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Big Boy Restaurant Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4199 Marcy St, Warren, MI 48091, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 586-759-6000
  • Fax Number: 586-757-4737
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 
  • Established: August 6, 1936
  • Founder: Bob Wian
  • Key People: Keith E. Sirois

Big Boy Restaurant Headquarters Location & Directions

Big Boy Restaurant Headquarters Executive Team



Keith E. Sirois

Chief Executive officer

Paul Black


Ralph Geromette


About Big Boy Restaurant, History and Headquarters Information

Big boy restaurant is a chain of restaurants offering casual dining. The headquarters of the chain is located in Warren, Michigan. It was founded in 1936 by Bob Wian. Today the restaurants are spread across 76 cities in USA and 279 locations in Japan. It is famous for Slim Jim sandwich, Strawberry pie, hot fudge cake, brawny lad sandwich and Big boy hamburger. The restaurant expanded after partnering with Frisch restaurants.

In the US it serves Ohio, Michigan North Dakota. Initially the restaurant was called the Liggett restaurant enterprises initially. Also, it was based in Glendale, California during its initial stages. When the company became bankrupt it was moved to the current headquarters in Warren. The famous chubby boy trademark of the company was designed by Warner bros animation artists.

The company also launched a comic book by name Adventures of big boy. Big boy shakes and burgers are the latest trends.

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  • Matthew Pinkerton says:

    As a resident of Indian Springs we were very happy when you opened inour town. HOWEVER, we are continually disappointed with your very limited menu and your unreasonable pricing. As a town board member for 2 decades I hear many residents complain about these very issues. Your establishment should be packed daily but it is not. I have learned to make sure that when I take my family that a specific cook is there. I believe her name is Michelle. When she is there at least the food is good. I highly doubt that I will get any response but it is important that that you at the corporate level are aware of how most of our residents of our town feel about your establishment. Would be happy to discuss these issues if you have any concern at all. 702-781-6101.
    Thank you.

  • Priscilla Mertel says:

    I want you to know of my disappointment with bobs big boy on brookpark rd…Cleve ohio. No original coleslaw…smashed sloppy big boys..their charging 2.49 for a drink half the size they had before..employee said to ke..im the 1rst person to complain..really??? How could you say that to people. Then he says we can’t get the regular cups…then don’t charge people the same price for a way smaller cup..the other employee said it’s up to Michigan to send original coleslaw..what does Michigan have to do with ordering ..what is going on at this restaurant its pathetic. I wish I could send the pics of this food I just picked up to backup what I’m saying here.

  • Jeff says:

    Ok so I hear about a nice offer for “84 cent big boys all day!” I think WOW! I have been a customer for 40 years! I get home from work around 5ish, tell my wife and she says let’s get a couple burgers. I call my local restaurant in Woodhaven Michigan and they say sorry were OUT OF BIGBOYS!
    thanks bigboy….

  • Susanne says:

    We are Members of a Mich club since 1975. We use to dine often at BBoys for many years. Too many food items have changed or are being replaced!!!

    We are VERY, very angry that you stopped using the QUALITY Ham that BB originally used in their Slim Jim sandwich.

    The current brand of Ham being used in the Slim Jim has absolutely NO decent flavor at all !!!!! It was tastIng like a common, ordinary Ham sandwich !!!!!

    Please BRING BACK the original Brand of Ham that was used in the Slim Jim.
    Then maybe you will gain many more customers and won’t have to close any more restaurants.

    Bring back your beef stew also … the heck with the C-virus. Too many 100’s of restaurants are just serving hamburgers and pizza.

    We want some food made with some effort put forth including some creativity !!!!!

    Thank you …. a future customer IF you change back.

    Remember, “IF it ain’t broke …. don’t Fix it !!!”

  • Christopher says:

    I have not 1 but 2 medical condition, and was just sent out of bigboy in wayland, the girl wasn’t even matter of fact or professional about it she was quite rude. I left without being a jerk but will never eat at bigboy again. The worst part I was ordering to go, the website was acting up or I wouldn’t have come in

  • Reenie says:

    Bob’s Big Boy changing to a girl?
    No way!!! Please.
    Long time Friday night customer….

  • Nick Stavros says:

    I certainly hope you’re not really considering changing your Big Boy mascot. Your founder’s name is Bob, not Betty. You’re cowering under the thumb of the “cancel culture”, which has no place in the United States of America. The definition of “Stupid” is knowing the right thing to do, then doing something else. Please leave Bob alone! Thank you.

  • Rick Wilson says:

    Changing the Big Boy brand just because, is just plain STUPID. He has been an icon for so long. Invent a double decker chicken burger and let customers pick what they want. I grew up at the Bobs in Burbank and North Hollywood and it was great. The heck with history and brand name why not just rename and rebrand. How about about Elmer Dud food bucket.

