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This is a company that is based in Richfield that has been growing steadily since its establishment. Rated to be one of the businesses with reliable customer care services, feel free to contact them with inquiries or complains via their main Customer Service Phone Number: 1-(612) 291-1000.

In case you need to visit the official company headquarters, feel free to check out their primary address as listed on most sites, 7601 Penn Avenue South Richfield, MN 55423 USA

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  • Kristin Quesada says:

    On October 16th I purchased a gift card in the amount of $500 cash. I then went online to use the gift card to purchase a open box laptop. The following day when I realized I hadn’t received a confirmation email for my order I went back to check the status and yhr laptop was still in my shopping cart and the order had not processed. I proceeded to use the gift card for the purchase again but this time got an invalid card message. I took the card into best buy where I purchased it and upon looking up the history they found the card had been reported lost or stolen and was inactivated but still showed a $500 balance. I have no idea hpw or why the card got reported as lost or stolen since I had it jn my physical possession the entire time. They referred me to the gift card support line who said they would reissue my gift card via e-gift card sent to my email within 48 hours. After 48 hours I never received my card so I called back amd this time was told a new card would be sent to my physical address in 5-7 days. I waited again another week and still did not receive a replacement gift card. After calling and talking to another 20 different reps I was told to wait 72 hours and I would get an email with a new card. Once again NO GIFT CARD WAS SENT OR RECEIVED. having very little patience I called again and this time they said they would not issue a gift card because I had redeemed my gift card. It took me everything not to lose my shit! I reiterated that I had not redeemed my card, it was invalidated and I never got a replacement card and I never purchased anything!!! Inasked them to tell me what was purchased with the card if it indeed had been redeemed and they could not give me an answer just put me kn hold and then disconnected my call. It has been 3 weeks since I contacted customer support to replace or activate the card I have with my $500 and nothing has happened no email correspondence. Nothing! This is THEFT! I am a small business owner and it is imperative I have a working laptop but thanks to best buys incompetence and shitty customer service my business is suffering. I plan to take legal action if this isn’t resolved by the end of the week. I will NEVER shop at this store again nor will I recommend it to anyone. Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had.

  • Richard Hubinsky says:

    I been trying to reach best buy corporate office to file complaints and had nothing but problems many times now, today and a few days ago. With nothing but unqualified best buy employees. Run a rounds, even now what I consider lies. I am a 64 year old veteran on medical disability born and raised in New York City in the Bronx with 6 years military experience. I will be writing a certified letter the the president and ceo at best buy headquarters and a complaint with the Florida Alercuture and consumer services of all the recent problems and lies I been having lately. Have a nice day.
    Richard Hubinsky

  • Mable Redmond says:

    I have been trying to get a refund for two apple egift cards that was fraudulent charged to my bank debit cards. On March 26th 2022. Since then I have asked for a pin to at least to use the egift cards. But the pins I was sent was already redeemed by someone else
    Since then I have spoken with several people with no results. It started when I attempted to return a auto part to the geek squad. They somehow used my information to order the egift cards. I am still pursuing this problem with no results

  • David Waln says:

    I made the mistake from placing an Order from Best Buy. Order totaling $ 1,153.40 A Dell Computer from our Local Store 45 mile away. Order placed on 7-17-23 here it is the 24th & I find out it is shipped from California, & I am in North Carolina UPS Ground, & might be here by the 26th. UPS shows it is still in California on the 24th. NEVER place another Order from Best Buy

  • Mary Taylor says:

    My credit card was stolen and a purchase made at Best Buy Store #292. I can’t escalate the problem with your store clerk not verifying who picked up an order I didn’t not make, since all your state side phone numbers are connected to some overseas tank that refuses to get me to someone. All numbers including the ones that supposedly belong to your corporate headquarters!

    Best Buy is as much at fault as the person who sole my card!

  • Mary Taylor says:


  • Andrea says:

    Ordered a Christmas present online and had delivered to my son’s home. FedEx showed that the item had been delivered but it was not – typical FedEx! I contacted Best Buy to let them know that the item was not delivered as shown on their and FedEx’s sites. After sitting on the phone for several minutes before being able to speak to someone, I was put in contact with someone who was obviously located outside the United States. Though they were pleasant, their English was broken and we obviously had a communication gap. I was told that the store near where my son lives has the item their and that I could have it picked up at the store. Trying to be honest, the item eventually made it to the delivery address and I told them to return it to the store and get the one that they said was there for them. Not the case – because no one told me about the hold and that they were going to deliver one to the store once they took the hold off which could take several days. Had to contact a different office of Best Buy to talk about the hold; again, language barrier and very unhelpful. When I asked what country they were located in, they would only tell me Southeast Asia. I was finally able to get a number that went directly to the store and not rerouted to Southeast Asia. Was so nice to have clear communication! The store was extremely helpful. I cancelled the other order that they had made to replace the original one and then re-ordered online but the price was more than when I originally purchased. Now I have to go through a price adjustment!! All of this could have been avoided had I been able to speak with someone that I suspect was from the Phillipines. Best Buy, I spent three or four hours total on the phone. Customer service is paramount in maintaining and obtaining clientele. Shame on you for outsourcing that service to a socialist country that dislikes us so much that they would no longer allow our military to be there but instead embraces communist countries like China.

