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David Kong

CEO & President

Mark Straszynski

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Ron Pohl

COO & Senior VP

Greg Adams

Senior VP & Chief Digital Officer

Lawrence Cuculic

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Dorothy Dowling

Chief Marketing Officer & Senior VP

Suzi Yoder MacDonald

Senior Vice President of International Operations

Glen Macdonell

Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships & Field Marketing

Sheri Smack

Managing Director of Client Solutions & Services

Kris Thurman

Managing Director for Strategic Services

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Best Western was incorporated by M.K. Guertin in 1946. Best Western Hotels & Resorts has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. In 2019, Best Western bought WorldHotels and made an addition of nearly 300 hotels to its brand.

Best Western International, Inc. is a hotel chain. The Company provides a line of products and services such as accommodation rooms, online hotel booking, and other services to its worldwide customers. This hotel chain focuses on delivering the comfort, superior customer service, the best value, quality, the highest standards of cleanliness to its customers. This chain gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of hotels ranging from quiet country houses, coastal resorts or city center hotels. It has a wide network of more than 4,500 hotels spread over nearly 100 countries and territories all over the world. Best Western runs and operates under various branded hotels such as WorldHotels® Luxury, AidenSM, Best Western®, Vīb®, SureStay Collection®, WorldHotels Elite, Best Western Plus®, GLō®, SadieSM, BW Premier Collection®, Executive Residency by Best Western®, Best Western Premier®, SureStay, and BW Signature Collection®.

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  • Deborah Moore says:

    Wanted to extend my stay on government rate-to 10/10/23 was told I had to be traveling on business. I spoke with two different people at the hotel and they both said the same. We ended up moving hotels but I wanted to do some research on this and I could not find in policy where it says this – I have e government ID and email and stayed on government rate with best western several times. Below I copied what it shows on the best western site and it does say if you are from Canada you must be traveling on business but under US it does not specify this…
    U.S. Government & Military Discount
    Who Qualifies:
    All federal and state government employees with credentials
    Military personnel and civilian military personnel including veterans
    Tax funded hospital and university personnel
    Cost reimbursable contractors
    To Start Saving:

    Present an official identification card or work orders at time of check-in

    Canadian Government & Military Discount
    Who Qualifies:
    Government employees (federal, provincial, and territorial governments)
    Military personnel/civilian military personnel
    Tax funded hospital and university personnel
    Cost reimbursable contractors
    Must be on official Government business travel


    Please clarify for future travel and booking rates

  • Sandy Kyle says:

    I need the information to file a complaint regarding a specific best western as well need the contact information for human resources for best western.

  • Daniel Stone says:

    Spent 4 Nights Grosvenor Hotel in San Francisco. All Was Good until Last Morning- Hotel Closed over Half of the Dining area and Refused to let me Sit down for Breakfast. They Told me to Take it to my Room and Eat. Now I’m Disabled and Walking with a Cane so I Need to Carry a Plate of Food, a Cup of Coffee and Walk with a Cane. Needless to say I Was Very Upset and Left. Upon Arriving hope I See a Invoice that Included a Restaurant Charge that Never Happened. I’ve spent a Lot of Money With This Company and Everything Comes to an End.

  • Bri says:

    If I could give this place zero stars I would. Sherri who handles the complaints at the Pooler Ga. location on San Drive is the nastiest person you could ever talk. She better be glad I live far away because I would have came up there my self and cursed her out. She is so disrespectful and has no care or concern for others. She more than likely had an excuse for everything I had to say. She had roaches in the room and the hotel had a bad problem of rust. ADVERTISE that on your website instead of having people come and stay at those rooms and you know they don’t look like that. Here is the best part. She originally tells me that she is going to refund me for the entire stay(mind you I had to wait 3 days for someone to contact me about any type of compensation after we had to change rooms twice.) Then after she tells me that she says we want to enjoy our time off too. Ma’am you work at a business that is open ALL YEAR ROUND that takes customers money all year round// WE DONT WANT TO HEAR YOUR EXCUSES. Just do what you say you are going to do. So she later calls back and says yes its just rust and for the bugs, we will refund you one night. I then tell her that’s not what you told me and I am not satisfied with that. She goes well I don’t know what to tell you. I then proceed that I will write a review about my stay, and then she says if you write a bad review, we are not going to give you anything. Sherri hunny you will not bully me and think I need that $300. I would rather save other people form your nasty attitude and you will lose way more that $300 with all the reviews I am going to write. If you would like to see the nasty bugs and “rust” that looks like throw up all over the walls and dirty mirrors…please head over to booking.com 🙂 I will NEVER stay at another BWP hotel and will not recommend anyone else to stay there. No wonder they have so many open rooms. Nasty Hotels and Nasty trash customer service Sherri working there.

