Where is Barnes & Noble Corporate office Headquarters

Barnes & Noble Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 122 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 212-633-3300

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 26000

  • Established: 1873

  • Founder: Charles M. Barnes, William Barnes, G. Clifford Noble & Leonard Riggio

  • Key People: Leonard Riggio

Barnes & Noble Headquarters Location & Directions

Barnes & Noble Headquarters Executive Team



Leonard Riggio

Founder & Executive Chairman

Allen W. Lindstrom

Chief Financial Officer

J. Alan Kahn

President of Barnes & Noble Publishing Group

Theresa Thompson

President of Sterling Publishing

Bradley A. Feuer Esq.

VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Timothy A. Mantel

Chief Merchandising Officer

William Earl Wood

Chief Digital Officer

About Barnes & Noble, History and Headquarters Information


Barnes and Nobles were established in the year 1873. The company has been operational for almost 146 years now. The founders of the company were G. Clifford Noble, Charles M. Barnes, William Barnes and Leonardo Riggio. The former name of the company was Arthur Hinds & Company. Then in the year 1894, Noble was made a partner, and thus the name was changed to the current one. In the year 1930, the shares held by Noble was given over to John Barnes, and Noble died in the year 1936. Then in the year 1969, John Barnes passed out, and the company was sold to Amtel, from which the current chairman Leonard Riggio III bought it. The company also owned a video-game retail chain, known as Gamestop. As of the year 2018, 1800 employees were laid off, and the company is currently on for sale.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is situated at 122 Fifth Avenue. The city name is New York, while the state name is also New York. The pin code of the area is 10011.


Barnes and Nobles is a company based in America that focuses on providing the platform to its customers to buy various types of books, magazines, newspapers, etcetera. The current chairman of the company is Leonard Riggio. The company currently has over 630 stores around over 50 different states in the USA. As of the year 2016, the total revenue of the company was more than $4 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2017, was more than 26,000.


The primary services of Barnes and Nobles include selling various types of magazines and books, from paperbacks, children’s books, gifts, music, movies, novels, toys, games, including a cafe which serves Starbucks Coffee. You can not only get commerce and content in their stores but also technology as well.

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  • Me says:

    This information is out of date – company address and Executive staff have changed.

  • Debbie Mendoza says:

    I hit the send button before I was done, With regards to educating your employees, don’t cover the date, leave it up to the customer if they want to purchase something with an old best if sold by date

  • Debbie Mendoza says:

    I went to your Barnes and Noble in El Paso, Texas at the Fountains a couple of months ago. I took my grandson on one of his off days from school. I made a couple of purchases one being the Godiva Hot Cocoa Milk Chocolate, I took it out to use last night as I had finished a previous product. I, for some reason, thank goodness, had looked on the bottom of the can and said wow I paid a lot of this, but it’s Godiva. Well I noticed that I saw the month of Nov and when I removed the price tag of $15.95, which was clearly and purposely covering the date, (now I know for sure) I saw that is was stamped best before 2021 Nov. I can not believe that a large retail bookseller, being the worlds largest of content would allow this to be sold. I’m sure it’s not your fault, but educate your employees.

  • Mrs. Vajezatha Smith says:

    I was told by Fulton books that the book I published with them would be in Barnes and Noble store, on their shelves. I was lied to, this was a big disappointment. It has not been on their shelves. I was told that it is only going to be on eBook and on line. This was after I finish publishing with them. This is not what I agreed to and now I have to beg Barnes & Noble to please put my book on their shelves in all their stores instead of online only or on eBook. This was the first of 10 books I need publishing. This is my first time publishing and I am very disappointed very very disappointed. I go to Barnes & Noble all the time I buy all my books there for my classroom and for my home which is why I chose for them to put it in Barnes & Noble. I am truly disappointed I need help on how to get it on the shelves.

  • Marie Scarpellino says:

    The reason your company will soon close is because you are politically bias against conservative readers. Dumb move. I looked for Dick Morris’ TOP SELLER , THE RETURN today in your wellington, Florida store and your sales people never even heard of it. This is not the first time I have run across this problem in this store. Your store had, maybe, 20 people in it and half were at the coffee tables. Good Luck, you guys will need it!

