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Where is Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporate office Headquarters

Big 5 Sporting Goods Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2525 East El Segundo Boulevard, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 310-297-7777

  • Fax Number: 310-297-7585

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 9500

  • Established: 1955

  • Founder: Maury Liff

  • Key People: Steven G. Miller

Big 5 Sporting Goods Headquarters Location & Directions

Big 5 Sporting Goods Headquarters Executive Team



Steven G. Miller

Chairman, President & CEO

Barry D. Emerson

Senior VP, CFO & Treasurer

Shane O. Starr

Senior Vice President of Operations

Boyd O. Clark

Senior Vice President of Buying

Michael P. Marrone

Senior Vice President of Store Operations

About Big 5 Sporting Goods, History and Headquarters Information

Big 5 sporting goods is a retailer of sporting goods. It was founded in 1955 by Maury Liff. The headquarters of the company is located in El Segundo, California. There are more than 434 stores operating in several states of US. Its business is spread over Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Texas, Oregon, California, Utah and Wyoming.

The retailer got its name as it opened 5 big stores in California when it began its journey. They sell athletic shoes, team sports, camping, team sports, hunting, tennis, golf, summer recreation, roller sports. The stores are 11,000 square feet. In 1971 thrifty drug stores acquired Big 5. It was after this acquisition Big 5 began to prosper. After 2 years, the number of stores grew to 140 from 19.

In 1992, it was acquired by Leonard Green. In 2002, Big 5 opened its largest store that was 1 million square feet in Riverside California.

Big 5 Sporting Goods Headquarters Photos

Big 5 Sporting Goods Resources

  • Liz says:

    My partner was in big 5 to purchase a gift for me. She was looking down at an item while an employee walked up to the shelf directly behind. He placed a box onto the top shelf, and failed to realize that the box behind it slid off the other side of the shelf, an est. 30 pound box fell directly onto the back of her head, causing whip lash and a concussion. The employee apologized, asked if she was okay, then made an attempt to re stock the same exact shelf before he said “oh maybe I should wait till you’re done”. The manager did not offer medical assistance and told her “I’m a nurse and I can tell you that you’re not hurt”. She then had the audacity to yell at her AND her father who politely tried to get corporates information after she had gone to the hospital, was diagnosed with a concussion and neck strain, and had to have two teeth extracted for cracking in half from the impact of the box. RENO big 5 I highly recommend to NOBODY.

  • Mojtaba Mosallai says:

    I live in Fort Bragg CA , bought a work boots about 2 months ago from Big 5 store in Ukiah. The boot did rub my right foot toe a little at the beginning but after about 2 to 3 weeks I noticed that it actually damaged my toe. My right toe has formed a thick skin. I took my boots to the store last week to return it & buy another shoes but the lady who said is the manager refused to return.
    She said 2 months is too long. I don’t go Ukiah too often as it is too far & I am very busy during the Summer.
    I am very dissapointed with your manager & Big 5. I have to see a doctor to see if my toe needs a surgery or not as I have diabet & don’t want to have any kind of toe infection from this.

  • Lisa Ashford says:

    Just went to your Albuquerque location and the staff acted like they hate there job and lacked customer service! Location on Coors and Paradise

  • Tammy Yasini says:

    To whom it may concern:
    Today I had to return two items at the Davis location and was confronted by two hostile employees. One began sniffing the items to make sure they were not washed and the other one (manager?) demanded to see and scan my driver’s license, even though I had the original receipt. As a Davis resident for over 30 years I have never witnessed such disgusting and insulting actions at your store. I wonder if my ethnicity had anything to do with the inexcusable behavior. When I asked as to why they were behaving that way I was told that it was the new policy. The presumed manager then refused to refund my credit card unless I showed her my DL. So I complied, walked back to my car and retrieved my DL. I am requesting a thorough review of the employees conduct and the way they treat their costumers, as well as this new absurd “policy”.
    I look forward to hearing of your investigation in to this very disturbing incident

    Thank you,

  • Huizheng says:

    Hi sir
    I bought bed for camping I only use once .the bed is slowly leaking.one mouth age.i would like to return or replace at chino store.the manager told me it is Sunday she can’t get any information from system.she requested me credit card card number.name,receipt number.said she call me on Monday I don’t receive any call until now .i had email to your company head office the man Email to me and explain that the quality problem should be resolved in two business days.today is Wednesday 3days passed nothing no one contact with me

  • Marvin R. Walker says:

    I spent over 300.00 on shoes at Big 5 in Tucson Az.85704 on Ina Rd & Thornydale. I bought 3 Pair of Boots & 2 Pair of New Balance Running Shoes. The insoles in both pair of New Balance have already been worn. The Shoes were New. The Insoles were not. Sales Man brought shoes out of the back room. Leads me to believe the sales people are using the insoles to work their shift. Then removing them before they leave for the day. I will not return to this store ever again. i have been shopping at this location for 5 Years. Never Again after this situation.

  • JAY B stammerjohan says:

    dear big 5 AS A ONE TIME SKILLED SKU WORKER which work at store 18 and others i have pick up goods which after leaving the store i had to come back to show the itams i paid for is not is showed in the cases plus with the shop lifting i see with retail skills which some of your workers cant see i fill its time to bury the past and put me back to work and maybe get the right goods tag right thank you JAY

  • dhw says:

    Apparently Big 5 needs to school there employees on federal laws, I have a concealed carry permit and live in Casa Grande AZ, my husband also has a concealed carry, I went to Big 5 to purchase him a shotgun for Xmas, the moron in the firearms Department wanted to know if I knew how to use operate a shotgun I said yes I own several assault rifles and also own several handguns. Then I mentioned it was a xmas gift for my husband anyway, he refused to sell it to me then, according to Federal Law and AZ state law I can purchase as a gift a firearm for my spouse if he can legally own one. I tried to explain the law to him and he refused to listen and told me to buy a gift card, so I asked will that shotgun be in stock after xmas he said I don’t know so what was the use to buy the card. Then he was very rude and walked away. The only thing that person needs to be selling is tomatoes on the side of the road. I will never buy another item from Big 5 and I encourage all my fellow NRA members and those who believe in the second amendment to boycott Big 5 stores and especially the one in Casa Grande AZ. People like him have no business dealing with the public. I have always been a big user of your products but now I don’t care if I have to 50 miles further and spend 200 more never again will I step foot in a Big 5. and PS went to Cal Ranch bought a better one similar cost more but was a very pleasant experience. Shame on your employees Big 5, low class under educated and not sure if they even have there green card.

  • Vince says:

    Went to Rancho Cordova to buy hiking shoes on Sat afternoon (4:30 pm). Waited an uncomfortable amount of time waiting for assistance. Manager was assisting customer at another counter while 3 female employees were standing around having a conversation with a male customer. So much for customer service.

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