  • Randy says:

    We have stayed at Motel in Orange Texas several times and service and courtesy has always been excellent and always clean.I would recommend this to anyone passing through Southern Texas.

  • Teresa Ann Judd says:

    We have stayed at the Best Western in New Philadelphia, Ohio several times now. We always had good service and the people were really nice. I would like to ask what happened. We had to request that the bed be made because it looked like no one had changed the sheets. The did not change them until the next morning. But they were so wrinkled that you could not tell if they had even been washed. We were there for 3 nights. When we came down for breakfast there was nothing. That happened 2 times in a row. When we said something to the lady in back , she was playing on her phone, and she let us know how hard that was going to be for her. Another gentleman said something to her and she let him know what imposition that was for her. I don’t think we will be going back to the Best Western in New Philadelphis, Ohio. Thank God there is a new Hotel opening up soon. We visit quit often since our daughter moved there. It is not that I expect anything from you but you should know that this kind of treatment does not help Best Western’s reputation. I can no longer recommend you to anyone. Thank you for your time and I hope you can help those who follow behind us.

  • William Amidon says:

    I stayed at the Best Western in New Smyrna beach during the hurricane for 4 days, I booked the room 2 weeks before the hurricane hit. My first day was beautiful the next 3 were a disaster . My room flooded on the morning of the 2nd day and asked to be transferred to another room , they denied my request so I spent my last 2 days I a flooded room w my dog , I’ll be filing a complaint with my credit card company and demand 2 days of no charge and to reverse $400.00 of the room charges, in all fairness

  • Abby says:

    I’m staying at the best western navigator in Everett Washington. My boyfriend and I have been staying here for 6 days and tonight the night front seat lady was extremely rude to me making me sit outside while I attempted to wake my boyfriend up to let me in because I forgot my key before going to get something to drink from 711 she was sitting outside hanging out with one of her friends and smoking right next to the front door she refused to let the security guard let me inside tonight and Saturday early morning before the morning shift person came on shift she was asleep when we went to the front desk to get fresh towels she was rude because we woke her up ignored us for at least 5 minutes trying to go back to sleep after she found out we only needed towels she is one of the rudest and disrespectful staff members I’ve ever met instead of letting me come inside and checking if I stay here she decided to make me stand outside and wake my boyfriend up to come let me in. Is it your policy to hire rude irresponsible disrespectful staff members? We were planning on extending our stay for a few more days but after what we’ve have had to deal with because of her lack of work and human decency and customer service we’ve decided to go stay at the Hilton instead of here. You can thank you weekend night front desk for your loss of business we don’t know if we want to ever stay at another best western again because of her and ruining our stay this weekend it was supposed to be a good week celebration for my boyfriends 51st birthday but she’s been nothing but rude. Constantly giving me rude and dirty looks and remarks everytime we have crossed paths to both my boyfriend and myself. We don’t appreciate being accused of having pets in our car when we don’t even have a pet and being watched and spied on like we’re doing something wrong when we’re not.

  • Thomas. Madland says:

    Filled out survey. I deserve a discount as well as a hearing about my grievances. Thomas. Madland

  • Gary Hamilton says:

    Omplaint; I was told during central reservations ? After asking specifically whether in restaurant ding/breakfast was available. The agent said unequivocally yes. I arrived at Houston west case facility and was told only p/u & carry available . I am requesting 30% reduction in total bill.

