Where is Bass Pro Shops Corporate office Headquarters

Bass Pro Shops Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2500 East Kearney
    Springfield, MO 65898
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 417-873-5000
  • Fax Number: 417-873-5060
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 22000
  • Established: 1971
  • Founder: John Morris
  • Key People: James (Jim) Hagale

Bass Pro Shops Headquarters Location & Directions

Bass Pro Shops Headquarters Executive Team



Johnny L. Morris

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

James Hagale

President and Chief Operating Officer

Martin G. MacDonald

Director of Conservation

Bob Ziehmer

Senior Director of Conservation

About Bass Pro Shops, History and Headquarters Information


Bass Pro was founded in the year 1972. The company has been operational for almost 47 years now. The founder of the company was John Morris. The company has its origins back in the days when the founder o the company had started a fishing section at the back of his father's Brown Derby liquor store, located in Missouri, USA, in the year 1971. The small store used to sell homemade worms and baits for fishes. The homemade bait proved to be popular, and therefore in the year 1974, the first catalogue of the company was printed. In the year 1975, the company had established American Rod and Gun, as a separate company as well.

In the year 1995, the company had opened its first warehouse outside of Missouri, in Atlanta, Georgia, the USA, known as Bass Pro Shops Sportsman's Warehouse. In the year 2001, the company had taken advantage of the popularity of Outdoor World, as a great tourist destination - the museum of Wonders of Wildlife was opened next to the store in Springfield. In the year 2007, the Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium was closed down for its renovation. In the year 2016, it was expected that the closed Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium would be opened by the end of the year. The company announced the reopening of the venue in the year 2017. The same year, the company had acquired Cabela for about $5.5 billion. The deal was mainly financed with the help of Goldman Sachs and also Pamplona. About $1.8 billion was contributed by Goldman Sachs and remaining $2.4 billion was provided by Pamplona. This will help in doubling the retail locations of the company as well as increasing the employee count as well. This amalgamation was also the 5th largest merger in the history of the USA. The headquarters of the company is based in 2500 East Kearney. The name of the place is Springfield, while the name of the state is Missouri, USA. The pin code of the area is 65898.


Bass Pro is an American company that focuses on the marketing and selling of various equipment related to fishing, boating, camping, hunting and other outdoor activities as well. The company has its presence in over 177 locations all over the USA and Canada as well. The current CEO of the company is John Morris. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $8 billion. As of the current date, the company has more than 40,000 employees working in it. Some of the brands of the company include Offshore Angler, Natural Reflections, Worldwide Sportsman, Uncle Buck’s, Redhead, XPS, XTS, etcetera. The company is listed at 93 places in the Forbes list of the largest private companies in America. The largest shops of the company operate under the Outdoor World.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of outdoor recreation equipment, such as for camping, fishing, hunting gear, etcetera. The company also sells shoes, clothes and boots for outdoor activities along providing hunting clothes, camping materials and shooting equipment as well.

Bass Pro Shops Headquarters Photos

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  • Robert W Moody says:

    Another to whom it probably doesn’t matter. Monday, November 29, 2021. Just received a sales paper for Black Friday sales. Sales dates November 22-28.doesn’t seem as if this paper does me any good. I called the local store and spoke with a Manager that didn’t care one way or the other. If you cannot plan far enough ahead to allow the US(usually slow) postal service to get it to your customers on time for a sale, don’t even bother sending them at all. Yes there was at least two items that I was going to purchase until I noticed the date on the paper.

