Where is Bass Pro Shops Corporate office Headquarters

Bass Pro Shops Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2500 East Kearney, Springfield, MO 65898, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 417-873-5000

  • Fax Number: 417-873-5060

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 22000

  • Established: 1971

  • Founder: John Morris

  • Key People: James (Jim) Hagale

Bass Pro Shops Headquarters Location & Directions

Bass Pro Shops Headquarters Executive Team



Johnny L. Morris

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

James Hagale

President and Chief Operating Officer

Martin G. MacDonald

Director of Conservation

Bob Ziehmer

Senior Director of Conservation

About Bass Pro Shops, History and Headquarters Information


Bass Pro was founded in the year 1972. The company has been operational for almost 47 years now. The founder of the company was John Morris. The company has its origins back in the days when the founder o the company had started a fishing section at the back of his father’s Brown Derby liquor store, located in Missouri, United States, in the year 1971. The small store used to sell homemade worms and baits for fishes. The homemade bait proved to be popular, and therefore in the year 1974, the first catalogue of the company was printed. In the year 1975, the company had established American Rod and Gun, as a separate company as well.

In the year 1995, the company had opened its first warehouse outside of Missouri, in Atlanta, Georgia, the USA, known as Bass Pro Shops Sportsman’s Warehouse. In the year 2001, the company had taken advantage of the popularity of Outdoor World, as a great tourist destination – the museum of Wonders of Wildlife was opened next to the store in Springfield. In the year 2007, the Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium was closed down for its renovation. In the year 2016, it was expected that the closed Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium would be opened by the end of the year. The company announced the reopening of the venue in the year 2017. The same year, the company had acquired Cabela for about $5.5 billion. The deal was mainly financed with the help of Goldman Sachs and also Pamplona. About $1.8 billion was contributed by Goldman Sachs and remaining $2.4 billion was provided by Pamplona. This will help in doubling the retail locations of the company as well as increasing the employee count as well. This amalgamation was also the 5th largest merger in the history of the USA. The headquarters of the company is based in 2500 East Kearney. The name of the place is Springfield, while the name of the state is Missouri, United States. The pin code of the area is 65898.


Bass Pro is an American company that focuses on the marketing and selling of various equipment related to fishing, boating, camping, hunting and other outdoor activities as well. The company has its presence in over 177 locations all over the USA and Canada as well. The current CEO of the company is John Morris. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $8 billion. As of the current date, the company has more than 40,000 employees working in it. Some of the brands of the company include Offshore Angler, Natural Reflections, Worldwide Sportsman, Uncle Buck’s, Redhead, XPS, XTS, etcetera. The company is listed at 93 places in the Forbes list of the largest private companies in America. The largest shops of the company operate under the Outdoor World.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of outdoor recreation equipment, such as for camping, fishing, hunting gear, etcetera. The company also sells shoes, clothes and boots for outdoor activities along providing hunting clothes, camping materials and shooting equipment as well.

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  • Richard Stepkin says:

    Campaign for Veterans to work at BPS is a wonderful plan – but BPS appears to hire those that are quite the opposite. In Atlantic City – a checkout person was wearing a Full Face Burqa. I am not against EEO but when you look at the definition of those wearing a Face Covering Burqa it states: “A woman may choose to wear it to express her piety, modesty, rejection of Western culture, political views, and cultural views among other reasons.”

    So…I don’t get it. Where does BPS stand on this? Just ignore it? Does BPS want Veterans representing our National Pride or those rejecting Western Culture?

  • Dale O’Banion says:

    I went to the Bass Pro in Prattville Alabama today to purchase a rifle. When I arrived there was only one employee working behind the counter and he was speaking with another customer. I was approached by another employee who did not work behind the gun counter and he said he would let the gun counter employee know that I was there. I stood there for 15 minutes, your gun counter employee never even acknowledged me. I went to another part of the store to look around then came back, he was still talking to the same customer and still did not acknowledge me. I stood there for another 15 minutes and then left your store. I went to a sporting goods store and purchased my rifle. They were well staffed, courteous and efficient. You need to work on your staffing and your customer service.

  • J.D. says:

    I made a once-in-a-lifetime purchase of a new Nitro in 2019 and bought every warranty offered. The boat has been back to Bass Pro in Broken Arrow three time with the same issue and this time it has taken 6 weeks with no resolution. I was told it would take approximately 2 weeks and I am still waiting while the Sales Clerk gets snippy when I call to check. I understand the employees are probably overworked and underpaid and have to deal with grouchy customers. However, I have invested over $60,000 in my boat and I just want to fish. Blame it on the warranty department, the service department or whatever you need to . . . I just want my boat working and back to me! Does anyone really read these reviews?

