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Baymont Inn Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 125 S Dr Martin Luther King Blvd, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, United States
  • Phone Number: 973-753-8700
  • Fax Number: 973-753-6000
  • Email: info@baymontinn.com
  • Number of Employees: 508
  • Established: 1973
  • Founder: Steven Marcus
  • Key People: Keith J. Pierce

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Keith J. Pierce


Patrick Breen

Brand Senior Vice President

About Baymont Inn, History and Headquarters Information

Baymont inn are travel service providers. It is owned by Wyndham hotels and resorts. It was founded in 1973 by Steven Marcus, the then CEO of Marcus Corporation. Today the company owns several hotels and resorts. The headquarters of the company is located in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Marcus corporation sold the service to the Baymont chain in 1999. Since then the company is called the Baymont Inn. It boomed after the acquisition. In 2008, some of the inns were converted into La Quinta.  By 2016, there were 400 Baymont inns and suites in the US continent.

The first 4 – storey building of the chain was built in 1984. It was given the name the Budget hotel. This design became highly popular for its distinctive appearance. These were the mid – prices hotels of the era but had over sized rooms and corridors.

Today Baymont offers suites and luxury rooms of all ranges apart from lower mid-priced rooms.

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  • Paul says:

    On Oct 14,2023 I tried to cancel my stay in Columbia, NC Baymont Inn. When I arrived at the Inn, I was informed that they did not have any hot water and had no idea when it would be repaired. I did not stay there. After over two weeks, the manager – who did not want to be contacted – refused my refund.

  • Jennifer says:

    Do NOT stay here. One of my co-workers checked out the same day because 2 different rooms were disgusting. I’ve been trying to get the charge removed and the clerk at the front desk would not help and started arguing with me from the beginning. He then called me a rude b*tch and hung up on me. I’ve called back 5 times and now they will not answer the phones. Absolutely ridiculous how people are treated and I will not stop until I get a refund.

  • Kelli Fortner says:

    We have sent dozens of emails, made calls and sent text messages about our vacation overnight stay at Baymont Inn and suites in Chattanooga Tennessee, we have yet to hear back from a single person!!!

  • Roman Harness says:

    I like the baymont in mason ohio but it’s high way robbery they over charge and then don’t give back deposite in a mnth we stayed 2 left the room clean and smoke free still nothing back don’t stay there there pool area not clean by anymrans and the elevator about ready to leave somebody stranded the sinks in out room not wotk and t he towels were awful yellow dingy and the carpent smelled of mildew this was in mason ohio July and Aug 2023

  • Marla Miner says:

    The bathroom ceiling and walls in our room #234 on Friday August 11,2023 at Baymont by Wyndham, 225 South Dixie Way, South Bend IN was full of meldew and mold. The door was very dirty with looked like grease on door (very large and there is no way the cleaning people could miss it!) Something pink was on the shelves on the tub. I took picture and have them available . We were told that the rooms will not be renovated until after football season. There was no reason the mold and meldew issue couldn’t be taken care off. Health reason should be a concern for all the person that are in this room. I’m sure the spores will just keep spreading until this issue is taken care of. Very disappointing!!!

  • Nancy J Popovich says:

    Baymont inn Elkhart Indiana kept my license upon check in July 29,2023. Upon request to retrieve it per phone call July 31,2023 and to mail it back to me (which took 6 days) I have NOT received my license😡 in all my travel experiences this hotel chain is by far the most incompetent and insensitive to professional customer check in.and receipt tequest of personal property!!!!!! I contacted sheriff department and asking with hotel all agreed it was mailed. I contacted post office and they have not received it. It is not August 14th and I have NO Drivers LICENSE….Never STay there again and will warn others to do the same- need corporate assistance in rectifying the terrible customer service👍

  • Michael L McMillan says:

    I stayed at your location that is in Kennesaw Georgia and I was treated very badly when we were leaving my fiance was leaving and they gave her a hard time and was asking her about different things like they were smoking the room and all that I don’t really appreciate the employees of this company doing that and I would expect a phone call from someone 470-813-8366 I want to know if I can get reimbursed for some of this when I stayed at this place I don’t like the way that we were treated if you call me I can get the information for you of which place I stayed at but it was a Wyndham Baymont whatever you guys are but thank you and please give me a call as soon as possible I need to resolve this. It also may be the one that is in Covington that I stayed at you don’t have it’s the one that runs with Alcovey Road and City Pond Road

  • Jaimie Simon says:

    I would really like to discuss my stay at the Baymont Inn in whitewater WI. I stayed there June 24th and for 1 check in was suppose to be at 11 we got there after 12 my room was not ready. For 2 we wanted to swim the pool was down. 3 the back door for entering the building was broken so anyone would be able to get in. 4 the vending machines were completely empty and soda machine was broken. 5 the pillows were so used that they were all lumpy so we couldn’t even use them. I’ve stayed at other baymonts amd I really liked them cause they are usually nice. I was very disappointed for the price I paid and everything was a mess. I paid $164 for a complete sham hotel

  • Shauni says:

    I stayed at the Baymont Hotel in Tupelo,MS. I smelled Marijuana coming from a room. I reported it bc I work in the Health Field and inhaling that could cause serious issues towards my career.
    However, the front desk tells me she isn’t allowed to give out the Managers name. I’ve NEVER heard of such. There will be something done concerning this on my behalf.

