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  • Address: 4280 Professional Center Dr #400, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 561 386 8635

  • Email:
    Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 4,641

  • Established: 1962

  • Key People: Erik R. Olsen

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Erik R. Olsen

President & Chief Executive Officer, TBC Corporation

Martin S. Krcelic

Executive Vice President, TBC Corporation, President & COO, TBC Brands

Brant Wilson

Executive Vice President, TBC Corporation, President & COO, TBC Automotive Operations

Jim Bull

Vice President and General Manager, Big O Tires

Will Helton

Vice President and General Manager, Midas

Dave Dittman

Vice President & General Manager of Retail Operations, TBC Corporation

About Big O Tires, History and Headquarters Information

This is a Palm Beach Gardens located business that has specialized in the automotive parts selling. Generating revenue of about $149.24 million annually, the business has grown to employ over 290 employees. The business was first founded in 1962 and has grown to be a key automotive spare parts dealer.

To check out its official address, visit their primary address which is 280 Professional Center Dr Ste 400 Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33410-4280 United States. You must furthermore check out the website of the business at http://www.bigotires.com/.

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  • Shawn Aspinall says:

    Order # 81059 I was sold valve stems $ 23.86. NOT INSTALLED
    I was sold a tire protection plan $ 127.20 that I was not asked about and did not ask for. While at your store for two an half hours someone stabbed a 4 inch double-sided knife through my truck tire. It was not there when I arrived but was almost flat 2 blocks down the road. I will be at the Fayetteville AR store at 8AM they better make it right.

  • Ron says:

    I just spent over 35 minutes on hold waiting for one to help me but nobody answered in jeffersonville in

  • Robert garica says:

    I’m here to place my comment in opinion about your service on the bill tires on sixth and I home to Santa Arizona. How was their recently on Friday the ninth to get service understand my? Car but? I observe was employees making front of another co-worker. There’s making jokes about him going back to prison making jokes about a ham being. As mental health issues with nothing is done about this. I will be seeking other matters. The name of those employees were Hector in glen. and Christian. And I will let the co-worker. There’s no and his name was Richard. I hope he has do some about this cause. That’s a form of harassment hazing and boiling.

  • Kimberly Bruce says:

    Damage to our vehicle while tires were being put on.
    This happened July 2022 and now January 2023. No one has responded to us on the repairs of our vehicle.

  • Cody A Berry says:

    Was suppose to get a simple alignment but they did nothing and almost 8 months later nothing done about

  • Gregory L Copass says:

    Big O had mu car from 9 28 2022 diagnosed my priblem 1129.00 later and just puck up 10 15 2022 still same shit ive been ripped the f u ck ofg

  • Cathy Giles says:

    I am at Big O store # 004251on Williams Field Rd. In Gilbert, AZ.

    I was supposed to just get a patch on my tire and four hours later I am still waiting for my car to be fixed! The technician got into my vehicle to put it on the rack to look at the tire. He put the wrong key in the ignition and broke the wrong key off in the ignition because he jammed the wrong key into the ignition. I have been waiting since 2:30 pm on 10.14.22 and it is now 5:30pm.

    I have a sick individual at home and am praying they do not die waiting for me to bring their medicine back to them.

    This Nissan is my only means of transport and I am stuck at Big O until they fix my ignition!!! They have had to go get a whole new ignition from the Nissan dealer in Mesa, Az.

    There is no excuse allowing people to work here that do not have the mental capabilities to know not to jam the wrong key in the ignition.

    I expect an answer back from corporate regarding this incident.

  • Curtis Armstrong says:

    Big o tire in laveen was the worst experience I ever had they destroyed my car now they won’t give my money back I would never ask anybody to go to that big old tire again it’s a rip off

  • Mark says:

    Requesting that the Overland Park location be commended on their service. Thank you, Mark Trefry

  • Patrick Quinn says:

    I am an actor that performed in one of the commercials for Big O tires… (the father son and wife..while the son is driving his car, after getting fatherly advice etc). I would like to bring to your attention a young gentleman by the name of Oscar Tshiebwe, who is now eligible to receive NIL benefits..If you follow college basketball Oscar is known as ‘Big 0’…and as a corporate sponsor, it might behove you to look into sponsorship for this young man. His reputation is flawless, speaks several languages, and is *NCAA Player of the Year prospect in college basketball. Thank you for your kind attention, Patrick Quinn, Los Angeles California, 90077

  • Richard Olden says:

    Junk Fees
    I read an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal today about all the junk fees that the resorts are charging. Sure a put-off for me.

    I bought a tire recently from the Big O on Charleston near Hualapai and got a junk fee from them! $9.99 for an Employee Service Operations Fee! I asked the manager and he said it is money that goes directly to the guys who put my tire on.

    I said I never heard of such a thing. When I owned a business in retail, we paid our employees an didn’t add a surcharge on customer’s bills. I won’t be going back to Big O. The store is in Las Vegas at 10127 Charleston Blvd.

  • Ricky Berthelot says:

    Big o tires in Springfield mo destroyed a ball joint on my truck could not change it from inexperience had to go to another shop now they refuse to pay for the damages they cause to my vehicle

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