  • June says:

    I was wrongfully terminated from the DC in Macon, Ga. After almost 3 years of being over worked and mistreated never once did I complain. This company works you to death literally. They don’t care or show any respect for their employees. Operation managers and security along with safety directors steal and blame it on the employees. They have a pedophile as the Transportation Manager who has a case open for inappropriately touching kids on a school bus. They have a team lead who snorts Cocaine before and during work. They have a supervisor who watches gay porn during work. The head of HR is having an affair with the safety director.This is total nonsense. Someone needs to do something about this immediately.

  • Jamee says:

    Very poor customer service by 2 different managers at the store in Palm Bay, FL. I wanted to purchase a 4 wheeler. They refused to sell it to me because “I have a child under the age of 10 living in the home.” Those were the exact words the manager used. I was given no other reason, excuse or help. Since when do Bass Pro Shop Employees get to make decisions regarding my child? I was a loyal customer and previously purchased another 4 wheeler, as well as, a UTV from there. I will NEVER step foot in a BPS again.

  • Jose Echevarria says:

    Good afternoon, to whom it may concern I would like to file a complaint of racism.

  • Paul Arndt. says:

    Worst customer service experience ever from Bass Pro Shops’ management team in Rancho Cucamonga.
    You lost a customer for life – over a mere $99.00 – which was my money to begin with.
    Your unprofessionalism is definitely your stores character flaw.

  • Dale Statson says:

    Brought two gift certificates (I believe $100 ea as value) to Auburn Hills Store which informed me there was zero value, implying they were used. I explained that I received them on Father’s Day 3 yrs ago and due to Covid have not been in their store until the 08-04-2022 visit. Doing more research on their system it shows “someone” said they were lost and asked for replacement cards…I told him that person certainly was NOT me. Service Mgr EJ kept the cards indicating he would contact the corp office for info since they were dated and not on their computer. After 30 days he informed me he emailed and contacted the Corp office (I assume in Missouri) multiple times and no one has replied and that maybe I should contact them! Here is my assessment: someone inside having the company having IT access (computer statistics) sees my cards were not used for 2+ years, and requested replacements be mailed (not to my home) to someone else’s address!
    I’m obviously not pleased with the corp office’s lack of response to local management and to a customer who has been a club member for over 16 years!!!!!

  • Jon Stuehmeyer says:

    I bought a Johnny Morris bait casting reel and rod about 2 years ago per the employees recommendation. First one I’ve ever bought and used. Through a lot of casting and birds nest’s in my front yard I finally have gotten somewhat confident using it. Not confident enough to take it on my float trips. I may have used it 6 times fishing, the rest practicing. About 6 months ago the handle fell of while fishing. Of course I lost a washer and nut but found the handle. Took it to bass pro, sent it off for repair. Cost $15. First trip back out with it the handle fell of again. Took it back to bass pro shop and explained my frustration to them. All they could do according to the manager was send it back off for repair. I explained to him that giving me a credit towards a newer, better model would be something good for the company and the customer. I’m very frustrated with this model as I only used it probably 40 times total. I don’t want this reel, it only has caused me headaches. Very disappointed with the quality of the Johnny Morris reel and the customer service level of the the store I frequently used to visit.

  • Joel Bultsma says:

    So here’s the deal, I’m trying to buy a side-by-side and there is one in Portage that’s in stock and it’s the 1 I want but they can’t sell it because they want it as a display? If I wanted to buy the last lure on your shelf would you tell the sales people not to sell it to me because you want someone else to be able to look at it?

  • John and Marie says:

    I have been in your Katy Texas store several times this summer and the air conditioner has been out of service. This makes it difficult to shop. Not sure if you are aware of this problem.

  • Michael Stanifer says:

    I bought my first new boat from your company in Dec. 2020. I have had minor problems with it having to take it in for repair which I understand. Salespeople were great of course to make the sale, but I call ahead with a trolling motor issue that caused me to miss half of a tournament. When I scheduled appt. the shop scheduled a day to bring it in so I wouldn’t have to leave it for more than a day or two. Over a week went by and I had to call the service manager and he called 3 hours later said it was done. Wasted time and my warranty just sitting there. Today I drop it off for again, trolling motor issue. I called 3-4 weeks ago to schedule and left Manager Skip a voicemail that was never returned. I had to leave for two weeks and decided when I got back today to just take it in and Manager Skip tells me it may be another month before I see this boat. Had he returned my call, the month would have already passed. I work every day and don’t have time or expect to have to keep calling when I leave voicemails. I’m really disappointed with your service department at this store and they’re not very courteous. I feel you have sold the boat now the customer isn’t as important and my warranty is waiting away in your parking lot

  • Rob Z says:

    I want to complement and bring to your attention the greeter or main man at the Bass Pro in Memphis at the Macon road location. Barnelle is like no other. He has a a way to make you instantly feel like you are at home and feels out your needs and gets you every resource to set your needs to reality. I was blown away with his kindness and attention to detail. I want Bass Pro to know we need more Barnelle’s. Thank you for making our experience at your Bass Pro like no other.