  • Mary says:

    I stayed in Baymont byWyndham, in Lakeland, Florida.this month…thankfully only one night! It was a nightmare…
    The first room was VERY dirty, the toilet not attached to floor and I almost fell when it started to tip over..
    Asked for another room and it was also dirty, moldy, no soap, few towels which were gray ( supposed to be white) , no TV remote, no phone in room and no WiFi…pitiful breakfast, cold coffee and watered down juice.
    An employee said she is “embarrassed to work there.”
    The front desk said no WiFi except on first floor.!?!?
    When I tried to call front desk with my cellphone….no one answered…tried numerous times…even called reservations and they tried several times to no avail.
    If you want to read reviews on Expedia , most were terrible.
    Will never stay in. Wyndham hotel.

  • Leslie says:

    We though we choose a great hotel to stay at Baymont By Wyndham Thornton CO We had traveled over 12 hours from North Dakota. We got 2 rooms for 3 nights and our rooms were in terrible shape I don’t understand how rooms can be rented to anyone with mold, not clean, toilet dripped constantly, ceiling falling down in bathroom, sticky stuff all over nightstand, all outlet covers broke and laying on the floor, stuff spattered all over the walls Broken tile we had to have room keys reset every night we came back as our keys would not work. Our last night the front desk reset our keys 3 times and we still couldn’t get in our room they had to bring a master key to get us in. We paid good money for 2 rooms for 3 nights for rooms that would have never been rented out.

  • robert french says:

    Hi I rented a hotel room here in Northwood ohio. I canceled it in time and the web site said free to do so cause I didn’t like the area. And so the hotel still charged me when I called they said they don’t participate in free cancelation so technically they robbed me of 80 dollars and I would like it back. The web site should not say free cancelation if they don’t offer that.

  • Erica says:

    Booked a room in San Diego, Ca, BIG MISTAKE! I asked to look at the room before I checked in; they gave me a key to room 103 to view it; that room had people outside in beach chairs drinking and getting high, the outside smelled terrible like weed and there were many homeless around the hotel. Inside the room, the beds had stains, the couches were dirty, thefe was no toilet paper, so I came back to give him the room key and let him know we would not be checking in. He said ok, good luck on getting a refund and I look the asshole charged my card; I think when he gave me the cey to look at the room, but I never signed papers or any kind of check in info. I have been trying to get a refund since Aug and the manager, Sam, refuses to give me a refund because he says he has me on camera checking in. I said yes I am.in camera being there but clearly not checking in. They fraudulently charged my card 297$ for 1 night and now I call to co tinie to follow up and rhey said I stayed and had an early checkout! DO NOT EVER GO TO THIS LOCATION!

  • Alyssa says:

    Worst experience ever! Booked the hotel for three nights in grand haven, mi. Got there, wasn’t greeted, wasn’t spoke to for about five mins. Smelled horrible, hot tub was down(one huge reason we chose this hotel), and it just got worst. Wasn’t able to get a receipt. Walked upstairs to our room smelt so bad, mold in the bathroom, bathroom was dirty. We were even in our room five mins and went downstairs and asked for a refund. Sat in the lobby for 20 minutes waiting for management. We were then charged $50 for walking to the room. The lack of hospitality and respect was non existent. I’ve never in my life been so disgusted by a hotel and management. Two other couples cancelled right then also. Took pictures and will never stay at another hotel through you. Especially at the cost of being charged to look at a room.

  • Laurie Foerderer says:

    I would have had a better night sleep had I been in a tent on the ground. I WISH I would be able to post pics. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT STAY AT THE BAYMONT in Fargo, ND.

  • Monica Cash says:

    Dearest Baymont-
    I am a frequent traveler! I am a travel nurse and I adventure throughout the US. I recently booked a spontaneous stay in Sioux Falls South Dakota on my latest adventure and I have never been so disappointed in my stay. I am a faithful Baymont customer and a rewards member.
    My room (215) was dirty, the door frames were rusted and would not close properly, the toilet had rust in the bottom of the bowl, the in room jacuzzi tub in the room was dirty which I cleaned and when I filled the tub and turned the jets on black flakes came out, decided on a shower instead and the shower/tub would not drain, I was standing in a foot of water before my shower was completed, the stairwell was dirty, the lawns and trees were not groomed like a normal Baymont, the curb appeal was terrible and to top my stay off there was traffic in the back of the hotel that was NOT paying guests that was just hanging out near their vehicles and sitting on the curbs. I only visualized this because I had to take my dog out to go potty.
    In my experience with your company I have never been disappointed! This was a first time event and so not like a typical Baymont that holds higher standards for customer service.