  • Jennifer Fife says:

    So very disappointing that Barnes & Noble has stopped selling the popular British magazines, Country Living, Country Homes & Interiors, Ideal Homes, Period Living, Homes & Antiques, etc. After speaking to employees at multiple locations, none of them knew why B&N stopped carrying them as they said they are best sellers. Guess we’ll have to stop shopping at B&N and buy direct from the publishers. Very unfortunate as we used to stock up at B&N every month for the last 15 years. So much for being a B&N customer and membership holder.

  • J Smith says:

    Very disappointed that the Williamsburg, Virginia store refuses to accept checks. In the virtual world there’s really no excuse. You can determine instantly that someone’s check is good or bad. We have never written a bad check in our over 60 years and were insulted by the store policy! It appears to be time to change bookstores…

  • Jerome Sass says:

    I’m disappointed with the new method of downloading ebooks on the latest tablet purchased at the Redding Ca.store. I would need another computer to purchase a new ebook to be loaded on my nook reader. No notice or instructions how to accomplish this task. I have found ebooks at the same or lower price at Amazon, kindle, and Apple. Maybe as suggested B&N is going out of business?

  • Bambi member #6303 says:

    I recently went to the Barnes and Noble in the Staten Island Mall. I was with my grown children and my four grandchildren. After taking pictures with the Easter Bunny and lunch everyone wanted to go to Barnes and Noble. The area for patrons to sit was packed, almost every table had a laptop. We usually get a coffee but the line was way to slow for us. Once we were in the kids section, all four of them went in a different direction. The older ones, eight and seven chose books, the younger ones, five and two went for the toys. After spending almost a half hour picking out what they wanted, we looked for a place to sit where they could start reading and decided which books they wanted me to buy. There was no where to sit. I had found a step stool for one of my granddaughters and the rest had to sit on the floor. My little granddaughter wanted to sit by me so I placed her on one of the tables as I read to her the book as I stood. In minutes I was then told by an employee that I must take her off the table. My grandchildren dressed in their fancy clothes had to sit on the dirty carpet imbedded with the winter’s soot.

    I was disappointed in the Barnes and Noble in Staten Island. We have a place upstate and constantly visit your store in New Hartford, NY. In the rear of the store, separated from the rest of the store, there is a small platform/stage where the kids can mingle and read. There are small benches around this platform so that older kids and adults can sit. We spend hours there and always come out with our hands full. My experience at your store in Staten Island is one I will never experience again. The next time I am purchasing books instead of going to the Barnes and Noble in Staten Island, I would rather let my grandchildren order books on line at all the various websites and then let them read them on their own clean carpet.

    Unfortunately, I just renewed my membership.

  • Bob says:

    Here is just one example of why B and N will be out of business shortly!

    I bought 2 copies of Adele 30 cd at B and N and paid $14 for each copy.

    I went home and found the same cd for $9 on Amazon.

    A $5 DIFFERENCE per copy.

    What would you do? Exactly!

    I returned the cd’s to B and N. That’s why you will be out of business soon.

    Nobody wants to get ripped off by any company. If you can’t be competitive, then you get what you deserve!

  • Peter Plush says:

    We have been Barnes & Noble patrons for close to 50 years and have just been treated like CRAP!!!. On Saturday 8/8/2020 on-line I tried to sign-up again for an account and ordered 4099941919 CDs & book. I never received a new membership number.
    Evidently the purchase is completed per emails to fplush@cox.net. Later that day I tried ordering more but, needed a membership number? Of course I dont have one?!!! Monday 8/10/2020 I called your garbage “Non-Help-Line” (TWICE) stated every bit of information about order and needed membership information got hung up on TWICE !!

    I spent a futile two hours and got NOTHING!!! Respond with information and membership number or I will order from AMAZON!! Peter Plush 480-215-0709(cell),480-706-4113 (Home)

    PS: I went to Brooklyn Poly with Riggio!!

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