  • Mike from Robert, La says:

    To whom it probably doesn’t concern,
    I was looking at the ads for Black Friday and noticed that bass pro and cabelas are open on thanksgiving day from 9 am-6pm. I am a loyal customer with a club credit card and I also have $950.00 in gift cards I have been saving up. I have to tell you that being open on Thanksgiving day is absolutely pathetic! You mean to tell me that making a damn buck is worth more than your employees spending a holiday with their families? This also shows that you people who have decided this could care less about your employees. I am so appalled by this that I am seriously considering canceling my club account and picking an employee to give these gift cards to. I looked up to see if Academy sporting is open and they are not. I respect that as a consumer and will take my business there. It’s a shame that this is what some businesses are doing to their employees. You all should be ashamed, this is absolutely pitiful! What’s next? Christmas Day? PITIFUL

  • Me says:

    Treats their employees like garbage in Bass Pro and Cabela’s

  • RRastycamper says:

    I see you’ve bought out Cabelas’, where I’m having a problem, but I noticed that Bass Pro performs the same idiotic switch with the internet address. Clearly this site is a sham site set up to take complaints that various corporations want to avoid – after all what is one customer loss, even if they’re correct and insightful?

    When a customer selects a specific store location, they should be allowed to see and use that specific store’s site. I live in a State where the nearest store – either company – is more than a six hour drive to visit. However, I can cross the State line and visit a store which is just under four hours away, and in a city a lot nicer to visit. I’ve never set foot in either of the stores in my State. I’ve “crossed the border” several times.

    When I try to check the store in the adjoining State, your droolers in IT have set it up to switch me to the store six hours away in my home State.

    I just bought the same products from Camping World, of all places, on the recommendation of a friend, in the same city in the adjoining State. One product was the same price as the Cabela’s in this State, and everything else was cheaper.

    To h*e*l*l with you.

  • Hoyt Brown says:

    Is it standard practice to not answer the phones at your little Rock store? I have now for 2 days spent 50 minutes phone ringing no answer to service department ammo and firearms no answer that in my opinion is unacceptable

  • James Breedon says:

    Hello my name is James Breedon from Canada. I am writing this email to inquire about what is happening to the vaughan store near Toronto. I have been a customer since it opened. I also have been to many other locations in your country. I enjoy the experience of your stores. I just recently had family come in from Nova Scotia and was excited about taking them to Basspro. I haven’t been there in a while because of Covid and when I got there I was immediately disappointed. The store has changed so much and is starting to look like a Walmart. I used to recognize some of the employees and didn’t see anyone that has helped me in the past. I had to explain to my family that it was a awesome store but something has changed. I hope this isn’t the future for all the stores. I hope you bring this store back to what is was.

  • John Gebala says:

    They do not honored what they say.

  • Nikki Olson says:

    Please check into opening store in Hayward wisconsin we are surrounded by lakes and hunting areas with no major sporting goods store

  • No Longer a Customer says:

    Bass Pro lies about Inventory, sends out sales adds for advertising for products they do not even have in stock just to get you in the store. When asked if you can back order, the answer is no. Most of there staff has no clue when asked a question. Just an FYI, for most basic gear, fishing or hunting, go to Walmart. Most other places sell lures, line and ammo at half the cost that BP charges.

  • Erich Y says:

    Hello there Basspro shop Headquarters. i wen,t up to the Toledo OH, RossFord Basspro shop. i was up there to get a few thing,s and a lot of the rows of tackle where empty bare nothing on the self,s at all. i mean nothing but the hangers that the tackle goes on, Allso the fishing reel show case was bare Empty so was most the rod rack,s . Ya know in all my yr,s going to any Basspro shop or CabeLas i have never ever seen such a thing in my life this past Fri . I hope you all at Basspro keep in tact with your inventory of your products to keep them stocked in your stores. Allso when you try to call to your shop on the 1-800 227-776 PH no you have to wait for ever . i had to wait 1 hr 45 min to get to order some stuff that,s crazy . Come on Basspro Shop every body Loves shopping at your stores but keep up with your Big Name.
    that every body Loves to shop at . Basspro
    Thank you for reading my Letter

  • tim says:

    To the Manager of the Springfield Cabela’s,I was told your name is Mark by one of your store’s members. My Name is Tim Davis and I would like to inform you of my shopping experience with your company. I am or I should say was a regular customer. A few days ago i was looking for a pair of Merrell shoes as they are one of my favorite and i knew your store carried them. I went to the area of your store where the shoes are kept. I selected a pair of shoes I wanted to try on ( and would purchase) . I looked around and didnt see any store employee’s available…of course this is a big store and I knew they could be anywhere. Another customer was standing near by and i ask him in a joking manner …You see any employees around?
    Before the man could answer i heard in a loud and seemed angry voice I RIGHT HERE!! As i turned around surprised by the tone of voice that had been directed at me I indeed saw one of your store employees. He seemed upset i had ask the other customer if he saw any one to help me. I ask him if  they had the shoe i had selected in a 10 wide. Again in a rude tone not respectful or friendly at all the store employee stated they do NOT come in Wide!! I ask him why dont they come in a wide which in afterthought i realize this employee would not and should not have such information …of course. At this point i was feeling much less than welcome and ask if i could try on a pair of size 10 then…he left and returned a few mins later with the size and shoe i had ask for, i tried them on and they fit to my surprise because i alway have to buy the extra wide…but these shoes fit nicely so i boxed them back up and headed toward the front of store to purchase them…the employee who semed so upset i had ask for help had left once the shoes were handed to me and was no to be seen again. I thought this wasnt very good customer service but maybe the guy was just having a bad day….So off i go with my new shoes and headed to the check-out line. 
    As I wasn’t in a hurry i wandered around looking at some of the store items on display. I am a lifelong outdoorsman and love both hunting and fishing so it was natural i suppose i ended up in your firearm section looking at all the firearms i would like to own haha…As i was looking at some of your used firearms on display to my excitement i came on a Ruger 7MM mag rifle that just happen to be identical to one my lady had given me years ago on my birthday! This rifle i had taken Bear, Dear and Elk hunting with me many times years ago…from Oregon, Idaho and Montana this rifle had served me well and it also had great value and meaning to me…Sadly about ten years ago someone stole the rifle along with a shotgun of of my truck by smashing my window and running off with. I was inside a restaurant eating and had the firearms in the front seat as me and one of my friends had been out shooting that day. I wanted to give you the background on why i was so excited to find this Ruger 7mm Mag.
    Back to my Cabelas store experience. As i was saying in my excitement of finding this rifle I looked around and saw no signs informing do NOT pick up the rifles and bring them to the cashier but ask an employee to do it…all the firearms were on display without being locked down…so maybe i should have known better in this day and age, but i picked up the rifle in my excitement and walked over the firearm counter…as i was heading toward the counter another of your male employee’s screamed at me…WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! Are something to that degree. I don’t remember the exact words he used but like the store employee before him i remember well the angry and rude tone. As i’ve said i do understand in this day and age why i should have ask for help before simply picking up the rifle and walking the few steps to the firearm counter…but common courtesy and respect for your customer base dictates i believe a more professional and friendly response….something along the lines of ” excuse me sir, but please return the rifle to the rack and we will have someone help you” .This would have been completely understandable…but remember there was no signs instructing DO NOT REMOVE firearms and to ask for help in purchase.
    Pardon the long letter but i have much to say as i am bothered a great deal by the total disrespect and out of line behavior i was subject to by your store employees on not one, not two but three occasions! 
    After i was screamed at a 2nd time by Cabelas employees i returned the rifle to the spot i had found it and walked over to the little office in the firearm section. By this time i was also angry and wondering what the hell happen to friendly customer service…It was clear this store could care less about their customer base as i supposed they do so much business they truly just dont care! I was the one being a little rude this time as i ask the man sitting in the little office what was up with this store’s employees and why they were so rude! The employee who had not been rude to me and had not had any interaction with me at all was surprised by my words and understandably so. He did get a little upset as we exchanged a few words and replied maybe he didnt even want to sell me the rifle. I was a calmed down at this point and realized i was the one who was being rude and told him so. Our conversation changed at once and he did his best to help me. I filled out the gov mandated application to be ‘checked” before my purchase could go thru. I was told i would be called as soon as the check came back. I made my way to the front of the store at this point and completed my purchase of the Merrel shoes.