  • Melissa says:

    Took our family for at a Baymont by Wyndham in Lawrenceburg Indiana to visit tourist stops in the area. HUGE MISTAKE. Pool room was moldy looks like the ceiling is caving in and had hair in the pool. There were people partying in the parking lot late into the night. Children running around, in and out of the hotel at all hours. We didn’t sleep until 2:30am and woke at 6:30am to start our day. All exterior doors were unlocked. Some were propped open. Hotel has visible mold in common areas and room. By the time we saw it it was late and we were exhausted but planning to leave asap in the morning. The desk clerk admitted she knew there was partying with alcohol and that they are regulars. There was also marijuana smoking in the hotel. It is NOT a place for families. The hotel claims we are lying. The supervisor at the headquarters was rude and it’s it’s clearly her job to keep the money in their account. Headquarter SUPERVISORS/ hotel MANAGEMENT WILL NOT REFUND. All they had to do was refund and we would have stayed at another hotel under Baymont Wyndham, and just avoided that location. They did offer points but that doesn’t fix that I gave hard earned money to a business that didn’t fulfill what they are selling and that business had the BAYMONT WYNDHAM NAME! But after this we will NEVER give Baymont Wyndham another dime again. How disappointing but why should they care? They definitely don’t. Greed does that. It’s all about the money for them.

  • Ashleu says:

    Got charged twice for a one night stay. Thanks Baymon

  • Dustin Garcia says:

    Terrible experience in cuero texas they did not treat me as a guest they treated me like trash like they looked down on me thought they were better then my bicycle gits stolen and they don’t even attempt to help me look around the grounds didn’t even check the cameras or anything basically git over it ummm not only did I waste money on the terrible experience I lost money as well by my bike gittn stolen on there grounds never again

  • Antwan says:

    I’m writing to you (Corporate office officials of baymont hotel) regarding an employment issue on what would’ve been my first day of work. At the hotel in north Florida.
    I was set to start working an new job at (baymont hotel in lake city FL) July 24,2022 Sunday morning at 9am I arrived 10 minutes early as my usual standards of being punctual, the manger did inform me that he doesn’t arrive until 9:15 every day in which he did sunday, everything seemed ok at first he asked me did I turn in all my tax and work forms from the day prior in which I did right after the interview, and his question reminded me to tell him that I did not receive a Direct deposit form for my banking, and this is where things changed,He stated and I quote that the hotel does personal check payouts for the first (6weeks) month and a haft and Overtime starts after 80 hours of work because pay is biweekly, 🤔 Now this I needed more explanation on because To my understanding an work week for full time is considered 40 hours of clocked labor work according to State Law and he told me that’s not true for Florida and became a little aggressive and loud saying now he wants me to leave that I would be problematic in the future,that he doesn’t have to explain anything to an employee, because I wanted an better understanding or clarification about the overtime statement, that a supervisor is not to be questioned unless it involves the employee work details. I don’t want to be speculative 🧐 but even the questions during the interview were a lil far fetched but he still did in fact hire me on the spot in the presence of his wife or female employee who was present at the moment and on Sunday (7/24/2022)

  • Brandie deaton says:

    I normally love and stay at your locations wherever I plan a trip. This time when I stayed at your Helen location I was far from satisfied. I checked in tues night and out thrusday morning. I was charged 500 dollars extremely high especially since the pool was out of order. No one cleaned or checked on our room and when asked about a discount for like of pool I was denied. There was always bugs in the room and was bit several times. A lady during breakfast stole my childrens waffle knowing it was mine she watched me pour it. Next vacation I will consider another company. Wyndhamreward # 215426803H account number 304-545839

  • Tiffany perkins says:

    This is absolutely the worst baymont hotel I’ve ever stayed in once me and my family arrived to the hotel I was told that my hotel had been canceled for what I don’t know but that was not okay then they told me all they had was a room with one bed and told me they could give me a roll out bed for an extra charge and their was no way I was pay extra so they gave it to me with no cover pillow or sheet like really I had to go to Walmart to buy some this is really ridiculous and I will never come back even inside of the hotel the bathroom door was broken this place needs to be shut down and re-done with some new employees with better attitudes location is 6515 signature dr,Louisville KY 40213

  • Pamela Habard says:

    On April 13 I made two reservations in Tyler, Tx due to electricity being out at my home. I made the reservation thru 800 number. I get to hotel and they don’t have electricity either. I was assured I would get a credit back to my credit card(only one room credited). Manager at hotel was totally inept at crediting the second room. 800 # people were also inept in helping be get a credit. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone.

  • Chuck G. says:

    April 25, 2022 – DO NOT STAY AT THE BAYMONT INN IN SARASOTA! I stayed there overnight because it was nearby as my wife had an emergency & was admitted to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital. The room carpet was filthy, the bathroom was filthy. The bed was sloppily made. Nothing worked. Nothing was clean. I had to clean it myself. I was tired & touched very little. There was a party going on outside my main floor window. Tons of people laughing, talking … they appeared to be having a party around the pool. It seemed like they may have been hotel staff & friends, because I could not imagine mgmt would allow this. They carried on until well after 1:00 am. The parking lot FULL of cars was empty at 6:00 am. I got very little sleep. This place is sickening. Baymont Inn’s nationwide have lost us forever. Do Not Stay at this one.

  • Garrette Ferguson says:

    I stayed at your Baymont hotel in Fayetteville nc on Sat May 28th until Sun May 29th…the total price of my stay was $70.40; however my card was charged 147.38.I was told that it was a $50 incidentals hold on my card …but I can’t Get any answers as to why I was over charged. MEANWHILE.my account is now in the negative..

