employee greeted us, informing me that I needed to complete a waiver form for both myself and my children. I stepped aside to complete the necessary paperwork while my wife prepared our children for the visit. As we have frequented this location before, along with many others of its kind, my wife placed a pair of yellow and black socks on my son.
    After completing the waivers, I purchased a pair of socks for my daughter and myself, then entered the facility without any issues. However, about five minutes into our visit, I began to question whether, as an adult, I needed to purchase the socks, as I observed other adults wearing regular socks while using the slides and tunnels. While I didn’t initially pay much attention, I continued to engage with my children in the play area.
    To my surprise, I was approached by one of your employees in a rudely demanding tone, stating, “Your child is wearing the wrong socks.” Initially, I didn’t realize she was addressing me, as I observed both of my children wearing black and yellow socks. The employee, a female, repeated her statement in a very impolite manner, and it became apparent that she was referring to my child. Her approach was disrespectful, condescending, and wholly inappropriate, considering the presence of children and other adults. Although I felt the issue was minor, I decided to purchase a pair of “Billy Beez” branded socks for my child. These socks, which I will attach a photograph of, were black and yellow, featuring a rubbery bottom for safety, even though they were not the branded socks.
    Following this purchase, I inquired about the manager’s identity, and the employee who confronted me claimed to be a manager but refused to provide her name. Despite finding this unprofessional, I opted not to let it spoil my children’s fun and intended to address the matter later. I outfitted my child with the new socks and returned to the play area.
    Shortly thereafter, a different female employee approached me in an aggressive and hostile manner, accusing me of taking a photograph of the previous employee. Once again, I felt embarrassed and humiliated as she confronted me in the presence of other adults and children. I denied the accusation and requested that she back away and leave me alone. This encounter left me feeling harassed by both employees, and in response to their behavior and accusations, I requested a refund.
    Regrettably, my children’s faces reflected their disappointment as we left the premises. This incident deeply affected my children, prompting me to write this letter. The entire situation could have been avoided if the initial employee had treated me with dignity and respect. In my life, I’ve learned that conflicts are not caused by what is said, but rather by how it is said.
    I remain unsure if the incident was racially motivated, considering the ethnicity of both my child and me. I hope this was not the case and that the matter is resolved with the appropriate disciplinary action. I believe that all employees, regardless of their position, should be readily identifiable to address issues promptly, promoting transparency within your business. Lack of transparency and accountability can lead to public mistrust.
    I kindly request that you investigate this matter thoroughly and take appropriate measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Your prompt attention to this issue would greatly assist in restoring my confidence in Billy Beez.
    I would appreciate it if the main location manager could reach out to me personally. I would like to meet in person to participate in resolving this issue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in addressing this matter.

  • Keyonna says:

    I would like to add to my original post:

    The room was tiny and barely fit the 15 kids. The employee then stated they don’t accommodate adults but you charge for adults so if adults are included then have space for the guest to at least sit down. Horrible experience and not worth the money !!

  • Keyonna says:

    I had the worst experience at Billy beez valencia location. I traveled from Virginia to california to have this party. Prior to booking I called numerous of times and also utilized the email option to attempt to get answers. After booking 3 weeks later, 2 days before my event I’m called to be told that the $460 I was being charged came with no food or drinks. That’s absurd!! I then asked to cancel but she stated my $230 deposit would not be refunded. I continued on with the party in that case. When arriving I was told I can only check in 15 minutes prior. When my guest arrived they begin checking them in but took 45 minutes to do so. I was then told that my time wouldn’t be compensated when I paid for 2 hours in the party room. Mind you, the $460 was for the room. I complained once I saw the price to enter was $18 but I’m being charged $28 because we get a room with no food and beverages. After teaching my guest count of 15 kids I began to have to pay for each child guest after that. It was $35 instead of $28 which was already ridiculous. One of my guest arrived 30 minutes to time for my party to end. There were no food or drinks left so she said she would just pay to get it and not join us in the party room because the party was ending soon. She was refused service and not allowed to pay to get in because the manager said she is with the party and must pay party price. I spent $750 on a 2 hour party which ended up being horrible. They had 1 knife to cut the cake and the other room was utilizing it so we had to wait. Plus when I arrived the room was dirty and the previous guest were still inside the room. I would like compensation for all the mishaps but of course I haven’t received anything. Not even an apology for the horrible service!!!

