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  • Address: 505 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 12,500

  • Established: 1874

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Nandita Bakhshi (President & CEO)

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Bank Of The West Headquarters Executive Team



Nandita Bakhshi

President & CEO

Scott D. Anderson Ph.D.

Chief Economist & Executive VP

Jamie Armistead

Head of Multi-Channel Banking and Senior Vice President

About Bank Of The West, History and Headquarters Information


Bank Of The West was founded in the year 1874. The organisation has been operational for over 145 years now. The former name of the bank was the Farmer’s National Gold Bank. In the year 1880, the company changed its name to First National Bank. Then in the year 1970, when the BNP Bank established the French Bank of California, the company took over the First National Bank, in the year 1979, and changed its name to Bank of the West and also amalgamated with the French Bank of California.

Around the year 1980s and 1990s, the bank had acquired various corporations and smaller banks, and therefore lead to its expansion of growth. In the year 1999, the bank had taken over Sierra West Bancorp and held a 42 per cent company holding. Then in the year 2004, the bank had acquired Community First Bankshares as well. By the year 2006, the bank expanded outside of the USA and opened up an office in Tokyo, Japan. The next year, another office was opened at Taipei, Taiwan.

Headquarters Info,

The headquarters of the organisation is situated at 180 Montgomery Street. The name of the city is San Francisco, while the name of the state is California, United States. The pin code of the area is 94104.


Bank Of The West is a banking organisation based in America that focuses on providing various kinds of banking and financial services to its customers and also its corporate clients as well. The current CEO and president of the organisation are Nandita Bakhshi. As of the year 2016, the total revenue generated by the bank is more than $2.1 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the organisation, as of the year 2016, is more than 10,500. The bank has almost 600 branches worldwide.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have a reputed and respectable banking organisation, that helps in delivering banking services including retail banking, corporate banking, etcetera, as well as providing various functions related to the financial sector too.

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  • Jennifer Dilorenzo says:

    Something is going on here in Pendleton Oregon with this bank of the west. They are never open. You try and call they never answer. Money is coming out of our account and we have no clue where it’s going! I’m just sick of this! When you need to figure things out you can’t reach anyone! I’m about ready to call an attorney and sue this bank for what’s going on!

  • Marissa says:

    Horrible customer service. One of your supervisors told me that it’s not her problem and she can’t help me. When I was calling regarding my account, and said maybe I shouldn’t be spending money.

  • Melissa Chambers says:

    Horrible customer service – no way to reach the corporate office for customer assistance

  • Margarita Vorobiev says:

    On 9/18/22 I did a credit card money transfer as of Oct 2, 2022 it was not done. I call today and find out the “supervisor” I talked to, Magen in Tempe Arizona, Badge #: 5757 was a complete idiot because she didn’t do it right and has caused me financial losses.

  • Janice D. Parker says:

    This is not a real bank. I am totally disabled and denied access to my account with different stories everytime. No bank statements of accuracy and no one is available to help me! Can’t check my balance..

  • Sophia sinzun says:

    My branch manager at the location in La Mirada CA has yet to contact me back from a issue I have reported 2 weeks ago.. I have called everyday this past week and he is always unavailable.. I have email him and still no response.. I need a response ASAP this to unprofessional…

  • Cynthia S Schaben says:

    You should have customers back

  • MR. KUMALI says:

    Coming in on today August 16, 2022 I Mr. Kumali had looked to recieve informations on my bank account with Bank of the West 505 Montgomery S.F . Ca

  • Angela Booker says:

    Please read your yelp reviews for the location at 1601 Washington In San Leandro. This location is definitely not living up to your standard of customer service and I think it should be looked into.

  • Dave Garner says:

    The Clifton Branch in Grand Junction Colorado has the worst customer service I have ever experienced that last couple times my girlfriend and I have walked in. Staff spends to much time on there phones and the adult humor is not necessary.

  • Mike Carr says:

    Worst Baniking experience of my life at Bank Of The West In Meridian Idaho. The 2 ladies running the show here have the common sense of a vegtable garden. I will never accept another check written on Bank of the west accounts if you wont honor the checks when presented. If you were the last bank in the world I would find another way… Never never never…… People…run dont walk to any other bank.

  • Donald Bergquist says:

    This bank told me a week ago that my account was closed and that no deposits or withdrawals could be made then 5 days later a deposit to save a single mother who’s trying to stay in a safe place after escaping a awful case of domestic violence from being evicted. A saving grace from the county’s covid 19 homelessness prevention program that would pay her back rent and months ahead so her and son could remain with a roof over there head was accidently sent to that account in the amount of 27 thousand dollars and even after being told this could not happen IT DID and rather then simply sending the deposit back or allowing me to come and get the funds the bank is now giving me the run around and refusing to release my money. Which if I don’t have soon will mean I have to sell the property that’s been in my family for 100 years and evict this poor woman and her wonderful 9 yr old son. I have done everything I could to provide the proof of the deposit given them my case workers phone # sent them the receipt and all paperwork associated with it and tried desperately to reach someone at the corporate office to no avail please Bank of the West don’t do this to this poor woman and her son don’t rob me of my families land and history please give me my money and stop playing games with peoples livelihood if you make this right I will update this review and add the first positive review to your profile

  • James Tambert says:

    My name is James Tambert
    account #015547700, joint checking account with my wife Kathleen Tambert…….
    my comment/request is that you approve to reverse over
    draft charges! I mistakenly wrote checks on my B of W acct,…. to 1st Premier Bank,
    (2 acct.,) $50.00, &. 35.00,
    Credit One Bank (Walmart),$100.00,
    AT&T/direct tv $205.00/aprx,
    & Blue Ravine storage $125.00! I NEVER use B.W.
    on these accounts! Only my rent,The Hills, & insurance direct auto pay: Globe Life,
    (2)NYLife, & Transamerican
    Like! Is was a simple mistake of grabbing the wrong check book! I immediately put $700.00
    to cover those bills, after finding it out! I called customer service,….&my branch in Folsom Ca., and they said they couldn’t! You can see from my account
    that I never pay those bills with B of W! Been under a lot of stress due to my wife’s illness & my sons mental handicaps Could you please help me in this issue!?
    The check to AT&T is still yet to come in and the charges will only increase again
    Was a mistake and I covered it asap! Thank you for your time! I have $620.00 in taxes I’m paying out & my next paycheck will be 4days short due to being off from work due to my wife & sons urgent and emergency situations that occurred 2wk back!
    I work for Sac. Regional
    Transit, Employee #4292
    All this can be verified!
    Except the ATT bill I rounded the amount to $205.00
    from the exact $ $204.??
    I don’t have that in front of me! Thank you again
    Respectfully James Tambert

  • David Potts says:

    I have Ben a customer for over 35 yrs. And I’m pissed with your service if you have the balls to call me my phone number is 7073301820

  • Mark Smith says:

    Do not sign up w this bank!!! No help!!!!

  • Kathryn Janeway says:

    This bank is a complete piece of shit. Zero help zero drive thru banking. Broken atms. Shitty service

  • Teri O'Brien says:

    Stear clear of this bank!!!!…you will NOT get anyone on the phone. (45 min on hold 4 times –been trying to reach someone for a couple weeks!!) You will NOT get any customer service. If you make an appointment to speak to a banker by phone….they will NOT call you (it’s an hour past my appt time!!). On line banking is only good if you have no need of any help!!!….But–oh yeah–neither is the bank offer any available help! The local branch periodically closes.!!
    Gee, almost seems like 1929 run on the bank–just this one!!!. They DON”T want you to come into the branch. They have LARGE fees for checking accounts. ….I understand everyone – everywhere is short staffed—I expect that at McDonalds…but they have my money!!!!–they need to come up with a better customer service plan—ANY customer service plan!!

  • Christine gunton says:

    Recently I filed fraud charges on my checking account when clearly the purchases were used on an account not in my name nor was my email address associated with the account.the bank has decided that the charges were made with my permission when it was not given.i was told to talk to google play services but since it was not my account that was used I cannot file fraud charges.the bank has the final say so who do I contact on this matter the claim number is the case number is 1202128000190

  • Ariana Houle says:

    I recently obtained a credit card with Bank of the West. After completing the form for online banking they said it would take a couple of days to complete this. It has been over a week and now they’ve locked me out. I have called multiple times without anyone ever picking up the phone; I waiting 20-30 minutes each time. This is my first experience with Bank of the West and I’m ready to cut up my card. How ridiculous, in this day and age, that I can’t even access my account to pay my bill.

  • Shelly says:

    Bank of the West is the worst Company I have ever dealt with. They have taken hundreds of deposits from my boyfriend’s employers into my account, but today when we are in a desperate situation after my boyfriend was in a horrible motorcycle accident on Saturday, they refused to deposit his check when he had already left to another state to recover for a couple of months with his family in Nebraska because I work and can not take care of him. I spoke to Ty in the Executive offices and while she was nice, she did not know policy and referred me to the Regional Manager. The Regional Manager refused to deposit the check as well even though they have done this a hundred times and kept saying she understood and I know it’s frustrating. Really? She does not understand, what it is like to be without a dime. How can a Company without any warning do something like this and be so uncaring about it as well? The Regional Manager ended with this is not negotiable and we would be happy to mail the check back to you. Well, he is in another state now. So, mailing it to me, then me mailing it to him would take awhile. What kind of a heartless Company could do this to a family when all these other times they had no issue with it? They couldn’t deposit this one check to help my family out of this situation and say we will not be able to do it again now that you know? I called back to speak with Ty to see if she could override this Regional Manager as they just told me this “policy” today, but she has not returned my call. If we would have known this “policy”, we would have cashed it before he left. Stay away from this bank! Horrible, horrible uncaring people here. You should be ashamed.

  • Larry J. Burcham says:

    I am furious with Bank Of the West. My mother closed her checking account with Bank of the West on 8/14/2018 and transferred the monies to a new account with Bank of the West. I have an email from the bank employee stating that the account was closed on 8/14/2018. Then sometime later, either September or October 2 checks were cashed against my mother’s account, the account that was suppose to be closed! My mother died shortly after this, and even though I have contacted the bank by phone and in person about their mistake, they have failed to correct it and now a collection agency is threatening to place the account on a credit report as a negative collection item. I have the email saying the account was closed on 8/14/2018 when my mother went into the bank and closed it with Emily Oyanguren at Bank of the West, Brookhurst office in Anaheim, CA. I also have the bank statement showing the account transfer of monies on 8/14/2018 to her new account. I have contacted the bank and the collection agency explaining this error and both say it is the other ones fault. Where can I get help? The account belonged to Helen L. Dorozinsky, account Number 11796531,client acct. # IM0024976886, as listed on “The Best Service Company”.

    • Sam aguirre says:

      ATM bank of the west in Vallejo Ca.
      Spit out $50 counterfeit talk to manager she was sitting on her table computer. 15min later assistance came out very defensive did not have chance to say happen and she stated that atm doesn’t spit counterfeit.

      I said, itjust did !
      Walk out

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