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Nigel Travis

Chief Executive Officer of Dunkin’ Brands

Jon L. Luther

Executive Chairman of the Board of Dunkin’ Brands

Carlos Nunez

Head of U S Hispanic Mktg and Director of Mktg for Americas Europe, Middle East & Consumer Insights

Carol Austin

Vice President of Marketing

Brian O’Mara

Vice President of Marketing USA

About Baskin Robbins, History and Headquarters Information

Baskin Robbins is a chain of ice cream and cake specialty restaurant. It was founded in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins. These brothers – in – law merged their ice cream parlours. The headquarters of the company is located in Massachusetts. It sells ice cream cakes, frozen beverages, frozen treats and ice cream. There are more than 7,500 stores spread all over the world. The spread covers more than 50 countries. Baskin Robbins is a subsidiary of Dunkin Brands.

The company started its journey with 31 different flavours of ice cream. Today it sells more than 1000s of flavours according to the likings of the locals.

In 1972, the company went public. After a year, it was acquired by British Food Company. The 2000s were struggling days for the company. In 2008, Baskin Robbins introduced frozen treats under the name Bright Choices which was a huge hit.

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  • Shyam pandey says:

    I want to visit in company

  • John Gravette says:

    Please confirm that Baskin Robbins has made the decision to not sell Winter White Ice Cream in the south east USA. I am being told by our local outlet that they are unable to obtain winter white ice cream this year and that they will not be able to fill my annual order for 5 gallons this year.

    If this is untrue please identify an outlet in my area where I can continue this Christmas tradition.
    Since most stores are owned by individuals, it seems to me that Baskin Robbins corporate will know who they sell to and can if they wish to identify where I can purchase the product. I tried contacting your call center where a polite lady with broken English could only offer to contact my local store to confirm what they themselves have already done. The MI store location seems to have no knowledge on this matter.

    I am located about 60 miles north of New Orleans Louisiana in Hammond louisiana. I am between New orleans and Baton Rouge. However, I am willing to travel to acquire Winter White during this time of year. My family always looks forward to this treat at Christmas time. As we have witnessed where so much of our traditions simply vanish especially in New Orleans, we wish to try and keep these simple ritual alive.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best Regards

  • hend says:

    I need to communicate with the regional manager😊
    It’s important
    Thanks .

    kuwait branch

  • Martha Driggers says:

    I would like someone to contact me about the Baskin-Robbins store in Sumter, South cArolina. i have been unsuccessful at getting anyone with the problems that we are having with this store.
    thank you!

  • Alice says:

    The manager at the Torrance, CA store on PCH is intimidating and controlling with her
    employees, to say nothing of the customers.

  • Laila says:

    The manager at the Fairfield, CA store is *stealing* from her teenage employees.

  • Rita says:

    To whom this may concern:

    I have tried on several occasions to get gift cards at your Lincoln CA. Baskin Robbins store. On two different occasions they could not run the cards through their system. Some how it failed. Two occasions they were out of cards cards and now I’m told they don’t carry them.
    Then I go to the Lomis CA store, where I got a couple of gift cards but no envelope.
    Just very disappointing.

  • Clinton McCarver says:

    In Tucson AZ, We went to a location down on 1655 W Valencia Rd Suite 101, Tucson, AZ and they there doors closed Locked 40 mins before closing. Going somewhere else for ice cream.

  • Sara says:

    Worst customer service ever!
    I have driven through & had your employee tell me she’s alone and has to use bathroom & I have ordered through Uber Eats! Every time it is wrong flavor, wrong size or no one available to deliver! This company needs help now!

  • Peggy Rush says:

    To make a long story short, we were shorted a quart of ice cream from our local Baskin Robbins in Mayfield Heights Ohio. When I called customer service they blamed the Uber driver. The bag was sealed when we got it it was ordered and paid for. The local manager could have cared less. We didn’t get a receipt because he said there computers was messed up. I ask for the main manager to call me the next day and he said she can’t to that, this happens to 100’s of people and she just can’t call everyone. He said you need to bring your proof in that you paid for it. So that’s why we paid and tipped Uber so we could run in tomorrow when we wanted the ice cream tonight. And none of you even care. Pass the blame.

  • Sunil kumar says:

    Baskin Robbins num 1 icecream in the world

  • Lesa Kapustka says:

    Why did Baskin Robbins change its menu and get rid of many tried and true customer favorites, like pineapple and strawberries? I have been coming to Basking Robbins for forty-some years and ordering the ‘traditional/classic’ banana splits (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, with hot fudge, strawberries and pineapple toppings, with whipped cream, nuts and cherries on top), even though I’ve always been given the option to switch up any of the ice creams and/or toppings. This is disconcerting to me that I cannot get a baskin robbins classic staple banana split because someone in the board room has decided that pineapple and strawberry toppings are no longer necessary. Baskin Robbins has now lost an entire family of its once loyal weekly customers because the ‘traditional’ banana split is gone forever.

  • Michael says:

    How can you maintain 31 flavors if you quit making “Nutty Coconut”

  • Joanna says:

    I have been going to Baskin Dobbins for 43 years buying 8 pints at one time. Today I made the mistake of going to the one in Dumfries Va. I ordered a double scoop of Butter Pecan and got 1 baby scoop and was told it was two. When I persisted that it was not 2 scoops, I was told to go to the back of the line and purchase more. Never again, and the worst store in the world of this chain I have seen half way around the world and back. Stay clear, unless you want some girl who is slower than my 95 year old mother waiting on you and you feel like being insulted. Rude inconsiderate person.

  • Alo says:

    In damman saudi arabia some of the workers hired by baskin robbins company was just stuck in accomodation. Its almost 16 days now. The sad is nothing was given to them. No work to allowance. Can u pls do something. Give them work to have salary to feed there families..

  • Deb says:

    Someone contacted me saying his name is Aden Cole director of BaskinRobbins, is this true?

  • Carol says:

    The baskinrobbins store in Louisiana, just past Sherwood Forest is locking its door 30 minutes before closing time. They are turning away so many customers by doing so. I just thought y’all should know.

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