    Yesterday around mid-day as i was working on a roof ( I am a Specialty Roofing Contractor) I received a call from one of your store employees. His voice sounded like the employee that had been so rude to me before and had screamed at me to put the gun back. I listened to his message that my Drivers Lic had my name as “tim” and not my legal name of Timothy, thus my application was denied! This has never happen to me before and a matter of fact i had made a purchase for a lower receiver only a few weeks before from Pro Gun in Springfield with no problems at all. I was told i could bring n a birth Cet of passport and reapply for the firearm. I said i had both and would do so at once, soon as i was off work that day. I ask could they please hold the rifle until we had the paperwork completed. Again your store employee in an angry and rude voice informed me they DO NOT HOLD GUNS!! in the manner i wrote it just now! I said look, the rifle has a special meaning to me and i will bring down my birth cet as soon as i can. To my surprise the employee said maybe they could. At this i ask him what time you close as i will come down soon as im off the roof i was working on. he stated to me 8pm they close and at no time did he tell me i must be there by any certain time or my trip down would be wasted!
    Please bear with me as i know this is getting long, but the best is yet to come! 
    The rest of the day yesterday i worked as fast as i could to complete my day to a dried in stopping point so i could secure the rifle at Cabelas so it wasnt sold to someone else. I still was not able to stop until 7pm as the roof must always be dried in before one can simply stop. I rushed home and showered and changed out of my work clothes and headed at once to your store. I brought with me my birth cet and drivers lic to redo the firearm application background check under my legal name as i had been told must be done. It was 7:30 PM by the time i made it back to the Firearms counter in Cabelas…great i had made it by a whole 30 mins! I was greeted by the same rude store employee that had screamed at me the day before and also had been rude to me on the ph in my humble opinion. I showed him my paper work and ask to redo the application. He again in an arrogant tone informed me he would do no such thing as he was working on closing up! I told him the store was still open for another half and hour and couldn’t i simply fill out the form once again with my proof of birth to show…then he could run it the next morning. This way i had secured the rifle from being sold and my rushed day and trip down would not all have been in vain. What followed was a little hard to believe. The store employee turned into a complete jerk as he informed me he could not and would not help me…HE WAS PREPARING TO CLOSE !! He knew i had ask what time they close and he had said 8pm! He made zero mention of the fact if i didnt make it by a certain time line i would not be helped…regardless if the store was open or not! We had a few words between us and i believe in my anger and disbelieve by this whole Cabelas shopping experience i blurted out wtf! With that the very rude and arrogant store employee screamed at me to leave the store!! I told him his was was out of line and i had just spent the last half of my day rushing to get down to secure the rifle as we had discussed over the phone! He screamed at me a few more times and repeatedly ordered me to leave the store! I at no time was made any threatening words toward this man. I ask for his name of which he refused to give me and instead ordered me in a very rude tone of voice to leave His store!!
    Now i dont go out of my way to write letters to department store managers…this is in fact my first and im 99.9% sure will be my last! I do want to bring to the attention of anyone in charge of this store the horrible and uncalled for completely unjust way i was treated in Cableas for simply attempting to purchase first shoes then a firearm in your store! Im going to send a copy of this letter to the Corp office of BassPro as well…I want to bring this to the attention of anyone who might still care about their customer base and how Springfield Cabelas treats their customers.
    Tim Davis

  • Steve R Kaiser says:

    I very disappointed in your service. I purchased a Lowrance fish finder online. When I recieved it the threaded insert on one side was missing so I can use it. It took 4 days and several phone calls to get a person on the phone to help me.

  • Jason W says:

    Lying about inventory is a deceptive business practice. Rude and clueless customer service representatives only serve to enflame the situation. They have no idea what they have in stock, when and how many they recieve on the next order and no idea who is waiting to recieve those items. This is Russian roulette with every chamber loaded. They want to punish the customer for trusting them as a vendor. This can be the only explination for the disrespect and abuse I’ve received from this business.

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