  • Dave says:

    Bought a 2022 sun tracker fishing barrage had major issues with the top. I had to remove it from boat and take to the bass pro shop in Louisiana
    It was pretty mess up frame was bent wires were stretched. Was a mess. I called white river to discuss it. The way the women talked to me about I was they more issues with them then lead me to believe. Anyways two weeks go and I get an e mail on a recall on it that would need to go in to be repaired. two weeks to late. Now here it as about 6-8 weeks later and they said they repaired it. I said to the service manager Tim at bass Pro shop Denham Springs la. That repairing was not an acceptable. That it need to be replaced boat had been used four times.
    He says well we’re are not going to do that it’s repaired and that is all that’s going to be done.
    So I asked him to send me contacts so I could discuss with corporate pretty much told me I was crazy if I thought if I thought they were going to replaced the whole thing.
    Well Tim as I told you on phone I will not be talked to like that on the phone and I won’t be picking up the top. That I will be contacting anyone and everyone till I the customer who paid over 50000 for a boat am satisfied with the top.


    I just got back from your store in Rancho, Ca. I went to buy ammo and when presented my ID and Birth Certificate the young man asked if that was a copy of my Birth Certificate. I told him yes. He informed me that I needed to have the original with me and that was company policy! I had purchased ammo before with these papers at that store and elsewhere. There goes 2hours of my life. It would have been a 400.00 dollar purchase and I’m also a club member. I’ll spend my ammo money somewhere else. Thanks

  • Jeff Martin says:

    To Whomever will listen:

    I purchased a 2022 Nitro Z20 Pro from Bass Pro in Bossier City, LA and paid nearly $80K and its been sitting in the storage yard currently for over 22 days. It took almost three weeks for them to figure out “yeah, the customer was right–the port side navigation light is out”. Now after sitting there all that time, they just order the navigation light which will take another week or so. Previously, I had to take my new boat back to Bass Pro in Bossier City because the trailer axle about fell off. Hey, things like this happen, no problem. However, I liked to have never got the boat back. I purchased a Tracker 175 txw 2 years ago from Bass Pro in Bossier City, LA and it took a minimum of three weeks to get an oil change let along any other service.

    Now I am a huge fan of Bass Pro; it’s the greatest concept in the world, and most of my money is spent there, but it doesn’t not take a MBA from any university to figure out something just ain’t right at that store in Bossier City. Why in the hell would I ever buy another boat from that place again knowing what I know know. After two purchases, I’ve learned my lesson. Weather or not anybody ever reads this or not, you have to feel my frustration. I just don’t understand.

    Thank you for letting me say my peace.


  • Cynthia says:

    I was bullied and threatened by a Bass Pro Shop employee in the parking as they were leaving work.
    I would like information on who or where I can report this incident.

  • Tim Van Der Schaaf says:

    I am currently having problems with the purchase of a bass buggy pontoon!
    The boat is at the Garland Texas site ready to go .
    We have been approved and everything was a go.
    We waited an extra 2 weeks while they got it from another dealer! We were told to come back last Saturday to complete paperwork and pick up boat! We drove almost 2 hrs and when we got there the manager said he lost titles while transferring boat to the Garland store.
    He said corporate would expidite the new paperwork!
    It has been another week and still no paperwork!
    Im truly disappointed in the way this is dragging out!
    Mail can be overnighted!
    Thinking of just going somewhere else!
    Sad in Texas!

  • Monty says:

    Bass Pro Shop does not stand behind their sales! When there is a recall from the manufacturer and you are told all sales a final, you have to deal with the manufacurer directly. This is horrible customer service. I contacted the manufacuturer and was told this is the only retailer they have ever heard of that would not process recalls. What a joke. You took my money, made your profit and completely washed your hands of any responsibility as a retailer.

