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  • Address: 406 Ellingson Rd, Pacific, WA 98047, United States
  • Phone Number: +12538331610 ,
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 500+
  • Established: 2000
  • Founder:   
  • Key People: Justine Whitmore, Manager

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Coffee is important in the anatomy of the body system. It is very popular across the world. Virtually every living being has tasted coffee. The demand for the item is high, and the very best brews are difficult to come by, online or offline. BigFoot Java has shown quality in their brand of coffee products.

When it comes to drinks that will go into the body's system, extra care should be taken in the choice of option among the several offers that are online. The process involved in the processing of the drink must be total; there are no two ways about it. If the expertise and machines are not there, you will not get the best offer of coffee.

BigFoot Java is a regional drive-thru coffee chain noted for the quality of their specialty coffee drinks, fruit-based smoothies, and pastries. It was established in 2000. The Head Office is at Washington 98047United States

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  • Kyrsten says:

    I have always loved Bigfoot. I recently moved and would love to eventually see a Bigfoot in Moses lake Washington. We have starbucks and Dutch bros but they just do not compare! Having to wait in line for almost an hour is crazy! I think our town here could hugely benefit from having one of your amazing stands open up here! And also thank you so much for making the best coffee around!

  • Amber says:

    My daughter works at Big foot and was informed if she didn’t work a shift she wasn’t scheduled for she would be written up. I am so angry that they would let an 18 yr old girl to walk home alone.

  • Andrea Crisler says:

    Why do the baristas empty the garbage when you have 5 cars in line! Burien BigFoot is terrible! Customers do not come first! The place is filthy!

  • Erica Santiago says:

    I got a charge for my coffee that I ordered a week ago. The charge came up as im sitting at work. I have tried to call the location numerous times & not once did they answer the phone. This is frustrating because how does a card transaction get processed a week later?!!!!!

  • David Lewis says:

    If you don’t get a hold of me within the next hour, I’ll take and see what I can do about filing charges for credit card fraud. Someone is using my card at your location in Puyallup by the Fred Meyer‘s on River Road. I have not been to that big pajama in over two weeks ever since they had current problems with their rewards and no Internet, even though they could take my money. You need to contact me on this or I will contact the lawyer.

  • Giovanna G. says:

    Corporate is really screwing these poor girls over!! I loved this company but I’m so Disappointed!! Ever since the Pacific Highway location opened, I’ve been going there because I loved that there’s a Bigfoot close to home. But. This location is clearly not important to the owners AT ALL!!!! No signs to show it’s a big foot, it’s the only location with NO MENUS, I can’t redeem my loyalty points here because NO ONE WANTS TO SET THEM UP FOR SUCCESS. It still says Jumpstart on the building! I feel for these girls, I sat in line while at the other side window, they were being BERATED for not being Jump Start anymore! Like that’s their fault! Corporate truly needs a reality check. These girls put up with far too much with little to no business! I’m trying to continue giving this company a chance but there’s No Way I’ll keep supporting you guys if this is how you treat people who want to work!

  • Mike says:

    Ordered an iced coffee, it was the worst I have ever had, went to another stand and asked them if they could remake it they said they couldn’t I ended up leaving the coffee with them as I headed to work. I have had multiple bad experiences with Bigfoot Java I will never go back and it cost me 8 bucks

  • Leslie Fiedler says:

    I bought a 20oz hot latte and headed out of town…I waited a little bit to taste it…so it would cool down. When I tasted it was nasty…I called them to tell them that it was awful…they told me that a new person must have made it (she was). They said to come back and they would make me a new one. I went back the next day and they would’nt give me a new latte. They said I needed to come back the same day…but it was too late in the day when I got back into town, so I went back the next day and they refused to replace the nasty burnt coffee…I won’t go back & they/you have lost a multiple everyday customer. Someone in corporate should answer their phone too!!!!!

  • Joyce says:

    Hello. I went to your Burien location today and I was highly unimpressed. I went to one of the lanes where there was a cone placed and when I proceeded to the window, the barista advised me that the lane was closed. I hopped into the other lane (mind you, I already waited for about five minutes) and waited over 10 minutes in this lane. It was finally my turn and they opened the other window! My question is: Is that standard protocol??

  • Dixon Smith says:

    I was overcharged twice in the last month at your Kent outlet (21116 84th Ave So, Kent). First time I ordered a 16 oz Moca made with sugar free chocolate and was charged $6.00. I questioned the price and was told “that is the way we charge”. I checked with two other locations (Issaquah and Auburn) and both said I was overcharged, should have been charged about $5.29. Second time, today I ordered a 20 oz Moca with sugar free chocolate and was charged for a 20 oz drink. It looked small, so I questioned the size and was told it was a 20 oz drink. When I got home I compared the size with a 16 oz cup from Bigfoot Java and what I got was a 16 oz drink, but was charged for a 20 oz drink.
    Dixon Smith,

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