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  • Address: 2801 W Tyvola Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217, USA
  • Phone Number: 704-357-1000
  • Fax Number: 704357-1876
  • Email: belk_customer_care@belk.com
  • Number of Employees: 28,000
  • Established: 1888
  • Founder: William Henry Belk
  • Key People: Lisa M. Harper (CEO)

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Lisa M. Harper


Adam Orvos


John R. Belk


About Belk, History and Headquarters Information


Belk was founded in the year 1888. The company has been operational for almost 131 years now. The founder of the company was William Henry Belk. The former name of the company was New York Racket, which was again later changed to Belk Brothers, when the founder's brother, known as Dr John Belk, had become the partner of the company. The company used to buy goods at bulk volumes and therefore pass off the savings to the customers and consequently sold products at fixed rates, which was a pretty unusual practice during that time. By the year 1909, the company had moved its headquarters to Charlotte, USA. The store was closed in the year 1988, in order to make way for the corporate centre of Bank of America. The business started to grow steadily with bargain sales, along with advertising, which helped to expand its influence towards the south of the USA.

In the year 1921, the company had collaborated with the Leggett Bros, by investing in partnerships together with local merchandisers in markets that were nearby. The first Belk store was opened at the west of Mississippi, in the year 1947. During the year 1990s, the company had become untenable as it was controlled by almost 350 separate legal entities. In the year 1996. Tom, as well as John Belk, were forced to form a new company by buying out the Leggetts. This moved helped in the slow consolidating of the store’s ownership under the Belk family. In the year 1998, the company had formed a separate entity, known as Belk Incorporated. The company had merged with the remaining 112 Belk companies as well. In the year 2005, the company had taken over 47 stores from Proffitt's and McRae's, which was under the Saks Incorporated. All of the stores were converted to Belk. The company also had purchased almost 38 Parisian department stores as well, and most of them were converted to the Belk nameplate. During the year 2005, the company had sold off its Belk National Bank to the GE National bank. All the new Belk Banks are now being issued by GE Moneybank and therefore are known as Synchrony Bank. In the year 2010, the company had introduced a new logo. During the year 2015, it was reported that the company was planning to sell off its assets. The same year, the company was amalgamated with Sycamore Partners. The headquarters of the company is based in 2801 W Tyvola Road. The name of the place is Charlotte, while the name of the state is North Carolina, USA. The pin code of the area is 28217.


Belk is an American company that focuses on the establishment of various types of mainline departmental stores all over the 16 states in the USA. The current CEO of the company, Lisa Harper. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $3.7 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 25,000. The company has its presence in over 300 locations all over the 16 states in the USA. The company had also established its own e-commerce website as well, selling various kinds of home decor, home furnishing products, gifts, etcetera.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of products such as clothing, bedding, footwear, furniture, beauty products, jewellery products, housewares, home decor products, home furnishing products, bridal and wedding accessories and many more.

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  • Kristie says:

    Went to the belks in laurel, ms. and judging by the lack of products makes me think it’s going out of business. It’s the only good store left in town but not now. The products of the cologne counter and mens department are pathetic. I used to get ed hardy and polo there(fragrance counter) The mens department didnt have the sizes I was looking for. Now I have to drive 30 miles to Hattiesburg to get any of the cologne and perfume. I dont shop online and shouldn’t be forced to.

  • Myra Moss says:

    I visited the Belk store in Columbus MS. Where I went to purchase a handbag. My husband and I went to the handbags and looked at a few I could not really examine it as I would like because they are secured. We tried to get the attention of a couple of sales associates in the area but was ignored. One came over and helped two gentleman that didn’t even ask for help. I made a selection of lesser value and we took it to the cashier at the cosmetic department where we were treated very rudely. I’m blessed I don’t have to shop at that Belk’s I do not live in the area. I can choose another city. I’m quite sure I’m not the only person that has had this kind of experience in this particular location. When I Got home there was an email asking me to take a survey about my Shopping experience. So I honestly answered it. This morning when I awoke I had a email in my inbox. It was from a gentleman at that store. Telling me that he apologized about my bad experience and that if I had needed help I should have went and stood in line at the cosmetic counter and asked them for help because they were short handed because of the pandemic. So I proceed to send him an email back. I don’t think I have ever been treated as bad as I was them then to be insulted Again by someone blaming me for their associates conduct. I have been shopping at Belk’s since I was a child, all over the United States. I don’t think this is the proper conduct for an associate or management. Blaming the customer or a pandemic for the rude and unprofessional way your employees acted is insulting and just added more to the stressful situation and a second day of it. I work in retail and have for 21years. This is in know way acceptable. I do have have a choice in where I shop like I said and that is the blessing in this. A person should not be treated with disrespect in no way for just shopping and needing assistance.

    • Doris Petrash says:

      I was treated rudely today by the so called manager. I finally got a chance to ask if she was the store manager and she replied he was on vacation. I could tell she wasn’t the manager. In the entire store there were four cash registers open. I walked the length of the store with the faux manager and the cashier never spoke and did not answer my question. She was ringing up my purchases and I dropped my credit card on the floor by her feet. She said I would have to come around the counter and pick it up. I told her she could forget my purchase of $198.00 and I left. No one apologized. I owned a store in Texas and I see why Belk’s filed Chapter 11. I will not go in the Columbus store again. I have shopped there for twenty years.

  • Shawn says:

    Don’t know if this will do any good but I was recently let go after almost 20 years with the company. I had never in my entire career been written up until last year when I became a target of the store manager to either fire or find a way to get to quit. Since she wasn’t able to get me to quit she went about finding things to write me up about that she knew I had no control over. She even took an associate into the office to try to get them to talk me into quitting. When that didn’t work she brought in an associate and the guy who was the opts training manager and put him over my area to pretty much help get rid of me. There is so much more that I could tell like she warned associates that they do not need to be calling the excel line on her plus she was going to take into her office the associates that did to pretty much threaten them. Also never once was I offered another position or a severance pay. People are afraid that if they speak out that they will be harassed or fired by the store manager. She is friends with the person in hr whom I talked to the last time I called the excel line and they are sorority sisters as well as friends.

  • Tess says:

    After several visits, your Belk Lindsey store in Athens,Tennessee is in dire need of help. I am new to the area. By trade I am a Chicago Interior designer but I have always been a fashionista. I have applied to this position in sales several times. I even met with the manager on the floor but there seems to be no manager there anymore! Please reach out to me to it let me know at least my resume has been received. I moved here to help a friend of mine, however, I would like to work for your store.

    The store is in dire need of help and I am always going into visit and picking up clothes that are just lying all over the floor. It needs some revamping and some love. I also believe that there needs to be some training for the staff.

    Please reach out to me if you’re interested in my help.

  • Lorna Cheatham, CEO Clera's Distribution Company, LLC says:

    I would like to know if Belk’s has a Minority Suppliers Division?

  • >