Where is Baymont Inn Corporate office Headquarters

Baymont Inn Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 125 S Dr Martin Luther King Blvd
    Atlantic City, NJ 08401
    UNited States
  • Phone Number: 973-753-8700
  • Fax Number: 973-753-6000
  • Email: info@baymontinn.com
  • Number of Employees: 508
  • Established: 1973
  • Founder: Steven Marcus
  • Key People: Keith J. Pierce

Baymont Inn Headquarters Location & Directions

Baymont Inn Headquarters Executive Team



Keith J. Pierce


Patrick Breen

Brand Senior Vice President

About Baymont Inn, History and Headquarters Information

Baymont inn are travel service providers. It is owned by Wyndham hotels and resorts. It was founded in 1973 by Steven Marcus, the then CEO of Marcus Corporation. Today the company owns several hotels and resorts. The headquarters of the company is located in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Marcus corporation sold the service to the Baymont chain in 1999. Since then the company is called the Baymont Inn. It boomed after the acquisition. In 2008, some of the inns were converted into La Quinta.  By 2016, there were 400 Baymont inns and suites in the US continent.

The first 4 – storey building of the chain was built in 1984. It was given the name the Budget hotel. This design became highly popular for its distinctive appearance. These were the mid – prices hotels of the era but had over sized rooms and corridors.

Today Baymont offers suites and luxury rooms of all ranges apart from lower mid-priced rooms.

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  • Michael says:

    I am currently staying at Baymont in Crestview Florida-I will never stay at a Beaumont Hotel again-this Hotel is the worst operation I have ever seen and I’ve slept on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wouldn’t stay at another Baymont if they actually paid me to stay and if I could get a refund I would leave right now.

  • Glenn says:

    My name is Glenn and I made a reservation with priceline for your Bremerton Hotel upon arrival I was informed that I couldn’t stay there do to an incident with an employee which I never had any issues with an employee. I’ve been renting there sinces late January till today. So the only employee I’ve ever spoke to was Brandy and that was to speak to the GM but she insisted to ask me what does it concern. All I’m saying is this is right I’ve been my rent so I don’t see what the problem is. And from what I hear she had numerous complaints.

  • Dimaggio says:

    I have been staying at this hotel for two weeks and the housekeeping are rude, I never get the sheets and towels I ask them for one doesn’t speak English and two in office are rude. Joe the gm is great very nice and knows how to talk to customers. Younger ones are very rude and I pay and have paid a lot of money to this hotel. I have been charged when I had already paid and I mentioned it to two women in office but I never get a response. Last week I paid 80$ a night and booked a room that was bigger for my mother and I. When I went to give the girl my card to pay and I asked about the room she said “why do I need another room”? I said I guess I’ll just stay in the room I’m in.

    I am in middle of a divorce and I had brain surgery in December I was hit by a vehicle on my bicycle he was going 45 mph. I just feel as if they don’t care that I have asked about extra charges to my card And I pay in advance. Trust me if you don’t pay by 11 am they have a fit. I understand about their work as I worked for a

    Marriott for years. I never spoke down to customers and I would always look into their charges if they were not correct. Not here I seem to be ignored about it. They should be updated on how to take care of guests and how to talk to them. Not be nasty to them it’s as if I bothered them.

    Very upsetting especially when I’m being charged for nights I already paid for.

    You can contact me at dimaggiojennifer9@gmail.com

    I’m in Sarasota Florida staying at baymont hotel. I’d appreciate if you do not say my name right now until I know what is going on.

    I appreciate you thank you

    Jen dimaggio

  • Nicole says:

    I was employed at the baymont inn up in oxford. The manager thinks shes all that and the housekeeper do whatever they please. I was being trained and the phone rang someone wanted to book a room ( keep in mind first day there) the boss had taken off cause she wanted to the housekeeper told me to lie to the person on the phone and say our internet was down ( which it wasn’t). On my second day there I was there on time and not one single housekeeper or manager was there. I had guests coming down complaining people wanting me to check them out which I couldn’t cause I had no idea how to log in. Now the so called manger is keeping my paycheck from me saying she doesn’t have my date of birth to process my paycheck which is a LIE cause it’s on my driver’s license that she made a copy of!

  • Melody Myers-Wheeler says:

    We stayed at Baymont Macon, in Macon, Ga on 3/5/20 on our way home from Florida. That was the filthiest motels I have ever stayed in. We had to clean the toilet before we could use it. If my wife felt better we would have left. Disgusting…Had to wear my shoes to walk around because the carpet was never cleaned. Had to clean the tooth paste and crap off the sink to use it. There was ashes and burns on the furniture. What a dump. Will never stay again. Inspect the room before you unpack.