  • Kathleen carrillo says:

    Try to get information by calling Bass Pro Shop in Rocklin California and the managers Alex there which I could not get a hold of I call got placed on hold got transferred it rain got transferred back on a recalled ask for help ask for manager didn’t get any of those one person says hey I don’t know how to transfer your another person says I don’t know how to get ahold of the manager there busy next person said there is no manager they went home anyway I said you know all I want is to look up to see if I this particular item is there it’s a fishfinder that I want it that’s a pretty expensive fish finder at that but no could get any help I said look I mean I spend a lot of money there love the store but it’s not exactly close and they didn’t care didn’t care I said if I can’t get service you know there’s no point in having my business there there’s no point in me spending money on my credit card there’s just no point if that’s the way customer service is going to be so I’m very disappointed I will be taking my business someplace else and I will be canceling the credit card

  • Ken says:

    Mr Morris
    We have engineered and patented a one of a kind mechanism that automatically stores and deploy an electric trolling motor from under the deck of a pontoon boat.
    We want to sell the patent and unit.


  • Bruce Elder says:

    Hey, I just received your new Bas Pro Catalog, lots of nice pictures, BUT, no information on any of the items!!!! Why?
    You don’t describe anything at all!!!! Very disappointed in the book, last years was much better!

  • Tracy Ness says:

    good afternoon, used one of your vendors in purchasing 6 cuckoo clocks. I received 5 of them with one back ordered. they charged my cabelas/bass pro shops credit card for all 6 clocks. after canceling my order i have attempted 3 times to have my card credited the 542.94 back to my account. your vendor/dealer i used was clockway.com. i am supprised to see that cabelas allows such vendors with shady business practices to be on there web site. also i am sorry to say will think twice now on using your site.

  • Chris Dewaele says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I purchased a Tracker OFF-ROAD 800sx Crew from a store of yours in Peoria Illinois, in September 2020. In July of 2021 I call the same store due to the rear diff lock not working. I was told I could bring it in to the store in August of 2021, which I did. That same machine is still in that same store due to not being able to get the part, well sitting outdoors in the weather that is. Which is not how I treat my things. I have called corporate more than once leaving a message for a Lesley Rice, with no response. I don’t understand why you can’t take the part out of a machine sitting on the showroom floor and put that one outside until a new part comes in and I can have mine back. It is February now and my warranty expires next month. I wish I could post a picture here so I can show how this store is taking care of my machine. This is all unacceptable.

  • Sal Robles says:

    I had the worst customer experience I have ever had in my life. I went to the Rocklin CA store. To purchase a single pistol gun safe. I went there with the intent of Purchasing a specific biometric pistol safe. The only one I saw there was the floor model. Shortly after another customer walks up with a sales associate all three of us started discussing the safe I wanted to purchase. The sales associate went back to the counter to get the safe keys. I mentioned to the customer I was there for that particular safe as I was researching it online. The sales associate opens the safe we all look at it. The customer walked away from that safe and requested another be opened. The sales associate opened the other safe and while they were discussing it I asked if the floor model was the only one they had of the safe I was still looking at, the sales associate said it was and said if I wanted it he would go get the box for me. I said yes I will take it. That’s when the other customer says no I want it and they proceed to give it to the other customer. The sales associate tells me the other customer was here first so he gets it. They go to the cash register and I requested to speak with a Manager. The sales associate called someone over. I explained I want to complain to a manager, because the other customer walked away from the safe and I was offered it. Turns out I wasn’t speaking with a manager but a team lead. I stated what happened and he just said oh well stuff like this happens. I asked if he could try to make it right and possibly offer a discount to purchase the safe online or a gift card. He said no, I said does this company not, care about customer service and he said that’s not his Job. I said wow as a Manager your not worried about customer service then what do you do as a Manager. The team lead then says are you going to purchase something I’m not here to kiss your ass. I finally look at his name Tag realized he was a team lead not a manager. I said wow now you are going to use profanity. I told him I will be leaving a review of this conversation online he told me to go for it. I ended up finding the assistant General manager from the site, she offered me a 25 dollar gift card and said they would order the safe online for me. I used the gift card and purchased the safe with my credit card. 2 hours later I get an email saying my order was canceled. Now I am very disappointed with your store.

  • Lisa says:

    Where do I go to file a complaint with your management team at the Little Rock store. One particular person Tyler Lewis. I’m a former employee at Bass Pro Little Rock and the things that were said to me I call inappropriate coming from a male to a female with no one else in a closed office. I would like to get a call from someone so I can go into detail with you. Also I’ve heard there are other employees that have left your company because of this individual.