  • Lynn says:

    I’m very disappointed that Bob is no longer going to be the mascot of Bob’s Big Boy. Bringing an obscure character from thier comic book named Dolly as their new mascot is beyond comprehension. I grew up with Bob’s Big Boy in San Diego and thought the worst possible thing to happen was when they closed the all the restaurants. Apparently that wasn’t the worst possible thing to happen…. Dolly does not and will never have the name recognition that Bob enjoys.

  • Karen Reinke says:

    I was informed on my last visit to Big Boy that you have discontinued your wonderful Garlic & Oil Salad Dressing. WHY? A few years ago you did the same with the Brawny Lad; you were smart enough to bring it back. Hopefully you’ll do the same with the dressing !! Also hoping you’ll be bombarded with customer disappointment encouraging you to do so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elaine McDonald says:

    This is where it’s at for your next BB Location! Highway 71 in Bastrop, TX across the highway from the famous Buccee’s where everyone stops on their way from Austin, TX to Houston, Tx or San Antonio, TX.

    Question is will the restaurant be large enough to fit everyone that wants to eat?! In Texas they will stand in line for hours for good food! – Hope you consider it! Bastrop, TX is this Michigan transplants home and I ‘still’ miss you!

  • Ava Robertson says:

    Today I went into the restaurant in Downey at 7447 Firestone Bl. Downey Ca. 90241 I ordered a to go Bacon Cheeseburger combo. Customers who came after me was served before me. They took my money and left me waiting for about 30 minutes total. After I asked about my order they continued to ignore me passing out other orders to customers! I asked for my money back. The waitress took a long time in the back with my card until I had to ask what’s going on, The other waitress said to me sarcastically “She’s trying to put your money back on the card😒…then the one who had my card came back with cash. She never apologized never offered no accommodations, very little investigation . I looked around and saw I was the only black lady there! Could this have been a racial act on the D.L??? Not sure….but I’m starving! Bad Service!!!!!!

  • Sarah A. McMillan says:

    So sad BB in Ft.Wayne will be gone. I will REALLY miss my BigBoy and lemonade. PLEASE reconsider!!!!!!

  • Sarah A. McMillan says:

    Am sad that Big Boy in Ft Wayne In won’t reopen. Been crazy about Big Boy and lemonade for 55 years 🙁 🙁 : 🙁 🙁

  • Beth Schwartz says:

    Sunday may 17 th 2020
    Hello ! I just posted on Facebook A memory from Oklahoma City a picture of Kips big boy hamburger on sw 59th and western circa 1970’s. The response to
    How much the food was loved and is now so missed is amazing .
    People including my husband and I met there and have been married 45 years .
    We have a kips big boy memento doll and when visiting our son in the Air Force
    In Dayton Ohio we loved
    Eating at
    The Frisch big boy there.
    Is there any plans to expand and make A new restaurant just like the old days with the hamburgers, fries , shakes and Strawberry pies near Oklahoma City Metro ?? It would be a big hit !! Thanks for any response please !

    • Amy says:

      Hello! I was just wondering if you have that picture and if you could send me that picture somehow. My mom and dad met at Kip’s off 59th and Western in the 70s!! He was a manager and she was a server!

  • Nathan Wendt says:

    Hello Doreen and Joe,

    An Important Message About COVID-19:

    Our hearts go out to all of those impacted by this virus. 

    We are here for you during this time and believe our collective strength will get us through this crisis.

    As an essential critical infrastructure workforce company, Brisk Coffee Roasters will remain open and will be shipping coffee nationwide along with our delivery partner, UPS, who is also a critical infrastructure workforce company.

    Our products and deliveries will remain on schedule regardless of the spread of COVID-19 and our number one priority is the health of our nation.

    Please let me know if there anything I can do for you. Contact me at nwendt@briskcoffee.com or call 941.626.4145 to reach me.

    I wish you well during this time.


    Nathan Wendt

  • michael says:

    What in the world has happened to Bobs Big Boy??? Long loved and praised as a Burbank landmark and an LA mainstay, the world famous Burbank restaurant is filthy. They have lowered the quality of the food to sub-standard and the store management is in seriously poor condition.

    My family and I have been coming to this restaurant for more than 50 years and I have never seen anything like what is happening now. How sad indeed. My office is just a few blocks away and stopped by the other day to reminisce over a famous Bobs Bigboy combo meal. Disgusting! Poor quality lettuce, greasy fries, and a terrible burger ending with an overall bad experience.

    Obviously ownership and management alike are no longer interested in keeping up an American tradition. This once fantastic place is a shell of its former self.

    Experience Bob’s while you can because all of the telltale signs of a business in serious financial trouble are evident and I will bet its days are numbered.

  • >