  • Ginger Staples says:

    It’s a really bad place to stay at the bed had a whole in it where we couldn’t sleep at all the refrigerator was really really loud couldn’t even sleep due to the noise kids were running up and down the hall up until 4:00 in the morning and it looked like somebody had sunk in the middle part of the bed all the way down to the Indy part of the bed the bed didn’t even fit the frame and there was black stuff all over the wall and hoes and we ask management about it they wouldn’t even come up and look at it we complained about it almost all night long and they kept saying we’ll be up there to look at it they never did show up and they wouldn’t even give me my money back or my receipt

  • Terry Woods says:

    Disgusting!!!! We stayed at The Baymount in Covington GA. Broken slats in the Venetian Blinds….They covered the window with a bed sheet!!!! Dirty, marked and gouged walls. Worn and stained furniture….if furniture was put at the road, no one would take it. Fridge was filthy. No breakfast, no coffee, not even a disposable cup in the room.
    NEVER AGAIN…..DONT STAY THERE. MR. Pierce, get of your chair and go there, better yet, book your Mother there if this is your standard!!!!!!

  • Takeija Kimbrough says:

    Oh yeah it was the Baymont in Merrillville Indiana 46410

  • Takeija Kimbrough says:

    I’m commenting because I stayed at this hotel for almost six weeks and the lady at the front desk charged me 25 dollars per day per pet per room my 2 small service dogs. That only stayed in 1 room. This was unexceptable and I felt so disrespected. She was very rude. It’s the old lady that stays there. I ask her for my refund of all the deposits that she had charged me and her response was I’ll refund them when I know there is no damages to the rooms. She was very rude to me.

  • Carmen says:

    Baymont Inn at Corbin, Kentucky.

    The beds are lumpy. The pillows are thin. The towels are dingy. The air conditioner makes loud noises.
    Ask before you book if there will be a large group staying there when you’re there. If that’s the case you’re better off going somewhere else.

    If the hotel is full it’s probably because some big event is happening. So, my advise is to stay away from this hotel when it is full.
    Those large groups hog the lobby, the pool and the breakfast area. They are loud and obnoxious. Especially at night when they run down the hallway well into the night while you’re trying to sleep.

    Don’t go there!

  • Charlie Tenery says:

    I recently stayed here about a month ago at the location of the Midland, Tx Airport. I had reserved my room online, and when I checked out they charged me for another week. The manager has been completely unresponsive and uncooperative on giving me any information. I have been messaging her and trying to reach the hotel but it’s as if she knows she took my money and won’t own up to it.

  • Julia says:

    Regarding Baymont Hotel (Lowtel) in Portage, MI. What a filthy, crappy, disgusting and smelly place. The worst experience I have ever had in a hotel. There were no blankets and I was told by the front desk; “she would see what she could do”. Its freaking winter time -5 degrees and she says “she’ll see what she can do”. Then I went to go to the bathroom and the toilet overflowed and NO EVER CAME TO FIX THE TOILET AND I NEVER RECEIVED A BLANKET!!! Holes in the walls and the room was not cleaned by any means whatsoever!!! Feces from the prior guests still in the toilet so I know it wasn’t cleaned. Toothpaste splashed on the mirrors, absolutely disgusting!! When I asked for my money back; I was told that she would think about it!!! Will never ever go back to that crappy place ever again!! Also, I will tell everyone that this so called “Hotel” is the worst and dirtiest place ever!! CRACK HOTEL CHAIN!!!!!!!!

    • Chuck G. says:

      I also had an extremely bad eperience in Sarasota Florida. Reading the reviews, it appears this is no uncommon all over the US.

  • June Ellen potter says:

    Bad experience at baymont by Wyndham in Valdosta Ga
    On Jan.17 2022
    Would not comp our room what should we do? We always try to stay at your franchises?
    Owners not nice at all
    I can explain if you contact me
    Thanks kindly for your time in advance,

  • Brandon Horton says:

    Stayed at your hotel in Charlotte NC and haven’t received my deposit back yet

  • Jim leblanc says:

    Gutter pig hotel

  • Linda hardwick says:

    Did the manager of the Baymont inn in Helen Georgia really kick out a grandmother and 6 year old granddaughter for a low rating on a review. Bad business practice. Someone needs reprimanded

  • Veronica McNeary says:

    I stayed in the Baymont Inn & Suites located 8375 Georgia Street, Merrillville, IN 46410, on 11/20/21, stayed in room 212, the worst experience EVER! There was total chaos across the hall, there was yelling, doors slamming, and at 1:37am literal running down the hallway. The phones weren’t working, therefore I called the front desk on my cellular phone three times complaining.
    I elected to leave in my pajamas at 1:47am and drive back to my place of residence where I composed an email and sent it to baymont50687@gmail.com, without any response.
    I also cancelled all consecutive stays due to this experience.
    I called today which is Monday 11/22/2021, spoke to a lady at the front desk with as accent who was rude, unethical, and abrupt.
    She told me she pulled the cameras and viewed no such actions, I was lying, and she said once you pay and stay at our hotel, no matter what happens you will NEVER get a refund.
    this isnt correct, professional, nor moral.

  • M Lorenz says:

    We recently (October 20-24) stayed at the Baymont Inn in Meridian Mississippi. We were double charged and the hotel is absolutely refusing to refund the overage.