  • David Ballard says:

    We visited the Baymont Inn location at 1000 main st Branson MO 11/8-11/11/19 The facilities were ok and that was not the issue. We have never complained about a location before. Of the 3 nights that we stayed we had to call down to the main desk 3 times because the water just stopped. Twice after my wife had soaped up in the shower and could not rinse off. About 10 min later the water would come back on. Only once did we have hot water! the shower would start off lukewarm and then turn cold! Several times I asked for a manager and was told was either out or I just missed them. Each time I called down or went down to the main desk I was told they would look into it but never responded. It’s sad when my wife is a reward holder and still get no response from the staff! will not stay again!!!

  • ninfa saenz says:

    I was quotes a price for two rooms the evening I i arrived 10/25/2019 and by the morning it was double the price for each room. I had much trouble with the GENERAL MANAGER (RAVINDEER JAKHU ) (RUBY) who wanted me to confront the clerk who had given me the wrong price the night before, so she could use this a training ….. The thought was absurd to me. Ruby told me she would give me the price for the 2nd night at the price was quoted but would NOT ABSOLUTELY NOT give me the rooms for the price I was quoted. The following day, clerk at the desk told me, she didn’t have to put up with me that who did I think l I was and my , actually she ended up locking me out of the lobby when I had my 86 year old mother still in the room in a wheelchair, and my 65 year old sister also disabled. Needless to say, not only did I not get my money back, I was treated UNNACEPTABLE. I bet the CEO KIETH PIERCE , is not aware he has employees that treat their guests this way,,,,,,, I will do my best to find that man and forward this email to the CORPORATE OFFICE.

  • Ms. D says:

    Upon my arrival on September 21, 2019 I pull into the parking lot and there are motorcycle’s everywhere. I had to park on the outer lane just so I could check-in. There was barely anywhere to park I barely found the spot I got. Upon check-in we had to walk around the bike’s just to get into the lobby. We enter our room and get ready to use the shower and my friend told me to come and look at the bathtub. I entered the bathroom and looked at the tub. It looked black as if it hadn’t been cleaned. I rubbed it and told her that it was the surface(needs to be resurfaced). Then I was sitting on the toilet and notice a match stick under the sink and to myself I said no one swept in here. I went to use the tissue and discovered that there was only a little bit on the roll and no other one to replace it. Then there were biker’s running down the hall like little kid’s. As we returned from our function there was no where to park due to the biker’s had taken up all of the parking space’s in the front. I was livid. We had to park all the way around the back. I told my friend we can use the side door. Get to the door and the pad was gone with just a hanging wire. I was even more livid because we had to walk all the way around to the front door. Then at 8:30 a.m. the biker’s were leaving out. They were playing loud music and revving their engine’s. This disturbed my sleep as I had to get back on the road in a few hour’s. Upon check-out the Manager(Darrell Metcalfe) asked me how was my visit and I told him horrible and he asked what was the problem. I told him about the bike situation and he told me while pointing his finger that I could have parked in the back(as well as the other issue’s). I told him they should have parked in the back and that I’m a paying customer as well. I told him that just because they are biker’s they get to do what they want to. He said no I told them about the noise and revving their engine’s. I said apparently they didn’t listen since it’s still going on. At that point I informed him that I was reaching out to the corporate office. I had left mad and I went back in and him and the cleaning supervisor were talking about it and I asked him his name and he told me and handed me a card. I was asked in the beginning where I wanted to stay and I asked her what floor were they on because I didn’t want to be near them due to the noise. The only reason we didn’t change room’s was because we were tired and had a lot of stuff to switch out. Also, I tried to put the heat on and it never got warm. I have obtained a cold since the room was so cold. Needless to say my stay was not a happy nor enjoyable one.

  • Ann J. says:

    I stayed at the Baymont Inn and Suites in Springfield, IL (Frontage Rd. location). I have never had such a bad experience with a hotel. The Rap music was pounding until 11pm while I was trying to sleep with my daughter after a long driving day. When I went down to ask about the music, I had to walk through the huge cloud of Marijuana that was on my floor. The lady at the desk said she did hear the music but had no way of “knowing what room it was in” so therefore she couldn’t do anything about it. Unfortunately I left my ipad in the room. I traced it back to the hotel and called a few days later. Surprisingly the lady said she had it and would send it to me! However I still have not received it and it has been a month now. Everytime I call I’m told the manager is not there. I have also left several messages. I would love to have someone contact me so I can resolve this ipad issue. 913-980-6005 Ann.

  • Marion Hudson says:

    I made reservations over the phone. I was told they were 8 miles from airport. It was 40 miles. When I arriver my cab driver told me he did not think I would want to stay there. It was in the worst Ghetto ever !!!! It was 8820 S. Orange Blossom Trail , Orlando Fl. It was a rent by the hour hotel !!! The hookers were walking in the parking lot !! If it had not been for a great cab driver I do not know what I would have done. DO NOT EVER BOOK A BAYMONT BY WINDHAM HOTEL !!!! I have tried to call corp and non of the phone numbers will go thru.