  • Dan says:

    Best western Como Park hotel in St. Paul Minnesota is an absolute nightmare! My family has never been treated so awful by any establishment! We had reserved our room on our debit card a month previous. On the website it said payment taken at the time of booking. Upon arrival we are so rudely told the balance is still due and would now be taken off of said debit card. Not prepared for this transaction we ask to pay the 220.00 in cash and still allow for the hold on the debit card for incidentals. We then again are told no and the lady is so rude that it’s shocking. As we are standing there transferring funds from our bank account, the receptionist sits there on a phone and proceeds to talk about our family in an awful manner!!! At this point my family is very frustrated with how she is treating us. We ask why is she being so unprofessional and tell her she should be fired. She tells us and I quote ” I don’t give a shit about this job, I have another one” My husband gets on the phone with a “boss” who is far ruder than the receptionist. This is apparently who she was talking with about us as we stood there. The entire incident was shocking. We left in disbelief and booked with Springfield Inn by Marriott and had an amazing experience! If you value being treated with any type of kindness, professionalism, and enjoy clean, friendly hotels, this is NOT the place I would ever recommend!! Also it looked nothing like the photos on line! It was dark, dirty. The parking lot was scary and had what appeared to be homeless loitering. Very awful experience!

  • Julie Roots says:

    This place and their staff are garbage sorry excuse for a motel and should be closed down for ripping off innocent people for their money. When you put down a deposit when you check out you should receive your deposit back before you leave Right? Well I’ve been waiting for 6 days and when I call the people are rude and hang up in my face.

  • Johanna G. says:

    The facility in Manassas VA. is poorly ran. The rooms smell of smoke. The facility is not well maintained among other things. I am here for a school function (not my booking.) I ask for clean towels two different times. They tried to give me brand new towels that have never been washed. The daytime front desk person told me they are very busy and since I didn’t want “new” clean towels he couldn’t give me any. Try again that evening different front desk person. He proceeds to lie and tell me the towels had been laundered as they clearly had not been. At this point I’m beyond frustrated. I state I have never been to a hotel where getting a clean towel was an issue. He begins to argue with me and goes as far to tell me “I will treat him with respect.” To say the front desk staff is rude and unprofessional would be a gross understatement.

  • John V Pinson says:

    I complaining about my stay at your Best Western in Toledo South maumee in Maumee Ohio on 05/08/2022 I checked in late went to the room the bathroom was terrible black hair on the wall little pieces of toilet paper on the wall the door did not have a latch on it and the carpet was frail, so I complain to the front desk they put us in another room, got to the wrong black staff look like mold behind the bathroom and it was a hole in the front door in the door it was a worse best western ever stayed at without a doubt love went to another hotel, came back in the morning to talk to the general manager hairy he lied and told me he would refund my money for the night he also show me the capacity rate of that night which I did not care. I received a email from Rita Panchal The guest relations manager for that hotel, I tried to reach out to her she was not in, so I spoke to the general manager Harry, he is a very rude unprofessional and devious person he should be a used car salesman Instead of running a hotel he laughed over the phone when I told him I did not want a discount yes my money back very unprofessional bring out rewards member we’re best western very disappointed and would never ever go back to that best western if any Best Western again.

  • Frances L says:

    Hotel in Colorado Springs is nice enough (Fillmore Inn), but I had a horrible experience with front desk manager; Richard C. I called to clarify some issues with my bill and all Richard C. kept telling me is that he was the only one at front desk. As the conversation became more difficult he exclaimed “I am a Latino American and how dare you make racist comments towards me”. First of all, there were NO racist comments made by me–I personally am in a biracial marriage and have biracial children so that is something that would not come out of my mouth. Secondly, we were talking on the phone so I had no idea he was Latino, Richard is a common name found in MANY cultures. Richard threatened me to be on a list of guests who will be banned from all Best Western Hotels–I was there visiting my mother in law who had a massive stroke–does not seem very compassionate. I have requested a call back from Richards manage but have yet to hear From Tyler Walters. Super disappointed in being called a racist:-(

  • Amy coates says:

    I paid in advance for a room and was never told the hotel sold. I called three days ahead of time to make sure everything was in order and was told the new hotel owners was not honoring any reservations from the Best Western. When I called customer relations, I was told a refund would be provided in 3 to 5 days. Called the bank and they said nothing was there, called Best Western back and was told they do not provide refunds………Why can I not get a refund? Can someone explain it to me? I paid for services that was not given and it was not my fault.