  • John culpepper says:

    Housekeeping started banging on the door and calling the room over an hour early. Signs of a half star motel

  • John Mason says:

    I really need a return call

  • The Baldwins, Kingwood, TX says:

    I wrote to Geoff Ballotti, the CEO of Wyndham, in Parsippany, NJ, and to Keith J. Price, the President of Baymont Inns & Suites, in Atlantic City, NJ, over a month ago, about our awful experience at their Baymont by Wyndham motel in Greensburg, IN. Neither of them has responded. Judging from the other comments on this page, the people who run these hotels/motels do not care one iota about their customers.

    My husband & I stayed in room 118, arriving on August 12 through August 17. Upon entering the lobby of the facility, we immediately understood why they debit your card when you make a reservation, & insist there are no changes in dates or cancellations. We had our 4 year old very well behaved golden doodle with us, & knew we would have a hard time finding another pet friendly motel in the vicinity so we were stuck. The motel is a rathole, disgustingly filthy, & the employees speak very little English, & pay no attention to customers needs.

    I found a remark on line that stated, “your ideal hotel in Indiana.” I wonder what the rest look like. When we visited friends in the area, & told them where we were staying, their first remark was, “oh no, that dump is for truckers & hookers.”

    All carpets were worn & filthy, & the pillows smelled musty. Each day I told the front desk person that we had no light in the bathroom. Her response was that she doubted it was a light bulb, probably a ballast but she never bothered to have it fixed. We took a lamp from the bedroom nightstand & put it in the bathroom. The very dirty register in the bathroom was hanging from the ceiling. We had to ask for clean towels daily and to have the room cleaned. We dreaded walking into the hotel at night, never knowing what we would find. The parking lot was filled with cigarette butts & the employees smoking. The employees dressed like they were homeless & were covered with tattoos. I did not feel safe leaving anything valuable in our room so we carted it with us each day.

    We had stayed in Hampton Inns, TRU by Hilton, Double Tree by Hilton, a Red Roof Inn, and a Best Western on this trip. All were immaculately clean, breakfast was wonderful, & the staff terrific, & dressed in proper attire.

    We would never stay in another Baymont, even thinking about this hotel turns my stomach.

    • Chuck G. says:

      I had a similar experience in Sarasota Florida. I paid $108.00. Loud, screaming, talking outside by a huge party near the pool all night long. Filthy place. Looked like they never vacuumed, wiped anything down or clean the linens. Gross. Why isn’t Baymont Inn still in business with so many horrific reviews & so many other places to stay for the same/similar price. I paid $108.00 at Hampton Inn and Comfort Inn recently (5/17/22 and 5/18/22) They were wonderful from check-in to check-out. Baymont will never get us again.

  • Aretha Rex says:

    I need to get a contact with Baymont headquarters so if you can please email with the telephone number I really appreciate it and it’s very important I need to get in contact with you guys

  • Gayle Scott says:

    I wanted to add to my previous comment, after reading some of the things people have come across when staying in a Baymont. If I ever stayed in a hotel that had bugs, dirty toilets/tubs/floors, noise problems, bad customer service, I would be demanding my money back and going to stay at another hotel!

  • Gayle Scott says:

    On July 18th, 2021 I paid for a room for my son who was out of town to help my husband and I move the next day. I looked up the price on the internet before calling to pay for the room, of course when I called I was told it was a different price, higher because it was the weekend price, it said nothing about a different price on line. I am disabled and needed my sons help, so I paid for the room. I paid with my credit card. A month later I received my bill and to my shock there was an additional charge on it for $250.00. I immediately called and asked to speak to the manager at Baymont and explained why I was calling. I expected it was an error until I was told it was a charge for someone smoking in the room! Needless to say I was upset when the manager told me. I explained that I would not be responsible for my grown son smoking in the room, and how could they put such a charge on my credit card without my approval? I told the manager to take it up with him. She was very irate, screaming at me because I told her I would contact the corporate office, after I asked for her name. I also told her that word of mouth is very powerful and that I would tell everyone, “NOT” to stay there as well as contact the Better Business Bureau. I did contact my credit card company and contested the charge, they did look into it and said I was responsible for the charge. I received another letter from my credit card company yesterday again saying I was going to be charged next month on my bill. Today I looked up the corporate number and when I called it was disconnected. Surprise, Surprise. Also I read all the comments about other peoples experience with
    Baymont all over the country. I have never read so many negative comments about an establishment in my life, not one positive anywhere! I will be following this up and I will make sure anyone and everyone I come in contact with will be told not to stay at any Baymont Inn and Suite.

    • Chuck G. says:

      After my experience in Sarasota Florida, I am doing the same … advising people to not stay at any Baymont Inn.

  • Tamara Clark says:

    We stayed at Baymont in San Marcos TX and it was the dirtiest hotel I have ever stayed in. The staff was great and nice… floors dirty (still hair in the tub from previous guest) sticky stuff and food crumbs on the nightstands- toilet was dirty. Towels were very dingy and stained! I cleaned the room and we stayed only because of our itinerary and times.
    Not to mention there were blood stains on the pillows.. glad I brought my own.
    This could be a cute place – too bad and shame on you!

