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  • Karen Kredel says:

    I called Ayres Hotel in Redlands at 12:41am on July 1, 2022 to ask if they had rooms available at that moment so I could book a room online and be able to check in at the time I arrived. The agent told me there were rooms available but very few that I could make a reservation with him to be certain I’d have a room. I said I’d rather make it online as I get a better rate. He then told me that if I made it online he couldn’t guarantee I’d be able to check in when I arrived as online reservation checkins we’re at 3pm due to room availablity. I told him that I was aware of the checkin times and that was the reason for my call ( to find out if they had a room available). I hung up and proceeded to attempt to to book a reservation that would allow me to check in at the time I would be arriving, but to no avail.

    I then called the Ayres Hotel Redlands back and told the agent that the reservation online could only guarantee me the 3 pm checkin. I asked him that if I made the reservation with him could I then check in whenever I arrived, since they had vacant rooms available and I would pay the early check in fee of $33 that he quoted me. The agent said to me, “I already told you to just come in, I will take care of you.”

    I arrive at the hotel at 4 am and tell the agent that I was the person he spoke to on the phone regarding the room and checking in early. As he began to process the info for the room, agent tells me that the rate he gave me over the phone($179) was from the night before and the rate for 7/1 was $10 more ($189). I said I understand. It wasn’t until he handed me back my card that he said checkout is st 12noon.

    Now, I just traveled from Corona to Redlands by Uber (which costs me $64) at 4am with a disabled man to assist with his surgery appointment later that day. I called the hotel before I left to make sure there was a room available for me to check in EARLY. I didn’t make the reservation online for a less expensive rate because the agent told me if I did it that way, he couldn’t guarantee the room would still be available….for me to just come in and he would take care of me. It sure took care of me alright. I needed to be in town till Sunday as the person I was traveling with needed to stay resting after the procedure. I was forced to leave at noon on Saturday after forking over $391 for one nights stay that’s isn’t including the $100 dep. Ive been so upset I can’t see straight as this man is handicapped on a fixed income. We stay at the Ayres several times at least two or three days each time. I don’t think I will stay ever again .


    Dear Mr. Lagarce,

    I am a guest at Ayres. I checked in on March 26th 2022 and thought I was going to enjoy my stay here but unfortunately an Employee ruined that for me on March 27th 2022. I had my whole day planned out and with the incident that took place left me no time to enjoy my stay because Now; I have to be inconvenienced by having to go elsewhere in traffic just to get Coffee and Breakfast. Now everything is going to be rush rush Chain Reaction. The Server completely ruined my day. I still have not ate anything because I also had to stand by for Mr. Marcos Palanco and have a meeting with him. And I did request he reserve the Surveillance where the Employee abruptly grabbed my Cellular phone off my hands. Of course Mr. Palanco was defensive with his Employee and tried to blame me in a subtle fashion. I told him ” Look Mr. Palanco you do not own this whole Establishment and you need to correct your Employees and they need to be respectful especially in the Hotel Business of where Hospitality is Paramount. He ( Waiter) represents you Mr. Marcos and you represent Ayres Hotels, it’s Business, not a boxing ring.” Again I’m requesting that the Surveillance footage be kept for now in case I decide to pursue Charges. I am a person of diplomacy although in some situations that are egregious. I’ve stayed with Ayres Hotel before and was truly impressed. Now I’ve been left with a bad taste in my mouth so to speak. The Waiter also grabbed his Cellphone to record me out of retaliation and fabrications.

    Additional Note.

    Damaging a Communication Device Penal Code 591.5 PC

    I Ambrosia had the right to record. I felt seriously threatened especially by his Physical Expressions. My right to record SB 411 Senate Bill: 411

    I did not give him Consent to video record me and I clearly voiced it on my recording. Penal Code 632 PC

    Please contact me if you have any questions, thank you.

    Ambrosia Arce
    Cellphone: (808) 990-2613

    • Torrin Roasi says:

      I have a current reservation and situation regarding my reservation stay with the Diamond Bar location

      Please contact me today ASAP 310 529-1777

      Torrin Rossi

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