  • Where do I go to file a complaint with corporate? says:

    Where do I go to file a complaint with Best Western Corporation

  • Kristopher Hodges says:

    I was charged smoking fee when room wasn’t smoked in, was just me and my 4 yr old autistic child, there’s no way I’d smoke in a room with him. Front desk didn’t wanna hear anything I had to say about it. I’m extremely unhappy with this and plan to take corporate action.

  • Delonta Smith says:

    I was charged 131 dollars even tho I checked in at 4am and checked out way before 10am I think that was to much for around 5 -6 hours

  • Andrea King says:

    Me and my Fiance stayed at the Best Western in Gold Beach Oregon and was very disappointed. Pet room smelled of urine,towels very old and dingy,bed lumpy,shower broken. Breakfast potatoes burnt. I am a frequent customer. This was the worst experience I have ever had at a Best Western

  • Kim says:

    To the entire executive team – -Its a shame that your hotel Best Western, Plus Wine Country Inn& Suites is no longer renting rooms to people that live within 30 miles of the location in Santa Rosa CA. It used to be a place that we could go as parents to have a relaxing night away from home yet be close enough in case of emergency. Several of the rooms have large hot tubs in them which was definitely a bonus. The rooms are big so you don’t feel like you/re in a closet & they have 2 balconies.
    Evidently the owners, who don’t even live in California, have decided that due to a couple of local people damaging a room that they won’t rent to anyone here. Maybe the owners need to take a little more interest in the property, its pretty obvious they don’t care how it looks on the outside.
    Maybe the executive team should take a look at these places because you might be inclined to do something to make Best Western a decent place to go.

  • Vickie Erickson says:

    Worst experience ever i was very disappointed in the hotel and the accommodations. Poeple wer not friendly or helpful. i should have requested a refund. Marihuana smell in the hallways on the 2nd floor no heat in the hotel except for in the room when we turned on took hours to heat the room. pool and hot tub were drained and restaurant no longer available. rented this one because thought everything would be there that i needed for my stay. boy was i wrong. will not choose best western again unless i see the place first.

  • Dan says:

    What has happened to your company? Best Western used to be a good place to spend the night when traveling. The last couple of years the quality of the hotels has plummeted It seems that your company is more interested in buying crappy small hotels and slapping the Best Western name to them. Currently I am staying at a Sure Stay in Sacramento CA. If it wasn’t for exhaustion I would leave. Calling this place a dump is an insult to dumps. There are homeless camped out all over, cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, paint peeling, and all sorts of other issues. I will probably not sleep because I’m too worried that my car will be broken in to. I have seen Super 8 and Motel 6 locations that have more pride and better accommodations at less than half the cost. It is extremely obvious that no one from corporate has visited this place. The company should be extremely embarrassed to be associated with this place in any way.

    • Tanya Wilson says:

      Excuse me Dan, but what do you have against the homeless??!! And how is it their fault how the dumpy hotel looks??!! That’s right Dan…. I don’t think the homeless has anything to do with how the place is kept up. Unless if course, the homeless were hired to take part in the upkeep, but if that was the case, I don’t think there would be so many homeless victims out there, would there?? I apologize for the outburst, I just feel that victims of a crisis has nothing to do with customer service or maintenance of the hotel.
      Thank you

      • Kendra says:

        Hi Tanya, you are actually incorrect on this matter. We stayed at a Best Western Hotel that had a homeless problem a few nights ago. One of the homeless guys was high on drugs and was becoming violent in the BW parking lot right next to our car. The hotel could get sued if a guest was injured by the homeless man. The parking lot is the property of BW so they have an obligation to keep their guests safe. Unless I am incorrect on this? I did not feel safe walking to my car at night at that specific Best Western Plus. I’m in agreement with Dan. However, Best Western Plus Palm Desert Resort in Palm Desert has a security guard patrolling the lot; this is an awesome hotel. We will definitely be staying at this one again when we return to the area. I have found a 50/50 ratio on some Best Western Pluses being good and some being bad.