  • Kathy Collins says:

    we reserved a room in Mobile Al for August 1-2, 2021. When we arrived we noticed that it had a lot of people walking around in parking lot around the hotel. As we drove around the building (could not get to the entrance for cars parked there, unattended) the pool water was dark green with trash floating in it. Checkin experience was not very nice (the lady behind the desk was eating and smacking) lobby and breakfast area was not clean and looked very run down. As we went to our room there was a huge pile of trash by the steps and this pile of trash smelled so bad like it had been there for awhile. Went to our room and immediately upon entering our room we noticed the curtain was ragged and falling off window but upon turning on the lights our adult grandson noticed roaches crawling on the curtain, walls, ceiling and floor. The walls had patches of Sheetrock mud and bathroom was filthy with something black covering the ceiling, looked like black mold. We immediately went back to the lobby, turned in our key card and told the clerk we were not staying and why, BUGS!!! She said she refunded my money and gave me a statement with no charge on it, I will be checking my bank account for the refund! Never, ever will I stay at a Baymontbor Wyndham hotel!

  • Tobin j spade says:

    As a frequent BAYMONT customer Ive never had any issues until this pass 8/8/21. I was awaken early the following morning by my bank who I go through with my credit card, they had alarm me that there a unauthorized charge that has been alerted, After looking into this a little closer there was a purchase to the (Alexander McQueen.Com) made on my card after your hotel charge moments later. The credit card company/bank are going to be investigating further on this matter. This put a whole new perspective on where I’ll choose my next stay!

  • Victor R Jackson sr says:

    Gm,I stayed at the baymont hotel at 4725 Beckley rd.in battle creek Michigan. I was given rm 121,I was sitting on the toilet and water was pouring on me from the ceiling. So I was moved to rm.228,and bugs were crawling around,so I was moved to rm 218,where the TV wasn’t working. It was supposed to be a getaway for me.my name is victor Jackson senior. The dates were from July 30 til August 1st 2021,confirmation #81569ec050406.and I’d like a refund.however staff were very nice.

  • Crystal says:

    This hotel we had a reservation at is constantly trying to take money out of my account. They have a cracking balcony black mold and bed bugs in the location. They charged my credit card 2x and still trying to take money out. I have a case number filed against them I need a full refund. This is theft

  • Jon cooper says:

    I booked a room through Groupon accidentally booking two rooms on the accident honest mistake and I paid for one room and one of the refund on the other room which was not used and now I’m being told that I can’t get a refund from Groupon or the hotel Groupon said that the hotel is holding up the refund can someone please help me this is the Baymont hotel in Huber heights Ohio where they’re the rudest versus people ever to work with a Chinese lady is at the front desk who has the worstest attitude in the world and her husband comes in after that and he has not the one even the worst attitude than she has

  • Michael says:

    I am currently staying at Baymont in Crestview Florida-I will never stay at a Beaumont Hotel again-this Hotel is the worst operation I have ever seen and I’ve slept on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wouldn’t stay at another Baymont if they actually paid me to stay and if I could get a refund I would leave right now.

  • Glenn says:

    My name is Glenn and I made a reservation with priceline for your Bremerton Hotel upon arrival I was informed that I couldn’t stay there do to an incident with an employee which I never had any issues with an employee. I’ve been renting there sinces late January till today. So the only employee I’ve ever spoke to was Brandy and that was to speak to the GM but she insisted to ask me what does it concern. All I’m saying is this is right I’ve been my rent so I don’t see what the problem is. And from what I hear she had numerous complaints.

  • Dimaggio says:

    I have been staying at this hotel for two weeks and the housekeeping are rude, I never get the sheets and towels I ask them for one doesn’t speak English and two in office are rude. Joe the gm is great very nice and knows how to talk to customers. Younger ones are very rude and I pay and have paid a lot of money to this hotel. I have been charged when I had already paid and I mentioned it to two women in office but I never get a response. Last week I paid 80$ a night and booked a room that was bigger for my mother and I. When I went to give the girl my card to pay and I asked about the room she said “why do I need another room”? I said I guess I’ll just stay in the room I’m in.

    I am in middle of a divorce and I had brain surgery in December I was hit by a vehicle on my bicycle he was going 45 mph. I just feel as if they don’t care that I have asked about extra charges to my card And I pay in advance. Trust me if you don’t pay by 11 am they have a fit. I understand about their work as I worked for a

    Marriott for years. I never spoke down to customers and I would always look into their charges if they were not correct. Not here I seem to be ignored about it. They should be updated on how to take care of guests and how to talk to them. Not be nasty to them it’s as if I bothered them.

    Very upsetting especially when I’m being charged for nights I already paid for.

    You can contact me at dimaggiojennifer9@gmail.com

    I’m in Sarasota Florida staying at baymont hotel. I’d appreciate if you do not say my name right now until I know what is going on.

    I appreciate you thank you

    Jen dimaggio

  • Nicole says:

    I was employed at the baymont inn up in oxford. The manager thinks shes all that and the housekeeper do whatever they please. I was being trained and the phone rang someone wanted to book a room ( keep in mind first day there) the boss had taken off cause she wanted to the housekeeper told me to lie to the person on the phone and say our internet was down ( which it wasn’t). On my second day there I was there on time and not one single housekeeper or manager was there. I had guests coming down complaining people wanting me to check them out which I couldn’t cause I had no idea how to log in. Now the so called manger is keeping my paycheck from me saying she doesn’t have my date of birth to process my paycheck which is a LIE cause it’s on my driver’s license that she made a copy of!