  • Zuhaila Villalobos says:

    June 2022 we had a terrible experience at this location. My son had an accident in which he split open his head on a metal bar that was sticking out of one of the playing areas. The fire department and police were contacted and he was taken to the ER for treatment. Upon speaking with management and personel of the location they told me that this had been the second incident in which a child had been seriously injured as a result of their neglected responsibilities.They had also guaranteed me that all medical expenses would be taken care off by BILLY BEEZ CORP, and that we would not have any out of pocket expenses coming out from us. Weeks later I received medical bills from the fire dept and also from the hospital as well as my insurance carrier and when taken back to BILLY BEEZ, they could not resolve my issue and now they don’t even answer my phone calls. It has gone to the point where now they also don’t want to take care of the medical Bills and I’m in a serious situation in which they want to send me to collections due to non payments.

  • Heidi Bounphithack says:

    Billy Beez gave us the worst birthday experience I have ever had for a toddler’s birthday. I had a birthday party reservation for Saturday 12/17/22 and upon check-in I was notified that hours prior both of the public restrooms had been closed and would be shut down for the remainder of the day. I didn’t receive any phone calls from Billy Beez regarding the issue and was refused the option to cancel or receive a reduced rate for the inconvenience. It was the most embarrassing thing having to tell my the parents attending my 4-year-old birthday that there weren’t any working restroom.
    The business also suggested we use the restrooms at the business around the corner but did was not given permission for Billy Beez guests to use their bathrooms.

  • Maya says:

    ESA the new manager at Billy Beez the Valencia site is the most unprofessional I’ve ever seen, extremely rude very unaccommodating, the place has been falling apart in the last year they no longer have locks on their doors in the front so I need chips and just run out, and if they’re throwing a party when you go in forget being able to get a food or snack!

    • Terri wilson says:

      We had terrible experience yesterday there in Valencia as well .. we had our Grandkids 5 and 2 who couldn’t wait to go in but we had to sign waivers on our phones and the internet wasn’t working well it took a while all the while the kids are crazy waiting then we were told we both had to have separate emails and we SHARE an email so they wouldn’t let my husband in with me and the kids after I had gone in ! I was sooo upset we pulled the kids out after 5 mins and I said we are leaving you have lost our business refund us please ! This was RIGHT after my husband got ONE waiver finished ! They would not refund us and said I’m sorry you will have to call corporate ! We just spent 65 for TWO little kids who were soo excited ! This was the first time in my life I walked out of someplace they did NOT care! And what if we were older and didn’t have phones OR emails what would they say ???? I am going to call corporate today my grandkids were so sad and didn’t understand what was going on ! To me A great consumer service would be to do whatever it took to keep people from walking out ! All because we SHARED our email !!!!!!

  • Trista says:

    I will never take my kids to this place ever again been here a lot but this last time was just horrible the employees were rude and did not do there jobs at all there is a 1 person limit on the trampoline and I had my 5 year old daughter on there and about 7 other other kids got on there and my daughter got hurt because of it and the employee just stood there and did nothing at one point there were so many kids on it the middle was almost touching the ground they were not checking bracelets so anyone could have walked out with any child and they would have never known when I asked for change so my son could use the games the employee told me that she didn’t think they had any without checking I had to go to another store to get change which is whatever but it’s the point they didn’t have the food counter open and people were stealing drinks out of the refrigerator and 2 employees were making food for themselves it’s was such a horrible experience it was never like this before

  • Vickie says:

    It would be nice if you sold gift cards online!!!

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