  • Concerned Customer says:

    I have read the comments and AGREE WITH ALL OF THEM…..I recently had an Awful Store Experience in which the TV and or Sound Department turned up the Sound above 60 decibels. This Experience put my Heart in an abnormal rythm, I asked the Employee to get that Loud Sound turned down while I made my purchase and he refused. Best Buy needs a Sound Proof Booth to do Sound Equipment demonstrations. Best Buy should be ticketed by the Police for the Noise, Level of above 60 Decibels. There will not be a next time because Law Enforcement will be called because this Sound Noise can set off a Pacemaker Difribulator and can take a Normal Heart out of it’s normal Rythm.

  • Robert says:

    Fourteen thousand dollars later. two and a half weeks waiting for surround sound installation. Installers show up having been awarded one hour for what was clearly a several hour installation. On top of that the scope regarding the equipment I had purchased was beyond their capacity so these poor guys were stuck in the middle. To add insult to injury I had never had the opportunity to hear what I had bought in THREE different Best Buy locations as all the mixing boards were down! Six trips to 3 different stores and I was never able to hear the B&W speakers or the Arcam receiver. While the installers were here I finally get through to the so called manager in Braintree Mass only to hear him pass the phone to an employee as he didn’t want to deal with the mess the salesman, Zach had caused. This other person, Shaun was supposed to get back to me )I made him PROMISE) before the end of the day. Really! That never happened. I can go on and on… I won’t. What I will say is I ran salesforces for 40 years myself. If I ever ran the circus I was on the receiving end of what transpired at my home yesterday, October 25th, I wouldn’t wait to get fired, I would resign myself! Oh, then the email I sent to the general manager thinking perhaps he could get this total mess straightened out, well, needless to say Ken Rinehart is as complicit in this disaster as Zach, the manager and Shaun. STAY AWAY FROM BSET BUY! I don’t care if you go to WalMart, anything is better than outright being lied to which clearly is what’s happening here. To say there sales and service is poor is a profound understament.

  • deborah proctor says:

    Your comment Sucks worse than Comcast and ATT combined

  • Brian says:

    How do I contact them?

  • Darlene Fleming says:

    Horrible service, been on phone 1 3/4 hour trying to get corporate for a complaint. Talked to 8 people and now on hold again. They take your money for warranty then then can’t get them to come out afer waiting 2 weeks. I cancelled my appointment for their appointment now they can’t come. Sad that’s how they treat their customers.

  • yolanda esquer says:

    I have sued best buy for not fixing my washer when I had paid for the washer cash and purchase the extended warranty. Geek Squad are incompetent and horrible customer service. I gave up and took best buy to court, won the judgement and not I can’s get reimburse. Does anyone know how to contact the legal department directly? thank you.

  • Markus L Horner says:

    Now I understand why Best Buy seems to fuck up anything and everything you come into contact with. In the two years that I have dealt with them, they have been able to successfully screw up everything. Everything from not being able to deliver the correct dishwasher that I ordered. I started out trying to buy a $650.00 dishwasher. Because of all the screwups because people were not paying attention to. I ended up with a $1400.00 Bosch dishwasher. Getting a better unit was not worth all of the aggravation I had to endure. It took you three weeks to finally get that right. Even your Garland store manager jumped all over me when I tried to help the computer dept personnel learn something that could increase their sales. There are too many other examples for me to list. But know this. I have had it with you people. I want nothing more to do with any of you.

  • Abraham says:

    I am Abraham,
    I purchased MacBook pro and apple care I can’t even get my laptop fix. I have purchased Documents. Best buy tell me i have apple care. Apple won’t fix it because they don’t see it. Bestbuy geek squad won’t fit because they don’t see it. I lost many files and time back and forth. I want them give me my money back. The laptop price $3656.70 and the apple care. I thought i had apple care and geek squad coverage I didn’t all this time. I followed my agreement they didn’t. I paid for the laptop they fail to cover me i can not use it. I am their best customer i bought many things from bestbuy i even have $3600 bill with them i make my payment. Why can’t they be held accountable? I needy money back for the laptop and the apple care. I am now looking for lawyer to deal with this?

  • Kim Hill says:

    I ordered a TV from Best Buy in Tyler, Texas back in Feb.. it was to be delivered & installed on March 18. I never received my TV, though I’ve made several calls to Best Buy to find out why and where my TV is. I’ve checked the status on line and it says it was delivered on the 19th of March which is absolutely false. My order number is 1122033812554. A case has been filed within Best Buy according to one associate named Jonathon, whom I spoke with last week. As of today, 3/28/2022, I now have two escalation case numbers filed with and through Best Buy. The first one was #283946658 in which I was supposed to receive a call from management on Friday 25th, 2022. I never received a call.
    Today I got another case number of 284325496 in which I’m told to wait another 24 hrs. For a call back from the investigations team. I keep waiting for resolution that has not come yet. I’m to the point of being forced to file legal action and bring charges against Best Buy for theft, if I do not receive my TV by 3/30/2022

  • Phil says:

    Your tech renewal system is a train wreck. If your system attempts to charge a yearly fee to a credit card that is no longer available, it immediately sends an email and sends you to a screen where you can “apparently” enter a new valid credit card. However, this will fail. I tried it twice and it failed I had to call customer service to get my card accepted. What is the point of sending customers to that screen.

  • Jane says:

    Why is it that you have products on line but unable to get as says unavailable for deliver even to store who wants to drive 100 miles to get something when you have stores ever where

  • Michael Rhine says:

    I was wondering who does your home deliveries and if you needed any subcontractors

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