Where is Big Y Corporate office Headquarters

Big Y Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2145 Roosevelt Avenue, PO Box 7840, Springfield, MA 01102-7840, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 413-784-0600

  • Fax Number: 413-731-0087

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 12000

  • Established: 1936

  • Founder: Gerald and Paul D’Amour

  • Key People: Donald D’Amour, Charles D’Amour

Big Y Headquarters Location & Directions

Big Y Headquarters Executive Team



Donald H. D’Amour

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Charles L. D’Amour

President and Chief Operating Officer

William T. Mahoney

Chief Financial Officer

Michael P. D’Amour

Executive Vice President

Michael S. Gold

Vice President of Legal Affairs & Government Relations and General Counsel

About Big Y, History and Headquarters Information

Big Y is a chain of supermarket. The headquarters of the supermarket is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. They are spread across 77 locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut. IT was founded by Gerald and Paul D Amour in 1936. There are over 12,000 employees working with the company. The annual turnover of the company is 1.7 billion US dollars. The supermarkets are also functioning in England. It is in fact the second largest super market in England.

Every big Y store operates 2 specialty markets. One is of open – air – style farmers market and other is liquor and wine specialty store. Big Y also operates pharmacies. In 2013, it entered into launching gas stations. Today there are 9 gas stations operating under Big Y in the country. It also acquired 8 Hannaford stores. In 2010, it acquired 7 stores of A and P groups.

Big Y also has stores in Rhode Island, Vermont and New York.

Big Y Headquarters Photos

  • Ryan kinsman says:

    Outstanding service from Head pharmacist Lee Kimball
    From Greenfield M.A. She goes above and beyond her call of duty everyday. She is without a doubt one of the most caring pharmacists I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. If she would leave I can tell you she would take ALOT of clients with her. I for one would follow her if
    she unfortunately decided to leave. She should definitely be recognized for going above and beyond everyday! Thanks, Ryan Kinsman

  • Becca Aiello says:

    Went to Clinton to get a refund on cooked seafood that was burt to a crisp. Was told by store manager that because I accidentally called wrong store and tried to order there they didn’t see why the couldn’t refund it. And get food made the right way. I was told they didn’t have what I wanted. When I called back to talk to the manager I was hung up on called back store Manger told me I didn’t buy it there that I needed to return it at saybrook then get the money and then they would make my food. I just told him thanks anyway and hang up.
    His name is Dave. The employee in seafood was a girl. I called saybrook and store manager fixed it immediately and had seafood manager cooit very happy with saybrook!!

  • Dean Larabee says:

    I went to big y for your fried chicken and for the 3rd time there wasn’t any and guess what no one including management cared. So it will be a cold day in hell before I set foot in big y again. I can and will get what I need between Walmart and Costco. I used to only shop at big y for 20 years. Things started going down hill about 6 years ago and now they’ve hit rock bottom.

  • Susan says:

    I just left the Palmer Big Y and once again saw a women with her cart of food going out the entrance without paying. Last year my husband saw a guy leaving with a cart full of meats and when he went to the front desk to let them know since the guy was still putting the food in his car trunk they didn’t care one bit. Oh it happens……………….. Really it happens that the answer he got. Then today this women with food and a broom handle that she kept hitting against the doorway because she was in a rush to get out with her unpaid food. I said oh you’re going the wrong way and she hurried and just said well my car is on this side. My husband told me not to bother emailing because obviously no one there cares but it just really bothers me. You really should do something about people being able to do this. The Big Y in Wilbraham has a better setup with coming in and out. We’ve seen it more than a few times I we aren’t in there all the time. Maybe she needed these things and doesn’t have money to pay for them but it’s just not right.

  • Donna says:

    Second time I’ve walked into a Big Y thinking there’d be a flyer because it wasn’t inserted into my newspaper…there was none. Questioned the manager and was told this was going to be a once a month thing…With the astronomical grocery prices today my flyer is important and I will no longer walk into a Big Y blind as far as sale prices go…will drive to the S&S. Not sure what the rational behind this is but, have begun posting on my blog regarding this and I am not the only one that is unsatisfied. I prefer Big Y but, not when a flyer is available..will take my business elsewhere. Online is not acceptable.

  • judith judge says:

    a lot of us seniors who know nothing about apps and cant aford a smart phone are angry because unless you have a smart phone you cant get the good discounts on things you need a phone for . we have been shopping in big y for many years and now we dont get the discount because we dont have a smart phone .times are bad enough. if you are going to have a special discount on a product let everyone get it or have a coupon for us who have no other way to get it .we have supported your stores for many years and matter fo fact i used to work in the bakery when you were on boston road .please help us out. thank you

  • larry d says:

    With Winter approaching, I really hope the mask mandates are implemented. I currently only shop at another store because there is a mask mandate. Just hoping Cheshire big Y will require it so I can resume shopping there safely.

