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Stephen M. Knopik

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Love


Michael Maddaloni

Vice President of Tax and Treasury

Richard C. Judd

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

Dan Doyle

Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President

Joe Iannello

Chief Information Officer and Vice President

Kirk Vanzee

Senior Vice President of Store Operations and Real Estate for Bealls Department Stores

About Bealls, History and Headquarters Information

Bealls is a chain of retail stores. It consists of 3 chains namely Bealls Outlet stores, Bealls stores and Bunulu Bealls Inc. Bealls is the parent corporation of all the 3. Bealls Texas and Bealls Florida are the subsidiaries of Bealls.

The common headquarters of all the subsidiaries is located in Bradenton, Florida. There are more than 500 Bealls stores spread across the US subcontinent.

It was founded by Robert Beall in 1915. He began a small store to sell dry goods in Bradenton with the name The Dollar limit. Every product sold was with in a dollar justifying its name. The business boomed after second world war. The Bealls Outlet was founded in 1967. There are more than 400 Bealls outlets in the US. It gained its popularity with its discounted prices.

Bunulu was launched in 2015. It is completely devoted to casual outdoor lifestyles. There are 3 stores operating under this subsidiary.

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  • Juanita Valentine says:

    I will never shop at your stores again! I understand it was getting ready to close I was in the fitting room trying on clothes and the lady gets on the intercom and starts saying security scan then she goes in about how shop lifting is a crime and you will go to jail not even 2 minutes she comes back in the intercom and states the cops are there then another couple of minutes she comes back on stating security is still on site I was getting scared the way the girl was talking over the intercom like swat was getting ready to come in there when I finally got finished trying on clothes there was no one in there but me so obviously she was making the statements about stealing to me I was embarrassed but I paid for my belongings how unprofessional to profile someone and then use intimidation as a tactic. I am hoping you do something about the way your staff profiles and discriminates you lost my business the belongings I bought tonight I will have my sister take back because after tonight you will never get any of my money again ! You should train your staff to not be so judgemental, professional, and courteous. Lastly I am a minority and it feels a lot like racial discrimination and businesses with hate because of the way you look racial profiling! I am just so upset at what occurred tonight I want to speak to someone ASAP

  • Grace Bradshaw says:

    We would love to have a Beall store in Hiawassee, GA. There is no similar store in this area. There is a vacant building in the city limits (previously Save a Lot grocery and a pharmacy). Please assess the possibility of bringing you business to Towns County.

  • Patty C Davidson says:

    I have spent a lot of money in your store,and get the 5.00 “reward”.I bought a purse,but getting it home,it wasn’t on inside like I needed.used my 5.00 reward,and saved me 5.00.I took it back,found a dress that was priced as the purse I was returning. the clerk rang it up and said I would owe 6.48 .I said they were the same price.she said no.look at the ticket,it’s same price.She informed me that my 5.00 reward didn’t matter,it was gone.there were 3 ladies at the registers,who thought it was funny that my 5.00 ,disappeared.You have to spend money to get that reward,I spent money to get it and suddenly it’s gone.i feel like it was stolen. attitude of your employers.there were several customers waiting to be checked out,and the checkers were laughing like I was stupid.Now I will never step foot in your store.my business is going elsewhere.
    it was 5.00,but I earned that by spending money in your store.Never Again

  • MYB says:

    Good afternoon Bealls.
    First I went to Bealls to buy some ASIC court shoes, they were on special for $49.99, none in stock. So, I purchased a pair of Sketchers Pickleball shoes last Saturday at full price ($85.00 + tax). Brought them home, did not even take them out of the box, as I replace my shoes every year on January 1.
    A few days later, I saw they were on special for $59.99 + tax.
    Went to the store this morning to return them and buy the same shoes at the sale price.
    Well, I was told they do not do this. They had to be returned to inventory, and that I could not buy those shoes I was returning. I went to check the shoe section, they did not have my size on the ones I wanted, so I picked up the same brand, but different colour. I asked to speak to the manager, she told me that’s how they do things, as advised by head office.
    Well, this is very poor customer service. I have never, never had any issues at any other stores for returning merchandise that went on sale.
    This will be my last pair of shoes I buy at Bealls. This type of customer service is unacceptable.
    I also notice the store was extremely quiet, both time I was there.
    If you want me to go back to your store, you will need to offer some very good incentive.
    In the meantime, I will stay away from your store.