  • Sun Mitchell says:

    Ordered a Carhartt jacket for Christmas on November 29. 21. Still have not received it. I have called several reps. No one can tell me anything as to when its arriving. Im currently on hold with a rep. She put me on hold been waiting 17 mins and still she has not come back on! There is no tracking # none of the reps I have contacted can find the # all they can say is its shipped!! This is BULLSHIT! Still on hold..pretty sure the rep is hoping I hangup. Just give me my damn $ back! I will never order from Bass Pro! Awful customer service. Im still on hold, 20mins now! Ridiculous! She hung up on me!! Wow!!!

  • Anthony Torelli says:

    December 18, 2021

    Bass Pro Shops Headquarters
    2500 East Kearney Springfield, MO 65898.

    Dear Johnny Morris CEO

    We have been long time customers of your stores. On December 12, 2021 I placed and online order for a Smith & Wesson MP15-22 long rifle. My nephew loves to go to the range when he visits us here in Orlando. I own many larger rifles as well as handguns but due to the cost of ammunition the .22 is just more economical and much safer. I arrived at you Orlando store, filled out all of the paperwork as well as the background check. All went well until I pointed out to your employee that they misspelled the name of our street on my Florida drivers license, they left the E out of Brentley. Seemed like more of a motor vehicle issue. I was then advised by a man named Andrew that if I could retrieve my vehicle registration or a billing statement showing “Brentley” spelled correctly this would solve the issue. I proceeded out to my car and retrieved my Florida registration only to find that it is also misspelled. I have now been in your store for over 90 minutes. Had I not noticed this flaw none of this would have surfaced. Andrew now advised me that he could not sell me the firearm. I did not argue or resist, I simply agreed and asked for a refund for the purchased (see attached)

    We all know the process in dealing with motor vehicle agencies so with my pearls of wisdom and the holidays coming up fast I simply asked my wife to buy it. We went online, paid for it in full and figured problem solved.

    Not so fast I guess. We arrived at the same store and added ourselves to the waiting list. We waited for almost an hour. When we were called up to the counter I remembered the salesperson and explained that my wife was making the purchase and she would need to fill out the background check ect. She was standing right next to me. Sales person strolls back to the office area and out comes Andrew. Andrew advised me that I was doing something wrong and he could not sell me the rifle. I tried to explain to Mr. Andrew that I was not buying it, my wife was and that he needed too help her. Andrew took a hard line and accused me of trying to cheat the system somehow. At this juncture my wife was so embarrassed she walked away. Andrew and his co-workers were not interested and Andrew threatened me and accused me of escalating the situation. We were both so embarrassed. I told Andrew upon my departure that I would write to you. I also asked for the name of the stores general manager whom I will also speak with.

    Mr. Morris I understand that your company can refuse to sell anything to anyone. I also understand the rules. My wife and I did nothing illegal or wrong. She has every right to walk into any store and buy any rifle or firearm. Employees don’t have the right to harass customers and go on power trips. Andrew should have called the store manager before making any accusations. I can only imagine how many other people Andrew has done this to and how much it cost your company in sales and loss of customers. We have a choice to shop there and I am sad to say I wont go back. Andrew owes us an apology for sure. Upon my departure I told him I was going to the top, his reply was “Go ahead” my wife witnessed all of it. What a horrible way to treat a customer. I am sorry to bother you but this really upset me.

    Anthony & Lee Anne Torelli
    2100 Brentley Place
    Orlando Florida, 32835

  • WAYNE says:

    Like to talk to someone at corporate office about a major issue I had when one of the employee cursed me and embarrassed me and my wife after we just purchased $12 grand machine. Please have someone from main office not Tallahassee get back in touch with me it’s very important. 12/3/21.
    Wayne Miller

  • LONGtime outdoorsman says:

    Yep, my sentiments exactly. Now they purchased Sportsman’s Warehouse, our Coon Rapids store is a joke. I won’t go in there any more. They carry ONE fishing lure on a peg. They put you on hold when trying to find out if they have stock, and no one answers. Staff are all too busy BSing. I’ve seen this. Managers need to be fired. McDonalds is hiring. Cabela’s and this have driven me to 99% internet buying, and NONE from them. Good job, Johnny Morris. You are a fool.

  • Robert W Moody says:

    Another to whom it probably doesn’t matter. Monday, November 29, 2021. Just received a sales paper for Black Friday sales. Sales dates November 22-28.doesn’t seem as if this paper does me any good. I called the local store and spoke with a Manager that didn’t care one way or the other. If you cannot plan far enough ahead to allow the US(usually slow) postal service to get it to your customers on time for a sale, don’t even bother sending them at all. Yes there was at least two items that I was going to purchase until I noticed the date on the paper.

