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  • Address: 21500 Biscayne Blvd #900, Aventura, FL 33180, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 305593-6371

  • Email: Email Benihana

  • Number of Employees: 8,000

  • Established: 1964

  • Founder: Rocky Aoki

  • Key People: Thomas J. Baldwin (CEO)

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Thomas J. Baldwin


David Flanery


Cristina L. Mendoza


About Benihana, History and Headquarters Information

Benihana is a restaurant offering Japanese cuisine. The headquarters of the company is located in Aventura, Florida. It was founded by Rocky Aoki in 1964. There are around 5,000 employees working with Benihana. The annual turn over of the company is estimated to be 10 million US Dollars.

The first branch of the company was opened in the New York city. Aoki, the founder was an ice cream truck driver. He followed his footsteps of his parents who owned a coffee shop in Tokyo. The shop was not a big hit for a year. Later it hit a rave review from one of the leading newspapers in New York. Following this Muhammad Ali and the Beatles visited the shop. This gave a great kick start to the business. Since then his business grew exponentially.

In 1995, it acquired 17 restaurants. The tiki mugs of the restaurant is quite famous.

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  • Jaunda Morrow says:

    For my birthday me and my husband decided to go to benihana downtown Chicago. It was the worst customer service experience I’ve ever encountered. My reservation was at 8PM. I didn’t get seated until 8:30 PM. The restaurant was holding us up for two more guest who never showed up, Disregarding our time and schedules.( The establishment was just trying to make as much money as the can by filling all the seats up at the table). Once we we’re seated it took the server an addition 20 minutes to even serve us a drink. After we received our requested drinks. It took the cook an extra 30 minutes more for the cook to come out. And when he did come out he cooked only about 10 minutes for 6 people. The food was rushed and over cooked. After we trying to eating the nasty food. We gave up and just wanted our bill it took my husband to go find the waitress and cash us out. And she had an attitude the whole time. Myself and the other patrons express their frustration to the store manager Lance and he basically told us he couldn’t do anything for us no apologies or anything. PLEASE DON’T PATRONIZE THIS BUSINESS!

  • Sofie says:

    It was our anniversary and we chose Benihana’s as we had never been( party of 6) but the table was a party of 8 for the cook. What an unfortunate experience. The poor experience was from beginning to end, As The cook finished the rice he had about 3 cups of rice and we asked why he didn’t distribute it between 6 people, he said he couldn’t or he’d get fired. (We later knew by the manager that was untrue). His demeanor was rude and came off as frustrated. Food was over cooked and the food wasn’t seasoned well. We were also expecting a fun experience with the tricks; he lacked in that as well. There was also a language barrier and we really couldn’t understand him as he somewhat mumble his words. Towards the end my cousin who came with us mentioned wishing she’d gotten a little more rice and the cooked grabbed the tray of 3 cups of rice and without asking or warning he plopped the entire tray of rice on her plate. We were all mortified and quickly displeased by his actions, we honestly couldn’t believe he’d done that to a customer. When she became upset and told him how rude and unprofessional that was his response was “ well scrape it off on the grill if you don’t want it!” Again shocked by his actions we asked to speak to the manager. When we told the manager the details of what happened she quickly came to his defense and was in disbelief as though we had mistaken his actions. So we mentioned calling corporate her response was “ oh if you call corporate all they’re just going to call us!” Basically telling us corporate won’t help. This was our first time going and spending as much money as we did, it was an extremely unfortunate experience. I could, in no way, ever recommend this place to anyone, with the risk of such a bad experience for them. Please corporate, if you value your customers and stand by your quality of service, retrain/ talk/ reprimand your employees.
    7775 Banner Drive
    Dallas, TX 75251
    United States
    Cook: Salvador
    Manager: Nancy

  • Tianna Rodriguez says:

    I visited your Downey, Ca location on November 20th for my daughter’s birthday. I have been to Benihanas many times and have always had great service. Unfortunately this time was the worse ever. Our table was served our vegetables and appetizer shrimp without any dipping sauces. I did ask him and he responded with that he didn’t have enough bowls to serve it. After around 10 min he gave me some in a rice bowl but I had to share it. And the food was cold by then. Eventually everyone at the table was asking for theirs and never received it cause he didn’t have bowls. The waitress even came over to ask him if he needed anything and his response to her was “no”. I orders the Splash and Meadow. I got up to use the restroom and when I came back the chef was gone. He never made my colossal shrimp. When the waitress came to ask us about our dinner we all let her know our complaints. She sent the manager over. His first name was Paul and his response to all of us was that he would have to check the cameras to see if what were saying was true! He was so rude. We all payed and left. I did come straight home and left on complaint on your website. Paul called me back right away and told me that he was look at the cameras and he basically didn’t see anything wrong. Kept telling me that the chef was great and made good timing. I paid 90 dollars and I didn’t even receive what I ordered. For that amount of money I would expect the service to be great. I told him I wanted a call back from the GM and haven’t heard anything yet.

  • Kimberly says:

    I visited your Golden Valley MN location this past Sunday I was seated at 9pm I had the absolute horrific time there me and my daughter first we were seated at a filthy table then they brought my daughter a cookie and cream milkshake that tasted like water we sent it back and our server had a unprofessional and rude attitude towards us and we were treated horrible by the staff we felt very unwelcome and we had to ask them to clean grill several times and I did inform them up front that we are allergic to seafood and I had to tell them more than once I even had to yell I’m allergic to seafood chef Omar had the shrimp in hand about to start cooking them the service was absolutely the worst I’ve ever experienced I love Benihana’s and I been coming to that location since my children were elementary schoolers and the restrooms were despicable and dirty I could not believe that Benihana’s that I know and love had reduced the experience in such a way, me and my daughter was highly offended and appalled. I did take pictures and videos to upload to corporate as well.

  • Fernando Gomez says:

    Reservation 1:00pm. Saquita was the Server. While eating,I waited approximately 20-30 Minutes to get A drink refilled,No one showed up.I ask the Server Next to me for a refill,Still no one showed up.I spoke to the Manager Louis.I told Louis that I go to Benihana’s in City of Torrance,City of Industry And the First time in Downy.Never in Years I had bad service at any Benihana’s.Also for the Record Saquita had an Attitude.

    • Krystal says:

      Sequitur isn’t the only one. Benihanas os getting bad everywhere and seems as though corporate doesn’t care.

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