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Edward N. Basha III

Chief Executive Officer

Darl Andersen

Interim President , Chief Restructuring Officer and Interim Chief Operating Officer

Ike Basha

Senior Vice President of Support Services

Mike Basha

Senior Vice President of Logistics

Robert Ortiz

Senior Vice President of Operations

Ralph Woodward

Senior Vice President of Retail Operations

About Bashas’, History and Headquarters Information

Bashas Markets is a chain of grocery stores. The headquarters of the family owned business is located in Chandler, Arizona. There are 4 different types of stores namely Bashas Dine, AJ fine Foods, Food City and Bashas. Food City was acquired by Bashas in1950s. AJ Fine Foods is an Arizona based supermatrket chain. It was bankrupted in 1980s and hence was acquired by Bashas. It features extensive wine collection, baked good and cellar staffs.

Bashas doubled its size in the early 21st century. Today there are more than 130 stores with more than 8500 employees. Apart from the stores, it also owns a distribution centre in Chandler. It is built on the land area of 16 acres. It was founded by Najeeb Basha in 1886. He was a migrant from Lebanon. In 1932, it opened its first store under the name Bashas. In 2017, the Bashas partnered with Instacart.

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  • Justin walton says:

    I’m a roofer doing work on the Bashas location in Tucson on River Rd. I got off the roof to use the restroom as I come out the manager Tony or Troy was standing in the hallway to the bathroom and he was on his phone. I didn’t think anything of it until he followed me down an isle still on his phone. So I leave the store go around back and both my bosses are there we start talking and a Sheriff pulls up. They get out the car and asked to speak to me I said sure. They asked me if I was in the Bashas I replied yes then they continued to say the manager called and said I was smoking blues in the bathroom his exact words. Let me remind you I’m at work in uniform so I told the sheriff I’ll take a drug test they said no and that I was banned from the store. I will be filling a lawsuit In response with a clean drug test. It’s sad that I’m working on there roof and get accused of using drug’s in the bathroom because of the color of my skin. Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to do it on the roof where I wouldn’t get caught makes no sense at all…

  • Len Chan says:

    Bashas advertised stuffed Cornish game hens on sale. Have not been able to locate any at various outlets. Been to stores multiple times with no success. Our Thanksgiving meal now has no bird.

  • George says:

    Manager at store 47, Fountain Hills is very rude, and especially to her employees

  • William says:

    Bashas discriminates against religious worship for their employees. They try and force them to forsake their worship and shame them into quitting Church. They give ultimatums to chose from their worship and work. They tell them the law doesn’t protect their worship and they will have to forsake their Sunday worship. I will never shop Bashas and I will tell all I come in contact with to do the same. I really hope your business fails and find you closing many stores. Goodbye Bashas.

  • Margaret A Anderson says:

    Customer service is non existant. No one would listen or offer to help. Only wanted to get rid of me as quickly as possible.


    I am disheartened by the experience I had at the Gilbert/Chandler Heights Bashas today, Saturday, April 4th. I was placing two packages of toilet paper into my cart. I was going to ask the check out if I was able to purchase not as I was there to shop for my family and my parents in their 70s. I was approached by a man, no identification, who I later learned was a Senior Vice President, Ralph Woodword. He argued with me, never identified himself, and walked away clearly not wanting to be there. He was rude, inconsiderate, told me I was unappreciative of the job they do, ungrateful and basically made me feel as though I was unwelcome. All of this for trying to follow the recommendations to help care for my parents during this trying time. It didn’t stop there, he approached me at the check out with what I am sure he believes was an apology, but in fact just came after me again with his rude manner. I debated posting my experience on Facebook, as I am sure many would agree that the lack of professionalism of Mr. Woodward is questionable at best. I kindly ask you to consider discussing with Mr. Woodward how to interact appropriately with customers. As he said I was free to complain about him.

  • Bert Schipper says:

    Fruit is awful,,, I have not gotten good fruit in months. I just purchased a large water mellon and it was like others,BAD,BAD,BAD I’m going to go back to the lake Havasu store and get my money back…

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