  • Ghost Emloyee says:

    Bealls Outlet Management really needs to take a course on how to treat a human/employees!! Founder of Bealls should be ashamed and embarrassed of how poorly Management and Supervisor are with training and communication skills!!!!!

  • Mary Robinson says:

    ok, seems to be pretty clear to me many people on here have very similar issues as to what I have as well, I have several things I would like to add to those issues, something tells me you need a complete overhull of your manager trainees. who majically made my schedule disapear after I mentioned things that were broken in the store that were dangerous to customers and employees. and I was told bealls does not care.. Now I dont want to believe that bealls does not care but Im sure osha will be happy to here about what is broken, Im also sure a lawyer would.not to mention the fact that when I call them out on being non proffessional in front of customers I majically disapear from the schedule. no write ups,no pink slip, and now Im majically out of the system. RED flag people,I have management expierience, I worked at walmart 1390 for 9 years, 5 years as a customer service manager were I retrained their entire front end of over 350 cashiers and employees hw to bring up their iph from 600 to 1500, we became store of the year in the entire world..do I have confirmation of that, yes I do, I still keep in contact with my walmart employees. also, while at bealls my average was higher than your store average. before they removed me from the schedule,one of your manaagement team was in my face saying, its not going to change. nope,shes right, their additudes have to change before you can change the stores. if you have people working for your company that have a negative attitude twords work and they are like this in front of customers you will continue to loose customers. I tried to talk to management in the office about the issues, but instead she wanted to put on a show for the camera to make herself feel better. probably to make it look like something it wasnt. Im still going to get a meeting with this store manager, you all can fix this problem, but you have to change one very important thing. open availability for management is a huge mistake, you need to consider the fact that if people cant run their households at home than chances are they will not be happy when they come to work. the managers you all need to change this are the ones that are willing to invest in their families. If they are not willing to invest in their families, what makes you think they will invest in your company? Not only that, consider who actually would have open availability, usually teenagers or people who have caotic households beacause they are to busy trying to keep their job. Unless you are lucky enough to find a friendly person with no children. plain and simple,if they cant run their household, what makes you think they will be happy when they go to work? Im not worried about not having a schedule with bealls,as I dont have a problem finding work. I am more worried about the root of the problem which does not only lie in bealls, it is in every retail store out their now,its everywhere, but when is someone going to get to the root of the problem and fix it? I could have fixed the problem at my store if you all would just open manaagement up to M-F days,why? because I thrive on positive energy. question is when bealls originally hired me they said they wanted to see how I would grow with the company, problem was the company is not interested in growing. I told them of broken tables that are dangerous and manager said to me bealls does not care, I told them of a dangerous space upstairs were someone could fall to their death,2 different managers, and nothing was done about it. you need to find someone with the love and care of actually invest in your stores to make them prosper. just like investing into a bank account,you have to pay attention to detail, make it a fun place to work. positive energy brings positive customers.I would even try to hold raffles for the associates so they can win gift cards,why??? so they can purchase the clothing that is in the store,free advertizement. customers see the merchandise on your employees, you get the rest. question is when are the retail companies going to say enough is enough? lets get to the root of the problem and fix the way you all run retail. you help so these people can invest in their families, I garentee you will have more positive attitudes around your stores.

  • Deborah Shannon says:

    Job opportunity

  • Former employee says:

    I need to get in contact with someone to provide a pink slip or something stating I am no longer employed with Burke’s outlet. I’ve tried several emails and I get an email back saying it’s invalid. Please help.

  • Carol says:

    To whom it may concern:
    I was employed by Bealls outlet (125) in Leesburg Florida for a little over a month. There are several issues as to why I left Bealls employ. The first being the store manager (Patricia) while not being trained properly on the register,I would ask for help and she would embarrass me in front of the customers. ( one of the last customers I waited on even commented on her unprofessional attitude) The second reason I left Bealls was I was only given 4-5 hours a week when I was hired to work 15-20hours. The third reason I left is the store had no air conditioning in the 90 degrees temp. Customers complained to me about it. I just got a phone call from the store manager asking if I quit Bealls, wanting to know if I should be put on the schedule that’s some 3 weeks after I had quit. I told Loretta (supervisor) that I quit and my reasons. I could not have a conversation with the manager.