  • Mike from Robert, La says:

    To whom it probably doesn’t concern,
    I was looking at the ads for Black Friday and noticed that bass pro and cabelas are open on thanksgiving day from 9 am-6pm. I am a loyal customer with a club credit card and I also have $950.00 in gift cards I have been saving up. I have to tell you that being open on Thanksgiving day is absolutely pathetic! You mean to tell me that making a damn buck is worth more than your employees spending a holiday with their families? This also shows that you people who have decided this could care less about your employees. I am so appalled by this that I am seriously considering canceling my club account and picking an employee to give these gift cards to. I looked up to see if Academy sporting is open and they are not. I respect that as a consumer and will take my business there. It’s a shame that this is what some businesses are doing to their employees. You all should be ashamed, this is absolutely pitiful! What’s next? Christmas Day? PITIFUL

  • Mitch Kruszynsky says:

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Mitch Kruszynsky I am a resident of Denham Springs la. Where one of your Bass Pro Shop stores is located . I am trying to get information regarding how to get my product into one of your store. It’s a Cajun Seasoning called
    Roux Dat! Cajun seasoning it is made locally we are in 450 stores across Louisiana . We have been asked several times by outdoorsman why we aren’t in bass pro shops so any help you can give us that will lead us in the right direction as to who we would need to contact to become another one of your great products in Bass Pro shops. We would love to be on the shelves in your outdoor cooking departments ,it would be greatly appreciated. .my wife and two sons started this Co,
    Roux Dat! Cajun seasoning 4 years ago ,our retailers and sales have grown very much in those 4 years.
    we would love to send a sample of our product to you so you too can enjoy a little taste of Cajun Seasoning .we believe it would be a great fit for your company , also many customers have told us they love buying local to support their town and our state .
    Hoping to hear from you
    soon . I can Also be contacted via cell phone
    Mitch Kruszynsky

    Mitch Kruszynsky
    President @ CEO
    Roux Dat! Cajun Seasoning

  • T roberson says:

    Wish someone carried in Corp office how company is ran
    Got so big President don’t have a clue how sorry company is

  • Me says:

    Treats their employees like garbage in Bass Pro and Cabela’s

  • RRastycamper says:

    I see you’ve bought out Cabelas’, where I’m having a problem, but I noticed that Bass Pro performs the same idiotic switch with the internet address. Clearly this site is a sham site set up to take complaints that various corporations want to avoid – after all what is one customer loss, even if they’re correct and insightful?

    When a customer selects a specific store location, they should be allowed to see and use that specific store’s site. I live in a State where the nearest store – either company – is more than a six hour drive to visit. However, I can cross the State line and visit a store which is just under four hours away, and in a city a lot nicer to visit. I’ve never set foot in either of the stores in my State. I’ve “crossed the border” several times.

    When I try to check the store in the adjoining State, your droolers in IT have set it up to switch me to the store six hours away in my home State.

    I just bought the same products from Camping World, of all places, on the recommendation of a friend, in the same city in the adjoining State. One product was the same price as the Cabela’s in this State, and everything else was cheaper.

    To h*e*l*l with you.

  • Hoyt Brown says:

    Is it standard practice to not answer the phones at your little Rock store? I have now for 2 days spent 50 minutes phone ringing no answer to service department ammo and firearms no answer that in my opinion is unacceptable

  • James Breedon says:

    Hello my name is James Breedon from Canada. I am writing this email to inquire about what is happening to the vaughan store near Toronto. I have been a customer since it opened. I also have been to many other locations in your country. I enjoy the experience of your stores. I just recently had family come in from Nova Scotia and was excited about taking them to Basspro. I haven’t been there in a while because of Covid and when I got there I was immediately disappointed. The store has changed so much and is starting to look like a Walmart. I used to recognize some of the employees and didn’t see anyone that has helped me in the past. I had to explain to my family that it was a awesome store but something has changed. I hope this isn’t the future for all the stores. I hope you bring this store back to what is was.

  • John Gebala says:

    They do not honored what they say.

  • Emcee says:

    Lacks communication. I purchased an item online shipping was 2-3 weeks. One month later no package or shipping confirmation.

  • Nikki Olson says:

    Please check into opening store in Hayward wisconsin we are surrounded by lakes and hunting areas with no major sporting goods store

  • No Longer a Customer says:

    Bass Pro lies about Inventory, sends out sales adds for advertising for products they do not even have in stock just to get you in the store. When asked if you can back order, the answer is no. Most of there staff has no clue when asked a question. Just an FYI, for most basic gear, fishing or hunting, go to Walmart. Most other places sell lures, line and ammo at half the cost that BP charges.