  • Carol & Craig says:

    Mystic store-most emp. unmasked this am altho sign on door rec. all in store be! 3 emp.said ” no mandate”🤯🙄yikes
    no mandate

  • Jim says:

    I’m extremely concerned about your Food Brands after reading 22 food products to NOT buy from China because of toxic chemicals used in processing. Things like watermelon, peas, garlic, apple juice, ginger,tilapia, cod, and many more I can’t think of.
    I’m looking at a bag of Big Y frozen peas purchased. Package tells me Big Y is the Distributor ~ I Want To Know Where (state, country) All Your Food Products Come From~ Consumers Need To Know This~
    Please advise soonest, thanks.

  • patricia pogmore says:

    what is your policy about wearing face masks? I, and many others have noticed more people refusing to wear masks. You are a private company and can refuse service. I was also told that you can’t ask people to wear masks because they might have a health condition? if so-they can call and use curb side pick up rather than endanger the lives of shoppers and staff who are wearing masks, gloves and using hand sanitizer. Just today a large (intimidating) man in camo came in wearing and orange vest indicating that he did not believe in wearing masks. It is a state executive order by our Gov Lamont to wear masks in public. What is your policy? We have have a right also not to be endangered by shopping in a place that allows people to not wear masks.

  • Patricia Loggie says:

    I would like to know why the southeastern ct. Stores are not equal to the Northampton mass store. I lived outside of Northampton and I know from experience the store products here are pretty bad. The management is also very uncaring especially in the groton c.t store. Does not care about customers at all. Prior to vivid I could go into any store in this side of st and find expired products. Because of vivid I have had to order through instacart. They are selling deli meat that is old and should not be sold. This is the second time I have ordered pastrami round and it is so dry you cannot eat it. The roast beef was one half fresh and one half brown. Should not have been sold. I pay extra for everything and I cannot believe they are comfortable doing this why???? Especially to senior citizens who have shopped with them for years. I will no longer be a customer that will not matter to management at groton c.t.Big y but if they continue to do what they are doing nobody will be either. Extremely upset.

  • Armand Biron says:

    I use to shop at Big Y in Mansfield, CT. but i have trouble walking and the electric carts are located at the exit. They are hard to get to so now I shop at Stop and Shop because the electric carts are at the entrance.

  • Denise Lindsey says:

    When will you have big y tuna white albacore in water in stock again

  • joe says:

    i work in mental health (psych) essential worker. bought box of chockfulof nut coffee pod, by mistake i picked up decaf, went in tonight mask, gloves, badge. i realize they couldn’t exchange the item but thought they would at least make an exception and give me the regular pods. no way, no big pockets at big y. i’ll never step foot in your branford store or any of your stores again, be on straight for the next 10 days

  • Kathleen Williams says:


    While at my local Big Y (Cheshire CT) this morning, I questioned an employee an employee who was not wearing a mask why he was not wearing one. The employee explained that it was due to Big Y’s policy against wearing anything other than surgical masks (I.e. cloth or homemade) and that Big Y does not provide surgical masks for their employees.

    I have included the CDC’s recent recommendation that everyone wear a mask while in public (surgical OR cloth) to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and I respectfully request that Big Y change their policy regarding use of cloth masks. This is a matter of public health and corporate responsibility.

  • Tom Plakias says:

    I placed an order for products, mostly frozen items. I live at 11 E Castle Hill Road in Agawam, MA. I got a call from the instacart delivery person saying she couldn’t find the location, telling me that I must have given an incorrect address. She was on Castle Hill Road in Manchester, CT ! I’m now waiting for her to make the 40 minute trip back to MA. I can’t imagine the condition of these products will be good? What to you suggest I do if these items are spoiled??

  • Brian says:

    Why are your employees not wearing masks and gloves to protect customers, themselves and their families from this killer virus? Shop Rite is already practicing these safety standards. Do you want to contribute to flattening the curve? Do the right thing, you’re a billion dollar corporation. Don’t loose your reputation Gerald & Paul would be highly concerned had they known this.

  • Linda says:

    Why is the North Windham Walmart so clean and accessible and now that I have moved in the Norwich area I am faced with a dirty and disorganized store?
    Very disappointed!!@

  • Linda says:

    Why is it that I moved to a new location ( from Mansfield CT to Norwich CT and the store that I now have to use is so Dirty and disgusting?
    I thought all Big Y’s were the same!
    I’m very disappointed to say the least!

  • >