  • Linda Hansen says:

    I am an aspiring vendor trying to reach out to the buyer of the children’s merchandising for toys and books. I have been unable to find the names of buyers on your website. After spending quite some time I eventually found the phone number for headquarters and spent 5 minutes going round and round in the same circle of push this number, push that number, and push the next number, and never got out of the circle. I am interested in reaching out to this buyer and would like assistance. Thank you.

  • Bonnie says:

    Your Customer service and Supervisor Stink!!

  • Unknown says:

    To Whom it may concern

    I found myself in the need to report an employee of yours that works in your Bradenton, Fl Corporate office location as an IT Specialist and his name is Robert Lindsey, 64yrs old.

    I am in the process to file RAPE charges against this man at the Manatee county in Bradenton, Fl. I met him in the Ashley Madison website where Robert has a profile .

    I accepted his invitation to his house and, I found myself the next day, drugged and sexually assaulted by Robert.

    To my surprise, I also found out that he is labeled in the neighborhood as a Phedophile!
    I also believe that I am not the only women he had sexually assaulted nor am I going to say my name because Robert knows who am I and, I told him I am going to press rape charges.

    Its horrible to know that you have personnel like this working for a very well prestigious company like Bealls.

    I will also contact all social media about Bealls and Robert Lindsey.

  • Lawrence Kocen says:

    My question is, Why your stores do not carry larger men’s sizes, you have great stores but do not address the need of us who are in the range of 46 waists?

  • Jade Thomas says:

    The management staff are inconsiderate to their employees when call outs are made. A numerous amount of tasks are thrown onto cashiers and there seem to be no new help coming in. Time off requests are not respected and the work environment is only well for a few weeks before there is tension built.

  • Unknown says:

    when I walked into the store they went to staring at me bc I was black. The clothes was all over the place and the manger was rude to her customers. I would not recommend going to bealls.

  • Sunflower says:

    Current employee. Supervisor’s have there favorite person that they let get away with anything. Already spoke to someone about it hopefully something will get done. Schedule changes 2-3 times in one week. Employees get to make there own schedule what’s the point in having a manager.

  • R. Reese says:

    I went to beall’s in Tifton, Ga # 245 on 9/28/2021 at 11:03 am to purchase a couple of items. I frequent beall’s because of your reasonable prices. On this morning I went to the counter to check out, at first the person was pleasant as she rung up my merchandise a survey appeared on the credit card terminal to rate the person. She told me to punch in the number 9. I guess it was taking me to long and she turned it to her and punched in the number 9. I replied to her so I don’t get the chance to make my own decision. She replied in a high voice I only have 10 seconds I told you to punch in the number 9. Has it come to the point where the customers can’t make their own decision the person standing behind the counter make and tell you what to punch in the terminal? This is not the first time this has happen when I went to make a purchase at Beall’s. Whether it’s 5 seconds or ten seconds I think it should be the customers decision not the person standing behind the counter. Is this the way Beall’s treat their customers? I would greatly appreciate a response.

  • Ruth Meyer says:

    Having paid my bill two weeks early, got a late charge for $40. Was told because of the storms mail was two weeks late. Called and they told me I had to pay for an act of God, and would not change the late charge. They offered me $15 in credit..I refused. Told my neighbors and three friends. We decided to have a credit card cutting party. Know that’s not going to hurt your sales, but we all felt better. That $40 dollar hurt! Always paid our bills on time and have excellent credit. Can’t tell you how insulted you made me feel, making me pay for something that I was not responsible for! I’m not God and didn’t cause the rain. Our little group of card cutters will never do business with your company again.

    • Pat woolfrey says:

      I and my neighbor have had an ongoing dispute because I have been accused of not paying my bill since last October when my bill was paid in full I have sent them all information from my bank proving I paid my bill. I have received numerous nasty phone calls telling me I should pay my bill “because I can clear up the whole thing by giving them another credit card number or better yet my bank account number! They never stated anything about checking to see if I was correct, just one form letter after another and numerous bills increasing the amount, endless nasty phone calls also. I not only cut up the card I won’t ever shop in the store again or use any credit card connected to Comenity bank.