  • Teresa DeGroot says:

    Doyle Plumbing and Heating Company provided service to the local Baymont Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, IL on December 27, 2018. The invoice is in the amount of $310.75 which remains unpaid at this time. We have tried repeatedly to contact and discuss this matter with the local hotel to no avail.

    Please let us know who, in your company can assist with collection of this invoice. Otherwise, we will be sending the account to collections shortly.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Teresa Jackson-DeGroot
    Billing Clerk
    Doyle Plumbing and Heating Company

    • Don Clapper says:

      Have you had any success with your delinquent bill? We as well have bills from as far back as April 2018 with no sucess.
      From Chambersburg, PA

  • Sharon Burks says:

    My husband and I stay at the Baymont Calumet City – 510 E. End Avenue – Calumet City, IL on June 8, 2019 thru June 11, 2019. We have stayed at Baymont Inns prior and never had the horrible experience that we got at this facility. A group had rooms and they were completely out of control using drugs and trashing the floor and staff did nothing about it. I complained to the manager the next day but this group was gone by then and I guess there was nothing he could do at that time. I feel the staff on duty the night of June 8th should have controlled the problem. The WiFi did not work the entire time we were there. The breakfast was to totally lacking in what is usually served in your hotels. I am very saddened and disappointed that I traveled to witness my granddaughters’ graduation and was so unhappy with my my stay at your establishment. I usually don’t write reviews but felt I must in this case. My reservation number was 3170883919 (PinCode 2821). Receipt shows a confirmation number of 81579EC030212. I hope Corporate will do something to to change our minds about staying at another one of your locations as we travel quite a bit.

  • Clarance Patton says:

    We stay at 885 S. Stemmons Hwy, Baymont Inn & suites hotel in Lewisville, TX 7/24/19 to 7/27/19. We have stayed at many Baymont Inns prior and have never seen such a deplorable facility as this one. Our room #101’s furniture was beaten up and disgusting, not to say the bed ruffling was torn and half on and off, but the bed was really comfortable. However, at 1AM in the morning, the ceiling over the tub was pouring out water from the ceiling and spraying water on the tub which landed on the floor. I could have slipped on my way into the bathroom and fallen, as I have trouble walking anyway. I had to wipe up the floor. The ceiling had old yellow water marks present from previous leaks and many ceiling water marks where in the hotel hallways. The vanity was broken, carpeted baseboards were fallen off and around the A/C and I was amazed at how a hotel was coming apart.
    I went to the front desk next morning (7/25) and asked to be moved. The gentleman at the desk didn’t seem to be apologetic and acted like he didn’t care. He did not even look at my room to verify leak. I was moved to #103, because I knew the people left that morning. Well #103 wasn’t to much better, as far as the furniture & bedding. The bathroom door you could hardly open it, as it dragged the carpeted floor…let alone closed it. Only nice thing about the room, and the outside hallway was what looked like newer carpeting. I must say that the breakfast room was very clean, but there needed to be protein served, not just waffles. Most of the original Baymont’s, before Wyndham took over, did serve meat & eggs. What’s happened?

    Outside of the bldg front area was dirty (trash can) and cigarettes where piled up in the top of the cigarette container and blowing all over from winds. Not much care is taken at this hotel and the reception people were not friendly or looked like they needed sleep and hardly talked. Who hired these people?!!!!! We will never book or recommend this hotel again!!!!

    I must say the hotel was very convenient in location and right next door to a Cracker Barrel. Our stay was to witness our grandchild’s graduation, as we traveled 1000 miles to get there.

    Hopefully corporate will pay attention to the care of their profit makers. On a scale 1-10….I give #2. I have never written such a poor review before and almost didn’t write this. But someone needs to follow up and get someone that is responsible in the offices there, to make an effort in cleaning up and personally checking their employees this hotel. I do not mean making calls!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feel free to comment on my review. I hope you do!

  • Debbie Jones says:

    My husband and i are staying at baymont by wyndham ,augusta west, address is 629 north west frontage rd, augusta ga,30907. i am in room 112 we checked in yesterday the 17th of may . we had no phone in our room our refrigerator did not feel cold so we went to our families house today to visit for the day and came back at 6:30 and everything in it was ruined we had to through it out . as we came in the front door there was a bunch of people standing outside smoking weed . this has been the poorest excuse for a hotel i have ever been in. we are going to another baymont by wyndham hotel in columbia south carolina i certainly hope it is better then this one; i will certainly let you know about this; we paid 142.00 dollars to stay here i would love to have someone respond to me regarding this. thank you Debbie Jones 561-767-2396

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