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Marty W. Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Lauren Adler

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Babson

Managing Director

Tamara Bowman

Executive Assistant

Soraya Dancsecs

Executive Assistant

Rocky Dixon

Managing Director

Mark Dorman

Managing Director

Derek Eve


Rachel Senko Foltz

Vice President

Dietz Fry

Managing Director

About Bi Mart, History and Headquarters Information

Bi – Mart is a chain of retailers. The headquarters of the retailer is located in Eugene, Oregon. It sells footwear, clothing, sporting goods, housewares, electronics, hardware, toys, beer and seasonal goods. The stores are located in 79 locations in the US. Every store approximately occupies 31 000 square feet.

It was founded in 1955. The stores are owned by employees. The first store was opened in Yakima, Washington. In 1976, it was bought by Pay n Save. Later it was acquired by Thrifty Corporation. Bi Mart then merged with PayLess drug. In 1996, it was acquired by Rite Aid. Finally, in 2004 it was sold to the employees of the stores.

In 2003, Bi Mart began its expansion. It built 8 stores in Montana. However, the store was subsequently closed in 2006 due to poor sales.

Unlike other stores, Bi Mart is a membership store. It adopted members only policy in 1930s.

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  • John Dorsey says:

    I have not had flyers sent to me in years do you know why?

  • Teresa Darlain says:

    I went into the Orchards branch in Vancouver, Wa. I was so disappointed in the plants for sale in the outdoor garden section…Bi-Mart has always had top garden plants and am sad to say this is no longer so. I know the majority of the plants were from Fessler’s in Woodburn, Ore. past years, and was good quality. What has happened to the outside gardening?

  • Nancy Areu says:

    I would like to know why you do not allow you’re workers to call the police when there’s someone in the store stealing? I was just in our local BiMart and they caught the guy stealing but are not allowed to press charges or call police. So you condone theft?

  • JoAnne Parks says:

    I am very disappointed I. The closure of the pharmacy in Klamath Falls. The employees were knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. I believe you have made a grave mistake and will lose a lot if customers. It has been a big problem for customers
    As we have two or three over burdened pharmacies now. I mean like 20 To 30 people in line to pick up prescriptions.

  • Laura says:

    This is not a Bi-Mart site. Information is not correct! This is NOT the correct phone number!

  • L. Green says:

    Shame on you for terminating employees in Veneta and elsewhere for wearing a shield for medical reasons instead of a mask. You’re playing politics with people instead of standing up to the mob. Good people with families to support.

  • Greg D Soderstedt says:

    It is too bad you could not have kept the pharmacy at Willakenzie in Eugene. Most of your patrons are elderly. We love your pharmacy staff. ( Which can not be matched anywhere). Parking was easy. (Terrible parking at Walgreens) We would pick up our pills & buy other things while we are there.
    Please extend my gratitude and best wishes to your pharmacy staff. They will be sorely missed. I feel as if we are losing family members.
    Thank you
    Joan and Greg Soderstedt

  • Greg D Soderstedt says:

    I apologise. I intended to say Willakenzie No Mart in my email.
    Thank you.
    Greg Soderstedt

  • Greg D Soderstedt says:

    Hello Corporate Officers of the BiMart Corp
    You need to keep the Willigalespie BiMart Pharmacy!
    Have you not looked at the demographics of this store?
    We come for the people ( you have the friendliest , helpful people! ) I rely on their experience & expertise with product selection.)
    We come for the pills ( medications) , easy parking ( not found at Walgreens).
    I feel like I am loosing family members! It’s the customer service that draws us in. We get our meds & stay to buy other items. Most of us are old! We are loyal customers.
    Do you realize there are 6 senior living facilities close by. I understand you have 10 BiMarts still keeping their Pharmacy, why not The Willigalespie store.
    I am not happy. Tell your accountant your sales may drop after this move.
    Thank you
    Greg Soderstedt
    Eugene Resident & life long BiMart Pharmacy Customer

  • Sick of thieves says:

    Here’s the lady stealing Bi-Mart’s fishing lures by the hundred! She is selling them on Facebook and Craig’s list. Go catch her and stop it!!