  • Melody Myers-Wheeler says:

    We stayed at Baymont Macon, in Macon, Ga on 3/5/20 on our way home from Florida. That was the filthiest motels I have ever stayed in. We had to clean the toilet before we could use it. If my wife felt better we would have left. Disgusting…Had to wear my shoes to walk around because the carpet was never cleaned. Had to clean the tooth paste and crap off the sink to use it. There was ashes and burns on the furniture. What a dump. Will never stay again. Inspect the room before you unpack.

  • David Ballard says:

    We visited the Baymont Inn location at 1000 main st Branson MO 11/8-11/11/19 The facilities were ok and that was not the issue. We have never complained about a location before. Of the 3 nights that we stayed we had to call down to the main desk 3 times because the water just stopped. Twice after my wife had soaped up in the shower and could not rinse off. About 10 min later the water would come back on. Only once did we have hot water! the shower would start off lukewarm and then turn cold! Several times I asked for a manager and was told was either out or I just missed them. Each time I called down or went down to the main desk I was told they would look into it but never responded. It’s sad when my wife is a reward holder and still get no response from the staff! will not stay again!!!

  • ninfa saenz says:

    I was quotes a price for two rooms the evening I i arrived 10/25/2019 and by the morning it was double the price for each room. I had much trouble with the GENERAL MANAGER (RAVINDEER JAKHU ) (RUBY) who wanted me to confront the clerk who had given me the wrong price the night before, so she could use this a training ….. The thought was absurd to me. Ruby told me she would give me the price for the 2nd night at the price was quoted but would NOT ABSOLUTELY NOT give me the rooms for the price I was quoted. The following day, clerk at the desk told me, she didn’t have to put up with me that who did I think l I was and my , actually she ended up locking me out of the lobby when I had my 86 year old mother still in the room in a wheelchair, and my 65 year old sister also disabled. Needless to say, not only did I not get my money back, I was treated UNNACEPTABLE. I bet the CEO KIETH PIERCE , is not aware he has employees that treat their guests this way,,,,,,, I will do my best to find that man and forward this email to the CORPORATE OFFICE.

    • Chuck G. says:

      I feel sorry for you being treated like that esp with your mom still in the room. I had a horrific experience in Sarasota Florida. The place was filthy. The room was filthy, the screaming/laughing party outside went well into the night. Horrible. You can be sure the CEO doesn’t care because many of these reviews find the corp phone number non-existant and no response from Keith Pierce from direct contact. It’s a joke that they are still in business.

  • Ms. D says:

    Upon my arrival on September 21, 2019 I pull into the parking lot and there are motorcycle’s everywhere. I had to park on the outer lane just so I could check-in. There was barely anywhere to park I barely found the spot I got. Upon check-in we had to walk around the bike’s just to get into the lobby. We enter our room and get ready to use the shower and my friend told me to come and look at the bathtub. I entered the bathroom and looked at the tub. It looked black as if it hadn’t been cleaned. I rubbed it and told her that it was the surface(needs to be resurfaced). Then I was sitting on the toilet and notice a match stick under the sink and to myself I said no one swept in here. I went to use the tissue and discovered that there was only a little bit on the roll and no other one to replace it. Then there were biker’s running down the hall like little kid’s. As we returned from our function there was no where to park due to the biker’s had taken up all of the parking space’s in the front. I was livid. We had to park all the way around the back. I told my friend we can use the side door. Get to the door and the pad was gone with just a hanging wire. I was even more livid because we had to walk all the way around to the front door. Then at 8:30 a.m. the biker’s were leaving out. They were playing loud music and revving their engine’s. This disturbed my sleep as I had to get back on the road in a few hour’s. Upon check-out the Manager(Darrell Metcalfe) asked me how was my visit and I told him horrible and he asked what was the problem. I told him about the bike situation and he told me while pointing his finger that I could have parked in the back(as well as the other issue’s). I told him they should have parked in the back and that I’m a paying customer as well. I told him that just because they are biker’s they get to do what they want to. He said no I told them about the noise and revving their engine’s. I said apparently they didn’t listen since it’s still going on. At that point I informed him that I was reaching out to the corporate office. I had left mad and I went back in and him and the cleaning supervisor were talking about it and I asked him his name and he told me and handed me a card. I was asked in the beginning where I wanted to stay and I asked her what floor were they on because I didn’t want to be near them due to the noise. The only reason we didn’t change room’s was because we were tired and had a lot of stuff to switch out. Also, I tried to put the heat on and it never got warm. I have obtained a cold since the room was so cold. Needless to say my stay was not a happy nor enjoyable one.

  • Ann J. says:

    I stayed at the Baymont Inn and Suites in Springfield, IL (Frontage Rd. location). I have never had such a bad experience with a hotel. The Rap music was pounding until 11pm while I was trying to sleep with my daughter after a long driving day. When I went down to ask about the music, I had to walk through the huge cloud of Marijuana that was on my floor. The lady at the desk said she did hear the music but had no way of “knowing what room it was in” so therefore she couldn’t do anything about it. Unfortunately I left my ipad in the room. I traced it back to the hotel and called a few days later. Surprisingly the lady said she had it and would send it to me! However I still have not received it and it has been a month now. Everytime I call I’m told the manager is not there. I have also left several messages. I would love to have someone contact me so I can resolve this ipad issue. 913-980-6005 Ann.