  • Erich Y says:

    Hello there Basspro shop Headquarters. i wen,t up to the Toledo OH, RossFord Basspro shop. i was up there to get a few thing,s and a lot of the rows of tackle where empty bare nothing on the self,s at all. i mean nothing but the hangers that the tackle goes on, Allso the fishing reel show case was bare Empty so was most the rod rack,s . Ya know in all my yr,s going to any Basspro shop or CabeLas i have never ever seen such a thing in my life this past Fri . I hope you all at Basspro keep in tact with your inventory of your products to keep them stocked in your stores. Allso when you try to call to your shop on the 1-800 227-776 PH no you have to wait for ever . i had to wait 1 hr 45 min to get to order some stuff that,s crazy . Come on Basspro Shop every body Loves shopping at your stores but keep up with your Big Name.
    that every body Loves to shop at . Basspro
    Thank you for reading my Letter

  • tim says:

    To the Manager of the Springfield Cabela’s,I was told your name is Mark by one of your store’s members. My Name is Tim Davis and I would like to inform you of my shopping experience with your company. I am or I should say was a regular customer. A few days ago i was looking for a pair of Merrell shoes as they are one of my favorite and i knew your store carried them. I went to the area of your store where the shoes are kept. I selected a pair of shoes I wanted to try on ( and would purchase) . I looked around and didnt see any store employee’s available…of course this is a big store and I knew they could be anywhere. Another customer was standing near by and i ask him in a joking manner …You see any employees around?
    Before the man could answer i heard in a loud and seemed angry voice I RIGHT HERE!! As i turned around surprised by the tone of voice that had been directed at me I indeed saw one of your store employees. He seemed upset i had ask the other customer if he saw any one to help me. I ask him if  they had the shoe i had selected in a 10 wide. Again in a rude tone not respectful or friendly at all the store employee stated they do NOT come in Wide!! I ask him why dont they come in a wide which in afterthought i realize this employee would not and should not have such information …of course. At this point i was feeling much less than welcome and ask if i could try on a pair of size 10 then…he left and returned a few mins later with the size and shoe i had ask for, i tried them on and they fit to my surprise because i alway have to buy the extra wide…but these shoes fit nicely so i boxed them back up and headed toward the front of store to purchase them…the employee who semed so upset i had ask for help had left once the shoes were handed to me and was no to be seen again. I thought this wasnt very good customer service but maybe the guy was just having a bad day….So off i go with my new shoes and headed to the check-out line. 
    As I wasn’t in a hurry i wandered around looking at some of the store items on display. I am a lifelong outdoorsman and love both hunting and fishing so it was natural i suppose i ended up in your firearm section looking at all the firearms i would like to own haha…As i was looking at some of your used firearms on display to my excitement i came on a Ruger 7MM mag rifle that just happen to be identical to one my lady had given me years ago on my birthday! This rifle i had taken Bear, Dear and Elk hunting with me many times years ago…from Oregon, Idaho and Montana this rifle had served me well and it also had great value and meaning to me…Sadly about ten years ago someone stole the rifle along with a shotgun of of my truck by smashing my window and running off with. I was inside a restaurant eating and had the firearms in the front seat as me and one of my friends had been out shooting that day. I wanted to give you the background on why i was so excited to find this Ruger 7mm Mag.
    Back to my Cabelas store experience. As i was saying in my excitement of finding this rifle I looked around and saw no signs informing do NOT pick up the rifles and bring them to the cashier but ask an employee to do it…all the firearms were on display without being locked down…so maybe i should have known better in this day and age, but i picked up the rifle in my excitement and walked over the firearm counter…as i was heading toward the counter another of your male employee’s screamed at me…WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! Are something to that degree. I don’t remember the exact words he used but like the store employee before him i remember well the angry and rude tone. As i’ve said i do understand in this day and age why i should have ask for help before simply picking up the rifle and walking the few steps to the firearm counter…but common courtesy and respect for your customer base dictates i believe a more professional and friendly response….something along the lines of ” excuse me sir, but please return the rifle to the rack and we will have someone help you” .This would have been completely understandable…but remember there was no signs instructing DO NOT REMOVE firearms and to ask for help in purchase.
    Pardon the long letter but i have much to say as i am bothered a great deal by the total disrespect and out of line behavior i was subject to by your store employees on not one, not two but three occasions! 
