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Kathi P. Lentzsch

Chief Executive Officer

Ed Littleton

Chief Operating Officer

Barry Bartlett

President of The Bartlett Group

Brent Beebe

Senior Vice President of Merchandising

Peter Koo

Senior Vice President of Pharmacy

About Bartell Drugs, History and Headquarters Information

Bartell drugs is a chain of pharmacies. The headquarters of the company is located in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1890. By George H Bartell. He purchased Lake Washington Pharmacy and renamed it as Bartell. Later in 1898, he opened the second store. The third store was opened in 1908. By 1930 there were 15 stores in all. Today there are 64 stores spread across the US sub-continent. After 100 years, the Bartell group expanded its business outside Seattle in Gig Harbour. Apart from selling drugs it also offers prescriptions, travel consultations, immunization and specialty care.

Recently Bartell launched care clinics in specific regions. It provides medical care to everyone who are above 2 years of age. It is mainly for minor injuries and vaccinations. The treatment is offered by the care regardless of insurance.

It also sells beauty products, food and beverages, natural eco – friendly products.

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  • Laura says:

    We have used Bartells as our go to neighborhood store for years and always highly recommended this store. Sadly we had a prescription that the pharmacist refused to fill citing company policy has changed and her opinion changed too. It was for ivermectin but they refuse to fill it. The pharmacist was rude and abrupt with an explanation as to what has changed. I was given a number to call Chris at corporate. I have left a message and am waiting a response. We’ll see how this is handled but I’m happy to move my business elsewhere.

    • GaryBrady says:

      Laura, I think a Class Action may be in the best interest of The Customer. We just shopped at Bartels in Kent East Hill, bought cough surp, was ask to see drivers license and they swiped the license without asking.; we are 67 and 75, obviously not looking like 21 or younger. We then called the store and ask for the store manager and we’re disconnected . We then called back and were put on hold for 45 minutes. We then called back again and we’re never connected or ask to continue to hold but we’re told they could see our phone number and have someone return the call. They did this without asking permission to use my number in this scenario, just like when they swiped the driver’s license.

  • Audrey Marczuk says:

    My husband & I have been customers of Bartell since 1986 and are encountering a new issue after all these years. We have received prescriptions that are not the same after getting them for many years. Substitutions of a name brand for me was changed to a different brand and is not effective. My husband takes sleeping pills and has just recently received a substitute brand which is not effective. I have been told that decisions of ordering products is dictated by the corporate office. In other word, we just have to take what we take even though the product does not work for us. We have not been notified by the pharmacy of these substitutions and so it is a shock to find out we can’t get the prescriptions that have proven to be effective. Is this a new policy ? We’ve never had any issues before even if it involved a special order when something isn’t in stock. We go to the Burien store. Also, I checked with our insurance and the original prescriptions are still covered.

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