  • Zenise carter says:

    Stayed and attempted to work at the best western over at 12101 120th and grant thornton Colorado and their management is just completely careless about their jobs as well as pick favorites on wat employees get to live there n work there after spending 3000 there I got treated with disrespect had my privacy violated kicked out and lost my job because of a racist housekeeper no one listen to my side of the story or cared and management doesn’t answer or call me back

  • Seyabend Sindy says:

    This is Seyabend Adham Sindy, I booked a room for 1 night October 14th to the 15th at Best Western Inn in at 1231 Lee Street, Des Plaines, Illinois. I got to my room and 10 minutes later I went to use the bathroom, I saw roaches inside the bathroom. I have videos of it, there’s an attachment to this email with a video. I asked the desk clerk to be refunded because I was no longer going to stay after seeing that. She told me I had to contact Priceline and the General Manager of the hotel. I called Priceline and they said I would have to call the GM to have it approved to be refunded. I called the General Manager this morning and she denied the approval to be refunded, I didn’t even stay 10 minutes and there were roaches. I showed the lady at the front desk when I left. The general Manager stated that they did an investigation and said there was nothing found, I have enough evidence to show that there were roaches. She was told me to call Priceline to have it refunded and I told her that they needed her approval. Called Priceline again and they stated that she’s going to deny the refund. I am beyond disappointed in this matter, the General Managers name is Selma Hurem and she was very dismissive with my complaint. This is an outrage, I do not want to have to go far to the point where I have to upload these pictures on Social Media and let them know the treatment that Best Western is giving to all customers and how they’re not being reasonable.

  • Matina says:

    Best Weatern In McKinney Texas is allowing CoVID individuals to stay at their hotel. They refused to cancel my reservation after I told them I tested positive for COVID. This hotel must be hard up for money bcuz they are putting other guest health at risk

  • William says:

    As a parent my daughter was working for Best Western for only four days this past week and the management as powerful as they think they are destroyed and young person life by firing them because they say that she has attitude which I find she was so happy in getting this job on her own and it is not the best job on the planet you have to scrub and clean people rooms and toilets which myself will never do
    Instead of coaching the young generation it is easier to get rid of young heart
    Mighty powerful of you management team

  • daniella says:

    alot alot of cockroach out said you could say that is normal but i sow cockroach and cockroach eggs in th small kitchen area , they don’t come to clean they said because corona , what excuse , dirty attitude from customer service in the hotel , they knew they are not monitor , they can do what ever to customers , i guess they lose alot of customer every day , they change my reservation the type of the room the way they like it . with no sorry or any thing ., i said that is not right said your booking is cancel

  • Mary Dieke says:

    On June 22, 2021 my husband and I checked into the Best Western in Macomb, IL. We reserved a room for three nights because we were there for a memorial service for my brother-in-law. The first two nights our room was charged $104.99 and the third night we were charged $149.99 because it was the start of Heritage Days. This is price gauging. I don’t understand how they can get away with this. Our room was less desirable with dirty rugs and the faucet for the tub/shower was gross with pink slime. I complained to the assistant mgr, I believe her name was Tricia. She was very apologetic and said we should have asked for another room which we should have. I also asked for a wakeup call which never happened. This experience has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t think I will ever book a Best Western again.

  • Chris fullrr says:


    We have received your comments regarding your visit at the Motel 6 located at:

    5315 East Van Buren Street
    Phoenix, Arizona 85008

    As you may know, this Motel 6 location is independently owned and operated pursuant to a Franchise Agreement.