    After i was screamed at a 2nd time by Cabelas employees i returned the rifle to the spot i had found it and walked over to the little office in the firearm section. By this time i was also angry and wondering what the hell happen to friendly customer service…It was clear this store could care less about their customer base as i supposed they do so much business they truly just dont care! I was the one being a little rude this time as i ask the man sitting in the little office what was up with this store’s employees and why they were so rude! The employee who had not been rude to me and had not had any interaction with me at all was surprised by my words and understandably so. He did get a little upset as we exchanged a few words and replied maybe he didnt even want to sell me the rifle. I was a calmed down at this point and realized i was the one who was being rude and told him so. Our conversation changed at once and he did his best to help me. I filled out the gov mandated application to be ‘checked” before my purchase could go thru. I was told i would be called as soon as the check came back. I made my way to the front of the store at this point and completed my purchase of the Merrel shoes.
    Yesterday around mid-day as i was working on a roof ( I am a Specialty Roofing Contractor) I received a call from one of your store employees. His voice sounded like the employee that had been so rude to me before and had screamed at me to put the gun back. I listened to his message that my Drivers Lic had my name as “tim” and not my legal name of Timothy, thus my application was denied! This has never happen to me before and a matter of fact i had made a purchase for a lower receiver only a few weeks before from Pro Gun in Springfield with no problems at all. I was told i could bring n a birth Cet of passport and reapply for the firearm. I said i had both and would do so at once, soon as i was off work that day. I ask could they please hold the rifle until we had the paperwork completed. Again your store employee in an angry and rude voice informed me they DO NOT HOLD GUNS!! in the manner i wrote it just now! I said look, the rifle has a special meaning to me and i will bring down my birth cet as soon as i can. To my surprise the employee said maybe they could. At this i ask him what time you close as i will come down soon as im off the roof i was working on. he stated to me 8pm they close and at no time did he tell me i must be there by any certain time or my trip down would be wasted!
    Please bear with me as i know this is getting long, but the best is yet to come! 
    The rest of the day yesterday i worked as fast as i could to complete my day to a dried in stopping point so i could secure the rifle at Cabelas so it wasnt sold to someone else. I still was not able to stop until 7pm as the roof must always be dried in before one can simply stop. I rushed home and showered and changed out of my work clothes and headed at once to your store. I brought with me my birth cet and drivers lic to redo the firearm application background check under my legal name as i had been told must be done. It was 7:30 PM by the time i made it back to the Firearms counter in Cabelas…great i had made it by a whole 30 mins! I was greeted by the same rude store employee that had screamed at me the day before and also had been rude to me on the ph in my humble opinion. I showed him my paper work and ask to redo the application. He again in an arrogant tone informed me he would do no such thing as he was working on closing up! I told him the store was still open for another half and hour and couldn’t i simply fill out the form once again with my proof of birth to show…then he could run it the next morning. This way i had secured the rifle from being sold and my rushed day and trip down would not all have been in vain. What followed was a little hard to believe. The store employee turned into a complete jerk as he informed me he could not and would not help me…HE WAS PREPARING TO CLOSE !! He knew i had ask what time they close and he had said 8pm! He made zero mention of the fact if i didnt make it by a certain time line i would not be helped…regardless if the store was open or not! We had a few words between us and i believe in my anger and disbelieve by this whole Cabelas shopping experience i blurted out wtf! With that the very rude and arrogant store employee screamed at me to leave the store!! I told him his was was out of line and i had just spent the last half of my day rushing to get down to secure the rifle as we had discussed over the phone! He screamed at me a few more times and repeatedly ordered me to leave the store! I at no time was made any threatening words toward this man. I ask for his name of which he refused to give me and instead ordered me in a very rude tone of voice to leave His store!!
    Now i dont go out of my way to write letters to department store managers…this is in fact my first and im 99.9% sure will be my last! I do want to bring to the attention of anyone in charge of this store the horrible and uncalled for completely unjust way i was treated in Cableas for simply attempting to purchase first shoes then a firearm in your store! Im going to send a copy of this letter to the Corp office of BassPro as well…I want to bring this to the attention of anyone who might still care about their customer base and how Springfield Cabelas treats their customers.
    Tim Davis

  • Steve R Kaiser says:

    I very disappointed in your service. I purchased a Lowrance fish finder online. When I recieved it the threaded insert on one side was missing so I can use it. It took 4 days and several phone calls to get a person on the phone to help me.

  • Jason W says:

    Lying about inventory is a deceptive business practice. Rude and clueless customer service representatives only serve to enflame the situation. They have no idea what they have in stock, when and how many they recieve on the next order and no idea who is waiting to recieve those items. This is Russian roulette with every chamber loaded. They want to punish the customer for trusting them as a vendor. This can be the only explination for the disrespect and abuse I’ve received from this business.

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