  • Marion Hudson says:

    I made reservations over the phone. I was told they were 8 miles from airport. It was 40 miles. When I arriver my cab driver told me he did not think I would want to stay there. It was in the worst Ghetto ever !!!! It was 8820 S. Orange Blossom Trail , Orlando Fl. It was a rent by the hour hotel !!! The hookers were walking in the parking lot !! If it had not been for a great cab driver I do not know what I would have done. DO NOT EVER BOOK A BAYMONT BY WINDHAM HOTEL !!!! I have tried to call corp and non of the phone numbers will go thru.

  • Teresa DeGroot says:

    Doyle Plumbing and Heating Company provided service to the local Baymont Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, IL on December 27, 2018. The invoice is in the amount of $310.75 which remains unpaid at this time. We have tried repeatedly to contact and discuss this matter with the local hotel to no avail.

    Please let us know who, in your company can assist with collection of this invoice. Otherwise, we will be sending the account to collections shortly.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Teresa Jackson-DeGroot
    Billing Clerk
    Doyle Plumbing and Heating Company

    • Don Clapper says:

      Have you had any success with your delinquent bill? We as well have bills from as far back as April 2018 with no sucess.
      From Chambersburg, PA

  • Sharon Burks says:

    My husband and I stay at the Baymont Calumet City – 510 E. End Avenue – Calumet City, IL on June 8, 2019 thru June 11, 2019. We have stayed at Baymont Inns prior and never had the horrible experience that we got at this facility. A group had rooms and they were completely out of control using drugs and trashing the floor and staff did nothing about it. I complained to the manager the next day but this group was gone by then and I guess there was nothing he could do at that time. I feel the staff on duty the night of June 8th should have controlled the problem. The WiFi did not work the entire time we were there. The breakfast was to totally lacking in what is usually served in your hotels. I am very saddened and disappointed that I traveled to witness my granddaughters’ graduation and was so unhappy with my my stay at your establishment. I usually don’t write reviews but felt I must in this case. My reservation number was 3170883919 (PinCode 2821). Receipt shows a confirmation number of 81579EC030212. I hope Corporate will do something to to change our minds about staying at another one of your locations as we travel quite a bit.

  • Clarance Patton says:

    We stay at 885 S. Stemmons Hwy, Baymont Inn & suites hotel in Lewisville, TX 7/24/19 to 7/27/19. We have stayed at many Baymont Inns prior and have never seen such a deplorable facility as this one. Our room #101’s furniture was beaten up and disgusting, not to say the bed ruffling was torn and half on and off, but the bed was really comfortable. However, at 1AM in the morning, the ceiling over the tub was pouring out water from the ceiling and spraying water on the tub which landed on the floor. I could have slipped on my way into the bathroom and fallen, as I have trouble walking anyway. I had to wipe up the floor. The ceiling had old yellow water marks present from previous leaks and many ceiling water marks where in the hotel hallways. The vanity was broken, carpeted baseboards were fallen off and around the A/C and I was amazed at how a hotel was coming apart.
    I went to the front desk next morning (7/25) and asked to be moved. The gentleman at the desk didn’t seem to be apologetic and acted like he didn’t care. He did not even look at my room to verify leak. I was moved to #103, because I knew the people left that morning. Well #103 wasn’t to much better, as far as the furniture & bedding. The bathroom door you could hardly open it, as it dragged the carpeted floor…let alone closed it. Only nice thing about the room, and the outside hallway was what looked like newer carpeting. I must say that the breakfast room was very clean, but there needed to be protein served, not just waffles. Most of the original Baymont’s, before Wyndham took over, did serve meat & eggs. What’s happened?

    Outside of the bldg front area was dirty (trash can) and cigarettes where piled up in the top of the cigarette container and blowing all over from winds. Not much care is taken at this hotel and the reception people were not friendly or looked like they needed sleep and hardly talked. Who hired these people?!!!!! We will never book or recommend this hotel again!!!!

    I must say the hotel was very convenient in location and right next door to a Cracker Barrel. Our stay was to witness our grandchild’s graduation, as we traveled 1000 miles to get there.

    Hopefully corporate will pay attention to the care of their profit makers. On a scale 1-10….I give #2. I have never written such a poor review before and almost didn’t write this. But someone needs to follow up and get someone that is responsible in the offices there, to make an effort in cleaning up and personally checking their employees this hotel. I do not mean making calls!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feel free to comment on my review. I hope you do!

    • Kelli Fortner says:

      Please contact BBB. You should see how many bad reviews this disgusting hotel chain has against it for the same things over and over. They need a class action law suit to put them out of business. I’m starting with BBB

  • Debbie Jones says:

    My husband and i are staying at baymont by wyndham ,augusta west, address is 629 north west frontage rd, augusta ga,30907. i am in room 112 we checked in yesterday the 17th of may . we had no phone in our room our refrigerator did not feel cold so we went to our families house today to visit for the day and came back at 6:30 and everything in it was ruined we had to through it out . as we came in the front door there was a bunch of people standing outside smoking weed . this has been the poorest excuse for a hotel i have ever been in. we are going to another baymont by wyndham hotel in columbia south carolina i certainly hope it is better then this one; i will certainly let you know about this; we paid 142.00 dollars to stay here i would love to have someone respond to me regarding this. thank you Debbie Jones 561-767-2396

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