    Go to this ad and you’ll see your stolen inventory! :


  • Robert A Martin says:

    Please send this email to Marty Smith,

    I have called your corporate office in the past with this problem and nothing has changed. I am a big fan of Bi Mart, but you run the stores at such a high thermostat temperature that I and most people I talk to cannot stay inside for very long. I have mentioned it to the Brookings manager and they said they cannot adjust it, set by the corporate office??
    I have been to three stores-same thing, I have even ask the employees if it was warm, they all complained, summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. Aside from high power costs, it has to be costing you millions in gross sales, as I have to get out of there as fast as I can. I have talked to hundreds of customers that just can’t believe its so warm in the stores.

    Bob Martin
    cell 530-209-2897

  • Sue Rickey says:

    I have a suggestion to make the bagging easier for the cashiers at BI-Mart and cut down on back strain:
    In each of the BI-Mart stores where I have shopped, Register #1 is always open, but it doesn’t have a cut-out to place empty bags in preparation for filling. After the cashier scans each item, she must lift each item up and into the bag. This repetitive action of lifting can lead to fatigue and back strain, especially for cashiers who are of shorter stature.
    All of the other registers have a cutout so the cashier can scan each item and slide it into a bag just below the level of the counter.
    One quick and easy solution would be to re-name Register #2 as Register #1 and have that register always open.
    You could also make a cut-out in the counter of Register#1, but that would be more expensive.
    I was a cashier for decades and I know what a physically and emotionally exhausting job it can be.
    BI-Mart is employee owned, so I know you would like to maintain the good health of each of your employees and avoid job-related injuries.
    ALSO: I am so glad you are moving toward having customers purchase re-useable bags and AWAY from single use bags, especially plastic! Good for you! I am delighted with my purchase of a red BI-Mart bag and happy to be able to re-use it.
    Sue R.
    Happy customer at BI-Mart #689 in Star, Idaho

  • Marge Dillon says:

    I just had a conversation with Rob Clark. I do not know what his position is in your company but I did not feel that my comments were accepted and in fact he became very defensive. I had been in the Junction City store 30 before calling with my concerns. Mr. Clark tried to tell me that what I was telling him was not true. Well, I am a retired Registered Nurse and Nursing Educator. I deal with reality and science and frankly this store scares me. None of the employees had either masks or gloves on, there was no one wiping down carts, terminals were not wiped down after transactions, in fact it was kind of business as usual. I was all geared up, I do not wish to kill someone accidentally, and when I asked the checker where her mask and gloves her response was she can’t breathe with a mask on. Well, I think if the store employees do not set the tone then what can you expect the customers are thinking. Look to the stores in our area that are doing this RIGHT. Market Of Choice is doing all those things that I mentioned. Starting Monday Costco is implementing NO Mask No Gloves No SHOPPING. Please take this seriously and make your stores safe to shop in. My fear is that someone like Mr. Clark is the only one that will read this and it will end in the round file…..shame on you not to listen to a concerned customer and make them feel that what they observed is not true.

    • Oregon girl says:

      I disagree. I think oxygen is vital. Masks are for people who are Ill, sneezing and coughing. Healthy people don’t need masks according to Dr Faucci. Breathing our own carbon dioxide is going to create the perfect storm to create more immuno deficiency syndromes. If you visit a store for 15 minutes and choose to wear a mask is one thing. Asking workers to wear a mask for their 8hr shift while they ate busting their ass and can’t breathe sufficiently isn’t fair nor medically appropriate. We need to develop our natural immunity, and those who are afraid should order online or have friends and family purchase items for then. This is America, and the actual numbers don’t warrant this type of fear.

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