    Therefore, Motel 6 does not own or operate this location. Accordingly, we will communicate your concerns to the owner of the franchised property. We also suggest that you communicate directly with the franchise owner at the following address:

    Dev Hotels, LLC
    Vijay Ahir
    6625 East MacDonald Drive
    Paradise Valley,  Arizona 85253   

    P:  (602) 703-5457   

    Thank you again for taking the time to express your concerns.

    Joanna Ruiz
    Senior Guest Relations Agent

    ————— Original Message —————
    From: Christopher Fuller [chrisfullerautoglass2020@gmail.com]
    Sent: 6/19/2021 7:06 PM
    To: guestrelations@g6reservations.com
    Subject: *Important*

    Yes hello my name is Chris fuller. I stay at alot of your locations
    frequently. Last week I stayed at your van buren and 52nd st location. This
    is a location I stay at about twice a week on average. When I checked in I
    went to my room and got undressed and I stepped on something that stabbed
    me and went into my foot which later on after two hospital visits I found
    out it was a needle to a syringe. I went to emergency room shortly after
    and they took x-ray and seen the syringe needle so they dug in my foot for
    a hour which they weren’t able to get it out so they called a plastic
    surgeon which was supposed to arrive in 30 min but I waited 4 hours and
    then got up a limped my way out and went to another hospital which took
    x-rays and confirmed it was a syringe needle. At this point my foot was
    bruised cut open and very sore. They agreed after 4 doctors and 5 hours to
    try to let it come out on its own but until then I’m on crutches. I
    reported this to hotel manager but he was on a personal phone call and just
    blew me off. I’m very upset and can’t walk for at lI’m very upset and can’t walk for at least a couple weeks or
    longer due to poor cleaning at this hotel.  I would please ask for
    something to be done, for I have not pursued a law suit or posted all over
    social media yet. My name is Christopher fuller d.o.b. 8-4-1985. My phone
    number is 4805605045. Thank you
    Caution: Sender is external to G6.  If the sender claims to be a G6 team member, the message is likely fraudulent.  Do not open links or attachments, or reply with any information, until you confirm the message is legitimate.  If this message seems suspicious, or if you are not certain as to its validity, please contact your supervisor.

  • Marcus Sherrod says:

    I checked in @ Best Western Palm Beach Lakes, located @ 1800 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401on 4/9/21. At check in our room was not clean and with COVID that is unacceptable. The night supervisor tried his best to rectify the situation but was unable to reach housekeeping nor the manager. My husband and the night supervisor had to go in and clean the bathroom as well as change the beds. After the funeral of our loved one, we came back to the hotel because we were awaiting the mangers arrival and were told that the best she can do it reimburse us $30 of our 2 night stay. What an insult! Your housekeeping supervisor signed off on this room as clean and the only thing you can do is $30. We had 10+ rooms booked at this location so money was made. We could have at least been offered a night’s stay back. My husband told her he was not satisfied because he had to be a housekeeper and clean the room that was suppose to be already ready for his family and she literally looked at him like she did’nt care. My husband asked her to check us out and not charge us for the 2nd night and she said okay. Disgraceful customer service for a manager!!!! We traveled back home in shock! This was the very first time we had ever stayed in a Best Western and probably will be our last. In these times cleaning properly is extremely important. I have taken pictures and will be emailing them to the marketing director

  • Donald Burgo says:

    I had an issue at 5:30 this morning at the Pflugerville best western plus.. I want to acknowledge Michael for his assistance in helping me to MINIMUZE the damage done from a leaking a/c unit in my room, and assisting me in acquiring another room! Im a disabled/handicapped Vietnam Veteran, and had to do it in two move! Thank you Michael!

  • barry isaac says:

    I was very displeased with the Best Western Mesquite Inn in Mesquite,Nevada.On July 5th,I paid for my room there.The room was clean.However,even though I paid for my room,the staff would not allow me to use the motel’s swimming pool on the morning of July 6th.The swimming pools at other hotels and motels in Mesquite were open to guests.I want a partial refund.Your staff at corporate was not helpful(Conf#252667)

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