BCBG Headquarters


BCBG Headquarters Executive Team

Martin D. Staff
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Max Azria
Founder and Chairman
Annette SchatzPresident of Global Wholesale and Distributors
Bernd KroeberExecutive Vice President and Creative Director
Greg AdamsVice President of Marketing

Contact Information of BCBG

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  • Mrs Tate says:

    This Company will be reported. The Number you’re providing to your customers for cooperate office are Fake Numbers ( 1-888-236-2224 This Number is A Realtor’s. Com The additional Number is A Fictitious Number Also 1-877-707-2224 you get a fast busy.

  • Renetta Bell says:

    I have been a loyal VIP customer for over 15 years. I will not be spending my money with this company anymore. You can’t get a supervisor or any person from the U.S. to return your calls. The customer service experience is horrible, these representatives can’t speak good English, can’t resolve any issues. I placed a order # BCBG111075 on November 12, 2021 and it was delivered on Black Friday. I called to get a price adjustment because I paid $398 for the item and it went on sale for half price. The agent who assisted me was suppose to put in on the new order I placed with her returning the white blazer to get a smaller size. Today I saw where the order is out for delivery, however the Kerri Faux Leather Blazer Rosewood isn’t on the order. I want my price adjustment or will be calling my Bank today! The worst thing you can do as a business is not have good customer service, that BCBG gets an F in. The company wasn’t like this before.
    I will be sharing with my friends and colleagues, about this experience so they will stop shopping with BCBG.

  • bonnie says:

    The worst customer service ever. I use to buy this brand from bloomingdales or the Bcbg website. Now customer service is out of the country and they cant even speak english. The supervisors dont even know what there talking about. Will never buy this brand again!!!!!!!

  • Kristina says:

    I want to let the BCBG corporate office know that due to their horrific customer service team and their gross negligence to assist your customers, I will no longer put any money toward your brand and discourage others from investing any money as well. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years purchasing almost on a monthly basis so I hope you truly understand the impact of this on your sales. If you don’t believe me feel free to look up how much I have spent with your company. I also work in a high end place where customer constantly ask where I purchase my clothing and I will be sure to let them know to not bother with BCBG due to their awful customer service and for not standing behind their brand. I truly hope that someone in your corporate office cares more about the wellbeing of your company more than the people you have on your customer service team and actually looks into the order issue I have currently ongoing to understand what your customer service team is doing is wrong and they know they are wrong because I have picture proof.

  • Kristina says:

    I need someone from your corporate office to reach out to me immediately.

  • Kristy Godwin says:

    I ordered a romper that came defected with TWO DIFFERENT color legs and arm trimming. This is not fixable or wearable, NOTHING like the pic on your site. How can this be resolved? ORDER NUMBER: BMX_07814679

  • Patricia Jo Looby says:

    I have/had a pair of bcbg “courage” polarized breast cancer sunglasses I am a stage 4 survivor my glasses broke today I cannot find them anywhere to replace them I have had these glasses since shortly after my diagnosis they have come to ever cancer treatment with me I need to get a new pair I am very superstitious I was diagnosed at stage 4 and have survived longer than my doctor thought I would can you help me?

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