  • L Hackett says:

    Cashier at Bealls Outlet 12030 Indian Rocks Road Largo FL 6/6/21 750pm was negative nasty rude disrespectful when I placed clothing items on counter to check out. She continued to lecture me and complain how I had nerve to be paying for my items 10 minutes before closing. She told me I needed to shop earlier if I intended to shop there. She continued insults. I have Bealls Outlet and Bealls credit cards for years. Witchy negative gray haired mean miserable cashier needs training about positive customer service. I was a professional in customer service for an airline for over 38 years. Somebody needs to lecture this employee about using her negative bossy disrespectful attitude to insult customers . Invoice 3591 Sequence 359101 Total $161.43 Store#189 727-596-6377

    • Ashley says:

      If you have been in customer service most of your life.. you should know not to check out at any store 10 mins before they close. Its inconsiderate and rude. They have a life too.

  • Barbara Bullis says:

    I visited Fl. last week and purchased 2 pair of capris that I changed my mind about, after I got home. There are no stores in NJ, so I asked if they can be returned by mail. The service rep was very helpful and explained what to do.

  • M burger says:

    Why does bealls Corp make it so difficult to get ahold of a person it’s impossible non of the emails are correct ,, phone#s not correct extensions not correct I mean is there reasons why the systems are set up for people not to get through also lakeland fl dist manager” Pam ” is a hateful person writing Corp ?? Never returned calls asst manager outlet hwy 98 lakeland fl totally useless nasty attidude store mgr really could careless,,quote I’m over her drama,she does whatever she wants again no one at bealls outlet does anything or cares !!! Not good for business,!!!

    • TheaterFan says:

      I’m not from Beall’s but I will say your comment is almost impossible to read/understand due to errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. For example, I think you are trying to say “couldn’t care less” instead of “could careless”. Huge difference between “care less” and “careless”. At least twenty errors in two ongoing, run-on sentences. Only excuse for poor writing would be if English is not your first language. Sorry to call you out but facts are facts.

      • Pat woolfrey says:

        Too bad you can’t care enough about your customers the to find fault, no wonder Bealls is losing customers!

  • Tom Mumford says:

    My wife is a former employee of Bealls in Gallup NM where she left quite a few years ago, she recently received a letter from the social security office indicating she may have retirement funds now available since she is now 65. Could we get a good number and point of contact to proceed with this process

    Cheryl L. Mumford

    (505) 879-9794

    Thank you.

  • Kathy Hall says:

    I live in the Vernon TX and I was shopping at Beall’s in Vernon Tx……and I held up an item, and ask for a price for it….the “ asst manager yelled at me…l ma’am you shop here all the time, you know what is marked down, and what’s not! You are rude and hateful to “my” employees.” This was done in front of 3 ppl in line waiting to be checked out, and my friend, who was in the far back corner, and she heard her yelling, and I was humiliated, and embarrassed…. I’m not just another shopper, I have reached the platinum status, and spent several thousand dollars, in the last few years!! I’ve owned my own business, and have worked in retail, since I was 18….. the customers were always right, no matter what, you do not yell at the CUSTOMER!!!! I checked my items out, and my friend, paid for her merchandise, and we left….. one of the customers, that was shopping At the time, came up to me outside, telling me, that she heard every word…. the whole store her attacking you”. Her Name is, “TRIA JANAID” if this is how your employees talk to your customers, I will pay my card off….. and take my business elsewhere…… she may of had a bad day, still she has no right to speak to me, in that manner…. you lost 4 customers yesterday….. and I told all of my friends, that I shop with, and there comment, “ I won’t shop in that store anymore….. I do hope you read this and contact me back….. you have my name, and my email…..

  • Tammy Heitz says:

    I would like to know why the Plus sized clothing and Maternity clothing are under the Plus sized tab on your website? I am offended that the two are together.

  • steve taylor says:

    I can’t get through on the phone. I recently purchased a Bealls Outlet $200 gift card. I have subsequently been informed the gift card cannot be used at a Bealls store…only at a Bealls Outlet store. Is that possible?

  • Jeanette Brew says:

    Unable to apply for job, locked out after too many attempts.

  • Dava Lange says:

    I live in Paris, Tx. We have a Bealls store here that is essential to this area but the manager here will not staff the store with even remotely enough employees. I have been there at 10:00 am regularly when there was only one register open and maybe 2 other employees on the floor. It is very frustrating to those who shop there on a regular basis. I have been going 50 miles away to shop just to avoid the inconvenience and frustration of this managers inconsiderate attitude for the customers that keep this store in operation. I think he needs a bit of guidance from corporate.

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