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This is a business that works in the health and personal care section of the industry. With 68 employees across its organization, the company generates revenue of $467,031 worth of sales. This is a business that has been active since 2011 when it was first established.

For those looking to know the headquarters of the business, visit their official address based in 400 N Loop 1604 E Ste 200 San Antonio, TX, 78232-1248 United States for any kind of help you want.

You should also call their phone number, (210) 402-6141 for any communication or issues that need resolving.

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  • William Owens says:

    Called local Beltone number (251)342-7000 only to have the obnoxious rude b!%@$ that answered the phone tell me I have missed 2 appointments and hang up. Called back and asked her to please not hang up on me and she immediately said there is nothing more to talk about and hung up on me again. I hope this is not how Beltone handles their business and I would hope this is not the type of people they employ to represent the company. I would appreciate a call back in regard to this matter.

  • Aimee Carstens says:

    I need a manager or administrator to talk to right now please

  • Kenneth Brown says:

    Hi I was a long time customer over 50 years. Recently I had tried to get a new set of hearing aids like I have every 5 years or 6 for 50 years only to be told that I did not qualify for the payment plan and that they don’t except my insurance. I am so disappointed in beltone to treat a life long customer like me this way I am 98 percent Def and rely heavily on my beltone products to live a normal life yes there are other companies to deal with but I won’t because the only company that has been able to help me hear in my life has turned there backs to me why? After 50 years and 25 purchases

  • Rambabu Pothireddy says:

    Recently I purchased hearing aids from your your Carrolton TX Beltone Hearing aid store. Just before signing the contract after a long session to have the hearing aid fitted I was told that would have to pay $400 if I returned them. Since I had already spent so much time I felt too delicate to walk away and so signed the contract in spite feeling I was bamboozled into a deal that I would not have entered into if I had been informed in the beginning. Several other manufacturers give up to 3 months free trial. On my way home one of the hearing aids fell out and I was not comfortable wearing them. So at the next appointment which was a couple days later I informed the audiologist that I was not comfortable wearing the and so would like to return them. I was told that if I tried them for at least a month I would have a better chance getting my $400 back or at least $200 back. So I tried for a month and still was not satisfied. Hence returned them, at which time I was told there was no guarantee about the return. I felt cheated twice. I still hoped for the best. Sure enough there was no refund not even partial amount. Beltone is a global company that should not be indulging in such unfair business practices, especially in view of the fact that most of your clients are senior citizens.

    Therefore I feel a full or partial refund would be fair.

    Rambabu Pothireddy

  • Nancy Strower says:

    My name is Nancy Strower. I have been a customer at the Lawrenceville Beltone office for many years. I recently paid four thousand dollars for a new set of hearing aids. Unfortunately, Jake has left this location and Britany
    is now the hearing aid specialist. I have tried to have these hearing aids adjusted but Britany cannot adjust them correctly. I will be going back for a third time. Is there anyone else that can go to that office and help me?

  • Scott Eley says:

    Never again. Expensive; not used friendly; sorry I did business with you folks.

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